diy {vacation shadowbox & custom stencil}! Thanks for all your kind comments about my room yesterday. Some of them made me laugh pretty good. Thanks!!


It is that time of the month for my contributor posts over onΒ  Design*Sponge and Design Aglow. For those of you new (and old) to my blog you might be wondering how I ended up being a contributor on those two amazing sites….well I ask myself that every month too. I figure I’ll enjoy it until they are done with me!

On Design Aglow I am posting a tutorial for creating a vacation shadowbox

On Design*Sponge I am sharing how to create a custom stencil, like what I used on my sub-floors.

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  • Shannon - I caught the design aglow post yesterday in my feeds and scrolled quickly throught without reading, and immediately starred it to come back and read later, not knowing it was yours! I should have known! You have such great style that even without knowing the author I was enamored by the project! Can’t wait to save some mementos from our summer trips this year to make my own!

  • giozi - I saw design aglow yesterday and I loved your tutorial. Fantastic.

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - Oooh, I’m excited for the custom stencil how-to! I’ve been wanting to create one for a wall in my office but was unsure how to go about it! πŸ™‚

  • hearttypat - the things you do! you’re just too creative! that shadowbox looks good! u managed to cut out the letters and include the subjects in the pictures as well!
    { follow our honeymoon on ! }

  • amy - i was just making a little shadow box for my kitchen with a couple of recipe cards and a “cake tester” that belonged to my grandma but wasn’t quite happy with how it turned out. i love yours and your little beaker things–i’m thinking that’s what i need for some flour, sugar, etc for my box. love this ashley!
    and seriously? i cannot get enough of your granny chic chair!

  • Joey - What a great idea! Just LOVE the shadow box

  • Melissa Lewis-Midwest Magnolia - I love the shadowbox idea for capturing those memories. How creative!

  • amanda torres - Can I come over just so I can rub shoulders with you? I’m hoping that will give me just a tinge of creativeness and craftiness.

  • Jess H - awesome! I’ve been waiting for that stencil tut!

  • Jenny Joy - I LOVED the Design Aglow tutorial! Fantastic! I’ll keep my eyes open for the Design Sponge one! You’re so cool!

  • Raquel M - You’re awesome! Small picture with a big story! I love it!

  • Rachel - LOVE that shadow box! (and i’ve always been a huge fan of your bedroom flooring) im definitely on my way over to check those out!

  • lauren - eeeeeks! the custom stecil is going to be bad news for my time management! let’s get ready to STENCIL!!! πŸ™‚

  • jennifer blair - I ADORE your bedroom. I didn’t comment yesterday, but it is fabulous. You are a huge inspiration for decorating my home.

  • Sarah - Are those lava rocks in the shadow box? Naughty, naughty! πŸ˜‰ J/K, I know you’re not supersticious. I LOVE the shadow box idea. I’m definitely going to do something similar for our trip to Korea and future vacations. So fun! Thanks for another fun idea, Ashley!

  • christa - I just LOVE that keepsake shadow box. Its so classy looking. Its easy for those to get cheesy but yours look amazing!

  • Kate @ another donkey design - Great posts – love them both – have pinned them both to my DIY file.

  • Jessica - Love the shadowbox idea! Quick question…do you need photoshop to use the Alphabet Frames? Any ideas on how to do the lettering without the templates?

  • Shanna - seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Any idea on where I could get beakers like that?

  • Lesley - I love the shadow box! awesome!

  • sarah - what a great shadow box! such a great idea when you have a zillion photos of the same thing but want to diplay them. love it!

  • Jenny - Oh, I love the shadow box idea. Perfect for our upcoming trip to Hawaii in the next month. Thanks!

  • Pamela - That shadow box is amazing, what a great idea. I am going to try it.

  • CharlaL - To catch up on posting…love your room, love both projects…am consistently blown away by your awesomeness.

  • Iris - I loved this idea!bye