sleeping in her big girl bed

She’s growing up on me…..

I decided to see how FireCracker would do in her ‘big girl’ bed for a nap. When Littlest Brother slept in his big boy bed for the first time I was able to capture those sweet moments. It is one of my favorite posts. I wanted to capture this milestone for her too.

Photo Tip: Here are a few tips on how I captured her first nap:

1. A little bit before it was time for her to wake up I went in the room and opened the curtain wide.

2. Next I messed with my camera settings to get them right. I had to move fast because my shutter is so loud.

3. I captured a few angles of her sleeping.

4. Once she started waking up, I just kept shooting.

Her nap was shortened just a bit, but I got pictures I’ll cherish!



You all asked before…her Wonder Woman shirt is from Old Navy last summer.

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  • Pamela - Love it!

  • Hoosier at Heart - Absolutely precious! Love those sleepy eyes.

  • Vy - Love the eye rub. Sooo cute!

  • Mariah - Love those ‘just woke up pink cheeks’. So sweet! Who does she think she is, getting all big and grown up?? 🙂

  • tiffani - oh man that is precious. the sleep-just-woke-up-face is the best:)

  • Leah B - I LOVE their precious faces when they just wake up!!! Too sweet!

  • becca~CapturingSimpleJoys - is there anything sweeter than a sleepy child? i loved that stage soooo much! what a little doll and i loved her shirt!

  • Candice Forte - From Mom to Mom, you have 4 kids, how did you get them to want to sleep in their big kid bed? Mine won’t do it! The only thing I can think to do is remove his crib entirely! I love these pictures! Firecracker has some beautiful eyes!

  • Mary - Such wonderful pictures.

  • Jenny Joy - She’s so sweet, I could eat her with a spoon. Seriously. But, as a random internet stranger, I’ll resist the urge to nom on her.

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Those are precious shots of her! I recently found your blog and just love her room:) And her shirt cracks me up.

  • ashley jensen - I love sleeping baby pictures. I will probably still be taking these types of pictures of my daughter when she is a teenager!

  • RachelC - Great pics. Great moment in time.

  • Danielle - So cute!

  • Nicole - SO stinkin’ cute!

  • Margie - I do Not want another Baby! I do Not want another Baby! 😀 She’s so CUTE!!!!!!! 😀

  • Heather - i love the groggy baby face they all have as they start to wake up. so awesome to have captured that forever!

  • Cherished Hearts Vintage - So very sweet!

  • Stacey - One of those just woke up faces looks just like my daughter who is right around her age. I love naps!

  • ali - What wonderful photos! So glad you were able to capture this milestone! Love it!

  • Cate O'Malley - Love the last shot of her leaving with her blanket and doll, as if she’s going off to find some peace so she can finish her nap. 😉 Too cute!

  • Sadie - LOVE this post. So precious. My little boy will be in a big boy bed soon, and I am not ready!

  • Cecily R - As adorable as this is, it makes me a little sad. I don’t have a napper to take cute pictures of anymore! 🙂

  • Carrie R - Those photo’s are priceless!

  • DebZorn - There is nothing more precious than a sleeping child. Her sweet face, gorgeous eyelashes and adorable “wake up” cheeks are perfectly captured. (I love your blog.)

  • Seamingly Sarah - How sweet. I wish I had done that for Whirlwind, but as it was she didn’t nap in her big girl bed the first few times we put her there. It was more of a battle until she fell asleep in the hallway and sometimes even the bathroom floor. Not as romantic as the beautiful pallet bed FireCracker has. =)

  • Shannon Jones - So cute! I’ve been trying to think how I can take some of these lately. I think I only have a few of mine sleeping. But I’m not home for naps, that’s the stinky part, so I would have to do mine at night. Thinking of sitting up the tripod so I can use a long shutter and hope she don’t move. LOL!

  • Leah R. - LOVE LOVE LOVE this =) melts my heart!! I need to do this with my 3 daughters!!

  • Jen - Goodness that girl is cute!

  • Yuliana - She is so cute!!!

  • Sarah - So cute! Every day I want to photograph my son while he sleeps, but I haven’t dared to chance waking him up! Great idea to take the pictures right before it’s time to wake up.

  • Christina - So cute 🙂 I am not yet a mama.. but I will file this little “memory” into my brain so i can capture it once I am 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen Helbert - so beautiful, simply put.

  • Bexter - Good Gravy! I absolutely ADORE these photos!! *sigh**

  • Cory - This is seriously SO precious! I love it!

  • Jess H - how incredibly sweet…love it!

  • Lesley - I love the sleepy face!!! My fave was always the “wake up after nap” face!! So stinkin’ cute!!! And I love the smooshed cheeks too. So cute!!

  • Juli - Ooh, I want the low-down on that cozy blanket. Is that Dwell Studio? It kinda looks like the sparrow one on their site but not quite. Please help, we are big bird gals here.

  • giozi - Is loooooooovely.

  • Liz - Oh my goodness…….she is precious!!

  • gina - so precious! That is a milestone i have never thought to capture. I will have to do it for my baby. Have a fun day!

  • Ashey McWhorter - So precious! Where is her quilt/duvet from that is on her bed? Love it!!

  • eeny - Oh my, those pictures are so adorable. Your little girl is more than cute.

  • amanda torres - I love the flushed cheeks on napping kiddos. Gets me every single time. She’s a precious one carrying off her blankie and baby. Melts my heart. Mine is napping in her tiara.

  • Nikki Glynn - Oh LORDIE!I bet you could just eat her up!

  • mosey - dunno why I have so much trouble commenting, it often puts up two of what I’m trying to say or does weird stuff like above,

    ANYHOW, I was trying to say… I LOVE the shot of her walking away with her blankie!

  • Shannon - Beautiful.

  • amber - I love baby sweetness…I’d give her a big welcome back after your nap squeeze if I could.

  • Leanne - That is so sweet! love the “nap face” after!

  • arielle - just stumbled upon your blog…
    i love your style and your photography is simply beautiful.
    i also love that you’re a Christian 🙂


  • Kristin S - So precious.

  • Amy - i love those rosy cheeks they have when the first wake up, adorable

  • Vicki - She is the sweetest of the sweet. Those photos are definitely keepers! (And I love those sweet rosy cheeks!).

  • Mod Podge Amy - Those are the most awesome pictures! Gorgeous!

  • amanda - precious! i love how the last one looks like she’s had enough of your picture taking and is going to take her nap somewhere else!

  • hearttypat - aww.. she’s so adorable when she just woke up!

  • Priscilla-The Wheelchair Mommy - oh my. These are just precious. I especially love the one where she’s squatting and rubbing her eyes and the 2nd to last one where it looks like she’s nibbling her hand.

    I am in love with these. DARLING.

  • Jen @ Rambling Renovators - I love these photos. I love those moments, just after they awake, wide-eyed but quiet, and then before you know it they’re scampering off again making noise and mayhem.

  • Carissa - Can Firecracker please come teach Coco how to stay in his big boy bed?

    P.S. That wonder woman shirt is killing me. Love it.

  • twirlingbetty - Aaah, that wide-eyed, fluffy-haired, rosy-cheeked, blanket dragging, I-just-woke-up-ishness…there’s nothing sweeter. And you really captured it. What a treasure.

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Sooooo sweet! I’ll have to remember to do this when my littlest makes the transition.

  • Krista Lund - i love these sweet photos! and i just want to squish her! i love sleepy babies!

  • able mabel - Oh boy. That sleepy face! I just want to kiss it!

  • Emily Langston - I LOVE it when my son rubs his eyes like that. The whole fist in!!!! It makes me reminiscent of when he was a baby. So sweet.

  • sarah k - I love the rosy post-nap cheeks, and the rumpled hair. On my way to wake my daughter up now and hoping I can catch a few shots of her–not a milestone nap, just a normal one still in the crib, but you consistently inspire me to get more shots of just the normal everyday moments that I will want to remember someday when my house is quiet and clean and I am missing those soft cheeks and damp curls…sniff sniff…:(

  • The Prairie Hen - Dear Napper-snapper,
    Darling moment to capture, Ashley… I adore the b&w showcasing her eyelashes and Missy independent off to life’s next adventure, dolly in hand… so sweet.

    Baby’s Napping Here in NE

  • Jodi - I love their cuddles right when they wake up.

  • karen - Come on…this is too adorable! I love her walking out with her blankey…perfect.

  • Krystina - How precious! I just lover her eyes and that curly hair!

  • Charity - To make letters similar (not the same, but similar) to your shadow box letters you can make word art in microsoft word and use a fill with a picture. When you fill it go to fill effects and then select your picture. Hope this is helpful.

  • Mona - Each image is precious! Reminds me so much of when my baby girl was that age. Love how happy and sweet babies are when they wake up! I love your site by the way! Completely and utterly inspiring!

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  • Kimberly Dial - Precious … she’s adorable. Is there anything more precious than a sleepy eyed toddler? No, I think not! 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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