diy {Katie Daisy monogram & homeade Lego Men}

***Yesterday there were a lot of questions regarding photography and lenses. I will try to work on a post next week to answer some of those***

If you were to ask me who my current favorite artist is….I’d say Katie Daisy. If I could convince her to come paint the walls of my home I would. Her art makes me feel happy and thankful. It is fresh, colorful and makes me smile. (Here are the places I sit and stare at her work: Etsy, Website, Facebook, Blog.) If you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember my old background. It was a pattern by Katie Daisy and though I was ready for a little change, I really miss seeing it here everyday.

I recently heard that Target had a line designed by Katie, so I headed over to pick up a few things to make something….I wasn’t sure what. I picked up a gift bag and some wrapping paper. After looking it over I decided the colors would look just perfect in FireCracker’s room (that’s my daughter’s online nickname for those of you new to the blog) so I opted for a little monogram.

I started by using Mod Podge to cover the letter in the wrapping paper. I trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. Then I added a layer with the gift bag. I used an exacto knife to cut along the top following the curves of the design instead of just a straight line. I also cut out a few other flowers from the bag and randomly glue those down.

Where the gift bag was positioned it caused the butterfly to be cut in half. I wrapped over that section with random fabric and trim I had one hand.

I may never have a huge Katie Daisy painting on my wall, but thanks to Target now I can little custom pieces around my house.

I’ll eventually hang the frame on the wall….

While Katie paints gorgeous works of art….I am painting Lego Min-Figs. Ruth over at Gracelaced is doing a series this week related to raising boys. Come check out my guest post today on Gracelaced to find a tutorial on my boy’s new favorite craft.


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