diy {Katie Daisy monogram & homeade Lego Men}

***Yesterday there were a lot of questions regarding photography and lenses. I will try to work on a post next week to answer some of those***

If you were to ask me who my current favorite artist is….I’d say Katie Daisy. If I could convince her to come paint the walls of my home I would. Her art makes me feel happy and thankful. It is fresh, colorful and makes me smile. (Here are the places I sit and stare at her work: Etsy, Website, Facebook, Blog.) If you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember my old background. It was a pattern by Katie Daisy and though I was ready for a little change, I really miss seeing it here everyday.

I recently heard that Target had a line designed by Katie, so I headed over to pick up a few things to make something….I wasn’t sure what. I picked up a gift bag and some wrapping paper. After looking it over I decided the colors would look just perfect in FireCracker’s room (that’s my daughter’s online nickname for those of you new to the blog) so I opted for a little monogram.

I started by using Mod Podge to cover the letter in the wrapping paper. I trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. Then I added a layer with the gift bag. I used an exacto knife to cut along the top following the curves of the design instead of just a straight line. I also cut out a few other flowers from the bag and randomly glue those down.

Where the gift bag was positioned it caused the butterfly to be cut in half. I wrapped over that section with random fabric and trim I had one hand.

I may never have a huge Katie Daisy painting on my wall, but thanks to Target now I can little custom pieces around my house.

I’ll eventually hang the frame on the wall….

While Katie paints gorgeous works of art….I am painting Lego Min-Figs. Ruth over at Gracelaced is doing a series this week related to raising boys. Come check out my guest post today on Gracelaced to find a tutorial on my boy’s new favorite craft.


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  • Lindsay - Love this idea with the letter in the frame. You’re giving me ideas for my own nursery! I mean… not mine…my daughters’.:) Love it!

  • Rachel - I just love your daughter’s room. You have such a great sense of style and design – beautiful!

  • Sara - Wow, those lego men are GREAT! I’m going to go check out your tutorial and try to do these with my son. And how cute that FireCrackers real name starts with a B…I guess the name FireCracker just seems so right on for her in my mind. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, read it every day.

  • Shannon - LOVE your ‘B’ for Firecracker! I think I need some of that paper!! I’m now off to see your tutorial…my boys are having a lego party at the end of May!

  • becca~capturingsimplejoys - i LOVE the lego men! my son is as yours and it’s lego everywhere and what he usually chooses to carry in the car or wherever we go. my daughter would enjoy helping make her own letter. she is my crafty one~much more so than me~and i constantly am searching for fun, easy things she can do. she would love that in her room!

  • Rebekah - The lego(wo)man in Firecracker’s cat eye outfit cracked me up! I was giggling at it and almost missed the little stunt man. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Margie - Love the monogram! I also love Katie Daisy…just ordered a large print of hers yesterday for my daughters room…to add to my collection :0).

  • Jen - I’ve seen her work before but never knew whose it was. Thanks for pointing me in her direction – I love it all! Wish I could live in Firecracker’s room. Or have a girl for whom I could decorate. I’ll settle for making lego men with my boys. πŸ™‚

  • melissa - great post~i love the monogram! i picked up one of katie daisy’s frames at target yesterday and then i ordered a few prints for my daughter’s room today after seeing your post!

  • Amy Holgersen - Rumor has it {from a VERY reliable source mind you} she will soon carry fabric, CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!! I told this little birdie, um HURRY up already with it, I have a ton planned.


    ps so i keep hearing from peeps that we look alike? Not sure if I totally believe it, did you see Em’s post the other day? What do you think?

    Maybe sort of…

  • Anna - I had no idea she was in Target now! Heart that! I will have to go pick some stuff up and maybe do some DIYs of my own!

  • Laura - ahhh! they made with w/ cat eye glasses. hilarious.

  • amy - My boys aren’t into legos yet (we’re still in train and dinosaur land), but once they are they are going to FLIP over a project like this!

    I also wanted to stay thanks for stopping over to my blog and commenting. You have no idea how that made my day. You are a huge wonderful blog and I am a tiny little engine that could blog and I really appreciate you being cool enough to say hello πŸ™‚

    (not to mention that I totally have a blogger girl crush on you and am absolutely inspired by you and your {three boys and a girl} give me hope in my 3 boys household πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Darcy@Somewhatmuddledmusings - We collect B’s for our last name and have them all over the house – and I love how that B is hung in a frame!!! MUST try that next!!!

  • Tara - Lovely idea! Love everything about that room! I’ve seen those letter cutouts at Michael’s and I didn’t know what to do with them. Now, ideas are swirling in my head. Your blog rocks!

  • danielle - oh i love this! i already “stole” your curtains for my daughter’s room (her favorite color is orange) so this would look super cute too!

  • Shannon Jones - I just found you! Being referred from the class forum at Snapshots of a Good Life.
    Just wanted to say that I love your daughter’s room. Where did you get that quilt?

  • Stacey - Wow this is excellent. I love her work as well, and I had no idea that she had some stuff at Target. I’m headed there this morning anyways, so I’m hoping I can get lucky.

    Awesome post, Ashley, as usual! <3

  • hearttypat - haha.. i like those personal touches on the diy legomen!

  • ashley jensen - I have done letters like that for my daughter and a few of my friends kids too. Only I use different patterns of scrapbook paper with ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc.

  • Raechel Myers - Great project – I love Katie Daisy! I have two of her prints in my kids’ room and, believe it or not, I saw her stuff at Target last night and picked up the “spring is here” gift bag and a frame for my own little DIY project on the cheap! The bag was only $1.99!

    I always love what you do – you do such a great job of taking things to the next level with added textures and your own creative spin. Keep up the great work!

  • Courtney Henson - I had no idea Target had a line of Katie Daisy stuff! I love her work and have a couple of her prints hanging in my living room. Her work makes me happy too! I don’t know if my Target is “special” enough to carry it though..if often doesn’t have the cooler stuff that other Targets carry. Very cute little “B” in the frame though – looks great in your daughter’s room!

  • LeAnne W - I’m heading to Target today! Thanks for the great inspiration!! While you are wishing for Katie’s artwork to grace your walls, I’m sitting here everyday, wishing I could have Ashley Ann’s creative pieces scattered throughout my home! I love how your things say “home”.

  • Brook S. - Your decorating style is amazing!! Makes me wish I had a little girl! (although I wouldn’t trade my dirty little boys for anything in the world!!) πŸ™‚

  • Lori - Ooh, love it for Campbell’s room as well. I loove the lego men. too funny. I am going to do that with my little guy who is turning 4 in March. waaaH! I LOVE THAT YOU CUT THAT GIFT BAG – PRETTY GENIUS.

  • Midwest Elle - I think I may be the last person to use modge-podge. I must pick some up and make a monogram myself. SO cute, SO easy, SO going in my home.

  • Erin - Love the “B”!! Looks super cute! And the Lego men are pretty legit too πŸ˜‰

  • Cherished Hearts Vintage - Love the “B”. As for the Lego men, that’s a project all my boys would enjoy.

  • giozi - Simple and really beauty. Ohh I love her blanket too

  • ingrid - so stinken cute! love collecting the letter ‘b’ for our last name and i might just snag this wonderful idea and make one for our home. you are so creative! LOVE her stuff – just got happy mail with some of her stuff earlier this week.

  • Heidi Stukenberg - I have a few of Katie’s prints around my house and they always make me smile when I pass them- so bright and happy! And those lego men-I think your kids must adore you- what a cool mom you are!

  • Brooke Leigh @ First Avenue - Oh goodness! Her work is incredible! Simply gorgeous! I think I will attempt to make an ‘A’ for my daughter Aripsemae’s room! =) If all turns out well, I will send you a finished product!

  • Kristin S - Thank you so much for the Target tip off! Woudl never have guessed that cross over.

    I stalk her etsy shop too.

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - NO WAY! My kids are going to freak their freak over those lego men! Can’t wait to read the tutorial!

    And that ‘B’ came out so cute! I love it in the frame!

  • Amanda - I love the bright, sunny colors on that pallet bed, and the PILLOWS! The PILLOWS are AMAZING! Would love to know if you made them or where you bought them?

  • Mariah - Love the salty lego men! I need to find an animal shaped ice cube tray…

  • Francine - Love that B! I’m heading over to check out the lego post. I have a boy who is getting into legos now πŸ™‚

  • Lindsy - Oh my! I love the monogram…I sense a weekend project in the works. And I would love to know about that quilt- it’s gorgeous!

  • Amnah - “B”eautiful. Sorry, that was corny.

  • CharlaL - OMG!!! You have done it again! LOVE the lego men! GREAT idea!
    We have been to a TON of lego parties lately and my son is SET on it. I am thinking this would be AWESOME! Thanks. p.s. LOVE firecrackers letter too!

  • Kristen Duke Photography - my boys love lego’s, what a fun idea!

  • jessica h - Katie Daisy is my favorite artist, too! She lives right here in Asheville, so I’ve read, and I’m dying to meet her soon at a craft fair or something! I didn’t know about her line at Target…how great is that? Her designs make me feel like I’m lying in a sunny field enjoying God’s beauty and saying “ahhhh”…great monogram for the lucky little lady!!

  • Leanne - My boys will think they died and went to heaven to paint their own lego men!! Those are adorable! And I love the monogram in the frame. perfect!

  • Nancy - I wish we had a target in Canada! I hear there are some good finds there.

  • Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Ooooh, can’t wait to see that mini-fig tute!
    Love the frame! I have a tutorial coming up sort of similar, but inspired by Meg’s clipboards!

  • mel - oh gosh ashley…i love you! i wish i’d be creative like that

  • Lisa Westphal - Just saw that Becky Higgins posted this on her FB page! πŸ™‚ ~Nice!!/pages/Becky-Higgins-LLC/301573840173

  • anna - love her style. so sweet. πŸ™‚ meshes well with your style.

  • heather - you rock! just ordered the lego ice cube tray and posted to pinterest. thank you for sharing your creativity with us! seriously! πŸ™‚

  • Reyna - Love!! I also heard that Target is carrying Katie Daisy products, I’ve been wanting to head over there! I love all of the colors and the monogram in the frame is the perfect touch! Just curious, where were you able to get a Katie Daisy background to use on your old blog design?

  • No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane - What a cheerful and creative idea! LOVE it!

  • Cottage Gal - I L-O-V-E the monogram! I am so impressed with how creative you are. And patient too – amazing. I’ve been searching for a unique idea for letters for baby #2 (Due in June) – thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Nancy LaCoursiere - Wow, I so love these lego men! My boys are 13 and 15 and although they don’t play with them much (my 15 yr old not at all, my 13 yr old a few times a year) they lay upstairs in their little cove…just waiting! They played with them incessantly when they were little so I can relate to all your posts about Lego’s. I showed this to them when they came down this morning, the LOVED it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lara - where did you get that letter B from and how tall is it? I love it πŸ™‚ My little girl (on the way) will have a B for her name as well! Love your site. So inspiring!

  • Becca - I’m SO glad you shared Katie Daisy’s sites. I need some of her artwork in my daughter’s room!! πŸ™‚

  • Kate - i LOVE this idea! your min-figs are incredible. this is such a great way to get your little guys crafting:)

    when i saw this tutorial i fell in love with it. THEN i thought of another awesome way to use the min-fig mold! it would be great to use them to make homemade recycled crayons! coloring with min-figs would be quite cool. (i’m sure you’ve already done this but it was just something i thought of when i saw the silicone mold!)

  • sonal - I LOVED the mini fig craft!!!! We’ll be doing it at my daughter’s 5th B-day party next weekend. I cannot wait to see the kids painting the little figures!!! Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing your wonderful ideas! Will post photos of my party on my blog after 3/6. Please check it out if you have a chance.

  • Selena Faye - I love this idea! You are so creative.

  • Joey - AWESOME! The lego guys are great! My boys were looking at the computer when I was looking at your post. They were WOWED! πŸ˜€

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  • Shelley Davis - Oh I am so sad πŸ™ the Lego ice cube tray is not available in the United States! I love the B letter. Such a wonderful and imaginative way to display it.


  • christa - Where did you find that letter B? It is so thin compared to the ones you usually find… I’ve been looking for letters to make the work “EAT” with for my kitchen. πŸ™‚

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  • Cloud9 Design - Hi there! I just found your lovely blog! This is a great diy project you made! Katie Daisy is such an inspiration. I love her work!

    You did an excellent job, and the way you displayed it is precious. Did you make the lovely seat behind the monogram letter B? sO COOL!

    And thanks for sharing this really cute craft! I’ll definately have to try this with my son!


  • Sammie Mongeau - Keep it Simple, Laid-back to Follow and ensue Very CONSISTENT.

  • Shannon Ganshorn - I LOVE the quilt on the bed! I see a lot of fabrics that I recognize. They all look so pretty together!! Beautiful work!