signs of life…depends on how I look at it

There are Lego Men everywhere, all the time, constantly invading every nook in my home.

My boys are creative and capable of finding unique hiding places.


A doll stroller with a half eaten snack bowl has been left in my room. Again.

My kids don’t know true hunger. They don’t feel the need to hide food or even finish what they are given because they know they will eat abundantly again.

In a yard full of grass my kids can find the mud and prefer to run in it.

We have a yard….a yard where my kids can run free and play without worry or concern over what is under their feet.

Seriously, another toy tucked away on the mantle?

My boys are healthy and growing. There was a time when they learned to stand, now they can reach high places.

Shoes and socks hastily taken off and thrown in the middle of the living room. Why can’t they remember to put their belongings up?

We have shoes. Not just one pair for each family member, but lots of shoes. Our feet are protected when we come and go. We have shoes.

A temper tantrum on the kitchen floor. Again.

My daughter cries because she knows she is safe, secure and there is someone there to answer her cries. Children all over the world no longer cry, they have learned that there is no one there to answer their cries. My daughter cries and displays her temper because she knows I am here for her.

Toys that belong upstairs have been left on the floor in my room…and I am tired of bending over to pick them up.

My kids have toys. They have favorite toys and favorite books and favorite pillows. I’ll miss it when his favorite toy is no longer a little stuffed dog.

Legos. Again. Legos. Why are there so many and why are they so small?

My boys are learning to build, create and role play as their little fingers build with tiny blocks.

Laundry feels overwhelming. Their clothes get so dirty and the laundry never ends.

We have clothes. All those little dirty jeans belong to a dirty footed little boy that has captivated my heart….I’ll take his laundry if it means having him.

Jedi. Hans Solo. The Force. Battle Droid. Darth Maul. General Grievous. Imperial Star Destroyer….sometimes I just want to read a book in english.

My kids love to read. Granted it may not be Mr. Bell’s Fixit Shop, but they love to read….and they can read.

There are so many little things every day that I am quick to be negative about or think that I wish they weren’t part of my life. When I first think about it, it sounds wonderful not to step on Legos or have so much laundry. The idea of reading books at night that don’t involve battles or dinosaurs wearing underwear sounds so appealing. Not sweeping my floor 6 times a day and picking up toys strewn about the entire house sounds like a breath of fresh air.

But, it wouldn’t be. If I didn’t step on Legos or wash so much laundry…if I didn’t find army men hiding on the mantle and dirty shoes dropped off in the living room….if I didn’t deal with tantrums and Star Wars….it would mean 4 little people were not in my life. The mere thought of life without them is too much to ponder.


Most of my days are made up of things that are really just a matter of how I choose to look at it.


I will be determining all the giveaway winners today and will post those results later in the day.

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