diy {boy’s Stunt Man t-shirt}

I got a JCrew magazine in the mail recently and saw this:

Perfect for one of my little guys…not crazy about $29.50 for a t-shirt though. I also kind of think if you are a Stunt Man typically you aren’t standing upright and still – at least my little Stunt Man is usually found in every position, but upright and still. So here is my much more affordable version of this great boys shirt.


Iron-on letters (mine are the type that are kind of velvet on one side)

Basic gray t-shirt

Taupe fabric dye


If you have a local Hobby Lobby or Micheals you can use their 40% off coupons or watch for these items to go on sale

…and end up making it for under $5.00

Step 1: Dye your shirt…if you want. I chose a gray shirt because it has more of a ‘texture’ look than a solid color t-shirt. To dye something small like a t-shirt I don’t follow the directions on the Rit bottle. I just pour a few tablespoons in a container and add enough very hot water to submerge the shirt. I use rubber gloves and slosh the shirt around until it is the color I want. Finally, I rinse it well and then wash it. Keep in mind it will be a bit lighter once you rinse and wash it.

Step 2: Peel off the iron-on letters and position them where you want on the shirt.

Step 3: Iron the letters on following the package directions (after ironing on the letters, turn the shirt inside out and iron a bit longer)


Step 4: Find a cute Stunt Man to model his new shirt.

I’m answering 5 little questions for “5 on Friday” over on C.R.A.F.T today….click the button to read it.

Happy Friday!

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