diy {boy’s Stunt Man t-shirt}

I got a JCrew magazine in the mail recently and saw this:

Perfect for one of my little guys…not crazy about $29.50 for a t-shirt though. I also kind of think if you are a Stunt Man typically you aren’t standing upright and still – at least my little Stunt Man is usually found in every position, but upright and still. So here is my much more affordable version of this great boys shirt.


Iron-on letters (mine are the type that are kind of velvet on one side)

Basic gray t-shirt

Taupe fabric dye


If you have a local Hobby Lobby or Micheals you can use their 40% off coupons or watch for these items to go on sale

…and end up making it for under $5.00

Step 1: Dye your shirt…if you want. I chose a gray shirt because it has more of a ‘texture’ look than a solid color t-shirt. To dye something small like a t-shirt I don’t follow the directions on the Rit bottle. I just pour a few tablespoons in a container and add enough very hot water to submerge the shirt. I use rubber gloves and slosh the shirt around until it is the color I want. Finally, I rinse it well and then wash it. Keep in mind it will be a bit lighter once you rinse and wash it.

Step 2: Peel off the iron-on letters and position them where you want on the shirt.

Step 3: Iron the letters on following the package directions (after ironing on the letters, turn the shirt inside out and iron a bit longer)


Step 4: Find a cute Stunt Man to model his new shirt.

I’m answering 5 little questions for “5 on Friday” over on C.R.A.F.T today….click the button to read it.

Happy Friday!

The giveaways are open until tomorrow night, so find time this weekend to enter if you haven’t already!

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  • Kristin - So great. I love your “twist” on it!

  • Laura - well done! i love seeing cute boy ideas every now and then…they are hard to find!

  • Tess S - great idea! that’s a REAL stunt man.

  • Kelly - sooo fun! Kelly

  • Laurie J - upside down. perfect. i’m going to need 3!!

  • Danett - What a great idea. I love rad shirts for little boys. I want to try your bleach method too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Maggie M - WOW! That is sooo fun! And I ADORE how you flipped it! How creative…

  • lauren - what a perfect version!!! love that>> and where did you ever find such a cute stunt man?? 😉

  • Jeannette - Much cuter unside down!

  • Heather - awesome, I’m so doing this! And upside down!

  • keisha - I LOVE that you put the letters upside-down. So creative!!

  • Nicole - LOVE!

  • Leah B - Super cute and soooo easy! I also love how you put it upside down.

  • Stacey - I love that the letters are upside down.. so adorable!

  • Jamie - So cool! I’m going to make one for my lil man today! So fitting 🙂

  • Jenny Joy - Your shirt is WAY better than the original. You might very well start a trend, lady! 🙂

  • Amanda - So very cute! love that it’s upside down. perfectly designed by a boy mom 🙂

  • Lee - Very cute idea 🙂

  • Candice Forte - I totally agree the upside down lettering is WAY more appropriate than J Crews! Very cute!!! I may have to make one for a friend of mine’s son who is a stunt man. My son’s shirt would Mr. Cautious. I don’t think it would quite work upside down:).

  • debbie - I’m not sure what I enjoy more…the upside-down letters or the pics themselves! Great idea!

  • Heather S - He could totally be in the J-Crew magazine! So cute!!

  • Jennifer J - I wish my brain worked like yours. Great idea.

  • april's craft nest - cute idea to do it upside down! 🙂

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - this is fantastic! so clever! i love that you didn’t just rip it off- you came up with your own thang!

  • katie - That’s so great. I love how you went ahead and took the step to dye the tee. I’m so into instant gratification that I don’t know if I could’ve done that, but the color really makes it.

  • C.R.A.F.T. - upsidedown= genius 🙂

  • Julie B - I think I may make a “Stunt Woman” shirt for my girls. My girls are pretty daring! Love this!

  • Liz - Such a cute idea and you stunt man is pretty cute too.

  • Krista Lund - this is super cute!!! love your take on the T!!! p.s. ADORABLE lil stunt man you’ve got!

  • jennifer blair - Seriously? This so adorable. Now I just need a little man to make one for…one day!

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  • Allison - Love this idea!! And your little stunt man is TOO CUTE!

  • Raechel Myers - Love this! Love that you made it your own with your own twist (literally!) to it. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  • Holly - I like your version better!

  • Kristi - I LOVE this shirt and I can’t wait to try and make it!!! I am really going to try since it is NO sewing!!! 🙂 Thanks for the great idea! Any other “easy” ideas to do on onesies for our baby on the way??

  • amanda torres - I think J Crew should hire you as one of their designers. It’s only fitting that ‘Stunt Man’ should be printed up side down. What were they thinking?

  • Emily - I have bookmarked this for later. It’s is GENIUS! (Take, THAT, J.Crew!)

  • erica - super cute and easy idea, thanks for sharing!

  • Priscilla-The Wheelchair Mommy - This is SUPER cute. On my TO DO list 🙂

  • Heather - your version is so much cuter!!

  • Carissa - love it. I was just wondering what I was going to do for Coco’s 2 year and Easton’s 6 year next month. This is perfect!

  • KaraM - I LOVE that its upside down…seems much more stunt man-ish! 😀

  • Megan - Oh goodness! That is adorable! Even better on your cute kiddo.

  • Amanda - I love the upside down! I can’t wait to make one for Liam and it is so much cuter than the expensive version!!

  • Casey - awesome shirt!! I need to make one for my little man and woman!

  • Rachel - That is absolutely precious! Now all i have to do is have a son so i can make a cute shirt like this for him 🙂

  • Lisa J - Fantastic! I may even make this for my boyfriend…he is 34! 🙂

  • giozi - Ha ha ha it was funny.

  • Sheila Powell - Very, very cute–wonderful idea my grandson will absolutely love this it fits him so well–LOVE IT!

  • Kristen Duke - LOVE this!!!

  • Mariah - Oh, dear. Well, I’m going to need to make at least one of these. Maybe three.

  • andy - so cute
    my little guy is a stunt man too
    love the upside down letters

  • Natalie - awesome!

  • Tasha - Great idea! Now I have a good use for those clearance letters I just bought at hobby lobby:)

  • Nicole - This is MUCH better than the JCrew version. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leanne - that is really cute. I love that you put the letters upside down. perfect for a stunt man!

  • miss chris - Love this. And so much better with the letters upside down. Fitting.

  • e l l a - Very cool and I haven’t seen iron on letters yet, so this gives me lots of ideas 😉
    PS. I just found something very cool for your lego loving stunt men. Check this out:
    (maybe a diy will be born from this idea 😉

  • Mrs. Dunbar - Now this is about the best craft I’ve seen all week! Thanks.

  • Cherished Hearts Vintage - I love digging through catalogs for ideas!

    Wonderful job.

  • Amy C - What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Emilie - oh my word what a doll! i love the upside down-ness! adorable!

  • Sindy - Hey Ashley!
    I read the questions on C.R.A.F.T. an totally agree on your answer to #5. I wrote about it on my blog. Maybe you feel like visiting my site 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!
    Greetings from Germany, Sindy

  • amac - Very cute and clever 🙂

  • OrangeFarmhouse - Maike - It’s so much more right like this!

  • Bonnie - oh, I love this! What a fun idea.

  • hearttypat - when i grow up, i want to be you!

  • Kelly - Ashley, thank you so much for your comment and for visiting my blog. 🙂 I cleaned out my son’s stash of onesies today and found some with stains that I am going to feel free to practice sewing on next since there’s not much at stake if I mess up! 🙂 I am going to try some reverse applique. Kelly

  • amber - and he had his lego man. boys are awesome.

  • Erin Leigh - oh my gosh. such a cute idea. you little guy is adorable.

  • rachel - super cute! & the model is an absolute doll! 🙂

  • Jessica @ My Ardent Life - After all your successful posts on fabric dye, I decided to try it. Why are so many toddler clothes white? And why do I have so many of them? Several of my daughter’s things were looking pretty dingy and I didn’t want to mess with bleach. Pink dye was the perfect cover up! I liked the results so much, I went back to Hobby Lobby and got two other colors for some of her other clothes. This is the perfect “crafting” project for me right now because I get practically instant results!

  • Christie - I love this! Such a great idea to have it upside down–totally need this for my boys:). Thanks for sharing!

  • Polly @ Helping Little Hands - What a great idea! This would be good for my son…but even better for his cousin.

  • Amnah - Oooh I love your version way better!

  • Kati M - Love it! Much cheaper and really cool!

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  • Cindy Lou - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. You inspire me on a daily basis. I made this shirt my little stunt man. It turned out GREAT. Thanks!

  • weefolk - love this so much!!! with three boys it is my duty and delight to put them in awesome clothes that reflect their character 😉 just found this blog and love it!

  • Jolie - Brilliant brilliant brilliant….and desperately in need over here for a little guy who recently announced to me that when he *turns into a dad* he’s going to be a fire fighting, breakdancing stuntman! (His sister then declared she is going ot be a magical flying unicorn pony, so there!)
    just catching up…I’ve been away a while!

  • Courtney - My boys would LOVE this shirt! A must try, thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer Dawn - I love this shirt. My husband and I just found out we are having a boy. I am doing a post on Monday called, “Bring on the Boy”. I would love to feature this if you wouldn’t mind.

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