one great weekend

If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought it would be strange to spend a weekend with women I had only met online, I would have said “you bet.” However, in the last few years I have gained some truly wonderful friendships that because of distance have been limited to online. Last weekend I had the opportunity to take cherished online friendships and turn them into ‘real life’ friendships (though they were already ‘real’ and a part of my ‘life’).

I’ve never been to a blogger conference, gathering, meet-up….I’m an introvert and the idea of walking into a room full of people I don’t know just scares me a little. I can easily picture myself sitting alone and eventually deciding to leave. A weekend in a home with friends seemed like a perfect setting to finally get to meet some of my favorite people. And, it was.

Three of the ladies attending have written guest posts here before and I have mentioned each of them several times. It was an amazing experience to meet them along with 5 other inspiring gals. Meg invited 9 of us to spend a full weekend together – crafting, eating, barn shopping, talking, laughing…simply enjoying being together. If you are curious, “Yes” Meg’s house is even more amazing in person than on her blog and Waffle is even cuter (I didn’t think that was even possible).

We stayed up later than I ever did during my entire tenure in college. We shopped in a barn that was on American Pickers. We ate…without any little hands trying to steal my food or spill their drinks. My kids enjoyed a weekend with their daddy and I enjoyed a weekend away.

My friend Cindy joined me on the trip. As we exited the highway for Meg’s street I texted Chris, “Almost there. I want to throw up. So nervous.”

A few days later I found myself sad to leave and thankful for dear friends. Thankful for this crazy blog that led me to them. And thankful for truly great experience.

top row: Julie, Cindy (no blog), Heather, Amy D., Jess, Me

bottom row: Jana (no blog), Kimberlee, Amy J., Meg


You can find links to all the crafts, shopping and other information on Meg’s post about the weekend.

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