diy {you’re just my type & sparkle eyes}

We are buried in snow. Feet and feet and feet of snow. I’ve been enjoying coffee, quilts and Redbox while watching the blizzard of snow outside and the tornado of kids inside. I did a few updates on my blog design because I was feeling the need to clean and I chose to ‘clean up’ my blog instead of laundry. It (my blog) was feeling too busy for me and I needed some calm – could be related to that tornado of kids. Tomorrow I am going to share about my weekend with some overwhelmingly amazing women. Today is just a couple of notes on things.

My latest post for Design*Sponge is up today – it is a fun little Valentine idea for adults. It is actually one of my favorite projects as of late. Here is a peek at what you can find over there:

Here is where most of the photos were shot:

Here is what was banging on the door behind me as I shot most of those photos:

And on a totally unrelated note, several of you have left comments asking for the secret to “sparkly” eyes.

Well, it is really technical and hard…only a professional can do it 🙂

Photo tip: When your main light source is behind your subject or to the side you will not get sparkly eyes…unless you do something with photoshop.


Photo tip: If your main light source is behind you (indirect light like a window works great) you can get sparkly eyes because that light is reflecting in the eyes!


Don’t forget to go check out Design*Sponge!

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