diy {embroidery hoop art}

I got to do a little crafting with friends. One of the projects was creating our own embroidery hoop art. For those of you that like very specific tutorials, well this post is not for you. This is more of a ‘you should experiment and try this’ kind of tutorial. Here’s my final hoop…for my bedroom.

The basic idea is to take an embroidery hoop, scrap fabric, thread and whatever else you have laying around to create something you love.

99% of the thread here is from when I was in elementary school and had a friendship bracelet obsession

And just because I know you guys like to see the ‘bigger picture’ of photography….my super awesome studio.

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  • laura - i have a hoop sitting around here that i’ve been trying to think of an idea for use in my new nursery! thanks for all the inspiration. aaaaand my entire embroidery thread collection has the same origin!

  • andy - love it
    friendship bracelets
    my bin looked like that too
    i wish i still had mine

  • ashley jensen - That is stinkin’ cute!

  • Ashley - oh friendship bracelets :o) I wish I knew what happened to all of the thread I had!

  • Shannon - I have dreams of a wall of decorated hoops. I love the idea of having a few with these special touches and not just prety fabric. I love that lace trim you used to hang it. Very nice! Thanks for some inspiration on this cold winter stormy morning!

  • Jeannette - Love the idea – wish I had a hoop on this snowy day!

  • Allison - Did I miss the instructions for making those darling paper flowers?

  • Heather - i love that you added paper flowers to yours. such a clever lady you are!

  • Stephanie F - Thanks for more inspiration. I have a similar stash of embroidery floss. Now my teenage foster daughter has been making friendship bracelets.

  • ryanne - It’s so funny you posted this, b/c I have been reading and looking into embroidery. This seems much more my speed. Thanks for posting.

  • Katie - I love the paper flowers! Is there a tutorial out there for those? P.S. Love your blog, have been reading it faithfully for 3 months now and sometimes it is the only reason I turn on the computer in the morning! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Anna - Your hoop is so cute! I love it!
    Thanks for including me in the hoop line up as well! You’re too sweet. 🙂

  • Mary Lemon - What a fun idea. I think I still have some embroidery hoops and thread and I have lots of trims. As a stager, this would be some great inexpensive but very creative artwork. Thanks for sharing.

  • ruth@gracelaced - I’m on the same page here. Love the vintage feel, and feeling ready to make a few embroidery stitches to complete the feel. I love that your “feel” comes through on everything you make…in any medium!!

  • anabel - Lovely! the combination of fabrics and textures looks really nice.

  • Lacy M. - First of all very cute hoop and second of all I can’t believe you would still have string from elementary school???!!! You’re way better at keeping things than I am or maybe just more organized!!!

  • Molly - Love it! I’ve been wanting to make some of these for my house, but haven’t gotten around to doing it. Thanks for your inspiration and loveliness!

  • Abbie Torroll - SOOOO so cute! Your paper flowers are the perfect touch:)

  • Amanda @ Our Humble A{Bowe}d - It looks great! I am wondering though, where did you get the storage container for your thread? I have tons of those little guys floating in a large bin, so I’d love something that makes it more organized.

  • Ali Richardson - BEAUTIFUL! I love how it came out, great job!!!

  • Lauren Klouda - I just found a ton of my embroidery thread cleaning out a box from my garage. I have visions in my head…

  • Lesley - I love it! That is so cute!!

  • amber - If it weren’t all icy here today, I’d load up the kids & get 3 of these hoops & start on them today. I can think of 3 different ones I’d already like to do! So fun…guess I’ll pull out some fabric, start some tiny bunting & have it all ready for when this yucky cold weather is outta here! Oh, & thanks for the memory of friendship bracelets… 🙂

  • the whyte house - i like how you said you got to do a little bit of crafting…but not that you were 30 minutes away from me!

    what the what??

    here i am, catching up on meg and i see your face.

    holy cow.

    i’d totally be jealous, but i know how bad you guys wanted to meet each other, so i’ll focus on being excited for you both instead 🙂 hahahha. glad you had fun and had some warm weather to hang out in! OH, and i commend you for coming all the way out here and not making her come to you. i know how you hate road trips. 🙂 HAHAHAHA.

  • Amnah - Adorable. I have been bookmarking stuff like this forever. Hopefully I’ll finally just do it.

    I love when an image sparks a forgotten memory. Your threads reminded me of the collection of thread I used to have. I wish I had saved it!

  • giozi - I looooooooooooove it.

  • gina - so pretty!!

  • kayla - what a beautiful project! i hope i can have the patience to put together something like this!

  • Tricia - Okay, this is gonna sound way weird. I just finished reading Meg’s posts about the craft weekend before I came over here. That’s not the weird part. 😉 Anyway, the funny part is that I was looking at everyone’s hoops trying to guess who made what. I guessed yours immediately. It is so “you”. Well, at least the you that I think of when I think of you! It’s sweet and vintage and eclectic and perfectly lovely.


    p.s. I’m so completely envious that you got to all spend the weekend together. Sigh…

  • Julie B - I think I could muster up the energy to do this today! This snow has me in snuggle up mode.

  • Colleen - I totally have a thread box exactly like yours. And all of my thread are from elementry school too! I laughed so hard when I saw your pic. Love to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

  • April - Love it…and those goodies look familiar !!!

  • katie - okay, so i feel like a total stalker. i just did a post on how weird it is to “know” someone you’ve never met, just because you’re an avid reader of their blog. when i saw the picture that meg posted of all of your hoops next to each other, i was a total dork and tried to guess which one was yours. now i feel like even more of a huge dork because i was right. 🙂

  • melany - I can’t believe that you still have all you friendship bracelet string. Wow! I wish that I still had all of mine 🙂

  • Kristin S - I still have my DMC thread box too! And a handful of unfinished cross stich projects.

  • Stefanie - your craft time with your lady blogger friends has inspired me to do a couple things:

    1. host my own craft party – just with friends that live near me.
    2. learn how to sew!

    both scare me… because both mean stepping out of my comfort zone 🙂

  • Kelly - I read that your sewing machine sewed the best ruffles. I am in the market for a sewing machine. Do you mind me asking what kind you have. I think I will be a macgyver type sewer too. 🙂 Kelly

  • Marie - So funny…I went to Meg’s blog and saw all the hoop art together and thought, “That one with the doily HAS to be Ashleys”! Haha. I guess its obvious you like doilies. I love it. So pretty!

  • alexia - I love these! I do similar hoops and I use my typewriter on them. Beautiful photos, btw.

  • Melanie - Hi! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now. I love your project ideas. So fun! I’ve been collecting hoops now for a while and I will totally be doing something like this with mine.

    Also, I had a similar friendship bracelet obsession in elementary school and had two boxes just like that for all of my supplies. I took orders and sold them to my classmates, until I got shut down by one of my teachers. Ha!

  • Harriet - You are inspiring!! I want to quit my job and stay at home and make ALL your wonderful ideas. Thanks for being so creative, and sharing!

  • Jennie - I hope you know that I absolutely LOVE your “studio secrets” that you reveal to us! It reminds me that I can use the resources I have to take a well thought out and displayed picture:] I hope as my creativity and photography skills get better I can remember the tricks you are teaching! I hope to one day have an eye for beauty like you do. Now to just remember to get my craft on during daylight hours so that when I do take a picture there’s lots of natural light around!! I adore adore ADORE you. I wish you lived in AZ so we could be friends:] haha

  • Ana - That’s so funny- when I saw all the hoop art from your craft weekend on Meg’s blog, I KNEW that one was yours:) I love it!

    And btw- your “super awesome studio” IS super awesome- I’ve been admiring your dresser and it’s lovely color ever since you started showing pics of your room:)

  • Amy - Oh jeez! All of those are soooo cute! I want all of them!

  • LisaW - Hi Ashley. I found your blog via ohdeedoh. Congrats!!! So much eye candy on your blog. Definitely think I need to pull out my fabrics, embroidery floss and get creating! Thanks for the inspiration. Lis.

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  • Christine Blair - At 63, I’m almost ashamed to say my embroidery silks are from my days of embroidering pillowcases when I was between 8 and 15. It is at least as big as yours, however, I just decided to embroider a tablecloth with forget-me-nots among other flowers and guess what only about a yard of blue so I’m going shopping for some tomorrow.