diy {stencil painted subflooring}

We’ve had carpet in our bedroom since we moved in several years ago. My allergies were not a fan of the carpet. Chris and I had been talking about removing the carpet for a while, so one day I started tearing it out ๐Ÿ™‚ . I admit I didn’t really have a specific step by step plan when I took my box knife to the carpet. We had talked about putting in hardwoods, but once the carpet was out I found myself really wanting to paint the plywood sub-floor. I figured I’d be out about $45.00 (the cost of porch paint & supplies) and some time if I didn’t like the result. We weren’t really ready to invest in hardwoods, so it seemed worth a shot to me.

Before I go into much detail I feel I need to make a few disclaimers…

1. I am not a professional builder/contractor/whatever. I will share what I did. I am sure there are better ways to do it.

2. I am not going into detail on drying times, safety precautions, etc. Read the product instructions for that information.

3. Painted sub-flooring is not for everyone. I like things that don’t look perfect. I don’t mind dents and bang ups and seams.

4. I needed to get carpet out, but was not ready to invest in hardwoods. This is a perfect fix for now. When I am ready to put in hardwoods I am only out about $45.00 for what I did to the sub-flooring….and time.

5. Since my sub-floor is now my actual floor there is a step down into the room from all the doorways. We will make some custom wood coverings to make it less noticeable. We did drop the baseboards down to the sub-flooring level. When we put in hardwoods we will have to move those baseboards up.


First I removed the carpet, tacking, nasty carpet foam stuff, & baseboards. I used a crowbar to take off the baseboards in case I wanted to use them again. Chris went to get coffee with a friend. When he came home I had torn out carpet. I’m thankful for a husband that isn’t shocked or upset to come home and hear “Babe, I tore out the carpet in our room.”


Tearing out all the carpet meant relocating our bedroom to the living room. This was the worse part of the whole project.


Our sub-flooring was basic plywood sheets. It has several spots where the top layer had bubbled up. I used a box knife to cut out the bubbles and then filled in with bondo (thanks dad for the tips on that). I also used basic wood putty to fill in seams, holes, and other banged up spots. Once all that had dried (according the the product directions) I sanded with coarse grit sandpaper (80 grit) and then again with a fine grit (150-200 grit). I used a palm sander….which is less than ideal. My bedroom isn’t very big. I did use a belt sander (and about ripped off my arm) at the end. That was much faster.


After all that sanding I cleaned the floor, walls & ceiling. Dust gets everywhere! Once every thing was clean I rolled on porch paint (I got mine at Lowe’s, the color was “concrete”). I think I could roll paint on floors all day. It is so gratifying.


After the first coat of paint dried (according to product directions) I used a block sander on the whole floor. Whenever you paint wood you always want to sand it down after the first coat. The first coat will pull up the wood fibers and you won’t get a smooth finish if you don’t sand those fibers down. You can get a finishing block sander at any hardware store. I use it on lots of small projects too.


After sanding the first coat down, I had two little people help me clean the floors again. Once all the dust was removed I added another coat of paint.


The original plan was to stop with the gray floors. The night that the paint was drying I was online and saw these floors. I really wanted to buy the stencil, but it was $159.00….which seems silly to spend when the whole point of painting the sub-floor was to save money. Since I couldn’t buy that one I decided to make my own. I’ll be sharing more details on how to make a stencil from your favorite fabric in the future. I stuck the stencil in the middle of the room and just started rolling the paint on. I used the same paint as the wall color….because I had some left over.ย  An interior designer would hate working with me.

Designer: “What is your plan or goal for the room?”

Me: “I don’t know. I’ll just start painting in the middle and see what happens. Hopefully I’ll like it.”

Since I started without a grand plan I didn’t realize the stencil would be done on a diagonal. I created the stencil to match horizontally and vertically, but didn’t really think through it before I started painting…mainly because I wasn’t worried about it. Turned out it went on in a beautiful diagonal with open areas in the middle. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the open areas, so I experimented with adding the stencil to the open areas. I did my experimenting where the bed would be. Like I said, it is a small room and there is really only one place to put the bed, so my experimentation would be covered up.


Turns out I liked the open areas. It still wasn’t quite right so I decided to play with adding a bit of wood stain to make it look ‘old’. I liked it without the stain, but it looked more like it belonged in a room with lots of crisp whites and clean lines…not what I had in mind for the room. My mom came over and helped me know that I did want to add the stain. When adding the stain I just rubbed some on and then rubbed it off.

Left side is with stain / right side is without stain


Once the stain was dry I added a layer of water based polyurenthane. The directions recommend doing at least 3 coats, but I only wanted one. Once the poly was dry Chris nailed in new baseboards. You can tell in the picture below I wasn’t worried about hurting the floors. The last thing I need in my house during this phase of life is floors I am stressed out over hurting. These are just painted plywood with a lot of character. A lot of character does well in my house.

After getting it all done I said to Chris at least 20 times, “I sure hope I like these floors.” I’m funny like that. I liked them, but was still a little worried I’d get everything moved back in and then decide they were too much for me. Thankfully, I was wrong.


I am thrilled with how it turned out.ย  It seems like the floors that were always meant to be in my room. My allergies are big fans of the new floors too! I manned up Chris’ side of the bed by using a tool cabinet for his night stand. I’ll share more on the chickenwire when I finish it.

My side of the bed is pretty girly. Several of you asked about the teal nightstand….my grandpa built it for me several years ago. It has been about 4 different colors – I have no idea the name of the current color. It was a bright teal and then I rubbed wood stain on it to darken it too.

So…that is the story of my painted sub-floors. I know this look is not for everyone….that is what makes homes fun…making them reflective of the ones that live there.

For a tutorial on how I created my stencil, click here.


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    p.s have you ever been over to my blog? come visit I would love to have you!

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  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - Love it! Its beautiful but not too precious and full of character. You are an inspiration.

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    can’t wait to see the rest of it and the chicken wire reveal.
    thanks for sharing

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  • Lauren Klouda - I love the floor! I love the color and stencil. I love the idea of using fabric to make your own stencil. I am going to use stain to darken future paint jobs. It is amazing what you can accomplish without a plan. I am a planner but I have experienced my “plan” not turning out like I imagined it… sometimes the picture is better in my head.

    I wish I had thought of this when we were redoing our floors. It would have saved us a couple 1000 dollars. Oh well I love our floors too. Next time!

    Oh and I love the teal night stand. I have a night stand that was in my mother’s mother’s house and it has been redone about 5 times so far while I have owned it. I still love it each time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Julie B - I think I’m in love with your floors. Thank you for sharing! I can only imagine having my bedroom furniture in the living room, for me if the living room is clean I can usually deal with the other chaos of the house. But when its messy I tend to well, freak out!

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    You are VERY lucky for your husband! If I even THOUGHT of doing something like that he would fall over from a heart attack (not because of the idea, but because of all the work it would take to finish & the money cost – even though, $45 wasn’t a bad investment!)He freaked out when I pulled the wallpaper off my daughters wall to find out that top & bottom portions of the room were textured & the spot where the wallpaper border was is completely smooth. I’m still trying to figure out how to fix it! Good thing baby girl still sleeps in her moses basket!

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    I remember doing the same thing in my bedroom may years ago, each time we change rugs it is still there! Magical, it gives something special and unique to a home. To make it your own.
    Wonderful style, and alot of hard work! Wow, i love it!~

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    I considered doing this with my living room (where we’re still living with the plywood subfloor months after tearing out the nasty carpet), but decided not to since we have to go through the living room to get anywhere else in the house. I have some vinyl tiles set to go down….not the best look, I’m sure, but the most economical for now.

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    You have gumption, in the very best design and diy sense, and it’s just awesome. thanks for going for it and sharing it with blogland! I definitely share your stencil love, and am waiting [patiently :)] for your tute on making a stencil from fabric!

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  • AshleyAnn - Katie – I’m not sure how they’d work in a kitchen where you have more liquid spills. You’d probably need some heavier sealer and maybe even some kind of liquid barrier under the floor…I’m not sure.

    Carol – yep, I used the hand sander for the whole floor. It is a small room so it wasn’t too bad!

    Emily – the muslin is from Walmart…so whatever brand of samples they have there.

    Sara Beth & Madeline – Yes, the Anthropologie comments totally made my day. Thank you.

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  • Krystle Johnson - Incredible! Ugh makes me want to tear the carpet out in our apartment. Not an option I guess. Although my husbands reaction would be quite entertaining. I could imagine the look of immense shock and then he would say “We definitely will not be getting the deposit back.”

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  • Julie from Fire Lake Camp - Love it..amazing….

  • christy - Your floor looks fantastic! One of the ways blogging has helped me is seeing people like you created something new and being okay with imperfections. I love crafting, but often don’t do something because I can’t make a decision or I’m afraid I can’t do a perfect job or I start, get frustrated and stop. I’m starting to believe that it’s okay for not everything to be just so and it’s very freeing.

  • Michelle - I just found your blog tonight for the firt time. I love your floors! I came by way of a link to your Crush Valentine Idea. I love that too! I will be back to see what else you have going on. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the world!

  • Nisa - We just did this in our girls’ rooms, minus the stencils, also because of allergies. We did use zero-VOC primer and paint, though, because it’s January and we live in New England (with close to 30″ of snowfall already!). I love painted floors and yours looks great! We’re going to be ripping up the carpets and painting in the master bdrm in the next week (and moving our bed into the living room too, lol!).

  • Taylor - Wow! Those floors look amazing! I found your blog through the Tulsa World awhile back, and I’m so glad I did…love it!

  • Rebecca - I’m looking forward to hearing about the chicken wire. I’m intrigued. Are you going to use clothes pins on it like the framed piece in the kids’ room?

  • Kate - This is gorgeous! If I was having a girl this is what I would do to her room, or even to mine if my husband would let me! Reminds me a lot of Anthropologie for some reason. If they saw this I’m sure they would copy you!

  • Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue - Wow!! Your floor is so very fabulous!! Great job being brave to give it a go without knowing what the outcome will be.
    New to your wonderful blog.

  • Jos - I love this. Love your home and your blog (just found it today)!

  • Natalie - You may ‘wing it’, but you don’t cut corners, and that’s what makes you super cool in my mind- all that prep work- the putty, the sanding, etc. equals HARD WORK. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Megan - Ahhh!! It’s all I can do to NOT go in my kitchen RIGHT NOW and rip up that nasty, old, stained BLUE industrial and paint the floors myself. I’ve been thinking of painting the subfloor for a long time now and this is just the motivation I need! The only thing holding me back (besides the hour of night) is the fact that I don’t know how to move my appliances out.

  • Kelli - Love, love, love the floor – that is incredible!! I’m pretty lazy so not a big fan of the work involved, but the finished look is fabulous! How is porch paint different than wall paint or whatever, why would you need to use a porch paint?

  • Rachel - I can’t even tell you how gorgeous I find this. Your way with color and design just blows my mind. I want my porch to look like this RIGHT NOW! I’ll be linking… and adding this to my list of gotta-try-its!

  • Rachel - Love how this turned out! I also love your idea of a plan… “experiment and hope it works”. Thats definitely my style too. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kelly - You did an amazing job! I have been running all over the house this evening looking for a floor to refinish inspired by you. Don’t worry, I will find something. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  • Jenn from The Mustard Seed Blog - wow, I love how it turned out! Kudos to you for trying something and being willing to figure it out as you go along. I think you’ve found an awesome solution for your needs, your budget, and your family. You sound defensive about your choices and that leads me to believe that you have been criticized, which is a shame. I dream of ripping out my carpet because to me, carpet is like walking on your clothes day after day, rarely washing them-it’s gross! Thanks for inspiring me. One day I might just pick up that carpet knife and go to town, fearlessly.

  • Leone - What perfect timing! I’ve got to get rid of the carpet in our bedroom too for the same reasons. We’re low on funds for remodeling so I was thinking of just painting the subflooring but the stencils bring it to a whole new level! Really fantastic idea. To be honest I think I’d have to rip up the carpet with hubby not home as it’d freak him out (though I would warn him), but this looks like a seriously fab idea.

  • Christina - I did the same thing one day in my craft room. I didn’t fill the seams or any of the holes, etc. like you did though. And, we did a basic diamond pattern across the entire floor. I figured since it was in the craft room, if I didn’t like it, I could always cover it up one day with whatever we decide to do when we re-do all the flooring upstairs. Now that I’ve done one room, I think I would love to do the others, but I might invest in some nice, thin plywood to lay down first so I have a really smooth surface to paint! I love your idea with the large stencil! It looks amazing!

  • karen - Yeah! You’re awesome. A true artist!

  • Creativity Out of Imperfection: {Painting Subfloors} | The Inspired Room - […] Painted Subfloors: Ashley Ann Photography […]

  • *~*~*Jilly*~*~* - What a beautiful floor you have done a great job!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dixie Redmond - Painted floors have a long history. I love yours! Great, great job! I like it way better than laminate, which is what we put in about 5 years ago.

  • Kate - How lovely! Would love to see a shot of the whole room. I’m confused though….did you repaint your walls, too?? Your outlet covers are all off, and when you lower baseboard your walls get messed up down there….so I’m assuming you had to sand off the excess paint that often gobs up at the top of baseboards, and then either repaint entirely, or at least paint the half inch of wall that was now showing….

    Great job!

  • melissa - Your floor is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. The stencil is fabulous. I can’t think of enough superlatives to tell you how much I love this idea and the results! I saved a picture into my idea file in case I EVER get brave enough to tackle such a big job.

  • Sheila - Oh my GOSH, you -totally- rock!! Good for you! I love gutsy girls! Hurray, it is gorgeous!!


  • Rita May - That is fabulous! Have you ever done concrete? That’s what’s under my carpets.
    How do I follow? I’d like to put your blog as one of the ones I follow on my sidebar, so that I can click on it.
    Rita @May Days

  • Jana - FANTASTIC! What a great project to share. This just proves that you can have nice stylish floors on ANY budget!

  • Paula J - Awesome job!! I saw the link to your blog on The Inspired Room – I’ll have to come back & spend some time reading… LOVE the floor!

  • Netta - This is AWESOME!
    I’ve painted a kitchen floor & used several shades of a color to create a “marble-ish” look. But stenciling… SO CUTE!
    Hmmm, I may have to try this!
    THANKS for sharing.

  • laurie - OMG! THAT IS AWESOME! laurie

  • Inspire Me Heather - I just love the way your floor turned out and I linked this to my stenciling project post too so you’ll have more visitors here taking a look. Thank you also for letting me post your photo of the painted floor – it sure catches the eye!

  • Heidi - I have just learned about your blog and totally have fallen in love with it. This floor idea is brilliant! Love looking through all of your pictures and seeing how much you love your kids! Can’t wait to be a mom just like that! Thank you!

  • rachel - Wow. You are amazing. I am in love with the floors & your side of the bed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog is great – thanks for everything that you share! I will definitely be back for more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • linda vaupel - i just found your blog and you are my new favorite!

  • Jennifer - Wawho!!!

    I saw this on ApartTh. and I longed to see more! It’s amazing I found you (I don’t remember seeing the link on the site? I could look again I guess)
    Some how I found you through traveling in the blogosphere realm.
    Fantasic job!

  • DIY FYI: Painting your wooden floors. « Li'l Magoolie - […] is how to stencil it to give your floor a beautiful rug-like […]

  • Jenn - Thanks so much for the tutorial! Thought you may want to check out my floor…

  • Down Home Magazine - fabulous! i know how time consuming it was. I too painted my subfloor in my work studio….so wished I had of put a clear coat down – painted floors are so hard to clean without a clear coat. Anyways…your floor is AMAZING!

  • stenciled floors | the handmade home - […] ashley ann photography {I totally want that peacock blue chest} Be sure to stop in and check out her process with their […]

  • Nathalee - I think these floors are AWESOME!!! I am getting ready to do this to my WHOLE house!! U did a GREAT JOB!! Your inspiration stencil kinda looked like those old lace doilies to me…. u couldve almost used a paper one as a stencil….but what u did is PERFECT! =)

  • DIY Stencils « Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website - […] stencils are useful for just about any-damn-thing from tshirts, bags, and wrapping paper to drapes, floors, mirrors, furniture, plates โ€“ and of course sidewalks (speaking of whichโ€ฆNovy himself teaches […]

  • Activities for kids - What a great idea, anyone can have great looking floors!!!

  • Debbie - Hallo Wonder Woman!

    I am a brand new fan of yours and am in awe at all you accomplish with four little ones!
    I would like to ask you if there is a template of the stencil design you used on your floor? I saw it first in the magazine, FRESH STYLE, and loved it. I tried tracking down where you purchased it this past weekend when I was in the country. When I returned home I found the magazine and your site/blog and the floor! You made it yourself?! It is wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration and if you do have a template for it, I’d be most appreciative as I don’t believe my hands are as steady as yours are to cut one myself since I’ve never even thought to do so!

    God Bless you and your lovely family and for any and all help, thank you, too.

    Deborah at

  • Thespoena McLaughlin - Love your floor and am going to tackle mine this week. Wondering how well the paint is holding up and if you are still loving it?

  • kelly@refresheddesigns. - Wow, I just love this idea. I am linking to it from my latest blog post. Thanks!

  • MayDae » Before & After: Floor Favorites:: Fashion, Design, Decor - […] couldn’t find a “before” of this floor, but Ashley Ann’s stenciled bedroom is so creative and thrifty! ย I love that she painted right onto the subfloor – that takes […]

  • Julie - I suddenly feel the urge to find a floor to stencil! Love it!

  • Kerstin - Wanted to say ,”Thank You”, for inspiring me to do something different for a clients wedding tent flooring! Refused to cover it in Astro or have them spend a fortune on carpet for 5 hours! So I showed them your site and what the options were! Long story short – we did it in 3 hours plus time to stencils was another 2- it turned out great! You can see some of the pics on my site.
    Thanks Again,


  • Andrea - Ashley
    I happed upon your stenciled floor while researching painting subfloors. I recenlty purchase a very sweet and sentimental, but neglected 1920s cottage near Lake Michigan and am trying to restore and fix it up. My budget is dwindling fast with necessary things and I am looking for ways to fix it up. I am considering painting the floor of the sleeping porch that many many years ago was enclosed (I’ll be opening that up soon hopefully) and has only subflooring in it. YOU ARE A DECORATING GENIUS! Your floor looks great – I will be visiting your post on a regular basis – Keep the great ideas coming.

  • Sure Step Floor Paint - “Tearing out all the carpet meant relocating our bedroom to the living room. This was the worse part of the whole project.” i totally agree! this part is the most hassle part when renovating a bedroom.

  • HOW TO USE A STENCILED NAME BORDER TO CUSTOMIZE A CHILDS BEDROOM | Kids Bedroom Decor - […] Cthru Letter Stencil 4 Inch Brush Script Ln FunToSee Mini Wall Art Decals, Lowercase AlphabetCustomizing a bedroom with a stenciled name border can be a beautiful and unique way to add personal…veASIN=B001IHCLOW">Customizing a Bedroom With a Stenciled Name Border By Jessica Ackerman […]

  • Audra - I love this floor! Now that 10 months have passed, does it still look nice? Do your children ever get splinters? I ripped the carpet out of my daughter’s room this week and will be having new carpet installed next week. Even though it is an inexpensive remnant, by the time I pay for the carpet and padding, installation, and delivery I am out nearly $300.
    Please let me know if you would go this route again or do it in a child’s bedroom. Thank you!

  • kelly bridges - Love the floor. I pulled up every bit of carpet in my home about 1 year ago. I had a 12 year old lab and just couldn’t see putting in hardwoods or carpet. Let’s face it, my budget seems to be like yours. I’ve already stained my concrete a chocolate and it looks really good. I’ve been looking at area rugs but I think the stencil will look so much better. You made your own, correct? Tell me how?


  • Staining Bathroom Sub-Floors - […] I have seen a few photos floating around the web and Pinterest about painting subfloors. Under the Sycamore and a few others have done […]

  • There’s a New Arrow Maker in Town « Thistlewoodfarm - […] is a link to a much smarter blogger than I, who actually patched her floor.ย  She has pictures of her […]

  • kathy Ethington - I’m so happy I found your blog…my cement floors have been waiting for some miracle idea so I can finish them. I wanted to paint them, but kept being held back for some reason. You must have been it. OK, it’s been a few years, but I never thought of a stencil. If you can do it with those little ones, I certainly can do it with just a few dogs to keep out of the way. They are the reason we don’t like rugs…lol..I have to patch a few cracks, but with my shabby chic style, it certainly won’t matter…Thank you , Thank you, and my hubby thanks you!!!

  • mariah - Glad to know that I’m not the only one who has done this! I didn’t have money to do nice wood floors (and we were not sure we were going to stay in our home much longer anyway) so I totally did this too (I did pink stripes: At the time, I looked all over for info about it and it was seemed to be very frowned upon, but I did it anyway and it was a great experience. Learned a lot for sure! Anyway, thanks for sharing, I love your simple and honest approach to writing and life! Warmly, Mariah

  • Lisa - Your floor is awesome. I would rather walk through your house and admire your artisic ability and creativity than to walk through a house that is a showcase or material and store bought things. Love it!!

  • Anna Mayer - So fun. Trying to convince my husband that we should do this to our living room floor. The carpet in there is so awful and the budget says no new floors for awhile. I just want style dang it! But, I am curious, a year later, do you still like it? How did it hold up?

  • kate blasingame - AMAZING! I have been tempted several times to tear out my nasty carpet………….husband is now going to come home to “Babe, I tore out …………” I LOVE IT! thank you so much for your “expertise” it is my way of “work” as well…gonna start with cement sub floor in basement and then my daughters room. AWESOMENESS!

  • Andie - you started this post over a year ago. at this point what are your thoughts on this? what would do you over and what was one thing you learned from this experience?

  • connie hoffman - thank you so much I also have allergies and have been ripping out my carpet a little at a kids think I am crazy but I just want to paint also until I get money for wood floors….you have given me inspiration and love the stencil\

  • Shelly M. - Hi! Your floors are gorgeous! I am thinking of painting the floors in my home and was curious how yours have held up over the last year +? Thanks!

  • AshleyAnn - Shelly – they have held up great. It is not a high traffic room, but it is our bedroom so we are in and out all day every day. I’ve been very happy with the results.

  • Flea - Oh very cool! We’re looking at flooring options for the entire downstairs. I’ve been toying with the idea of painted plywood over the existing concrete for about a year and yours is the first site I’ve found with comprehensive photos and information. Thank you!

    Really, the kids should come by and visit the chickens and ducks.

  • roberta bellinger - I know this is an old post, but really THANK YOU!!! I have allergies, horrible old carpet in my living room and three dogs. I am so inspired by this. We cannot afford the new flooring I like, so I have been thinking of ripping up the carpet and painting the floor. Can’t wait to show the hubs what I am talking about!!! YES

  • Gwenn - These floors look fabulous! I stripped out the carpet in one of my bedrooms about 7 years ago and I was so happy I did. I tell everyone who thinks they would like to do this to check under a corner of their carpet and see what kind of subfloor you have. You might be surprised. I have 6 inch tongue and groove boards! They are pine builder’s grade but we sanded them with a stand-up floor sander, primed and painted with epoxy based shop paint and they are wearing beautifully. I vacumn with a bare floor vacumn and occasionally mop. Super clean! In the bedrooms I have throwrugs for fun. This is a great look, healthier to breathe, and just easier to keep clean than wall to wall carpeting. If you want to go with fancy wood or back to carpet in the future you sure can.

  • Colette - Your floors were a big inspiration to me – I got out a Stanley knife and made my own stencil! To get me going with the technique, I’ve re-painted an old TV stand and stencilled that – it looks pretty great! I was just wondering what type of stain you used? My uncle’s got some old ‘dark oak’ stain, but it’s too brown and makes the colour muddy-looking.

  • Colette - Oh, and how did you do your teal cabinets!? Want!

  • Patty - Have you posted how to make the stencil yet? Where did you look for the stencil you wanted originally?

  • Painting, Chaos, and Creativity « Doree Weller's Blog - […] I’m awfully fond of dents and character and imperfection. ย So it’s perfect for me. ย Here’s a link to the blog post that convinced me that it’s a great […]

  • Linda - I was looking for something like this to do on my cabin floors. It is shut down for the winter and gets a lot of moisture. I didn’t want moldy rugs after the winter was through. this is a great idea.!

  • Maisy - I LOVE this!!! I always complain about yucky carpet my allergies would also love this. I can’t wait to do this in my own home it’s perfect for me. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rose - OMGosh! You have so inspired me. I want wood flooring and can’t afford it. Now I know exactly what I am going to do. thank you so much.

  • JENNIFER - Thank you for the great ideas the kids are cut.e I love the floor

  • International decor - its fantastic, thanks about this post
    this is my first visit for your blog but i will follow it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jackie - About how long did the whole thing take? I’m thinking of doing this to my kids playroom, but I would need to get it done in a day.

  • Alonda - I must say your floor turned out beautiful. I took out my bathroom carpet while hubby was working, he couldnt picture me painting cobblestones on the floor. but once done, he loves it. Now I am doing the kitchen floor.

  • Painted Plywood Sub-Floor - […] is aย linkย to a much smarter blogger than I, who actually patched her floor.ย  She has pictures of her […]

  • maryJean - i LOVE this. I giggled when I read the comment designer: what are your goals for the room?
    Your response is SO me. I just dive in and usually like the results…if not oh well. Most things are “correctable”. I love imperfect. I really like the idea of using the stain to age the look a bit.

    Me, I dislike carpet a lot.

    Budget? not hardwood floors.

    I didn’t even know this was possible.


  • Anne Belley - I have a question about the All-purpose Putty for the joints. Is that flexible to accommodate the wood swelling? We are attempting to start such a flooring project ourselves, but have been told to use silicone in the joints. This, however, takes so long to dry, and we are afraid that chairs might “snag” it, and that it will collect dust. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Almond - Thank you so much for sharing this information. I, too, pulled up the carpet but in our living room. I have purchased primer and porch/floor paint from Lowe’s. There are major stains on the subfloor. I did patch the seams but you can still see them. The paint I have chosen is a dark brown to hide the stains and will hopefully make the floor look a little better until we can afford the wood flooring. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  • Maggie Bathory - AMAZING! I have been looking for ideas for my family room floor, and wanted to paint the floors, but then wasn’t sure what to do. Your blog hit the mark Ashley! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • maryJean - I love this. You are very creative. I am so ready to rip up carpet on my stairs and a couple bedrooms. I am so over the
    “wall to wall” icky carpeting look.
    And using the plywood underneath!!!!


  • Kim - I love this! I was looking for ideas to replace my old carpets upstairs but I don’t have the money for hardwood floors. After I read this I went home and immediately pulled up my carpet!

  • Coco - How did you make the stencil? I love this SO MUCH!

  • Lucy - Oh. My. Gosh. My mom & dad had chairs upholstered in the same yellow rose fabric as the one in your photo. I’m destined to stalk your site!

  • Denise - we are doing this to a couple of rooms in our house as well. I’m wondering, did you use a special type of paint or just wall paint, and did you use a primer. We are definitely going to need that before putting on which ever color we choose. Your floors look great.

  • Val P. - I’m obsessed with this stencil. I tried to make my own and it is too fragile. Can I purchase this somewhere. I’m worn out trying… Val

  • carmen - you have inspired me, I have looking at this for a while now and I think I am ready to tackle and paint my sub floor either this summer or in the fall sometime

  • Vicki King - I absolutely love what you have done! I am wanting to do that in my guest bathroom, a much smaller space:)

  • I'm Floored! | Paint+Pattern - […] was actually a great DIY project done recently by fab artist and photographer Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore that was INSPIRED by the original Skylar’s Lace stencil project that we completed in […]

  • Rachel - Hi-
    So i’m years behind the original post, but your floors are cool. I’m just curious if you can tell me a few things. Did you sand the entirety of the subfloor before painting it, or just your putty lines? I have subflooring that is currently sticky-tiled. I might rip up the sticky tiles or i might just lay new plywood down over them (i have potential ability to make the floors cross the threshold evenly if i add flooring… a total aside). Anyhow, how smooth do you think the floors need to be in order to paint them and get a smooth surface? That is essentially the question. I can buy crazy smooth plywood (more smooth=more money). I’m not looking for perfection (i mean, I am painting subflooring). I’m trying to put a cool/chic/artsy/totally random/original/unique/cheap floor down that I can ride my desk chair all over all the time and it be great! Thoughts? Thanks.

  • Rachel - I love this! Gave me the courage to paint my subfloors. I don’t want to buy an expensive stencil, either…did you ever expand on the DIY stencil from fabric touched on in this post?

  • I’m Floored! - […] was actually a great DIY project done recently by fab artist and photographer Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore that was INSPIRED by the original Skylar’s Lace stencil project that we completed in […]

  • anaelisa jacobsen - I love these floors! I cant wait to paint my own porch some highly creative pattern over the subfloors! GraCIAS FOR THE INSPIRATION! aNAELISA

  • Emily - Did you use an oil based floor paint or laytex? I’m working on the same project and was wondering! Thanks!

  • Celena green - I truly love this. What color are your walls?

  • my bedroom » - […] floors: see this post; check back tomorrow for tips on making a […]

  • Mara - I know this is an old thread but I’m hoping you get this comment. I am in the process of doing my floors just like you did here. I’m to the point of putting my stain on, but when I put it on it’s super dark and not much is coming up when I wipe it off. The porch paint is absorbing it really quickly. I’m wondering if I’m using too dark of a stain. Can you tell me the color of Minwax stain you are using. Thanks so much. And thanks for the inspiration. Your floor is beautiful.

  • AshleyAnn - Mara – I actually don’t remember the stain color. It was probably an oak or walnut. I rubbed it pretty lightly and then rubbed it off really quick!

  • monica - how have the floors stood up to traffic? they look fantastic!

  • AshleyAnn - Monica – they have stood up GREAT….but it is not a high traffic room, just our bedroom.

  • Lisa - What brand/color stain did you use over the stencils for your bedroom flooring?



  • AshleyAnn - Lisa – I don’t remember…I’m pretty sure it was a walnut stain though

  • Jeannine - Hi! Your floors look so great! Thanks so much for showing a realistic view (kiddos “helping”!) of the project ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have 600 sf I want to do this with (1br apt)–if I’m working alone, how long do you think it would take? I will do the bedroom and closet first (200 sf), so I can move furniture around. I’d love to get it done in a week. Possible?

  • Debbie - You inspired my living rm project. I have 3/4 ” plywood sheets also, and i am not going to paint, i am going to stain it and then polyurethane it. There are some really cool stain colors out now! Wish me luck.. The carpet and tac strips are out, so it should be all down hill from here.

  • Home Office Makeover - […] had never heard of that, but I had seen it here,ย here and here, so he was game to try. In the end he decided that rather than patching and sanding the subfloor, […]

  • Dianna Wood - Love, love, love this! My husband and I just moved into a 1964 single-wide mobile home and painted the sub-flooring. Here are the details:

    Thanks for your beautiful post and the great photography!

  • Bonnie - I know this entry is a few years old but I hope you’re still seeing comments. I’m wondering…how is the floor holding up? I have a very small space where my hubby built a banquette…fancy name for built in benches and a table…where I want to get rid of the carpet but don’t want to invest in expensive hardwood. Your floor is still doing well? Thanks!

  • Lee - Hi,

    I’m wondering how your floors are holding up. I ripped up the carpet in my office today and already feel so liberated. I refinished my countertops a few years ago as a money saving technique, and have been very happy with them. I touch up a bit and reseal everything once a year. So I’m feeling if I can do the countertops, I can do the subfloor. I am hoping if it goes well, to do this same technique in my hallway/living room. But it’s going to be a much bigger project, more furniture to move, etc, so I want to get my confidence going with the office–assuming it goes well.

    Anyway, since it looks like you did these a couple of years ago, just wondering if you’d do it again.

  • AshleyAnn - Lee – my floors are not in a high traffic area, so keep that in mind. That being said, they have held up wonderfully and I would totally do it again!

  • Kathy - I love your floor and I appreciate all the information on how you did it. We are buying an old house at the coast that has been added on to, but the original part has hardwood subfloor and we can see through it. Not very cost effective for hot or cold seasons. My husband was wanting to put an under layment down and then plywood subfloor and then on top of that, laminate or rolled vinyl floor. I have the storage part of my chicken coop painted with porch flooring and it’s held up to poop and all kinds of scraping garbage cans for a few years. It looks good considering.
    anyway, love your floor and thanks again for sharing your experience in doing it.

  • Barbara Lmardo - I really want to use this idea on my upstairs bedroom till I decide on my flooring. However, I was considering placing new subfloor ontop of the existing subfloor with some foam in between to minimize sounds. What do you think. Also I wanted to nail it in on the corners only so that it will be easier to remove when the time comes for the actual flooring. Any advise? Also how does it hold up to liquid?

  • Joanne - Love your advice! I just ripped up our hall/stairs carpet today, question
    1) what did you do about the doorway thresholds? Our floor is lower than the other rooms

  • Rovin's Hardwood Flooring - Astonishing! I have been searching for plans for my family room carpet, and needed to paint the carpets, however then wasn’t certain what to do. Your online journal hit the imprint Ashley! Much obliged to you for imparting

  • Marie - I love it! Think I will give it a try!

  • Making the Master our Own - East Coast Creative Blog - […] lived here for 3 years. We are planning on ripping it out and then painting the subfloors, alaย Ashley. Not exactly traditional, but it’s cheap and […]

  • Brittany - To say that I’m a fan would be an understatement. What a truly lovely & inviting home you have. A friend told me I’d like your blog… I’m a mamma of two littles, a follower of Jesus and a wedding photographer. The wedding photography has been how we’ve been earning money for our China adoption one day… so… I feel very blessed to have found your blog and be able to share in the beauties of your adoption and lovely home. Quick question (I can’t imagine how busy you are) did you post a stencil tutorial? I looked around but can’t find it, maybe I’m blind. Thanks Ashley! Every blessing to you!!!

  • AshleyAnn - Brittany – I previously was a contributor to Design Sponge. I wrote a tutorial there for the stencil. Here is a link:

  • Mary Miles - Just want to say that I used your step-by-steps as an inspiration while painting/stenciling the subfloors in our bedroom. THANK YOU!! The look of my stencils was a little more “rough” around the edges b/c I used a floppy piece of cardboard (ugh!) and a silly design that popped into my head, but, it suits our 112 year-old house to a T!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for the inspiration. p.s. We have 3 boys and 2 girls also, so seeing your blog is great! Merry Christmas!

  • Inspirahogar - Thanks for this post, it’s great!

  • Diane Jankowski - Love the little helpers’ feet running around. Precious! Just ripped our rugs up in new place. Can’t afford tile and I thought, here’s a nice hard surface and wood at that. I didn’t know where to begin and now I do! Just got to figure out what feels right to put down. Thanks so much.

  • Cheryl - I LOVE THIS! We have been in our house over 21 years and have always had pets…which means accidents. No matter how much I steam clean, it seems the smell never comes out 100%. I want to tear up a bunch of carpet and do this. However it’s a lot more than your bedroom. Would love to do this before spring so I can open the windows and not smell doggy smells. We want to put down something other than carpet but don’t have the $$ yet either.

  • Chantal - I am just wondering how durable the painted sub flooring is?

  • Erin - Hi Ashley, your floors look great. How have they held up?

  • Kay Brown - Did you use standard plywood found at local lumbar yard?

  • AshleyAnn - Kay – we didn’t build the house, it was just the subfloor that was under our carpet. It looked like pretty standard plywood.

  • Ashley - Beautiful! Can you tell me how well this held up? I want to paint our sub floors but im a bit nervous!

  • AshleyAnn - Ashley – They have held up wonderfully. However, this is our least trafficked room. I am not sure how they would do in a high traffic area.

  • Karen - I am in love with pintrest. I can ask any question an someone out there will have the answer.
    Flooring was my next big expense but my refrigerator decided to be the front line news.
    I am now also in between pulling out the carpet and affording hardwoods.
    Thank you for the instruction on how use the subflooring for now.

  • verna - Floor looks great. I’m doing a bedroom and I’m almost ready to paint the floor. Thanks for your instructions on preparing the bare wood.

  • kayla - I love the color and plan on doing my floor in my bedroom a sinilar color soon! My carpet is in a word:ick lol. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Julie - I love what you did with the floors! GREAT JOB

  • Karyle Tong - Hi! LOVE what you have done with your floors. My husband and I are trying to figure out what to do with our dining room floor. We recently lost our little Lucy (a pound pup who was with us for 8 years) and she was incontinent in her last few months. Our house is an older manufactured home, and the subflooring is pressed wood. I thought pulling up the carpet (yech!) and painting the subfloor with KILZ primer would help with the oder. Now that the primer has been put down, I am seriously considering painting the floor. The issue is the seams and nail holes. Do you think patching and sanding will work on floors that are not plywood? Thanks! So glad to have found your blog!

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  • Susan - I wonder how painting a floor would work in a manufactured home (double-wide), since it expands/contracts a bit more than a site-built home. Would it be susceptible to cracking? My husband isn’t as open minded as yours, he most likely thinks I’ll be using flat latex.

  • Susan - Hey Karyle Tong, how thick does Kilz go on anyway? My plan is to put down a fairly thick sublayer & put grooves in to mimic tile. My worry is cracking during temperature changes.

  • Debbi Parrish - A couple of questions:

    1. How do you clean these floors?

    2. I have the original concrete slab under my carpet. We eventually want to do the laminate, but cannot afford it right now . . . Any suggestions?

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  • Sarah - Hello
    Great job with the subfloor painting. I want to do the same thing but I am worried about the paint chipping off in high traffic. How has you floor held up over time? Thanks for your advice.

  • AshleyAnn - Sarah – So far, not chipping. It isn’t our highest traffic area, but it has held up great.

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  • Teresa Smith - I love these floors. I sm trying to settle on what to do with mine. Love the simplicity of your stencil. I’m a fan!

  • Michelle - Hi. I love your floors and am trying to recreate them at my house. I have a couple questions. You said that you got your porch paint at Lowes in concrete color. Did you get oil based paint or Latex? they only have gloss in the oil base and and the girl there said that you have to sand down the second coat in order to get poly to stick to it. That made me think you didn’t get oil base but the girl there wouldn’t let me get the latex that is in Satin because she said it wouldn’t be durable. I told her you didn’t say to sand the second coat but she said you just forgot to put that part in your blog. So i got the one she wanted me get and sanded the first coat like you said and then the second like she said and it looks terrible. Super patchy, not like your pictures at all. Was she right that you used oil base and I’m just sanding it wrong or is the girl at Lowes wrong?
    Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  • AshleyAnn - Michelle – I never use oil based because it is a PAIN to clean up and dry! I always use latex. She’s is wrong on what I did, but probably right on what manufacturers recommend!

  • Michelle - Thank you so much for such a quick response!!! Can I also ask what sheen you got your porch paint in? When I was there I saw Satin finish, is that the one you got? And do you remember what poly you used? i just want my floors to look like yours and for the different products to work together as yours did. I am going to sand the floors down and start again. I think i will have to use an oil based primer if i can’t get all the oil paint off but then after that I want to do just as you did.
    Thank you!!

  • Michelle - Oh! and was the white paint for the stencil also porch paint?