yeah for snow days

Snow days. No morning rush. Sleeping in until 8:00am. Breakfast in bed. I am not a fan of winter, but snow days are always a fun break to the routine. I love the sounds of the boys playing together and trying to keep their sister from tearing apart their forts. In the picture below, his big brothers dressed him up as a shepherd. He is holding baby Jesus (also known as his dog) in the blanket. Goodness is he cute.

1.21.11-01Some of you ask when I find time to craft. Well, I do a lot while the little people in the house are eating lunch. It might mean skipping a meal or two…but any good craft project is worth it. And I can always eat during naps when no one will try to steal my food. Thanks for letting me cut up your book Kara!


I like this kid a lot. My youngest boy….he just makes me smile.


Eventually I summoned up the energy to begin the workout also known as getting everyone dressed to play in the snow. I’d rather dress them in swimsuits, but I’ll admit they sure look cute in the snow. FireCracker is a tough cookie. Two of her brothers cried due to being wet & cold. She only started to cry when I made her go back inside.




Playing in the snow always ends the same way. Someone gets snow in the face and it is all over. I don’t wish for the future, but I do look forward to snowball fights with teenagers and no crying.


Hot chocolate makes the tears go away…..


And then all that snow and hot chocolate makes the cute kids disappear to play in the warm house….leaving mommy alone to craft some more with her coffee. And if you are wondering if I lined up our boots before taking the picture. I did. I think about that stuff. Makes for a cuter picture.


Monday I will post about what I did to my bedroom floors for those interested.


I hope you all have a great weekend. Remember the giveaways are open until Saturday night.

I know you might be thinking “why enter when there are already so many?” Well a lot of someones are going to be winning…doesn’t hurt to enter!

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