choosing my angle

There is a reason sane parents do not take on the task of tearing up carpet to paint subfloors…in the middle of winter when paint & stain don’t dry as fast…with 4 kids….and an entire room relocated to the living room. Sane parents should have stopped me before I took that box cutter to carpet and crowbar to trim. I say that now, but in a week or so I will be happy I did this. In a year I will totally forget and will find some other room to attack with my box cutter and crowbar. It is the vicious cycle I live in and Chris did not grasp the reality of it when he asked me to be his bride.

Since the floors aren’t drying fast (one more reason for me to continue my disdain for cold weather) I started bleaching and dyeing fabric for pillows. My house now not only looks like tornado hit it, but it smells like a health club swimming pool.

Once I got the dye mixed for the fabric I liked the color so much I ran through the house grabbing anything white I could dye. I now have an apron, 3  0-3 month onesies, and 1 random stripped pillowcase…all in a beautiful shade of dark green/teal. What I am going to do with all that teal? I have no idea. I’ll figure that out later, but I didn’t want to waste my dye.

The mess of my house is really starting to wear me down. Some people cope with stress by sleeping, reading, shopping….I cope with it through photography. Photography has been a gift in so many ways to me. It helps give me perspective and focus. When I pick up my camera I can focus in on what I want to and block out everything else.

My girl would live on apples and oranges if I gave her that option. It was good to pick up my camera and spend a few minutes observing her enjoy her favorite snack.

Looking through my camera I see a beautiful brown background to compliment her white shirt and green bowl…when without my camera I just see my headboard propped against the stairs in the middle of my kitchen. Perspective.

Photography is so much about light and so much about angles. What I chose to capture depends on the angle I am taking the photograph. It is a matter of what I am choosing to see. Photography helps me to take time to focus on my girl and forget for a few minutes that I am sleeping in the living room…sandwiched between the couch and my dresser.

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