a standard in my kitchen for years

I remember when we bought our very first highchair. I was beyond excited thinking about when the day would arrive that our coming boy would sit in it. The first time we used it we had the video camera and point & shoot ready to go. It was an exciting moment.

It didn’t take long for me to realize all those little spindles were a pain to clean. A few months later my mother-in-law gave us a brand new Eddie Bauer highchair…that was easy to clean. For nearly 7 years it has been in my kitchen. Day after day after day I have cleaned it, swept under it and ran to rescue babies trying to crawl out of it.

The newness and excitement wore off several years ago. Now it is just bulky with food in crevices for who knows how long.

My 18 month old is a climber…as in she will scale the side of the highchair to get in and out…dangerous. So for the sake of getting that big thing out of my kitchen finally her safety – we said ‘goodbye’ to the highchair. It got deep cleaned for the first time in 7 years. The fabric cover that was only used a couple of times was returned. It now has a new, happy home with a new mom. It feels loved again. It hasn’t felt love from me in a long time. Can you believe it cleaned up so well after so many years and so many kids?!

For those concerned about how FireCracker eats….she stands up at the table just like her 2 year old brother. Yes, I know there are special chairs for this kind of stuff…we are good this way.

And a little room update: I am painting the subfloor because it will become our actual floor. One day we’ll probably cover it with hardwoods, but for now I am experimenting with something. The base coat is porch paint (concrete gray, not white). I’ll share more specifics on the flooring later. My allergies convinced Chris to part with carpet under his toes when he wakes up. I’ve never been more happy to be allergic to cats (previous owner had them).

It is going to take me a long time to finish my room because I just have too much help.

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  • Corey Moortgat - Yeah, we abandonded the high chair after our first child- took up too much room on the floor and was always gross! My next two were in bouncy seats for the first couple months, then moved directly into the booster chairs with trays at the big table. It’s worked out great- they’re still pretty gross with food in the crevaces, but at least they don’t take up extra space on the floor!

    I’ve been keeping my eye out for some of those vintage school desks/chairs- love the look of them in your house!

  • Shannon - Thanks for the paint info! I may consider that with my bedroom. We want to do the wood floor that we just put in our diningroom and will continue through the rest of the living areas in here too, but our room is 12×26 and we have a limited budget.

    I have a nice wood highchair that my daughter only uses when we have too many extra guests and there’s no room for her in a chair. Any other time she uses an ugly old plastic booster that was handed down to us that is 2 different bright blues. I just bought some spray paint for plastic in a very neutral color so it doesn’t stand out so much. I will enjoy the day the highchairs can leave, but the wood one will stay close by. I am the oldest of 5 kids and a couple of my siblings just started having kids, and they visit a lot. I also plan to pull it out in the future when I have grandkids!

  • Loren - I’m sure you hear this all the time.
    But your babies… are adorable.

  • amanda torres - You state the truth about high chairs!

  • Jen Helbert - i just have to say, that all your babies are just darlin’.

  • Katie - This is the first time I am commenting! I just wanted to say we have a 2 year old who stands up to eat too! He was out of the high chair by 1 year old because he was always standing up in it. I too have 4 kids close together. So my third born who stands is no big deal you know?! I am just happy he is so capable!

  • Yanet - Ha! We have a little monkey in our family too so I had to take the highchair out of the kitchen. However, I couldn’t part with it. I took off the cover and the tray, painted it a bunch of bright colors and distressed it. It’s now a fun accent piece in the living room. It does get moved around a lot.

    I love the photos of all the kids in it. Precious!

    Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys

  • andy - boys II men

  • Brooke Whitis - I am dreading the big, bulky highchairs that will occupy my home. But, I guess knowing who will go IN these highchairs will make it worthwhile 🙂 So, by you getting rid of the highchair, are you signaling that you are done adding to the family? hahaha 🙂

  • Sadie - I am ready to get rid of our highchair for the same reasons! Randy could probably just stand as well! Love the photos of your kids in the chair though! What great memories!

  • Miss chris - Love so much about this. The often overlooked high chair, visible in so many shots for years… Boys2men….the school chairs. My littlest and your firecracker would have a ball climbing everything. And the floor?! You are so ambitious. So good, but so ambitious! Best of luck. xoxo

  • Melissa - We have that same highchair. It’s on our fourth child now. I’ll be a little sad to see ours go but cannot wait for more space at the table ;)Thank you for sharing!

  • Ruth - You are brave to give it up so soon! I would LOVE to say goodbye to ours but I still need something to lock my 19 month down. She’s a climber too, so that is beginning to become a problem. I love that you used Boys II Men lyrics. Hilarious.

  • danielle - Oh yes, the freedom of NO MORE HIGHCHAIR! I was very glad to see ours leave after our fourth no longer required it. For someone who had a lot of difficulty having children and wanting those baby items in our home so badly for so long it was strange to me that I began yearning for those items to leave! lol.

  • Sarah - I bet that is a freeing feeling! Congrats. I love your blog so much that I am currently reading it sans pictures… hope to see those kiddo’s faces appear back on the blog soon 😉

  • bekki - I am excited to see how you will finish off the floor in your room. We can not afford to replace our carpets with wood and my son has allergies that make carpet a bad choice. I have been thinking of doing this same thing but am having a time convincing my husband! Hopefully when I show him the photos of yours he’ll be convinced.

  • Nicole - What a great life the high chair served while with your family. My sister has that same chair, and she loves it. She too took off the cloth cover. But it is so much nicer than the plastic chairs/covers that hide food in different creases, and eventually crack and rip.
    Good luck finishing up your room!

  • karen brown - i painted our subfloors in the kids’ playroom for the same reason…gross hot pink shag carpet and a tight budget. we used three coats of porch and floor paint and it turned out awesome! can’t wait to see the bedroom!

  • Mary - It is nice to know I am not the only one with a 2 year old that LOVES to stand on her chair when she eats! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Sheila - Just last week I set up my very first high chair. It’s exciting times, but I am rapidly realising what you (and all these comments) mean about taking up lots of space. And I’m afraid mine is very plastic and not photo-worthy at all! Luckily, the Lil Guy is very photo-worthy 🙂
    And… today he napped in his cot for the first time since newborn, so I got some me-time to catch up on all your blog posts I’ve not been able to read. I missed my daily fix…

  • Erin - First a post that involves Umbros now Boys II Men lyrics…are we feeling a little nostalgic?!

  • Andrea - We had this same high chair and I loved it at first but I couldn’t wait to get rid of it! We never used the cover after the first time it had baby food smeared all over it! Yours looks really good now, mine never did look that clean…

  • racheldenbow - I was just plotting how to get rid of our Eddie Bauer high chair this morning. It’s just so big! R isn’t big enough to stand on her own chair so we may have to seek out an IKEA option. 😉

  • lauren - we have my husband’s highchair from when he was a baby… it begs me everyday for a makeover!! 🙂 i can not WAIT to see the floor! 🙂

  • MGF - Hello to new stuff………
    Goodbye to old stuff

  • julianna richman - If someone didn’t know those were boyz to men lyrics- then they have business being here. Classic. Loved it. You are talented and funny? Don’t ever stop.

  • Nickki - Love, love, love the baby toes shot!!

  • Lisa~ - I’ve done lots of painted floors. It’s a fabulous idea when you need to transition from carpet to wood. You’ll love it! Lisa~

    P.S. I never used a high chair with my kids…like you said, can’t get them clean. Ick!

  • Heather - piper and firecracker sounds like two peas in a pod! my girl is the same. sometimes i think she might actually scale the wall. 😉

    we used gray porch paint in our house (dining/family rooms) and i LOVE it! we used a base coat of nasty smelling primer and then a couple of coats of the porch paint and it’s held up like a charm.
    which is saying something if you knew how much furniture i’ve dragged across it. 🙂

  • Leanne - we got rid of our highchair when we finally moved out of tiny apartments where we could have more than 2 chairs! We use a booster seat, which can buckle in my little climbers, and it fits right at the table on an existing chair. love it.

  • Veronica - I love your high chair story, and the pic of your daughter standing up at the table. What a classic! Thanks for the chuckle!!!

  • Kristy C - Boyz II Men — Awesome!

  • Kristin S - My word your helpers are adorable.

  • Lisa - Seriously, how do you really manage to do all this re-decorating while you have all the kids around? I have 5 wee ones and dream of getting some furniture sanded and painted and a quilt for our bed sewn. It just falls to the wayside, bc well, there’s so many other things to do. And you always are taking time to play and be with your kids? How does this work in your home? Seriously? what does a “DIY Home Week” look like? 🙂 You’re a rock star mama!

  • Kelly - Thanks for explaining the floor. You said you were painting the subfloor, as if another was going over it. I really like the way it looks!
    I’m surprised someone as creative as you doesn’t have a plan – to paint a checkerboard or something on it!

  • Kat - Needless to say with twins I was very happy when we finally got rid of our two highchairs …

  • Carolyn - oh my! the highchair cuteness is almost unbearable!
    Can’t wait to see the room makeover.

  • nori - those pictures are A-mazing!!!

  • Neva - I’m so glad to finally meet someone else whose kids stand on chairs at the table! Mine have all done it – the 9 year old still forgets himself occassionally and pops up on the chair. He had to sit on the floor a couple times last year to break the habit. Our youngest (3) loves to wait until his Dad has finished, climb in his lap, tip his food onto the big plate, and eat from there. Only the youngest can get away with tricks like that!

  • Nicole Ridella - This post made me laugh – I too have an 18 month old climber and while she doesn’t scale the high chair (yet) she does scale the television stand where she leaves little hand prints all over her daddy’s big screen tv. 🙂

  • Lory - Do you plan on more children?

  • Getty Images Representative Philippines - The pictures are nice. The baby are very charming. Good shots here.

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