a standard in my kitchen for years

I remember when we bought our very first highchair. I was beyond excited thinking about when the day would arrive that our coming boy would sit in it. The first time we used it we had the video camera and point & shoot ready to go. It was an exciting moment.

It didn’t take long for me to realize all those little spindles were a pain to clean. A few months later my mother-in-law gave us a brand new Eddie Bauer highchair…that was easy to clean. For nearly 7 years it has been in my kitchen. Day after day after day I have cleaned it, swept under it and ran to rescue babies trying to crawl out of it.

The newness and excitement wore off several years ago. Now it is just bulky with food in crevices for who knows how long.

My 18 month old is a climber…as in she will scale the side of the highchair to get in and out…dangerous. So for the sake of getting that big thing out of my kitchen finally her safety – we said ‘goodbye’ to the highchair. It got deep cleaned for the first time in 7 years. The fabric cover that was only used a couple of times was returned. It now has a new, happy home with a new mom. It feels loved again. It hasn’t felt love from me in a long time. Can you believe it cleaned up so well after so many years and so many kids?!

For those concerned about how FireCracker eats….she stands up at the table just like her 2 year old brother. Yes, I know there are special chairs for this kind of stuff…we are good this way.

And a little room update: I am painting the subfloor because it will become our actual floor. One day we’ll probably cover it with hardwoods, but for now I am experimenting with something. The base coat is porch paint (concrete gray, not white). I’ll share more specifics on the flooring later. My allergies convinced Chris to part with carpet under his toes when he wakes up. I’ve never been more happy to be allergic to cats (previous owner had them).

It is going to take me a long time to finish my room because I just have too much help.

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