diy {the best of my days notepad- 2011}

****You can find the 2012 version, by clicking here****

Recently my husband needed a small gift to pass out to small group leaders at our church. Last year they did plastic footballs with logos on them. I made a few negative comments about the footballs and his response to me was instead of complaining I should come up with something better. Thank you Chris, point taken.

He needed something inexpensive and over 250 of them. The theme he was working with was regarding making the most of the time we’ve been given. I created a little daily calendar/notepad. The idea is simple: write down the best part of your day…each day. At the end of the day when I reflect on what was the best of my day, it is usually not “I answered all the emails in my inbox” or something of that nature. It usually involves still moments cuddling on the couch with a child or something related to relationships in my life.

(For sake of cuteness, I wrapped mine with ribbon, baker’s twine, paper doilies, fabric tape, & repurposed coffee sleeve)

The intention was for these to go to adults, but I wanted to my older two boys (4 & 6) to have one. I’ve started doing it with them at night. I want them to learn to think through how they spend their time each day and to continue to practice gratitude. As a mom, it has been good for me to hear each day was stood out to them as the best. It prompts them to share with me things they don’t always on their own.

I didn’t get the notepads made until after January started (it does drive me a bit crazy not to have the full month, but I am getting over it). The first day my boys did it they wrote “I love to play outside with Kennedi.” and “Getting to go to Target and get a slushie with Nana.”

I look forward to reading over their “bests” at the end of the year…and making sure I repeat their “bests” throughout this year.

I wanted to make the pdf files available for you to download to make your own. I wish I had done this before Christmas…they would have been great Christmas gifts. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on the ball with this for Christmas 2011. If you are like me and it bothers you that you can’t start this on January 1st…just make stuff up 🙂

Because of recent server issues I am hosting the pdf file on Google Docs. Once you click on the link to open the file in Google Docs, you will need to select “File” on the top left of the screen and then “download original”. Enjoy!

Download Here


1. Print the 4 sheets onto white cardstock

2. Cut out each month (there is a faint grid background to help you see where to cut)

3. Punch a hole in the top corner

4. Combine using a small ring

5. Wrap cutely if giving as a gift

UPDATE: Despite my attempts to double check dates, I missed January 31st on the notepad. I apologize that you will have to write that date in. Next time I attempt a download I’ll have someone else double check it!


And it totally unrelated news…my bedroom subflooring is getting painted. Don’t be jealous my 1990s Umbros.


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