kind of makes me squeal

So last week was kind of serious on what I wanted to give my kids this time of year. Well…in the midst of that I wanted to give myself time away from my kids to enjoy a few flea markets, antique stores and junk shops. Not only did I get time with a friend….I got time with Chris….and I got some squeal worthy items. As I was looking over the things I scored I realized I must currently be a fan of a few choice colors because they seemed to pop up in everything I was drawn too. No sooner than I was thinking about it than a package arrived with a hat…and I did squeal over the cuteness and colors – mustard & teal!

I really liked the colors and punch outs on the old gambling punch cards, but I am a little concerned about what they were originally used for. I can’t seem to find their history online, so if anyone knows…please feel me in. I figure it is better to know before I use them in a project! My sister saved the movie tins from a trashcan fate at work. I like what is written on the outside…”you can work wonders”….

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