another home makeover…make that two more

About 6 years or so ago my grandpa built my niece (Chris’ sister’s daughter) a dollhouse and matching one for her wall. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and has outgrown the dollhouse. She decided to pass them both down to FireCracker…which sounded perfect to me since it is FireCraker’s Great Grandpa who built them. From what I remembered the dollhouse was a perfect size and the smaller one would work on her wall.

They dropped the 2 houses off…I thought this was the bigger one.

Ummm….yeah….I was wrong.

We had to do some rearranging in FireCracker’s room to fit it. I will admit I am excited we got the dollhouse before my girl is old enough to really know what it is. Since she isn’t into dolls or dollhouses that means I get free reign on the dollhouse makeover. I’ll be painting, wallpapering, and decorating up a storm on this big dollhouse. I already made a trip to a favorite vintage store to pick up some furniture. I plan on repainting the furniture and covering the chair cushions with fabric from FireCracker’s bed.

Until then…..the dollhouse has become home to several cars and LegoMen. The smaller dollhouse is going to get a manly makeover to appease my boys who want it for their Legos. It won’t be near as fun making over as the big dollhouse!

I’ve mentioned before that my grandpa has built a lot of what is in my house. Between him and my dad I think we have only bought a handfull of furniture items. Here are just a few of the other things around my house he has built. He’s pretty talented….obviously.

Happy Monday!

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