10 in 10 guest post {Lori Danelle}

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer the word “artist” over “crafter”….however I know 99.9% of people would call me a “crafter”. I’ve gotten over it and moved on. Kind of. I would like to introduce you to Lori Danelle…after you see her paper cut art 99.9% of you will recognize her as an incredibly talented artist. You’ll have to check out her blog to see her work. It is well worth your visit. I met Lori through comments she left on this blog and a few emails. She created her own version of a pallet bed and did a similar pom pom thing in her girl’s room. I love her versions. You’ll have to go visit her blog and snoop around until you see the post on her girl’s room – gorgeous! Lori’s blog is full of beautiful things…peeks into her home, her artwork, her daily life. And she has the coolest profile pic ever. If I attempted a fan blowing my hair like that it would look about 10 different types of ridiculous. Lori is cool enough to pull it off!

10 things that always make me smile

Hello Everyone!!!
I can’t tell you what an incredible honor it is to be here today! When Ashley contacted me about guest blogging I felt like I had just been invited to sit at the popular girls’ table in junior high!

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things that always put a smile on my face. But I thought that because I am also a paper cut artist who cuts out fingerprints, I would attempt to show these things in a different way, focusing on the details. In the case of fingerprints, I find it fascinating to look at the detail of something that is so unique to each person, we carry around with us always, leave all over the place, and yet never really look at!

I think you can see for yourself why I smile.

Years ago, my dad found a cedar stump while we were camping.
He kept it and made me a little chest of drawers that I dearly love!
If any of you happen to know me from my blog, then you know my love of old wood.

Such a cheery color. I could paint everything this color.
Well, maybe not everything.

I got this chair at a coffee house I managed in college. As soon as I saw it I vowed that if I ever left, the chair would come with me.
And it did.

I can’t help it. I love coffee.
My husband had never had coffee before me.
Now he too is hopelessly addicted.

I have that affect on people.

I have 3 sets of books that I read over & over & over & over again.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings & all of Jane Austen’s books.
I love to read, but don’t have the time to look into other books.
Open to suggestions though. 🙂

I love my husband. He designed that ring for me.
And then the mold was broken.
So it is truly one-of-a-kind.

He keeps me focused. Believes in me and pushes me to dream bigger and challenges me to be a better person all around.

Without him, I don’t think I would stay afloat.

I melt for these eyes.
How can you not??

I can’t bring myself to cut my girls’ hair.
Big Sister is 3 1/2 and had the tiniest of all trims on her first birthday to fight off a mullet. I know I need to, but . . .

The best thing about having little girls around the house?
I get to twirl again.

I love to twirl.

As a little girl, I was very particular about my skirts & dresses.
They had to twirl just right, swishing around your legs.
So now, I’m very happy to supply my little ones with the perfect twirling skirts and as many tutus as they can handle.  🙂

Well, I think that’s 10!
If you want a full look at some of my favorite things in their entirety, come on over to my part of blogland. I’d love to have you! I hope that you too find yourself smiling on at least a couple of those.  🙂

Ashley, Thanks again for having me! You truly are an inspiration for finding joy in the details and the mundane!!

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  • giozi - Fantastic pictures

  • Mille - you’re absolutely right, amazing blue eyes!

  • Christine - What a great post! You have a beautiful family!

  • Jenny - Beautiful post Lori! So glad to call you friend! I never knew that about your ring… awesomeness!

  • je - What wonderful pictures of the 10 things that make you smile. A few of them are on my list too and you captured them beautifully.

  • amanda torres - So cracking up at the fighting off of the mullet. I think most moms of girls can relate to that. Too funny!

  • meg duerksen - lori is so much fun!!!

  • erin j - I cycle through the Harry Potters and Jane Austen too! Every once in a while I’ll throw in the Chronicles of Narnia. So good!!

  • Amy - I am loving all these guest posts!! Lori – your wedding ring/band is amazing, very unique and beautiful ;-D

  • Jordan - I love to read to but I never had the time to dig for a good book I actually wanted to read. My friend mentioned that she really enjoyed Jodi Picoult. I’ve been reading her books now for about 3 months and they are AWESOME. And I think she’s written enough of them to keep me busy for the next few years. 😉

  • Carrie Rosalind - These posts always inspire me so much, and this one is no exception! Beautiful photos.

  • Jonesy - Lori, try reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I am not a huge reader, but this is one of my favorites and I think I have read it 4 times. a-mazing. I so enjoyed reading this post! I love hearing about things that other ladies enjoy and love – it has definitely been helping me take more advantage of my life. Thank you.

  • Mariah - how strange… I think that it is possible that you and I are twins seperated at birth. (except for the Lord of the Rings… I could only read it once. There are so many Hobbit songs! and all those names. does everyone really need all of those names?)But other than that… we could be the same person. Except my hair is curly. But other than that, twins.

  • Ashley - love this!! i try to take photos of the small things that make me smile too… BIG BLUE EYES, PIGTAILS, &DRESSES are on the top of my list too! what fun lil girls are for photo addicts 🙂

  • Seamingly Sarah - We too had to cut our daughter’s hair for the first time because of a potential mullet. Well really by then it was a rat tail. You could braid it and everything. Poor bugger.

  • Mia - Gorgeous photography, and I love the stories associated with each one.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • betsy berre - kindred spirit. are we the same person?! i love all of these things too. so much in my house is painted turquoise. my sons highchair, my kitchen island, the basket where we keep fruit…i just had to stop myself from painting a dresser (that i found in someones trash pile) turquoise. love it. loved perusing your blog too.

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