10 in 10 guest post {Emily of The Anderson Crew}

There are some great guest posts lined up for me to share. I’ll start with Emily….the fun and witty mommy who writes The Anderson Crew. Besides the role of wife and mom, she also is a phenomenal professional photographer. If you live near Florida you should jump in line to have a photo session with her. I imagine it would be a lot of fun…and result in some amazing photos. A while back I did a post on Aleida’s Challenge. Emily has done something similar, but on a whole other level. Once a week you can join her to Embrace the Camera. If only we could all get such a great shots with us in them! Her posts always make me smile – and make me want to go out and have fun with my kids. I especially enjoy when she shares the crazy things her boys are up to – totally relate. Well, onto Emily’s post…

well hello there 🙂  i’m emily, wife to mr. anderson and mom to 4 (almost 5) kids 6 and under.  we run a pretty chaotic life over here in florida…it’s not without it’s highs and lows but we wouldn’t take it any other way.  here’s a small glimpse, in the form of 10 photos, into our everyday life!
1. well, this first photo needs no description…life with kids is always F-U-N (and loud).  i just love this photo, and i know one day i’ll look back on it and think “man, really?  my life was really this crazy?”  i’m sure i’ll miss it.
2.  oh, me and my oldest son are one in the same.  that’s precisely why we are always butting heads.  i usually win and it’s not an uncommon sight to find him sitting at the kitchen table, writing some sort of “i will not…” paper.
3.  i like to craft and decorate pretty things…all on a budget.  i try to do something crafty a few times a week.
4.  my sweet daughter…all she wants to do is play a little princess time, but she usually is forced to play boy stuff.  (she has no choice…she’s way outnumbered!)
5.  and then there are the things my boys do…such as, pouring water down their pants.  that’s always a fun game.
6.  this is my playroom.  the first room that you see when you walk into my house.  i’m learning to embrace the mess…kind of.
7.  my son, milo, is the clown of the family.  he’s always making us laugh…we tend to think he looks rather creepy with this fake mustache on…but it still gets everyone laughing when he wears it.  that mustache was the best .25 cents ever spent.
8.  getting a picture with everyone looking and smiling is a rare treat.
9.  taking pictures of the baby is an everyday occurrence…so is looking at them later and realizing my oldest son is doing something inappropriate in the background.  for instance, here, he is sticking the i-pod down his underwear.  lovely.
10.  pictures with mom happen a lot!  i have hardly any pictures of me with my parents, so i’m out to make sure my kids don’t ever feel that way.  i host a weekly “embrace the camera” challenge—where i challenge moms to get out from behind the camera and in front of it, with their kids.  i’m hoping that by doing this, they are making memories their kids will love to look back on one day.
well, i hoped you had fun getting a glimpse into my life with 3 boys and a little lady (soon to be 2 little ladies!)  we are in the process of adopting a little girl from ethiopia—hoping she’ll be in our arms by the end of the year!  you can join us over at our blog, and take the journey with us 🙂  thanks ashley, for having me over in your space of the world wide web.  it’s been fun!
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  • Kelly Clarke - Your family is beautiful! Love the playroom pick… thanks for sharing!

  • ashlee - i LOVE emily! she is fantastic!!!

  • Kristi - beautiful family! i am an amateur photographer and i love the idea of getting out from behind the camera. I am always disappointed when others take my pic so now i have no excuse! thanks fo rthe idea!

  • katie mize - I love this post! It’s so nice to remember that life with kids = KRAZY! Thumbs up! This has put some ooohmpf into my day!

  • betsy - i stumbled over emily’s blog a few months ago and i was hooked! as a mom of young kiddos, i can totally relate to her posts 🙂
    thanks, emily, for teaching me to embrace my camera!

  • stephanie - what a super duper cute family. love the moustache! and i can’t wait to hear about the new baby. so sweet.

  • amanda torres - Wonderfully fun family! Too many cool things going on to comment on each one. Just simply awesome!

  • ashley jensen - Hello Amy! I actually stumbled across your blog (through Ash’s) not to long ago and you had me cracking up! I can tell you guys have a lot of fun together! I need to get my husband to embrace the camera with our daughter (he says he isn’t photogenic but of course he is), and this has motivated me to have a little chat with him! I on the other hand can hardly whip out my camera without snapping a few pics of us together. Thanks for sharing your family and chaos!

  • Sara - I’ve already looked at your blog and think it is so cool that we are due on the same day!! Though this is my first and you have been through this many many times. Congrats.

  • Elle - What a gorgeous family! And what fun they seem to have.

  • Haylee - Your family is GORGEOUS! Love the real life pictures of what it’s like at home with kids. “embrace the camera”, what a wonderful idea!

  • Rebecca - I loved the peek you provided of the chaos you enjoy.

  • Dacia - love it! I like to pop in on your blog ever since I read Ashley’s post about you all. Beautiful family 🙂

  • Amy Holgersen - Great post friend. As always love looking into your crazy life, makes me SMILE!


  • Kirra Sue - Beautiful family! My husband and I don’t have any kids yet, but I hope that when we do, that I get in front of the camera with them! What a good idea to encourage that! Thanks!!!

  • Heather - emily’s blog is a daily read for me. love her honest and witty posts!

  • Megan H - Love the story your pictures tell of your life. “Embrace the camera,” what a good reminder. AND, so excited for your family and your new little ET princess!

  • Trudy - I had two year old b/g twins in my lap and they were loving your playroom. They were loving that train set! What a lovely happy family!

  • Lauren - Love the post! Can’t wait to check out your blog. Your family is adorable!!

  • BlueEyedYonder - I am loving the “embrace the camera” idea. I was just looking through my blog and my personal pictures last night and thinking…wow there are hardly any photos of me. Thanks for reminding us to step out from behind the lens every now and then. 🙂

  • anne c - thanks emily! you are wonderful! you have a beautiful family and are inspiring to all of us moms out there!

  • joey hoffman - I am a blogaholic…it is like reading a novel that never ends…i love love loved this post and look forward to checking into your blog…congrats on a beautiful family and good luck with the adoption process! 🙂

  • Urska - Emily, love your post. Congratulations on adding a little girl to the family. Your post reminded me that I need to start taking more pictures of the daily mess and me with the kids too. Thank you for sharing with us. Now I am off to check your blog.

  • Meaghan - I already follow your blog Emily and love it! Excited to read of your adoption journey!

  • Carrie Rosalind - These pictures are so great! You look like such an awesome mom! 🙂

  • nikki @ nikkisnacs - I just love Emily!

  • Wendy - Love that you featured Emily! The Anderson Crew is one of my favorite reads 🙂

  • emily anderson - i feel so loved! thanks for this awesome chance to guest post for you ashley! and thanks to everyone for their sweet comments—it’s made my day. 🙂

  • Jane - Emily, your kids are adorable! I’ll have to check out your blog for the “embrace the camera” challenge. I’m the “photographer” in our family but I do try to make sure that I stick someone else with the camera too so that I can have pictures with the kids.

  • laurel sauls - With four small boys (the oldest’s name is Caedmon too!), I was giggling over the ones of her boys pouring water down their pants and sticking the ipod in their underwear. Why are boys so obsessed with their man parts?! I don’t get it. 😉
    I love that she showed the messiness of life with children and didn’t try to “fix” it. Very engaging. It made me want to know her and be friends in real life 🙂

  • Hollie - Thanks for the introduction! She is awesome, and I’m going to take a picture of me with my kids this weekend. I’m inspired!

  • meg duerksen - i meant to bookmark you last time ashley talked about you emily….now i WILL.
    i must.
    it looks like so much fun over at your house.

  • jami nato - it’s true. it’s all true….emily is fab mom and wife. and very funny.

  • Krista Lund - i am going to meet your Embrace the Camera challenges- love it!

  • Rachel - My favorite part of the Anderson family blog? The Soundtrack. Sometimes I just pull up your blog for the tunes while I am working around the house. Of course I always take time to read and enjoy the pictures.

  • kristiina - so, so cute! i’d also love to know where you got that super cool blue bag in #6 🙂

  • jamie - emily…you are such a hoot. takin’ it all in stride. love it.

  • Becca - I absolutely love this post!

  • OrangeFarmhouse - Maike - Great pics of a great family! Your little girl will have an amazing new family really soon!