diy {updated vintage tray….Design*Sponge}

Today I am excited to announce that I am guesting posting over at Design*Sponge. It’s a little post about how I coveted & ‘stole’ my neighbor’s trash.

Here is the ‘before’:

You have to go over there to see the post, but you can get a peek at the project from these ‘behind the scenes’ photos of my diy studio – complete with sword fighting and cheddar shark attacks.

And for those of you that asked about my new mantle:

I was inspired by Rita Konig’s mantle. In Photoshop I used the action Grandma’s Tap Shoes (by Totally Rad Actions) to give the photos a cohesive look. Then I cropped each image to a 4×4. I then ordered each 4×4 as a 4×6 print. By cropping before I ordered, the print company has to fill the extra space with white. I could have printed each one as a 4×4 but it would have cost more. I could have just printed them as a 4×6 and then cut off the extra 2 inches. By saving them as a 4×4 I had a clear white line showing me where to trim once they were printed. Finally I found the center of my wall and hot glued each photo to the wall. If your paint is old hot glue sometimes will peel off without damaging the paint. Since my paint was new, it will peel the paint when I remove the photos. I don’t really care because by the time I remove the photos I’ll be ready to repaint anyway!

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  • Lindsay - Awesome! I love how it turned out! I can’t wait until I have a house of my own and I can finally decorate!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - I WILL be doing this after the holidays (I like the mirror and the reflections it provides with candles and stuff at Christmas) but I think I’ll have to glue the pics to something or another besides my wall. Hubby would freak is freak if I hot glued them, even if I told him it would just peel off. Luan is el cheapo, though.

  • amy - oh ashley, if only you made house calls! this looks fantastic and yeah, you pretty much rock.

  • tasha roe - congrats!! that is super cool!!

  • The Lady - Your mantle is genius,lady. Hearts, The Lady of the House

  • Kirra Sue - Love the photo wall! Such a fun idea!

  • ashley jensen - Whew! Look at all those tiny little leaves you cut out! That corner is proablby all my patience (and 3 year old) would allow me to do! Oh, and I saw a children’s school chair like you have at an atique store over the week end and it made me think of you!

  • Heather - that collage is so fantastic! i love how many photos that include you and your husband. i’m terrible at that. my photos only tell the story of my kids growing up, not of how our family evolved. boo. i need to change that.

  • karen brown - you seem to really like totally rad actions. when i looked online, it appears they have several packages. is there one you would recommend if you could only have one? one you use the most? thanks ashley!

  • Jessica - cool! i was thinking you could probably glue the photos to a piece of foam board or something similar as well and just prop it up somewhere or hang it. that way you could even move it from place to place…if you wanted.

  • Hannah Bunker - Do you happen to know what brand of scrapbook paper you used?

  • Leanne - I LOVE that tray! you rock.

  • meg duerksen - so cute….all of it.

  • Lisa P. - I love this idea. I want to try it and put it on a canvas or something.

  • jennifer - LOVE it.

  • Katie - your creativity and style totally inspire me! i love reworking older pieces, so that tray idea looks terrific. and your mantle? i called my husband over and he fell in love, too. thanks!

  • Quincie Cotrill - I love the mantle! Thank you for explaining how you did it! You have so many great ideas and you are truely inspiring! Next question- how do you take pictures with your self in them? i love all the posed and non posed images that you are able to include yourself in. I fear my little ones will grow up and look back at all the wonderful images i have taken of them and say, Mom was never around:((((! I have got to get myself into my pictures and i use a canon 5d. any suggestions?

  • Erika C. - Hello – okay, this may sound like a stupid question, but how in the world do you spray paint it and it not bleed through? Meaning, how do you have such crisp lines?? Everytime I do something like that it bleeds!! (Again, it may sound like a dumb question – thank you!)

  • SeaminglySarah - That was so clever to use some scrapbooking paper as the stencil! I am always amazed to see how other people see something in the trash or the thrift store and see it for what it “could” be. I am so darn pratical sometimes that I can’t see it. I even went into a thrift store yesterday to try and exercise my mind in this regard. No luck. I saw egg cups as egg cups. Pray for me!

    But I am going to go scour my scrapbooking paper and use it with some ink and fabric now. I’ve been into inking fabric lately! ( Thanks for the idea.

  • Michelle - Guess what I scored in a yard sale today … a set of 4 vintage tv trays! I may not have looked twice at them had I not seen your post this week. Now I’m excited to give new life to these useful trays thanks to You!

  • tiffany - you have so much great stuff on here it never ceases to amaze me.

    but, i have a quick question about your concrete table that i love, love, love, love, love – how did they attach the tabletop to the legs of your old table?

    i have big plans to make a concrete table of my own for my new house and that is my biggest question about the project. all of the others i have see inlay into a wooden base and I am not such a fan of that I like seeing the edges of the concrete and just want normal legs.

    thanks so much!

  • kate - i love this photo idea so much! and, i just have to ask, did you add the molding to form a fake fireplace from a bare wall? or was that actually an unusable fireplace? i love that too!

  • Leslie - I love this and am definitely doing it. I also shared it on my blog; check it out:)

    Thanks for the awesome idea!