maturity is admitting your weakness {i love chairs}

I think a sign of maturity is when one can recognize and admit to areas of their life they are weak in without giving justification for their actions. I wholeheartedly admit my weakness for random chairs. I lose all self control when I see a random chair for under $10.00. I just can’t help myself. For instance this stunner of a dirty chair below. I went estate sale shopping with a friend. Before I walked out the door Chris kindly requested that I not come home with anymore chairs. It was a whopping $5.00. How does one summon enough self control to walk away from that?

It is just perfectly wonderful all clean and in the playroom.

I’m a sucker for all kinds of chairs. This little beauty has been about 4 different colors. I painted it turquoise to go with the party colors. About 2 days before it had been orange and used in a photoshoot.

Some chair purchases were not under $10.00, but Eames chairs are an investment worth making in my opinion. I am weak.

Then there are the truly random, like old movie seats and I don’t even know how to name the round chair.

I have chairs in the garage, on the front porch, in the attic…awaiting their rebirth.

Then there are the chairs that despite how loud I hear Chris saying, “please no more chairs.” I cave to weakness. Chairs are wonderful photo props for all those sessions I am no longer doing.

I bought the vintage school chair and wondered where I was going to put it. The very next day I was on Apartment Therapy and saw this picture of Restoration Hardware’s new line for kids and babies. The chairs are $99.00 each and child sized. However, I loved the look of all those chairs together and thought it would be so perfect in my kitchen. I emailed Chris the photo.

In my email I reminded him that one of the things he loves about me is my need for constant change. I also reminded him how incredibly frugal I am…and sweet talked him into letting me get more chairs. You see, I remembered where I got that first chair.

I went back and got 5 more. I can’t reveal my source…it is not mine to reveal. Sorry. I know I am mean. Biggest Brother loves to clean up really dirty things. Too bad he doesn’t like cleaning up himself as much.

My new dining room chairs. Once I moved them in I stepped back to admire them. My kitchen now has vintage school chairs, a yardstick backsplash, chalkboard, and globes….I’m starting to think I have a weakness not just for chairs, but for old school rooms too.

And the best part…the reason I will admit weakness, but also proudly justify my weakness. My 6 vintage school chairs turned dining room chairs cost me:






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