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UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Joy’s comment is the last counting one: “Would love to have just an itsy bitsy bit of your photo-talent! Love the pictures, the beautiful dress and the outrageously beautiful girl!”

The early morning and late night hours are often my most productive in regards to getting things not related to playing done. FireCracker got a new dress and I had been wanting some pictures of her in it, but trying to do an outdoor photo session of her with her brothers running around was proving difficult. So EARLY one morning she woke up before the boys (daddy included). We ran out to the street and got a few pics of her.

PHOTO TIP: Did you know the first and last hours of sunlight in a day are considered the “Golden” hours for photography? Often the light is just perfect. So next time you have an early riser head out and get a few pictures before the sun gets harsh and the temp gets hot! This is also good to keep in mind when you are planning a little outdoor photo shoot.

And to go with your early morning photo session…how about a new dress for a little one in your life? I am thrilled about this giveaway because not only is it etsy, but for me it is local…best of both worlds!Β  Itsy Bitsy Creations is offering a giveaway for the dress of one winner’s choice. But before we get to details of the giveaway…check out some of her stuff. I am so loving the headbands (especially the Lily one)…a bit funky. Very cool…and $5.00. Steal.

Itsy Bitsy Website *Β Β  Itsty Bitsy Etsy Store

Itsy Bitsy Creations specializes in one of kind items. If you are looking for someone to create a special birthday outfit or Halloween costume contact Itsy Bitsy Creations. You can find out more on how the company began and their support for March of Dimes here.

Giveaway Details:

Prize is the winner’s choice of one dress from Itsy Bitsy Creations (winner will be responsible for shipping charges)

One winner, chosen at random

Contest ends Friday, August 20 9:30pm US Central

To enter leave a comment on this post using at least one of these words: Itsy, Bitsy, Creations, dress, etsy, sunlight

(For example: My daughter is an itsy bitsy firecracker)

Just a little reminder that Google Reader does not reliably work with my blog…it won’t update regularly

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  • Glenda Fauchier - I love your blog! It makes me smile every morning before I begin my workday. I have a new itsy bitsy creation from God of my own and her name is Brooklyn. She is my first granddaughter and Oh My wouldn’t she just look darling in one of those sweet little dresses. BTW you have the cutest little ones!! How God has blessed you.

  • Esther Nelson - I absolutely love these itsy bitsy creations and I think my beautiful nieces would look so cute in one of these dresses.

  • Candy Foster - The dresses are too itsy bitsy to fit my daughter who’s a 5T. Boo! Because everything is just adorable.

  • Ruthy Trujillo - I have gotten my daughter many things from different etsy sellers, but the Itsy Bitsy Cadence dress is so freakin cute, and the headband too!!
    Ashley did you take all those photos?…if you did ~Wow~ they’re beautiful!

  • Tina Shideler - Love your blog and your itsy bitsy little one! Would love any dress from there!

  • Liene - Very cute dress and very cute pictures again. The text that goes along with the three small pictures just cracks me up! My little sunshine would also look very cute in a itsy bitsy dress with matching headband! So please pick me!

  • Anna Marie - My 3-year-old daughter would look adorable in a new dress! Thanks!!!

  • ashlee - The itsy bitsy sunlight of this morning is making my dress from etsy pale in comparison to Gods creations:)
    geez..Im such an over achiever:)

    I am in LOVE with Breese’s dress!!!

  • Hollie - I wish I could take photos an itsy bitsy bit like that! wow

  • Mary - I love the dictation on FireCracker’s photos. You are so funny. And the dress and headband are adorable, just like her.

  • amanda torres - Sunlight means that I need to get my bootay out of bed and start getting the to-do list tackled BEFORE the kids wake up.

  • Lori Lroh - I love that dress. I think I saw it on her on a Sunday. perfect girlie girl dress. I’m working real hard in my life to “not” say putdowns about myself or make jokes about myself in a depreciating way…I just got a moment with God and realized I don’t want to teach my beautiful daughter how to put herself down in life. (enough people will). So, I am viewing myself and her as CREATIONS of God. I will constantly remind myself that I was formed by Him for a purpose and that making fun of myself in a harsh way does not bring glory to Him. I want to be the one to teach her how special she is and that she is beautiul inside and out. (no more fat jokes – world, sorry.)

  • Kelly Clarke - I laughed so hard at the pics of B noticing someone walking… it brought sunlight to my day! Thanks Ashley!

  • ellen - i love that cadence dress. my daughter just started kindergarten and i know she’d look adorable in it. she is the itsy bitsiest in the room but she makes up for it in personality!

  • Stacy Jean - My precious itsy – bitsy just turned 5 and would look simply adorable in one of these dresses. When she grows out of it, we have a great little sugar plum who wears all of her left over dresses. Both girls look sweet in any creation….children are truly a ray of sunlight!

  • Noelle - I love the dress and headband! I have an itsy bitsy girl who would also look adorable in one of those creations…and I would use your tips on sunlight to photograph her in our estsy find!

  • danielle - adorable dress, adorable pics!
    off to check out these itsy bitsy dresses for my daughter!

  • Lisa - I would love to see my itsy bitsy wearing a dress in the beautiful morning sunlight.

  • jessibee08 - ooooh, i have 2 itsy bitsy girls that are the sunlight in our lives! and these dresses would just add to their beauty God’s created them in. Fun fun!!! Is she out of OKlahoma??? Go Okies:)

  • Jentre - I’ve got a few nieces that would look soooo cute in a new dress!!

  • Callie - I *LOVE* Etsy!!! It’s addicting! And my ity bity girl would love one of these dresses!!!

  • Jenni McIntire - The pictures are adorable. I have a little red headed firecracker myself that I would love to deck out in an Itsy Bitsy Creation dress. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Maike - how lovely to see FireCracker as a model for the itsy bitsy shop! What a proud mom you must be, so cute!!
    I love dresses for me and my little one, so fingers crossed here…

  • Jenny - The creations on etsy are all so amazing!

  • Anna Joy - These Itsy Bitsy dresses are adorable and makes me wish I had a little girl! Oh well…if I win, I can spoil my niece!

  • devyn - I will meet my little girlie in December and I can’t wait for the DRESSES! Of course, she will wear her brother’s hand-me-down overalls, but it’s nice to have a pretty dress to slip into now and then, isn’t it?

  • Katie - The pictures are so cute! I would love to win a dress for my daughter, Stella. Her first birthday is coming up!

  • C Roecker - Our itsy bitsy spider
    is looking all about
    a dress to attain that won’t wash her out
    something to help enjoy the last summer sunlight
    these itsy bitsy creations found on etsy again.

    (ok not perfect…)
    Love the dresses!!

  • Sarah - Your girl is adorable. My itsy bitsy girl would love a new dress from etsy!

  • Jill E. - i spend lots of time thinking about the best sunlight for the photos i take! firecrackers thumb stuck is to funny.

  • Erica - Oh my goodness…I love your kids! They are so cute..and your daughter looks adorable in that dress! I just wanna pick her up and squeeze her! πŸ™‚

  • allison - i would love an itsy bitsy dress for my itsy bitsy daughter!

  • Katie L. - Itsy Bitsy Creation’s dresses are so cute – they would make a great gift for a friend since my little one-to-be is a boy! πŸ™‚

  • Joa - Sunlight ~ makes me happy. And so would winning an ‘itsy bitsy’ dress!

  • Kathy - My 3 year old is not so itsy bitsy anymore, but I adore these dresses from Etsy!

  • Elena Stahl - Your Itsy, Bitsy Creation shines brightly in the sun!
    Twirl the girl around and let’s begin the fun!
    Twirl her once again and see the happy face,
    While the Itsy, Bitsly Creation wins the twirly race!

  • Nikki - I adore evening sunlight for photos of my daughter!

  • heidi - .
    i was up before the sunlight this morning.
    it made me a little bit sad, i am NOT a morning person.
    i am eek every last minute out of sleeping time i can kinda girl.

  • Dena - Love the itsy bitsy dresses on this site!

  • Kristi - I love itsy bitsy creations! I would love to see my little one in one of their dresses!!

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - I love it! Firecracker is adorable, especially that first picture!! The dress reeks of cuteness, my daughter needs one! I love taking pictures in early morning or later in the day…I just love the sunlight then! I have made a few mistakes this summer and scheduled afternoon shoots or tried to get pictures of the kids outside midday and it was terrible. Anyways, I love your blog!

  • Ryan - I can’t believe how big she is getting! And the thumb-stuck picture cracks me up. πŸ™‚

  • Mandy - my itsy bitsy little girl will be headed off to kindergarten tomorrow – eek!

  • Jamie - I love the early morning sunlight, too!

  • colleen - I have no babies at my house but, i do have a friend who is about to have a girl and she is sure to be adorable in and itsy bitsy dress. I do have a sunshine who can be an explosive firecracker (she is 10!) πŸ™‚

  • karen davis - I’m LOVING these “creations”… not in an “itsy bitsy” way… in a HUGE way!

  • Faith - My itsy bitsy creation is throwing cheerios on the floor right now!

  • Tess S. - i adore the last hour od sunlight. it’s perfection. this momma could surely spend some time capturing her own children. it’s been awhile. and my nearly 4 year old would look lovely in one of those dresses!

  • Deanna - My itsy bitsy niece Felicity is my sunlight…She would look adorable in one of these dresses!

  • Christy - Cute stuff! I’d love to have the Madeline dress for my itsy bitsy lil Maddie!!

  • Shea - My little love likes to sing itsy bitsy spider in the morning sunlight of her room when she awakes.

  • Tammy Kay - So beautiful. I love the photo of her itsy bitty foot! I have a thing for kids feet. They are so precious!!!

  • Sarah Hurt - My Itsy Bitsy bit of joy could always use a new dress!

  • Lisa - These Itsy Creations are fabulous! I wish they weren’t all for Bitsy kiddos, bc my older girlies would love them!!!

  • Megan - I think our itsy bitsy daughters would be great friends! FireCracker is beautiful!

  • Nicole - Watching my itsy bitsy one go about her day in one of these gorgeous creations would make me smile!

  • Stacy - Too cute! I’d love an itsy bitsy dress like that for my munchkin!

  • Katie @ explanation required - Ph my goodness, how my daughter needs that DRESS!! We’re going to Disney World in October and I’m slowly but surely stocking up on some super cute outfits for her to wear. One of these would be perfect!

  • Jill R - I love the pictures of your itsy bitsy creation wearing her etsy dress in the morning sunlight! What a doll!

  • Julie B. - Love those dresses…would love one!

  • Natalie - I have three daughters and each of them is a beautiful Creation! They inspire me daily!

  • Erin - I think I need a dress for one of my nieces!!

  • Amber - I would love to win a dress for my daughter who was once itsy bitsy and is the sunlight of my day.

  • Ashley SP - Love the dress–and I love Firecracker’s name! I always forget what wonderful names your children have (and I am such a name snob I love using my kids’ all of the time so I don’t know how you resist!)

  • Dawn Nikol - I’d love one of those dresses to get some cute pics of my little Sunshine girl!

  • Donna - I would love to win a dress for my daughter, and I wish I could take some awesome photos like you do in the beautiful sunlight!

  • Dawn Nikol - I’d love one of those cute dresses for my little Sunshine girl!!

  • Martina - Thanks for the photography tip! Does the sunlight that time of day create a lot of shadows, though? Or are we talking about before/after the sun is high enough to cast shadows?

  • Sherry - I would love to have one of Itsy Bitsy’s creations…those dresses are adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bailey Hanrhan - I would love to give one of these itsy bitsy dresses away as a gift to one of the rays of sunshine in my life : )

  • LaurenS - a cute dress would be a great gift to give to one of my prego friends!

  • kate o. - i love late afternoon sunlight for photos. especially on the beach!

  • Shawna - I love your website. I have to check it everyday. I love all the creations on etsy.

  • Rachel - My daughter is no longer an itsy bitsy, she’s 4, but would look adorable in that dress just as your itsy bitsy does…

  • WillS - my wife is making me enter this because she needs a new dress for my little sister. and i love my wife so i do what she says. πŸ™‚

  • Laura - I’v been doing so much shopping on etsy lately, everyones’ creations are just too adorable!

  • Alison - My granddaughter, an adorable bit of sunlight in my life, would absolutely glow in one of those dresses! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kristina - My daughter would love a dress my Itsy Bitsy Creations…pick me, pick me!!

  • Lena - Love the dress!! Good tip on the best sunlight times for pics!!

  • Karen DeMamiel - My ray of sunshine, my 5 month old, who is not so itsy bitsy anymore , would love to wear these dresses and headbands!!

  • Kristin Eldridge - Here dress is darling!

  • traci - My two girls would love a new dress! The big one and the ‘itsy’ one πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your tip on sunlight!

  • Jenny - i love the captions. beautiful little girl as well!! i am just in awe of your blog– it has been just a creative encouragement to me!! love your style and flair. πŸ™‚

  • Raychel - My itsy bitsy neice would look too cute in that beautiful etsy dress πŸ™‚

  • nichole - My favorite app is “etsy addict”… puts a smile on my face for sure!!!

  • Heather - i’m an itsy bitsy jealous that your girl keeps headbands on so well. my little one just pulls them out and hands it to me to put back in. over and over.

    this shop has great stuff!! the dresses are really cute.

  • shelly@familyblt - Love those pics more than an itsy bitsy bit!

  • Maggie E - I need to win one of those beautiful dresses for my itsy bitsy neice who is on her way into this world!

  • Amber Nicole - I love the itsy bitsy lily handband! It would look adorable on my beautiful niece!

  • Eric S - My wife and I love your site! Lots of good DIY ideas for our not so itsy bitsy anymore boys!

  • Leah - Goodness! The creations are so beautiful. The dress and the girl πŸ™‚

    Would love a dress for my bitsy πŸ™‚

  • Natalie - Would love an itsy bitsy dress for my new little cousin!

  • Brandi - My daughter loves the sunlight and looks darling in a dress from Etsy! Her mommy loves the creations on that site. πŸ™‚

    Your little girl is so beautiful! <3

  • Mary Craig - Love all the dresses and headbands! I have an itsy bitsy girl too (14 months today!) and she’d look so cute in these!

  • Michelle Gray - That dress is SO cute! That’s a great tip on the sunlight…thanks!

  • ali - That dress is adorable!

  • giozi - How gorgeous dress I didn’t know Bitsy, I love that kind of dresses, from Etsy :D. I would like to have some of her creations, I hope have luck.
    Your baby looks so pretty in this dress.

  • Niki - I LOVE etsy!

  • Emily Lusk - That dress looks really cute on your daughter! And I love the head band!! I think my daughter would look really cute in one of these itsy bitsy dresses as well!!! Even if i don’t win a free dress I am going to check out their site!! Good tip on the best sunlight for taking pictures!

  • Holly T - Going to enjoy the beautiful sunlight on Lake Michigan!

  • Elle - Oh I just love Etsy!

  • Ranee - I wish I could afford to outfit my itsy bitsy in everything etsy! Love the dresses and headbands at this shop!

  • Brooke - My daughter isn’t here yet, but I always tend to purchase items ahead of time. This would be a beautiful dress for next summer. I have this obsession with etsy already, but you make it even more tempting to spend all my money their with featuring all these great creators.

  • Susan - My daughter isn’t itsy bitsy any more-she’s a big first grader (*sniffle*sniffle*) but would love a cute headband!!

  • Rena Frey - I love the dresses and headbands! So cute! If I win, I will save it in hopes that my next born is a little girl!

  • Meredith - Oh my goodness…the Aubrey dress would be perfect for my daughter to wear for family pictures! Too Cute! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Robyn Farmer - That is so stinkin cute! I love that dress on Miss Bitsy Firecracker. I also think it would look cute on my daughter who is the sunlight in my day! Nice πŸ˜‰

  • ShelbyA - I love all of the creations that you feature on your blog!

  • Camille - These CREATIONS are just adorable!! πŸ™‚

  • Stacey - I used to sing “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” to my boys all the time when they were little!

  • Christine - My daughter would love a new dress! These are amazing πŸ™‚

  • Melissa - The baby girl in my belly is an itsy bitsy wiggly one!!

  • Roxane - Your itsy, bitsy daughter is beautiful.

  • leslie@jarofvintagebuttons - My daughter’s FAVORITE song is the itsy bitsy spider, so how fitting that she needs an itsy bitsy dress while she tries to {sing}!

  • Tysha - an itsy bitsy bit of sunlight creates humongo-jombo (my own word?) smiles. winning a cute dress would also bring humongo-jombo smiles!

  • Natalie - Beautiful dress! And beautiful photos (as always)!

  • Jen - i know the perfect little bisty for a dress. those are ADORABLE!

    pick me!

  • Lydia - Thanks for the sunlight tip. Can the photographer still be in their pajamas with a cute, dressed up subject? You are so good to pass along etsy finds. Thanks to you both for sharing. Adorable.

  • Simone - Wow, with 2 young daughters and a closet Etsy addiction how have I never come across these DIVINE ITSY BITSY DRESSES before – thanks. I love them! This means trouble for my credit card….

  • GJ - I just found out yesterday that I’ll be getting a new neice in January, so one of these dresses would be perfect for her next summer!

  • Jess - My daughter is no longer itsy bitsy and it would be fun to have a new dress that celebrates her turning two! I’m definitely going to purchase one of their cute headbands too!

  • Tina - I love to see the sunlight reflect in the eyes of my itsy bitsy creations as they sat around the table this morning all ready for the 1st day of school wearing their headbands from Etsy and new dresses.

  • Tracy - I love your blog so inspiring and your little ones are soo adorable! I love firecrackers dress very sweet!

  • Jenn W - My itsy bitsy baby boy had surgery this morning and his sister is very jealous that he got a new toy. She would look adorable in one of those beautiful creations!

  • Amanda - I love these ITSY BITSY CREATIONS from ETSY! My not-so-ITSY-BITSY baby (she’s rather taller than all of the other kiddos her age) would look so cute twirling in the SUNLIGHT in a new DRESS! I used all of the words! I think I should win…

  • kassondra - this morning we found an itsy bitsy kitten on our door step

  • Lindsey White - I stumbled across your blog recently after seeing your room tour on and I haven’t been able to stop reading! This dress is adorable; I have a 7 month old and love to order things (especially for her bald little head, lol) for her from etsy. So many creative people out there! πŸ™‚

  • Corey Moortgat - Ha! You read my mind! My daughter turned one yesterday, and I took her out first thing in the morning to do a little photoshoot. THe lighting was great! And I’d love a chance to win a little dress!

  • crystal - Love all the creations on Etsy!!!

  • bopha - love the dress, our itsy-bitsy baby girl would look adorable in one of those etsy creations!

  • stacey B - I myself enjoy making itsy, bitsy, little creations but I never make anything as beautiful as these sweet etsy dresses! I know a little someone who would love to dance in the sunlight wearing one:).

  • Devon - Love, Love, LOVE your blog Ashley! My Audrey would look like an itsy bitsy doll in one of their creations. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Alison - Etsy rules! I’m an etsy-a-holic. My itsy bitsy baby girl will look lovely in one of those beautiful dresses!!! Pick me, pick me πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer - I LOVE reading your blog and your itsy bitsy little one is so adorable!:)

  • Karla (LaPine) Swalve - I’m going to have to make itsy bitsy creations a favorite seller on etsy now. I love little girl dresses and these are just too cute! I wish etsy had existed when we were little, your little firecracker is going to look back and LOVE all these pictures Ashley. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer - LOVE all the creations on etsy! That dress on firecracker is so cute!:)

  • amy - i am a HUGE etsy fan and now an itsy bitsy creations fan as well πŸ™‚

  • Amanda - I have been trying to learn more about natural lighting and making the most of it. Thanks for the tip. Oh and yes, I love that Itsy Bitsy dress! πŸ™‚

  • Jessie - Love that dress…I would so love to have one for my 10 month old that is not so itsy bitsy anymore! Oh…and evening sunlight is my favorite time of the day to photograph!

  • Summer C. - I love that golden sunlight at t he end of a day!

  • Samantha S. - A new dress would be perfect for my-soon-to-be one year old’s birthday! <3

  • Rachel C - I am so excited that the sunlight has yielded to the rain clouds today. I love rainy days. They are so romantic.

  • Kristin - I would love a new itsy bitsy dress for my baby girl!

  • Ellen - I have an itsy bitsy girl that would love to wear a dress in the early morning sunlight, especially if her picture will get taken as well.

  • Lesley - That dress and bow are adorable!! Great pics of Firecracker!!

  • Urska - My daughter’s mother (me) is itsy bitsy crazy when it comes shopping for her. No limits or restrictions.

  • Kacy - I would love to take pictures of my itsy bitsy daughter in one of these beautiful dresses from etsy during the golden hour of sunlight!

  • Stacey - my fourteen month old is itsy bitsy (or so everyone says) so she would look adorable in any of those dresses. and her name is lillie, so the lily headband would be perfect, too. πŸ™‚

    ps i love those three photos together with the text… mamas always know what the little ones are thinking.

  • Carissa Miller - YAY for Laura (aka owner of Itsy Bitsy Creations)! You better get busy girl because you are going to have a million requests after this post. I bought one for Emmy several months ago and have been meaning to take her out for a photo session. I need to get that on the top of the to-do list! These pics are precious.

  • laura a - i just found out i am pregnant with an itsy baby! if it’s a girl, i would love one of those bitsy dress creations πŸ™‚

  • jenny - Oh, I love these adorable dresses and I am a sucker for any handmade creations and most anything etsy! I have a 2yr old little girl that would love one of these dresses and I have another itsy bitsy baby on the way that I am hoping will be a little sister for my 2 yr old!

  • laura a - i just found out i’m pregnant with an itsy baby. if it’s a girl, i would love one of those bitsy dress creations for her!

  • Holly - After struggling for years to become a mom, I never thought I would so blessed to have two, itsy bitsy little red-headed girls in my life. My daughters bring sunlight and happiness into each of my days! And since they wear the same size, they could share the dress. Love it!

  • Monica - So cute! My daughters are rays of sunlight in my life!

  • Karen - Love these dresses- they would look awesome on my baby girl! My itsy bitsy 3 year old and not so itsy bitsy 1 year old were frolicking in the backyard sunlight this morning- running (and crawling) through freshly hung laundry- best way to start my day!

  • Karen - love these dresses- they would great on my baby girl! My itsy bitsy 3 year old and not so itsy bitsy one year old were frolicking in the backyard sunlight this morning- running (and crawling) through freshly hung laundry- perfect start to my day!

  • Sara - My itsy bitsy little redheaded child would love one of those! Great giveaway!

  • suzie koskella - my little one brings so much sunlight into my life, she would be adorable in one of those dresses! I love your blog and would read it all day!

  • tasha roe - Could that itsy bitsy baby get any cuter?!!

  • Jackie McCobb - I heart Etsy and would love to win a dress from Itsy Bitsy!

  • Elisa B. - Foget itsy bitsy – I’m a huge sucker for these creations. I’d dress little girls in these every day if it was up to me!

  • Melissa M. - Love the Itsy Bitsy dress/headband combos!

  • Rachael B - Those creations are perfect for a little girl I know who would love a new dress!

  • crystal - I love how you posted that she got her itsy bitsy thumb stuck! I would’ve never noticed it otherwise! Beautiful girl!

  • JoLynn - I have 3 itsy bitsy girls, so these creations would be SO lovely!!
    BTW, your daughter is a doll. You take fabulous pictures…just found your site and I’m loving it!

  • bianca - I like an itsy bitsy dress, I like the itsy bitsy dress…

    You guys can’t hear it but I have composed a marvellous little song which I can’t get out of my head…

  • BriBedell - My isty bitsy little Lizzie would look like a golden ray of sunlight in that etsy store dress πŸ™‚

  • Bethany - Thanks for the chance to win such a cute dress!

  • Tara S. - I love your daughter’s dress! My 3.5 year old would look great in an Itsy Bitsy creation.

  • Jodi - One of my itsy bitsy girls would look super cute in one of these dresses! Your pictures are just simply gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • stephanie - would love me some of that itsy bitsy sunshine!

  • Regan - Fantastic photos, Ashley! Firecracker’s dress is beautiful. I took a peek at Itsy Bitsy Creations and I would love a chance to take beautiful photos of my daughter in one of those gorgeous dresses. They are priced well and the headbands are a steal! Thank you for the chance.

  • Kenna S - This dress would look precious on my itsy bitsy 18 month old ray of sunlight!

  • Mary Armstrong - My itsy bitsy climber would love to scale the coffee table in these amazing dresses.

  • Carrie - That itsy bitsy etsy dress is precious…as is firecracker! A beautiful new girly dress would be perfect for my sweet girl!

  • stefanie - oh. my. goodness. those dresses and blooms are cute enough to eat! I have a little itsy bitsy beauty at my house named {reese}. She would look darling in one and her 2nd birthday is just around the corner. It would be perfect…fingers crossed!

  • Allison - Wish I had an itsy bitsy little girl to play dress up with! These are super cute!

  • Leanne - I want a dress for my itsy bitsy baby girl too!!

    P.S. your photos are amazing!

  • Amy D. - my baby girl (3 1/2 years old!) needs a new fall dress!

  • Becky - I’m sewing a new dress for both of my girls! They’ll look so cute in them!

  • Brianne Pitts - My itsy bitsy is getting too big. Her name is Ryan and these last three years have gone by much too quickly. She would be adorable in a dress like these. I love you blog and look at it every day! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • jill b. - my itsy bitsy daughter would look like sunlight in would of these dresses!! love how unique this etsy seller is!

  • Ingrid - yesterday the sunlight was beautiful and my itsy bitsy daughter & i so enjoyed a morning of starbucks and the park… perfect!

  • Nancy - Love these dresses! What beautiful creations. You’ve just introduced me to Etsy and I’m loving it! So many creative people in this world.

  • Angee C. - I prefer to take pictures in the evening sunlight just because I’m never up & moving early enough to do it in the morning. πŸ˜› I’m quite sad that the days are getting shorter now. Although I am looking forward to fall!

  • Liz R. - I absolutely love every single itsy bitsy creation I find on etsy!

  • Laura - Your isty, bisty daughter looks so sweet in her lovely dress in the perfect sunlight:)

  • Tara - I love your site…I love etsy…and I love those dresses! I have two itsy bitsy girls, Anna and Caylee that would look adorable in one of these:) Great giveaway!

  • robyn - my daughter LOVES wearing dresses! great etsy shop πŸ™‚

  • andy - my daughter looks so cute in a dress

  • sarah dammeyer - I am creating an itsy-bitsy person right now–to be finished in January! And I’ve started selling some itsy-bitsy dresses on etsy. Thanks for the tips on sunlight πŸ™‚

  • Whenni - I love your blog so much, and my daugther would be so lovely on the Firecracker Knot Dress!!

  • Stefanie - It would be an Itsy Bitsy miracle to get my baby boy in the early sunlight for photo Creations like these!

  • Sunnymama - I have a beautiful Creation from Korea!

  • Angie Webb - My itsy bitsy daughter would look like sunslight in one of these Etsy dress creations!

  • Deidre - I would love to have a beautiful new dress for my baby girl! You’ve inspired me to get out and take some photos of her. It’s been too long!

  • Jen - I would love to win one of the Itsy Bitsy creations for my little one. She’s our first girl after 2 boys so we are just starting to enjoy pink and ruffles. I think I would choose a dress like your daughters – I love the stripes and flowers together. Thanks you- Jen

  • gina f. - The Itsy Bitsy etsy store has enormously cute merchandise. My baby girl turns 1 in 2 weeks and would look adorable in one of these outfits. I enjoy reading about your adventures with Firecracker as my daughter is just behind her in age. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Emily - Have I told you that I just love your little girl? She’s the same age as mine and I found your blog right around the time they were born. I feel like they have been growing up together…she’s just cuter than cute. Um…and that dress is adorable.

  • Mary - I have two itsy bitsy darlings at home who would look so cute in one of those dresses! I love having girls πŸ™‚

  • Michelle - I have a little girl that would love an itsy bitsy dress!

  • Jordan Formby - my “bitsy” is 3 years old, and my “itsy” is due in november… they would both look beautiful in one of these dresses!!

  • Katie Carnahan - I love etsy…and my I would love one of those dresses for my daughter. Too cute!

  • Rebecca - My itsy bitsy baby girl loves to lay in the sunlight early in the morning and share her smiles and giggles with me!

  • Colleen - Etsy is a favorite of mine. And I am looking for a new dress for my daughter’s 2 yr photos. Would live this!!

  • patti - i heart these dresses and my itsy bitsy girl would look as lovely as morning sunlight in one of these etsy creations! (do i get extra credit for using all the words? – can you tell i’m in back-to-school mode?!)

  • Sara - Such cute dresses! I love the early morning or late afternoon sunlight for photo sessions too!

  • bethany - We are such big fans of itsy botsy at my house. We were out front this morning in the beautiful sunshine taking back to school pictures. I wish we had a dress or headband to add to our collection!

  • Dick - Your itsy bitsy creation gets cuter each post.

  • Sarah - Firecracker’s dress is adorable!! I love the pictures of her πŸ™‚

  • sarah - Love sunlight!

  • cassie - I love her dress! My itsy bitsy girl sure would look cute in a new dress for her Birffday!

  • Heather - My daughter would look adorable in an Itsy Bitsy dress.

  • christen krumm - i loved your tips on photographing in sunlight!! my itsy bitsy daughter would be very cute in one of those dresses!! i’m excited about these etsy creations!!


  • Jeannette - With only 1 daughter out of 4 kids, I’m all about dresses! Those are absolutely adorable – here I go to see about buying one!!

  • Sharla - So cute! I have 2 daughters and would love someone to get a new dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Aimee - Omg B looks so cute in that dress.. From the second I saw the first picture I just kept saying awe how cute!!!!!

  • Brenda English - I really, really enjoy your blog and think my itsy bitsy granddaughter would look terrific in a itsy bitsy dress!

  • Chloe - i need an itsy bitsy dress like that for a gift to give!

  • Kristen - the dress is adorable and i would oh so love one for my itsy bitsy baby girl

  • Jen - I love your blog and this itsy bitsy creations! Thanks also for the great tip about sunlight!

  • Amy - I love the creations you share with us on your blog. Thank you for the sunlight tips.

  • Kellie - I would love a new dress for my itsy bitsy!

  • Carrie Bowers - LOVE your blog!! You are so creative and fun!! You have also turned me into an etsy addict!!!

  • Jaclyn - I would love to get a new dress for one of my daughters! They both love dresses!!

  • Shannon - My itsy bitsy daughter is currently singing herself to sleep.

  • Karis - Those dresses are awesome and would look adorable on my itsy bitsy one!

  • Lacey - Your daughter looks adorable in her Itsy Bitsy Creations dress! Mine would, too! :- )

  • Ashley - Hey AShley, just thought i would finally comment. I am a stay-at-home mother of 3 and i am 27. I ALWAYS get the “are all those kids really yours” stuff. you make me giggle and certainly bring sanity to my sometimes crazy but always fun and loving life. The intensity with which you love your kids is how i hope people would describe me. THanks for bringing loads of sunlight into my day.

  • Bestie - My bitsy bestie 2yr old would adore this dress. She’s really into picking out her outfit for the day and I think that one of these dresses would be a top pick!

  • melissa - I would love to see my itsy bitsy lovebug in one of these dresses!

  • Jane - Amazing pictures of Firecracker! Etsy is amazing…so many great finds!

  • chesley - i am in love with this dress & obsessed with etsy!!

  • Elizabeth Casey - I just visited your blog for the first time and apparently it was good timing! I have however visited ETSY’s site before and love it! I also learned on your blog about the SUNLIGHT – regarding the first and last hours of the day. I knew late afternoon was good, but not as much about the morning light. And although I have two ITSY BITSY boys at home (well, one not so itsy bitsy anymore…) and couldn’t use a DRESS, I appreciate all of their wonderful CREATIONS and could give the dress to my niece if I won! Or I could use it as an outfit for some of my own photography clients! Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to checking your blog more frequently from now on!

  • sarah - sunlight makes me happy. love the dresses and all the fabulous creations.

  • sarah - sunlight makes me happy. love all the adorable dresses.

  • juneypie - my daughter in a dress: she is sunlight to all πŸ™‚
    thanks for the opportunity to win! and your blog is so cool! i want to be like you when i grow up! πŸ™‚

  • Megan LaBelle - That is the cutest dress ever! I would love a dress to either give to one of my friends with little ones or to keep for my future itsy bitsy one!

  • Dasha Lyeshchenko - Absolutely loved the Etsy shop. My baby girl would look so great in one of those dresses. Now I just have to have it. And Firecracker is such a cutie! Love it. Ashley, you are a true inspiration, I really do want to be more like you!

  • Arlene A - Love the itsy bitsy creations etsy store! I love etsy and am always shopping there but had never found itsy bitsy. Love the dresses for my daughter!

  • Tina - When I rise in the morning to my itsy bitsy daughters giggling in the sunlight, I know that they would squeal with delight in a new and adorable dress! πŸ™‚

  • Sarah - Your Itsy Bitsy daughter is adorable in her dress with that sunlight! I love your creations! I read your blog DAILY!

  • Kristi - My 3 year old sprite is not so itsy bitsy anymore, but she would be dazzling in one of these creations.

  • Hannah Cross - These are such darling creations! I would love to take pictures of my daughter in one before the last days of summer sunshine are over.

  • Jessica Haskett - A photoshoot in the setting sunlight of my itsy bitsy baby (2 year old, eek!) in one of these dress creations from a local Etsy seller would be simply marvelous!
    (Can I win just because I used them all in a bit of a run on sentence?!) Looooooooove all this stuff! And Firecracker is A-dorable, surprise, surprise.

  • Ali - My daughter’s middle name is “Sol” for Sun or sunlight because she was the amazing sunshine God sent after a whole lotta darkness of loss and infertility. πŸ™‚

    She would be stinking cute in this DRESS!


    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your sol!

  • MCA - Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny yellow….sorry, couldn’t resist. My 2 year old would love a new dress!

  • Darcie Braaten - I have three Itsy Bitsy daughters that I love to photograph in the sunlight. I adore wonderful creations that I find on Etsy. I love to dress them in colorful and unique outfits!!! Super cute photos of your little girl…man you are creative!!!

  • Jamie - I will use your advice about the best time of day to shoo,t while in the sunlight!

  • Joy Fisher - I’m a big fan of the early morning photo shoots with my girls. And I heart all things etsy, so I really hope I win the dress from itsy bitsy!!!

  • Danielle - I heart Etsy and I really LOVE these beautiful dresses!! My 14 month old would look SO cute in one of them!!

  • Crystal - The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout, out came the rain and washed the spider out, out came the sun and dried up all the rain, the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ashley, she is beautiful! You are so right… I need to remember to shoot in the morning and at night!

  • Heather - This post makes me want an itsy bitsy girl to dress up cute… with 2 boys it’s just a different world ya know? What am I saying, ofcourse you know πŸ™‚

  • Amy Leigh - Your daughter is so adorable! My daughter is around the same age and would love a new dress. These dresses are so cute!

  • Desiree - she is such a cutie! Children our on of God’s most beautiful creations!

  • Dana - LOVE LOVE LOVE those itsy bitsy dresses!!

  • Rebecca W - Your itsy bitsy firecracker looks super cute in that dress.

  • Sarah - That itsy bitsy dress is a wonderful creation. Love it.

  • Crystal - I LOVE a dress with pockets!!

  • shelby - these dresses would look beautiful on one of my itsy bitsy daughters! my itsy bitsyest wont wear headbands, so that would go to the bigger bitsy πŸ™‚

  • Melissa K - Sweet Firecracker’s Mama worked all night until the sunlight began to shine on that itsy bitsy dress, which is better than any creation bought on etsy – because it’s made with her own mama’s love.

  • Sophie - My itsy bitsy daughter just loves to play dress up in pretty things!! xxx

  • Jane - I love the Madeline dress – adorable!!

  • Shari - I just skipped over from Pigbear blog. I am now your newest follower! :O

    I love Etsy!! And I would so love the win an itsy bitsy dress for my grand daughter!!

  • Crystal Oliver - I just had a beautiful baby girl and am having so much fun dressing her up in pretty itsy bitsy dresses. All of the playtime with the baby dolls as a child was great practice for today. I would love to have such a gorgeous homemade dress to put her in.

  • Stephanie - Love the photos and Itsy Bitsy Dresses. So funny my daughters are named Lily & Ava and they have one named after each of them. Thanks for showing us these. Always great to find afordable little accesories.

  • Sarah - My not as itsy bitsy daughter would look adorable in something from this etsy shop!!

  • Sarah - My not as itsy bitsy daughter would look adorable in something from this cute etsy shop!

  • Kimberly - I have an Itsy, Bitsy little sunlight girl who would look just adorable and would love to have a new dress.

  • Lildudesmama - My daughter is an itsy-bitsy version of her Daddy … how could I be so lucky to have TWO of them?!!

  • Jess - One of those dresses would look great in the perfect sunlight on my itsy bitsy daughter for her 2 year photos!

  • Lindsay - Firecracker just couldn’t be any more cute, and the dress is adorable!

  • nissa - Love the dress!

  • Lea McFarlin - i have an itsy bitsy creation in my belly right now. i can’t wait for her to come out so i can put her in a pretty dress from etsy and bath her in sunlight and love!

  • MLC - i love my daughter’s not-so-itsy-bitsy thighs!

  • Grace - Your itsy, bitsy in her dress is adorable in the sunlight! I have 2 boys that love itsy, bitsy spider! I know a cute little girl that would love one of the dresses!

  • May of MayDae - I love this Etsy shop! I would be thrilled to win one of their dresses:) *You’re daughter looks so cute in these photos too!

  • Missi Davis - Your site is so cute! Your photography is amazing!

  • Melissa W - SO cute! I love her new dress – I can just see my itsy bitsy one running around in one of those! So cute! πŸ™‚ Great photos as usual! Love your blog! πŸ™‚

  • Tara - Would love a dress like firecracker’s for my little one!

  • wendy - oh what lovely dresses πŸ™‚
    My not-so-itsy-bitsy daughter insists on wearing a dress every day, and as long as there’s enough sunlight to keep her warm, I don’t mind!

  • jessica - Itsy bitsy sunlight peeping through my window shows itself to be one of His most loving creations…

  • Jennifer Waldrop - my two little girls are God’s creation and the sunlight of my life!

  • Kim - These dresses are awesome!!!! I want one!!!

  • Lindsay Ernst - Loved this little session with your little one!! And I adore the dress and headband choice, would love the Itsy Bitsy dress for my daughter! I’m a photographer and we are having our pictures taken very soon and when I saw these pictures I knew that’s what I wanted her to wear!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Tawnya - I have two adorable sweet daughter’s that would look adorable in the morning sunlight in this itsy bitsy creation from etsy!

  • amber - My itsy bitsies like to wake up in the early morning sunlight.

  • Michelle Collins - I would love for my sunlight to win a dress from Itsy Bitsy Creations, they are absolutely adorable!

  • Hayley - My itsy bitsy daughter would look crazy-adorable in one of the dresses!

  • Maria - ooh that dress and headband is too cute!! I have an itsy bitsy one that would look great in it and she is a firecracker too!

  • Khemy - Love the dress.

  • Patriot - The sunlight reveals the beauty of God’s creations!

    The Olivia Dress is way cute!!

  • Heather D. - Those pics are gorgeous! I’m loving that itsy bitsy firecracker in that adorable dress and headband!!! Love it!!!

  • Carla - My daughter is an isty-bitsy stink-a-poo. That is her nickname, given to her by her big brother.

  • Amber - My itsy little girl loves to dress up! πŸ™‚

  • Syd - “Itsy, Bitsy, Creations, dress, etsy, sunlight”
    But seriously, my itsdy bitsy baby would beem like the sunlight in a creation like this dress!

  • Sarah - Those Itsy Bitsy dresses are too cute! I’m loving the little photo shoot with your girl, adorable!

  • June - Swoon… Heading over to etsy to browse the itsy bitsy store.

  • Jamie - i just love the ‘Itsy Bitsy Creations’ that you can find on etsy!…especially the one where the sunlight is hitting just beyond the dress – beautiful!

  • AllieH - That dress is too cute! I could think of a lot of little girls in my life it would look pretty on!

  • Christina G - These dresses and headbands are just so adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Heather - Oh! I have an itsty bitsty beauty myself and a new dress would be lovely.

  • Jill - I’m about to have a new itsy bitsy baby!

  • Melonie - Thanks for the info about early morning *sunlight.* Gee, I hope this wins me something from Itsy Bitsy Creations. πŸ™‚

  • Veronica - Children are wonderful creations by God, and the itsy bitsy dress makes little girls look beautiful!

  • Danielle - Although the sunshine is great here in California, I wouldn’t mind some itsy bitsy rain!:)

  • Michelle - My itsy bitsy is 10 months old today!

  • Jessica/littlepumpkingrace - How about this…

    My ITSY BITSY little pumpkin loves to DRESS up in ETSY CREATIONS and run around barefoot in bright SUNLIGHT!

    Extra entries for using all the words, right??? πŸ˜‰
    he he he

  • joy - about 5 weeks ago i had an itsy baby boy… today i learned he is not so bitsy anymore – 12 pounds already! his sister will look delightful in one of these dresses!

  • Janica - I love the Itsty Bitsy Etsy Shop!!! It makes me want to wake up before sunlight to make my own playful dress & other creations!

  • Janica - I love the Itsy Bitsy Etsy Shop! It makes me want to wake up before sunlight to make my own playful dresses and other creations!

  • Krista Lund - i {heart} etsy! especially this etsy designer πŸ™‚

  • RaeAnn - Well I just stumbled upon your blog and I am loving it. Yes, just spent about a half hour here already. Your photography is beautiful and your kids are scrumptious!
    Anyway, I am going to try my luck at this giveaway. I am sort of in love with the Lily dress and headband πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for a great blog with sooo many lovely ideas! I’ll be coming back- and I’ll try to add you to google reader!

  • Andrea T. - I love to dress my baby in dresses!

  • abbey in OK - So excited to see you in my feed again today! Love the dress and the pictures!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - My itsy-bitsyiest creation would look beautiful in a dress from etsy in the morning sunlight. Totally.

    And yes, those headbands will be ordered!

  • Erica - I have 2 itsy bitsy beauties that would look adorable in her creations! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • elizabeth highsmith - a not so itsy bitsy spider built it’s web in the middle of my walkway. i said, “charlotte, you have until lunch to weave me a love note or it’s over.” poor charlotte.

    your baby is a doll baby absolutely adorable!!

  • delish - I love anything itsy bitsy! That black and white striped dress would look adorable on my bitsy daughter!

  • Brit - I have an itsy bitsy new baby girl who would look adorable in one of these itsy bitsy dresses!

  • Kristin - I have only little boys, but I have a DARLING neice that would look adorable in one of those dresses from etsy!

  • Natalie - The itsy bitsy spider frightened miss muffet away in her beautiful sun(light) dress.

  • Jenna - I would just LOVE to have an itsy bitsy dress like this for my little miss!

  • Kaylan - I wish the sunlight wasn’t so bright today! It’s hot here. I need a new dress from etsy. πŸ™‚

  • Michelle - Our 5 month old daughter is on the tall side for her age, so even though she’s not so itsy bitsy I think one of these adorable dresses would be so cute on her! πŸ™‚

  • Savannah - I brought a lot more sunlight into my life on Tuesday when we welcomed our first child!

  • MelissaM - I have two itsy bitsy creations by God: one who wears a big girl dress and one who is a new ray of sunlight 2 months old!

  • Jill - Hello! My daughter is an itsy bitsy ball of sunlight!!

  • Kelley - I would LOVE to take a picture of my daughter, outside in the sunlight, wearing an etsy original Itsy Bitsy Creations dress. I also LOVE your blog. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter too!!

  • jessica h - I got to spend the morning making some sweet sewn CREATIONS for a friend…it was majorly de-stressful for me, as my ITSY BITSY boys were being watched by Grandma & Grandpa πŸ™‚

  • Joy - Would love to have just an itsy bitsy bit of your photo-talent! Love the pictures, the beautiful dress and the outrageously beautiful girl!