my photo journal {Sweet P and her daddy’s tattoo}

I have a little notebook that I jot and draw inside. One end is full of notes from church on Sundays. The other end is random creative ideas of things I want to do. I was laying in bed one night last October thinking about how one day my little sister would have a baby. At the time I didn’t know she would be having one so soon. Anyway, I was also thinking about my brother-in-law’s crazy tattoo. He had a vision for what he wanted, my sister drew it and someone who I don’t know made it permanent. It is a combination of a deer, a bass and the Oklahoma state seal. I thought about how it would be cute if he had a little girl to take her picture in the same frame as the tattoo….with a super girly bow. I knew I’d forget, so I got out of bed and drew it up in my little journal.

Fast forward 9 months and I got the chance to make that little drawing come to life. The super girly bow is from Snugars.

I love the intensity and wonder of a new father with his newborn. Eric is a great daddy…even if he is a bit redneck (though he claims he is not).

I find that I forget a lot unless I write it down. My little journal is full of ideas of future photographs I want to take. I keep it by my bed…that is usually the place I get to be still long enough to actually think about something. That little journal comes in handy.  How do you keep track of creative ideas that begin in your head?

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  • Andreja - I just want to be the first! 🙂 i have never posted a comment but i check your blog daily. i am half a world from you. it’s 2.20 p.m. here and i am reading your blog insted of working. 🙂 better go back to work. you are amazing!

  • Tammy Kay - I just recently bought a little notebook to keep in my diaper bag for things just like this.
    I’m honestly really bad at writing ideas down.
    I have an idea to get all my kids a small sketchpad and colored pencils so they can do this as well. We are always out and about and I love the idea of channeling boredom into creativity.
    I also really love tumblr for things that I find on the internet.
    I love the photographs. She will cherish them when she’s older.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Seamingly Sarah - I write lists. Sometimes I have piles upon piles of lists…in my bag, on the fridge, everywhere. Eventually I actually do some of the things on the lists or find that the idea is no longer interesting. And so it starts all over again.

  • Sarah - I have a small notebook in my purse. My ideas come very random throughout the day. I find if i don’t write or draw them then the idea vanishes or i obsess about it and can’t get past it! Once i write it down i know it’s safe and my brain came move on to something else and when i’m ready, i can go back to that idea.

  • Anna Joy - I love this photo. It shows this very masculine man being so gentle and cherishing his baby girl. So sweet. My hubby has the state of Texas and the skull of a longhorn tattooed on his arm. Gives me ideas of pictures to take with our him and G boy now. Hope you and your family will have a great week!!!

  • Bron @ Baby Space - Omigoodness. I love the snap of your notebook. I tend to record things in a million folders on my computer (I also geekily email myself ideas). Love your realisation – they’re gorgeous images.

  • Simone - Oooohh my first comment on here, ever! My scribbles of ideas and list of plans are all crammed into the blank ‘Notes’ pages at the back of my $2 day planners I pick up at the beginning of each year and carry around in my handbag. I find it hard to throw them away each year until I’ve recopied out anything I still want to do. A list that is in every year is places I plan to travel to.

  • sarah - Little scraps of paper, a journal that sits at my desk and is never where I want it. It’s too big.

    These pictures are great. What a great contrast, but it’s still so sweet.

  • Kara P - I do the same thing! Sometimes I stay up all night with these designs just swirling around in my mind. I am so afraid to fall asleep because I might forget them before I wake up, so jotting down a quick note and picture helps. 🙂 Love the photos and the idea!

  • Barbara G - Hi, I’m a graphic arts college student from Germany. I usually have two little notebooks for putting down ideas or random doodling. One is next to my bed, the other one I keep in my purse so that I have it with me when taking the tram or the train.

    It’s wonderful how you captured so much love in these pictures.

  • Stacey - So sweet. The contrast of innocent little baby and tough tattooed daddy makes for a good picture. such a nice idea. 🙂

    i keep my ideas in a notebook as well. i just write things down when i think of them and then hope that i will remember what they mean later!

  • crystal - Unfortunately…I don’t have a system of keeping up with ideas, etc. Which is why I forget EVERYTHING and am a complete scatter-brain!!!
    Thanks…maybe I just need to go get a little notebook to carry around!

  • Lesley - I love the way these turned out! Thank you so much for all the great shots of my little family!!

  • Martina - I used to be good about keeping a journal with me at all times. My inspiration usually strikes while I’m at work so my ideas get scribbled and sketched onto sticky notes, scraps or typed into my phone or computer. In other words … all over the place and I’m afraid I lose many of them! I’ve just started using Evernote. I think I’ll take snap shots of my sketches from now on so they’ll be captured and archived online and can be accessed through my phone or computer.

  • giozi - Ohh My favorite is the on where baby is whith her mouth wide open 🙂

  • Kelly - I keep track of lots of ideas (mostly blog posts of things I want to try or remember) in a wiki that my husband set up for me when we were wedding planning. I love it. It has travel, parenting, home stuff sections, etc.

    I also keep a little purse calendar where I can write sweet little things my husband does that I’m thankful for on the date or things my baby does or ways God shows up. Kelly

  • Brooke - I love seeing your vision become real! So fun!

  • Lisa Johnson - Love getting a glimpse of the creative process at work. Precious photos! I bet your sister loves these!

  • lifeologia - Cute photos – of course. And ahem!!! that daddy is HOT 😉
    LOL. ;D

  • ashley gee - that’s a great vision that came to life. i keep postcards by my bed with a writing utensil, then i put them in an envelope in the back of my journal/sketchbook. the worst is having to get out of bed… wonderful ideas spark right before sleep.

  • Katie - These photos are gorgeous Ashley! Even though it looks like Eric is eating your niece in your sketch 😉 – love how you have incorporated the tattoo into the shot.
    You are such an inspirational girl – have I told you my wedding is totally inspired by little sisters nursery. I love it all –
    the colours, the bold Amy B prints, the gold and pewter frames and ‘rustic-ness’ yumm!

  • Yanet - I love all the baby and daddy pics. They are just precious.

    I get mpst of my good ideas in the shower. So I write them on the shower walls with my boys’ bath crayons. 🙂

  • Stacy K - Oh boy. I also have a little journal that goes everywhere with me to log creative ideas. I also have an inspiration binder filled with pages torn out of magazines. I also have little post its all over the house. I also have little bits of scrap paper with reminders of things I want to do all over the house. I also have random scribblings on my dry erase board in my office 🙂 lol. I need to get organized!

  • ana - fine, i’ll be the one to say it: he is hot!