book party {some planning details}

So as promised, I have a few details of the ‘how’ behind some of the aspects of our book party….

1. The invitations: I used one of my favorite Design Aglow templates for the base design (adding the Joyful Life Library logo). The invitations included a main invite page, a letter to parents explaining the ‘why’ behind the party, and a book plate for each child to include on the inside cover of their donated book. I wrapped the three pieces together with a strip of scrapbooking paper and sealed it with some masking tape. You can find colored masking tape on etsy…look for ‘japanese masking tape’.

2. The movie screen: We made this up as we went. Originally we borrowed a basic projector screen, but it just wasn’t big enough. We needed it to be cheap, so this is v1.o our screen. I bought two paint drop cloths for $5.00each from Walmart. We layered those drop clothes and stapled them to two 2x4x12 boards. We then stood the boards on one end and used tent spikes and rope to secure it. Chris tied some slip knots and the stakes were hammered into the ground – the boards were not in the ground at all. Being married to an Eagle Scout comes in handy when you need a good knot! It wasn’t windy, so that saved us from a lot of headache. We did grab some chopsticks and poke holes all over it to help a bit.

Our next version is going to be with cloth and nicely cut holes to help with wind.

3. The food: Popcorn in cute boxes from Hobby Lobby.

4. The bugs: My dad has a fogging machine, so we fogged the whole area several times before the event started. I think a lot of the guests still used bug spray and there were still some bugs.

5. Book reading: We read books for a little over 30 minutes. Chris read some and a few of our guests read some as well. 30 minutes was too long, I think the kids got a little restless…at least a lot of the boys did!

6. The movie: A classic 3o minute Cat & The Hat

7. The projector: We borrowed it.

I think that sums up most of it. It was pretty simple and required very little planning. Hopefully everyone had a good time.

And just because….my niece. Sweetness.

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  • Stacey - This is so great. My mom has always wanted to do something very similar at our farm in Kentucky and that screen seems like a snap to pull together. I’ll have to let her know and maybe we can get that done before the summer is over.

    AND I love the idea of doing a book drive like this… My friend works at Children’s Hospital and they can always use books and toys for the kids there. Always. Great job!

  • annie - So sweet- I just love how you take care of all the little details – I am very envious. It all turned out so well AND for such a wonderful cause. Wonderful!

  • giozi - You did a really good job, wow.
    And yes your niece is sweet

  • Shannon Phillips - I love this so much! We are already dreaming up a outdoor movie party to have out at our in-laws house when fall hits and the weather cools down a bit (I mean…a freaking lot!) 😉 Thanks for the amazing idea and I am so inspired by the way you made it for a great cause.

  • Cecilia - The Google gods must have heard you. I stumbled across your wonderful blog site just surfing Google, so it seems to be fixed. Truly enjoyed everything. You really are resourceful. Aren’t imagination and inventiveness just the best things in the whole world? 🙂 Carry on Girl! Cece

  • the inadvertent farmer - We have looked into purchasing a projector for outdoor movies but they are all quite expensive…I need find someone that I can borrow from.

    You did an awesome job, thanks for the tips! Kim

  • Shannon - How fun! I love how you took extra details to make it special! I have gotten a lot of ideas for an upcoming girls night IN shindig I am hosting. I can’t wait to put some of these fun things to good use!

    And now I am wishing for a field!

  • lifeologia - I love this movie night and ooohhhh that last picture – what a bundle of LOVE.

  • Casey - I had to link this story on my blog. The kindness in your heart to always do for others is nothing short of amazing. I think you are a incredible woman and mother. How awesome would this world be if we were all half as great as you!

  • Anna - This is just amazing! You did such a beautiful job and everyone is better for it! Thank you for sharing.

  • teaworthy - I have wanted to do this for years. I LOVE IT! So happy to have discovered your blog.

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  • Cheryl - Can you tell me what kind of projector was used? And also…what about did you work that?

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  • Muna - wow! this is such a great educational yet fun party theme for kids. i would love to have this for my own party too! hehe 🙂

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  • Jamie - i realize this was about a year ago, but…
    u mentioned u’d use ‘cloth and nicely cut holes for the wind’…do you have any more details to that? or any other suggestions to add?
    …we’re attempting an outdoor movie this weekend, and would welcome ANY helpful suggestions ~ thanks so much for the great ideas!!!

  • Jamie - i realize this was about a year ago, but…
    u mentioned u’d use ‘cloth and nicely cut holes for the wind’…do you have any more details to that? or any other suggestions to add?
    …we’re attempting an outdoor movie this weekend, and would welcome ANY helpful suggestions ~ thanks so much for the great ideas!!!

  • katie - love the movie night idea!! i think we are going to have a lot of wind, do you think the drop cloth way will hold up? and as far as cutting holes how big should they be? look forward to hearing from you.
    thanks so much!

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  • Danae - Hey there, I own a cafe and was looking for cheap ways to do a projector screen so we could have outdoor movie nights. How did your screen turn out? I was reluctant to buy anything just yet because I was told using simple sheets would not work. I would love details about your projector screen and how the picture turned out.

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  • Stef - Can you give a few more details on how you built the screen? I’m planning on doing some visual art at a 5-day outdoor festival; I have found a white polyester fabric in a 12′ x 9′ size, but am worried about cutting wind holes, in case it tears up. Also, how were you able to stand the screen up without driving the wood into the ground? Just by staking the ropes that were tied to the top? Do you think that’d be stable enough to stand for a few days? Sorry for all the questions….just been searching the web a lot for easy solutions and this seems to be the best choice so far 😉