diy week {vinyl chalkboard}

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed, Kaylene has the last counting comment.


I know chalkboards are a bit of a craze right now, but I couldn’t help myself with this. If you are unlike me and can’t imagine painting your walls with chalkboard paint, you might fancy a vinyl chalkboard. I am sure most of you have seen the vinyl companies out there that provide all kids of custom graphics and text for your walls and other surfaces. Did you know you can buy sheets of vinyl? Did you know you can buy sheets of chalkboard vinyl? I had a sheet of it and it was OVERWHELMING trying to decide on something to make. I settled for a simple chalkboard for the kitchen fridge.


1 sheet of chalkboard vinyl

Exacto Knife

Letter decals


cup (if you want rounded edges)

Cute masking tape (to tape it if you aren’t ready to apply it to the surface)

Chalkboard Marker

Step 1: Use a cup to trace rounded corners

Step 2: Cut the rounded corners

Step 3: Apply letter decals to create the words you want permanently on your chalkboard

Now you can apply it to your surface for a very simple, clean chalkboard. You can quit at this point if you want….or you could customize it a bit more.

Optional Steps:

Step 4: Using an Exacto Knife (that is very sharp) cut out the design of your choice. I just cut as I went. If you wanted to you could draw out a design first, probably a better idea to do that!

Step 5: Adhere the vinyl to your surface. This can be tricky as you don’t want a bunch of air bubbles. I used a pad of index cards (because it was rigid and nearby) to help SLOWLY smooth the surface as I applied the vinyl to the fridge. Remember I cut out shapes at the bottom, so part of my chalkboard is now missing. Don’t rub the rigid surface over your letter decals, it will mess them up.

Step 6: Continue to trim out your design, throwing away excess pieces of vinyl.

Step 7: SLOWLY apply the rest of your design to your surface

Step 8: Write away with a Chalk Marker

Ta Da

Vinyl can be used on just about anything. There is even heat transfer vinyl you can use on fabric. If you have a CriCut machine (which I don’t, but wish I did) you can use vinyl sheets on it to create all kinds of perfectly cut letters and graphics. So my second giveaway for DIY Week is a gift certificate for you get some vinyl of your own!

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one $25.00 gift certificate to Expressions Vinyl

One winner chosen at random

One entry per person

Contest ends Friday, July 23 9:30pm US Central

To enter: In the comment section tell me an expression that you like, love, hate or are confused by (keep it PG rated or your comment will be deleted!)

(For example: “Oh Tay”…how my 2 year old says “Okay”…I love to hear it.)


Expressions Vinyl is also offering a 10% off coupon for all my readers. Use the code SYCAMORE when you check out.

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  • Melissa - “It’s just a figure of speech”. My 5 year old has been using that since she was three. She learned it from her Nana. She also loves “fiddlesticks”.

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas. I love the idea of this chalk board. We have one painted on a pocket door in our house. My daughter uses it all the time.

  • Susan - SOO cute! I have a dent on my fridge that I will now be covering up with a vinyl chalkboard! (Now, can you come to my house and cut out the cute flowery design at the bottom?!? lol…) Ummm…I love “Leapin’ Lizards!” off of Annie! My daughter loves to say it, too!

  • Jessica - At family gatherings, someone will pray over the food and my mother-in-law will immediately say “Okay, everybody, let’s hurry up and get this over with!” It’s kind of a joke but it’s definitely a family motto. I even catch myself saying it.

  • Suzanne - One of my nephews would say “sooooorrry” and it was so fake it was cute. B/c we knew that he didn’t really mean it, but he tried to be so sincere. It is a great memeory we have of him as a little guy!

  • tessa - My nephew is getting more independent and he will say “I did it, I did it!” I love it. He’s precious. Great DIY!

  • Erin - “looks like someone has a bad case of the Mondays!” If someone has a bad case of the Mondays, chances are, they don’t want to be reminded of it! It irks me!

  • Adele Chalker - Another brilliant DIY!
    Hmm at the mo I love how my boy says “energy” …. “but I don’t have any more engineeeeey”

  • Natalie - I worked in construction for years and now the expression, “Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?” makes me cringe.

  • Megan - love when my dad uses the term fuddy-duddy…. πŸ™‚

  • Esther Nelson - The first time I told my 2 year old, “Let’s hit the road!” he told me that it’s not nice to hit. Now he using it all the time.

  • Maike - love, love, love it!

    I like the way my almost 1,5 year old daughter says “dha” which means thanks, there, this, that or whatever else I choose :-).

  • Holly T - “Thats what she said.” From The Office. Usually inappropiate, but always good for a laugh around our house

  • Shannon - CUTE CUTE idea! And where did you get that huge pack of japanese masking tape? Love those colors.

    My favorite saying right now, “Impressive” coming out of my 4 yr old, and “Indeed” coming from my 6 yr old. I think they got these words from Phineas and Ferb πŸ˜€

  • vina sanchez - ZeQT – a french-ish way which translates to “the cutie” it’s what my husband texts me to say “i miss you”. =)

  • Laura - This is the cutest thing to come to fridge decor since little magnets! lol As I was growing up my mom would always say “We’re off like a heard of turtles!” I have no idea where that phrase came from but it’s safe to say it’s a family favorite and one used often. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  • jo - my 15 month old’s first word other than mama and dada was bus but he says it “Dussssth!” it still makes me giggle!

  • Valerie - Love this idea! I’ve always got annoyed by: “Same difference”. It’s not the same if it’s different!

  • Sara - I worked with a guy that ever single day would answer the phone and be talking to a guy and say….”Well, It’s just another Monday” EVERYDAY. Made me snicker…. πŸ™‚

  • amanda torres - I hate to hear crying in the late afternoon. That means naptime is over for Little Miss and so is my short lived freedom. But, I love the long cuddles I get from her immediately following. It’s a bittersweet daily scenario, and leaves me totally confused as to why I go through this every single day.

  • Amy - Love this!
    Favorite expression… I have so many!
    “I have a kestion mom.” (question) From my 3 year old
    “Look theres a paric jam!” (traffic jam) From my 3 year old

  • Ruthy T. - LOVE THIS DIY!!!
    I come home last week and my 2 year old daughter is in the kitchen and has a cup of juice in her hands, she spills some on the floor and says “Que Rayos” means “Oh crap” in Spanish. I had to stop myself from laughing so hard, then I ask who taught you that expression and she says “Grandpa”………..ha, ha! Thanks alot Grandpa.

  • Sarah - LOVE this DIY!! I love the way my 16month old says momma and mommy. It ends up coming out moommie. It’s not really an expression but I love it!

  • Christen - I absolutely love being a mom and watching my 15 month old figure things out and start to talk!!

  • Jeannette Swan - I got vinyl letters that say “God Made Me Creative” and they are on the wall in our “craft room”. I want my kids to remember that they are creative because that is how their Creator made them (it’s a good reminder for me too since I have an accountant brain).

  • crystal - I love how my little one says “urn”, like “mom, did you urn my shirt yet”? A little old too be calling the iron a urn (she’s 9 years old) but it’s so darn cute I can’t find it in me to correct her!!!

  • Gevay - We don’t swear in our house so we use “gentler expressions of exasperation”. My youngest who is two has picked up one. He says “oh, my!” in his sweet little lispy way. I love it!

  • Megan - My mom always told me to “Perk Up!” which usually created the opposite reaction!

  • Julie - “Home Sweet Home” is sweet sounding to me as my husband and I are about to move into our home after 2 months of being without one!

  • Whitney - My great grandma Mercer was known to everyone as “Grandma Mercer” except to my little cousins who always called her “Great Mercer.” Made her sound so noble…. I loved it! πŸ™‚

  • ae - Favorite phrase… “Cherry Lift” instead of “Chair Lift” up ski slopes… cherry lifts sound so much more inviting!

  • Nicole C - My 3 year old always says “that’s how we do” when explaining something to someone else. Super cute!

  • Ranee - LOVE the chalkboard!! Or as my son would say. “Look eh DAT!!” when anything is especially exciting, pretty, funny or messy.

  • Dawn Nikol - My Mom’s new thing is to say everything is “beautiful”. Such as when we were at Target and she saw the price on a shirt “oh, beautiful!” For some reason, it really bothers me. Oh and I also have family that live on the East coast and for some reason “wicked” is popular over there. I don’t get that one either. =X

  • Christina - My fiance always says – So, I was doing some research . . .

    I love it!

  • amy - my 4yr old says braimbow instead of rainbow i’ve tried to correct him but he says i’m saying it

  • Sarah S - I can’t stand when people say “same difference.” I don’t know why, but it annoys me every time! πŸ™‚

  • heidi - .
    my favorite expression is “geeze anamina”.
    its a word my mom made up so she wouldn’t swear at us. we all use it now, and its funny to see and hear her shock that 20 years later a word that “doesn’t mean anything” is still being used.

  • jody - My 3 year old just learned to say “kiss on the lips” and says it when he wants a kiss….too cute to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Joy - “Got ’em, coach.” My husband’s favorite line and now I catch myself saying it all the time. Cool vinyl idea!!

  • christina larsen - “ba-na-na”; Olivia’s first english word.

  • Valerie - I can’t wait until I’m done moving and have a fridge to do this to. It’s super cute AND feeds my list-making addiction. πŸ™‚

    My husband and his friends have taken to saying “In your face,” all the time. It’s beginnin’ to drive me bonkers!

  • Sara W - One day my three year old said “I just learned that at Tabor Tollege.” Tabor College is the college in our small town and my kids love everything about that place.
    Thanks for all the fun project ideas.

  • Sara W - One day my three year said Oh, I just learned that at Tabor Tollege. Tabor College is the college in our small town and my kids love everything about that place. Thanks for all the fun project ideas.

  • Jenn W - Trying to teach my children…”If you don’t have time to do it right the first time when will you have time to do it again.”

  • Kelly K. - “No comments from the Peanut Gallery” WHAT?! I just don’t get it.

  • Beth Phillips - Pretty much every little thing that comes out of my 2 year olds mouth as her vocabulary is rapidly expanding and she is getting funnier and funnier. right now she is continually saying, “I trouble.” because she did indeed get in trouble 2 or 3 days ago adn clearly hasn’t forgotten.

  • Beth Phillips - Currently every little phrase that comes out of my 2 year olds mouth is my favorite phrase. Her vocabulary is expanding daily and she is just so darn funny right now! Currently she repeats over and over “I trouble.” because she did indeed get in trouble 2 or 3 days ago and clearly, hasn’t forgot it!

  • Haylee - “WELCOME TO MY LIFE!” I find myself saying this to my husband a lot LOL. So much so that my 3 year old has picked up in saying it. She walks around the house saying “WELCOME TO MY LIFE, MOM.” She kills me!

    LOVE love LOVE this idea by the way… you’re a genius!

  • Rachel - So cute!!! My son always says..”Mommy this cool?” to make sure I think whatever he’s doing is cool…he’s 2 and it is so cute!

  • Lindsay - Um…that might be the coolest project I’ve ever seen in my life. I NEED to go to the store right now to make one. NEEEEEED to.
    Thanks for sharing! “Happy Friday” has to be one of my faves. Is that negative seeing as it’s one of my favorites since it has to do with not being at work? Maybe so, but it’s still a favorite. πŸ™‚

  • susie whyte - i could seriously hug you right now. i was just at hobby lobby the other night, chalkboard spray paint in my cart….but i decided against it. i just couldn’t figure out what i wanted to do! this is absolutely the most perfect idea. ever.

    my 3 yr old son has figured out the whole “i” thing yet. he says “my”. the kid is constantly falling and getting hurt. each time that he does, i ask, “are you okay??” he always responds, “my fine.” it is the cutest thing ever and always makes me smile.

  • Christina - My 2 yr. old daughter recently made a bad day instantly turn better by responding to my exasperated sigh with “Oh Mommy, I’m driving you crazy!”

  • MGF - “That’s so awwwesome” I am seriously missing the 3 year old voice

  • Taylor Roberts - I hate the term “easy peasy”. It just sounds dumb to me! Not sure why!

  • LaurenS - that’s what she said. hahahaaa

  • Stacey - “two peas in a pod!” my friend’s 9 year old daughter used it in the best way describing my relationship during student teaching with her classroom teacher. <3

  • Paige - I used to babysit a little boy who (when he was totally guilty) would tell me that “Caleb Reagan did it!”. Apparently when he got in trouble his mom would yell his first and middle name, but he didn’t realize that he (Caleb) was Caleb Reagan!!

  • Lindsay - LOVE that idea! I use vinyl on old window panes, and could really use some more! Thanks for the chance to win!
    One of the cute things my daughter (now 4) said was, “How come it’s raining mom?” Me: “Because God wanted it to I guess.” Z: “To make the flowers grow?” Me: “Yes.” She looks up to the sky and says: “Thank you God for making the rain for the flowers.” She turns to me and says: “God said you’re welcome to me. And also that I’m cute.” Lol!
    Kids say the funniest things, don’t they?!

  • Kim - So I haven’t used vinyl for anything. Does it come off? Very cute.

    My son is 18 months. His new word is shooz (shoes). He brings me shoes from every family member all day long … “shooz”…. “shooz”. It never gets old.

  • Hollie - This has been in my family for quite some time, it’s a Southern expression: “Like a dose of salt through a widow woman”. Example: My kids went through that box of popsicles like a dose of salt through a widow woman. It just means that they ate them really fast! It makes me laugh and reminds me of my grandpa, I miss him. And by the way, I love your DIY week. I have something to look forward to every day and can’t wait to make the first 2 already.

  • Jenn - “Ta Da!” which coming from my 3 year old boy usually means something impressive and messy!

  • Bree - My little cousin loves my husband Michael but she has a speech problem and calls him “mytel” and we LOVE it. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  • Niki - loving life!

  • Lauren Jaramillo - My best friend drives me nuts when she says “Holy Cheeseballs!”

  • Brianna B. - When someone starts a sentence with “No offense, but…”. C’mon! Don’t announce your rude comment before hand, that doesn’t make it any easier to hear.

  • Casey - Right now I love hearing “Thank you” from my almost two year old! He says it to everyone, people walking by us, cashiers, anyone he comes across. it’s so darn cute, he just finally has started talking again so he says a lot of fun stuff.

  • Kirstin - I hate when people say, “Don’t take this personally.” Can’t anything be personal?

  • Jill R - Similar to little brother, my 2 year old says “okay” for yes and “no-kay” for no.

  • Michelle Monk - My hubby used to drive me crazy saying, “It is what it is”, every time something went awry. Over the years it has become endearing to me and I say it all the time now.

  • Cath - I really hate when people try to push me into things saying “Oh you seem like a grandma!”
    Love the project, seriously you inspire me everyday πŸ™‚

  • Shanalea Atchison - I love my two your old’s voice…he could just about anything and it be cute.

  • Dena - My two year old daughter says “last morning” instead of yesterday or the other day. It’s so cute!

  • Savannah - My husband and I have found it kind of annoying, since I have been pregnant, when people say…” Having a baby will change your life.” Like we didn’t already have that one figured out!!

  • Mara - “Nank you”… my two year old’s version of “Thank You”.

  • patti - that is awesome! and I know it will look good because we have the same fridge! and to answer the question, I really love it when my daughter asks me for “yogret” (yogurt) she’s 5 and has always said it like that. we tell her it’s yogurt, but she still calls it yogret! i think it’s cute.

  • Angie - My 4 year old says: “I can hear your heart beep” instead of beat. I love it so much I don’t correct her πŸ™‚ When she was two she used to call ice cream “um-nay.” I don’t know why, but now my husband and I will ask, “wanna get um-nay?” as secret code so our daughter doesn’t know what we’re saying… I think she’s catching on though πŸ˜‰

  • hanna - my toddler says – I love you . . too much (instead of saying I love you so much) and melts my heart everytime.

  • Stacy Jean - When my 4 year-old son was in the sporting goods store eyeing up his “dream” fishing pole he took a peek at the price tag. When he saw how expensive it was, he said, “That’s inhumane.” We’re pretty sure he meant “insane” and had a super long giggle about that one.

  • lacey - “weeks in a while” – my three year old says this instead of one in a while – i don’t have the heart to correct her!

  • Kara P - One of my favorite sayings is “Do What You Love and you’ll never work a day in your life!!” BTW, Ashley I LOVE your personalization of the chalkboard!!! It’s so much better than the plain version!

  • Natalie - When my 2 year old is excited she shouts, ” Furray!” instead of hurray. I love it and I hope she never stops saying it (ok well maybe she shouldn’t still say when she is 16)

  • Rena Frey - Lately my 17-month-old has been saying please, but all that comes out is “puh, puh, puh” (with the biggest eyes ever) and it’s soooo cute!

  • kristi - my 14 year old always says- don’t worry about it.
    it drives me crazy!

  • Jessica P - Hmmmm…expression I get tired of: “No fair!” Working in an elementary school, I here this WAY too often. One I like: “If you can’t make mistakes, you can’t make anything.” Good one for us perfectionists to remember. πŸ™‚

  • Yanet - Such a cute DIY. Fave expresion: Me luv you. (By my 4-year-old) Funny Expresion: Joo joo (Thank you by my 2 year-old) Funniest thing I’ve heard my 8-year-old say lately: Daddy will say he likes it but won’t (about an old window frame I bought at an antique store).

  • Grace - What annoys me is when all my 3 year old says is “Why?” to everything you say. It annoys me but soon it will pass and I will miss it.

  • Katherine - My son used to say, “Byebabaloo!” Which, after several weeks, we finally figured out means, “Bye! I love you!” *melt*

  • Ashley C. - Our oldest son used to say the cutest things…back in the day…when he was 3…he is now 9 πŸ™ Okay…he still says things like “I don’t care to…” meaning he would love to, and “theirchother” instead of each other…but back in the day my favorite was…” You cared me Dada…you cared me!” That meant you scared me, which he loved!

  • Hannah Bunker - It’s not something from my everyday life but I love this quote: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

  • Emily - My 2.5 year old son likes to say: Shake it. No Break it.

    No matter what is going on when he says it, I collapse with laughter.

  • Liene - I have sheets of chalkboard vinyl at home. And I am wondering for weeks what to do with it. Thanks for the idea, love the idea of first printing text on it like “to do” or “today”. My two year old call his big brother Benjamin “Benen”, which means legs in Dutch!

  • Samantha - “turtle butt”… from my 2.5yo. We’re potty training and you can just imagine what he’s talking about. Ben and I CRACKED up the first time he said it. πŸ™‚

  • kassondra - my daughter always says ” do you remember a week ago yesterday we went to the park?” i cant help but laugh everything

  • Amanda - The boys ask to play “in ne anna jones” all day long. love all the mispronunciations at 4 πŸ™‚

  • Amy - My husband and I still laugh over “that’s what she said.” We’re so immature.

  • Lindsay - Every morning at 8 a.m., the janitor in our building says “good afternoon!” to indicate that he has been at work for a while… I get it buddy! πŸ˜‰

  • Allison - I’ve have been wanting to do a chalkboard, but didn’t want to deal with the mess….this is a great alternative!!!!! My son is 3 and he talks all the time. He adds extra syllables to words and says thing like, “cheese-a-burger”, “geese-a-poop”, “buzz-a-biper” (buzz lightyear). I love his little voice…too cute!

  • Michelle Z. - I have never understood the expression to “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”. I understand that it means someone is grumpy, but I don’t understand what that has to do with a right or wrong side of the bed.

  • lydia - “Katherine, are you tired?”

    “No, I happy.”

    “Katherine, are you fancy?”

    “No, I happy.”

    I love that response to questions of how she’s feeling. A great positive reminder for me. I happy too every time I hear it.

    I have four kids (3 girls and a boy) just about the same ages as yours and can so easily relate to a lot of your family experiences. Here’s what I could listen to all day

  • Bernice - “It is what it is”…..I just don’t get it.

  • Karen - A little boy who lived beside the guy that I dated in high school used to say “Well shoot a dead monkey!” I can still see him saying it. It was just to cute.

  • Summer - favorite at the moment : “Fried ridiculous” as in what do you want to eat?? hmmmm fried ridiculous! Yeah we’re from the South!

  • Chelsea - I love the way my nephew says “on the morrow” instead of sounds like he’s right from an old English novel

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - So fun to see your post-especially since I posted on vinyl chalkboard today too!! I did not make my own, however! πŸ™‚

  • Megan - “It is what it is.” It’s what my dad always tells me.

  • Rachel C - My most unfavorite phrase is “it is what it is.” I mean, what does that mean? It doesn’t say anything. Oh well, I guess it is what it is. πŸ™‚

  • julie - I hate.
    I detest.
    If I could go a day without seeing it somewhere, or hearing it fly out of someone’s mouth, it would be a happy one.
    It makes me mad. Especially when teenagers pepper conversations with it needlessly. Or if my grown up friends with teenagers use it on FB or a text message.
    It is as if the meaning behind the letters is totally forgotten. I think that grieves God’s heart.
    Enough of my rant.
    How about and expression that I love? One that I was so sad when my daughter outgrew it?
    She called caterpillars patterkillers. Best word ever. I keep trying to brainwash her into saying it again, to no avail.
    Happy day friend. Love the chalkboard. Love it.

  • Ashley Joy - I love these chalkboard sheets. I’m going to be an RA in a dorm this year and could use some of that! πŸ™‚
    A classic expression that I have always loved comes from Full House when 2 year old Michelle says, “you got it dude!”

  • ashley white - “this really great taupey-brown” or “this really great taupey-green”… my mother-in-laws expressions while we spent hours picking paint colors for her new home. just say taupe. and sound boring. πŸ™‚

  • Rosie - For some reason, it drives me crazy when people say, “See you on the other side.” Why does it bother me so?

  • anh truong - I can’t stand “OMG”… or any of those other internet shortcuts!

  • Stephanie - This week I worked with a child at work who asked me, “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”

    I was speechless.

  • Allison Waken - My son likes to say “I can’t believe he’s out in republic like that?” or “I’m too embarrassed to do that in republic”

  • Jenny - I love hearing my son say “Good Morning world Brady’s awake”…even at 6am, it’s a nice way to start a usually long day!

  • Donna - I love it when my little ones say, “Actually” when they are telling us something. So cute!

  • stacey - My grandaddy alway said, “GReat ScottS” when he was surprised, excited, or astounded.:) I loved hearing it!!!

  • Barbara - Me: “Honey, I was thinking…”
    Him: “Oh no.”

  • meg duerksen - ashley i LOVE the chalkboard!!!
    it rocks.
    and it makes me want to write on the one we already have that is blank right now!

    an expression……”liiiiiiiight buuuulb”
    from despicible me.
    it was funny.

  • Jamie - One night “Karate Kid” was on TV and I stopped to watch it for a bit. Lola asked what it was and I told her “Karate Kid” and she said “Crawl Pig?” So now we all refer to that movie as “Crawl Pig” just bc it’s funny.

  • Jaimie - I love it when people say anything and then add “licious” to the end. It cracks me up.

  • the inadvertent farmer - “I wub you mama.” Kim

  • Rachel J - It always bothered me @ work if I was chilly & put a jacket on, many coworkers would come by & say “Are you cold?!” Nope, not anymore… I’m warm now!! Silly…

  • Anna Marie - My 3 year old daughter says “Can my do it?” when she wants to try or do something new. My husband and I say it all the time now.

  • chantelle - great idea! I must try! My 2.2 year old loves to swim morning, noon and night. I love to hear him say “twimtuit peese Mummy” Swimsuit please Mummy!

  • Katie - Make hay while the sun shines. I didn’t hear this until I was a young adult and for some reason it just makes me laugh.

  • Sarah - Little boy: When I die I’m going to heaven
    My 2 1/2-year-old nephew: I’m going to Hawaii…

    It doesn’t get any cuter than that πŸ™‚

  • Kat - When my best friend’s littlest sister was three, she would greet us by walking into the room, hands on her hips, stick one hip out and say, “Wassup, GURRRLFRIENDSSSSS!” It was beyond hilarious.

  • Becca G. - I really hate it when people say “you are in my thoughts and prayers.” Most of the time it means “I’m glad it wasn’t me.” I much prefer to be shown love than an offered an empty, meaningless expression. But I do LOVE Ephesians 3:20 on your fridge!!

  • Casey - My 2 year old thinks my favorite snack (cheetos) are called “chip-toes”.

  • Bobbi Jo - Great idea!
    My daughter still calls Menards, “McNards” and we don’t correct her because we think it’s so funny…even though she’s 5!
    My son, 3.5, uses the word “ackawee” (actually) all the time and it’s hilarious! “Ackawee I don’t want jewee on my bread, mom!”

  • Shea - When my almost 2 year old says “Bank boo!” (thank you!) and then follows it directly with a clear and audible “Welcome!”
    Bank boo welcome!

  • rosita - my favorite is “love you, mean it”. we all say it to each other when we hang up. because, you know, “mean it” makes the “love you” so much more real. πŸ™‚

  • kat @ slugs - i have a sheet of this upstairs and have been meaning to do this. I now have the motivation!! Thanks!

  • Michelle Gray - I love it when we turn onto our street, my 2 year old says, “YAY…HOME!”

  • Heather - ooooh that is fabulous! right now my four year olds call trampolines “jumpolines” which is my fave. I am tired of myself using the word “like” way to often!

  • andy - Aullum (how my son says my daughters name) (Autumn)

  • Evie - ok, this is a little random but you know the Dodge commercial’s theme: “Grab life by the horns” Well, I love it! Anytime someone brings up something they want to do or need to do I”m like do it man! Grab life by the horns!

  • Sarah M - Recently I told my 3 year old ” Please go upstairs ___, Mama needs some alone time” and he said back

    “but I’m sharing my alone time with you”.

    Now what I am supposed to do with that~ πŸ˜‰

    Sarah M
    LOVE your fridge vinyl!

  • Elisabeth - “You are my sunshine.” It’s the perfect expression of the way I feel about my kids. Loved your letter hunt post last week–we’ve been doing the same thing around here and just made a little mobile out of the letter pics. Linked to your beautiful post! I always marvel at the joy in your photos:)

  • nikki - “TGIF!” I hate it! I have an office mate who literally says this to me with enthusiasm every Friday…I didn’t know people like him existed outside of TV.

  • Kathy T - One of my many pet peeves is when people say “I could care less”. I always want to correct them with “I COULDNT care less.” But that wouldn’t be nice, right?

    Interested in bartering a very lightly used cricut for some photo instruction? πŸ™‚

  • Sarah C - My little boy just started talking, and he’s obsessed with the “TAT!” (cat) at the moment. Screams it every time he even thinks he sees her.

  • Jen - my mom used to always say “is that boy sweet on you?” instead of asking if he liked me…in high school i thought, how embarrassing and now i think that saying is well…so sweet!

  • monique - How about all 3 and it totally has to do with this post… because I love chalkboards. Everything about them; the old nostalgic school feel, their function, their place as an art object. I HATE the feel of real chalkboards and chalk for that matter. I have a couple of vintage children’s chalk boards and HAAAAAAAATE to write on them because I hate that scratchy messy feel. Been meaning to get one of these chalk pens, but never see them and never remember to look! I am so confused πŸ˜‰

  • Jill B. - favorite comment right now is from my terrible and sweet 2 year old who loves to say “stank you” instead of “thank you”… I think she’s doing it just to take a jab at me but how can you get onto them for being soooo cute…

  • Nikki - We are toilet training my son, and he says “tonk-yea” for toilet. It is so cute!

  • Crystal - How come when you open a can of evaporated milk, it’s still there?

  • Elizabeth - My daughter constantly says…”Mom, I’m a big kid now..not a baby!”…she’s 3!

  • Becky - I LOVE how my daughter says “Kaywa” for Kayla. Especially when she says it in a low, grumbly, “i’m mad” voice!

  • Kate - “When you know better – you do better.” I’m very excited about the chalkboard vinyl – a whole new world of possibilities just opened up for my stainless fridge!

  • Elisa B. - I love the way my 7 month old son smears my face with half a dozen kisses any time I ask … and often when I don’t – and then looks so proud of himself!

  • Danielle - I just say someone say they don’t get the “wicked” expression from those on the East coast. I don’t really, either, but after having spent 18 months in Boston and Cape Cod … I LOVE IT. It’s one of my favorite things to say now.

  • Jill E. - “play it by ear” say all the time, hear all the time just dont get why.

  • Jaclyn - Well around my house all I hear from my 2 year old is “momma….momma….momma!” Right now it isn’t my favorite but I know someday I will miss it.

  • jenny - “Oh sa-yay baby!” It is so much better to actually hear my 3yr old little boy say this himself because it is so cute and there is so much passion behind it….every time!

  • lifeologia - Wow this is amazing Ashley. I love the cut outs at the bottom.
    I can’t think of an expression at the moment .

  • Brittany - my boyfriend for 25 years thought the common expression was “play it by year.” I once asked him if he meant “ear” and he said no “year,” after 5 minutes and an exentsive google search, he now uses the expression correctly! We laughed for a long time about it and then he called his dad to break the news (his dad is the one who taught him the incorrect expression)!

  • Jodi - I could tell you some of my mother’s expressions but then you would delete them. So I will give you my father’s made up expression. As kids we would have to do housework….like all the time. And his mission for teaching us and motivating us was to say……”if it doesn’t grow there, then it doesn’t go there.” Crazy but it worked. I find myself saying it all the time now.

  • Lindsay - Look the elefeeks, elefeeks! That’s how my 2 year old says elephants! She saw them at the zoo and talks about them everyday!The simple things make me smile. Oh how I never in my wildest dreams knew how a child could bless your life…teach you to REALLY live!

  • Jessica Rose - I not a picul (pickle), you’re a picul. I am a cheese. The two year old I watch tells me this all the time if/when I call her a pickle when she’s being silly.

  • Heather - “ghanks” the way my 6 year old still says thanks. love it and hope it never goes away!

  • Devon - “First Mommy, I tell you a question…” – my daughter Audrey, age 3

  • Rachel - When my mother-in-law is shocked, she’ll say, “Shoot a monkey!” Really have no idea what it means, but it’s funny!

  • Kalen - My dad likes to say “It’s good enough for who it’s for”

  • Michele Morgan - How cute! The cut outs at the bottom really make it!

  • Carla - “I know, right?”

    I hear it ALL the TIME from my seventh graders. And I’ve started saying it now.

  • Siew - I love this! How clever
    “You know what”. My 5 year old starts most conversations that way. I’ve recently noticed that I do it as well so I don’t know who started it.

  • Emilie F. - my niece says, “i be wight back”
    she usually says this when she is leaving the room to go do something she knows she’s not supposed to!

  • Erica - I’m somewhat new to the South. I have a love/hate relationship with ‘fix’in ta’ πŸ™‚

  • Ali ichardson - “I sure yuv you a yot mommmy.”
    Precious words from my 4-year old son.

  • Cristina - My 4 year old always says ” I got a good idea mommy!” and then “wasn’t that a good idea!”

  • Asha - “May I seek not to be loved as to love”. not sure who said it but…I love that quote and i live it too.

  • elizabeth highsmith - “Heavens to Betsy”, I say it, I like but haven’t the foggiest idea why? who exactly is Betsy?

  • Christie - This is AWESOME! I miss chalkboards, but don’t miss the actual dusty chalk. Exciting!

    I love the expression, “Comprende Gumby?” It’s probably only something my family says, but that’s probably why I love it so much.

  • Julie - The kids like the new Electic Company on PBS and will run around singing “Silent E is a ninja!” Annoying after the 50th time but I’m happy they’re singing about words.

  • Joanie - When I was a kid and we had to have leftovers for dinner, my dad would say, “It’s not leftovers — it’s the Feast of the Mustgo.” Funny how my reaction to that phrase has changed over the years: as a kid, I laughed at it and repeated it; as a teen, I rolled my eyes and sighed; and now as a mom, I use it with flair so that my kids will laugh.

    That’s the evolution of a tradition, and I hope my kids will say it too.

  • Amy - I’m confused by the popular phrase right now that so many people use to agree with someone…”I know…right?” I’m confused because they are agreeing with something that was said, but then it almost seems as if they want that person to agree with their agreement! It could go on all day! I just have to laugh at it… πŸ˜‰

  • Yvonne - “Good on ya” is an expression I first heard in Australia (my husband is Australian). It basically means “good for you” but I like that it doesn’t seem to have any sarcasm associated with it, unlike when I often hear “good for you” used in America.

  • rachel marini - My daughters are always mispronouncing words, and I love it πŸ™‚ Just the other day my 6 year old said, “Mommy, is the Statue of Liverty real?” haha

  • Marci - My husbands cute 80 year old Grandma says, “well, it’s better than a turd in your hat!” It’s hilarious!!

  • Donna - You so totally rock-Dude! We enjoy using this phrase from Crush the turtle in Finding Nemo.

  • Trudy - Lately for some reason I’m using “gads!” It just sounds ugly and old. Have to get a new expression. Heard “holy Batman” the other day and it made me laugh. Love the look of the vinyl!

  • michelle - I am confused with the phrase “wicked”. I know it is popular in the northeast but being in Kansas I just don’t get it. Love the chalkboard!

  • Jen - I LOVE this idea!!!! My 18 month old says “bye guys” all the time which is funny but he’s taken it to saying it to everything every time we leave somewhere….to the dogs, to the fan, to the blocks, to the books, to the doors. Everything. Makes me laugh each time thought!

  • krista - no words from my sweet little one yet, but she roars like a dino. its hilarious!! it’s my favorite ‘phrase’ she makes πŸ™‚

  • Kim - “Come on, man” – when my 4 year old really wants something! πŸ™‚

  • karen davis - One of my favorites that people say, and it makes me laugh when I hear it… and it’s also pretty infectious and I have heard myself saying it, is, “I’m not gonna lie…” For instance, as I was devouring a slice of cheesecake the other day with a good friend of mine, I happened to say, “I’m not gonna lie, this is probably the BEST slice of goodness I’ve ever had!” It’s catchy, watch out… you’re going to be using it soon.

  • Erin - I love to say to my sister, “Easy there, tiger” or “Good one, Ace.”

  • Candice Vasquez - “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” comes out of my mouth daily!! Working with kids will always make you say the craziest things!!!

  • Casey - I’m in charge of a craft night every week and one boy named Gabriel comes in all the time. He’s awesome at everything he does and I always compliment him on his work!
    Here’s a normal conversation:

    Me: Wow, Gabriel, that (insert craft here) is looking awesome!!
    Gabriel! TANKS!!! πŸ˜€

    It’s the cutest thing in the world and brights up my whole day.

  • Megan LaBelle - First, AWESOME project today! I am totally making a chalkboard vinyl piece, and am so excited that there is such a thing as a chalkboard marker!! An expression that tends to drive me crazy is “OMG!”

  • Andrea - For the longest time my 2 year would come up to me and say “la, la.” And go to the fridge. We found he says “la” for water. Whenever we are crossing a bridge, he says la-go to the pool, he says la-take a bath, la! It’s really cute. Yesterday he sang “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of LA!”

  • Julie J - I hate when I hear people say “_____’s so good, it makes you want to reach back and slap your momma.”

  • Tessa - My 10 year old says “for word’s sake”. I have no idea why, but I think it is cute so I don’t correct him! πŸ™‚

  • margaret - A phrase I often say throughout my day to my two little guys, and one that my 2-year-old finds especially endearing is “Look! It’s my two favorite boys!” I love that I can spend my days with “my two favorite boys!”

  • Linda - Lately daughter has been responding with “UH HUH’ instead of yes. Not so cute coming from an adult, but from a three year old it’s pretty cute.

  • robyn - i read on a blog recently: “staying in love is just as beautiful as falling in love”. so true (i can say from experience- this marks the 10th year i am with my beloved husband).

  • Madaline - My dogs don’t actually talk, but i love the way “speak” to me. Each bark means something different!

  • janie - My youngest would say “You’re my best” before he knew how to say “I love you”

  • Rachel - Oh my lands alive, I love this so much!
    My expression: “Stick a fork in me, I’m done!” I like it and use it. πŸ™‚

  • Danielle - i love to hear my two year old say “jesus dez obey!!” (jesus says obey :))

  • sarah - This is a great idea!

    My little girl says to-later for tomorrow. Now anytime we refer to a day in the future we say to-later. I’ve also become fond of the use of the word “grip” to mean a lot of something. My husband’s family uses it a lot, as in “I went to the grocery store and there was a grip of people waiting in line.”

  • Emily - We shorten loads of words.. diaper.. diape, juice, ju, daisy, dais… love all of them:) Love this giveaway too and your blog is DARLING!!!

  • giozi - Good idea. πŸ˜‰ your always so creative.

  • Amy - Love the ideas you have.. When I was a banker, I always heard in response to how ar you, “If I were any better I’d be twins.” It has always annoyed me..

  • Aimee - My brother says pamcakes instead of pancakes…. Its sooo cute…

  • Jana - one of the many etsy shops that you’ve posted had a poster that said, “not all who wander are lost” that’s always stuck with me because my husbands a Marine and we “wander” at least every three years! πŸ˜€

  • Desiree - My husband will say, “______ changed my life.” Usually in reference to food or something. I try to tell him that it didn’t actually change his life, but since it’s his life, it’s hard to argue. *sigh*

  • Jamie - First of all… awesome/creative idea! It drives me a little crazy when people are talking to my daughter (15 months) and they add the “eee” sound on to everything. Ex. Dogee (DOG), Blankee (BLANKET), Dipeeee (Diper), and on and on! And guess what… I catch myself doing it too!

  • Caitlin - “What the gosh??!” a la my 3-year-old.

  • Makalani Adolpho - Love, love, love this. Love the flowers/leaves you added to the bottom. Makes it all just come together perfectly.

    Visiting by way of Get your craft on Tuesday.

    Makaz Home

  • Ambrosia Low - OOOHHHH, I love that!!!!

    My two year old is constantly picking up new words and phrases. My favorite thing to hear right now, though is “I wuvin you, mommy!” (I’m loving you, mommy!)

  • monique - love the diy. i love how my daughter used to say nexterday for yesterday. we still try to “correct” her when she says it “wrong”!

  • maria - I really really liked your chalkboard design, but I loved the bible verse you featured, one of my favs.

  • TidyMom - You creativity never ceases to amaze me!!!

    When my grandpa was alive, he would always say….”when I was knee high to a grasshopper…..” still makes me chuckle when I think about that!

  • Lisa - I love that even still, my 4 year old hasn’t corrected “blankley” for her favorite blanket. She’s so articulate now and it reminds me of how quickly they grow up and how much I love my bunch. πŸ™‚

  • Christine - I love it when my son throws his arms up and says “where’d it go”.

  • Kari - When my grandpa got aggravated, he always said, “good golly Old Lady Mitchell.” I never understand the meaning, other than to express he wasn’t happy. I never recall my my grandpa cursing. But when he said the phrase above, you knew he was upset. :+)

  • Cara - Can’t stand “ok, mom… I’ll TRY” because it means the kid won’t. I had help from Yoda… “there is no try, only DO.” Except it backfired on me… I can’t use the word try without my 5yo piping in “Mom, there is no try”

  • Shauna - “What the what?!”

    BTW, this is my first visit to your blog and I know I will be back. You have so many great ideas.

  • Joy Bruce - just watched the movie ‘Fargo’ last night and in their Minnesota accents, “oh geez”. I will be using it for a while.

  • Cory - My husband always says “6 one way half a dozen the other” & it drives me crazy!

  • Sharalee - One of my favorite things my oldest says is “Nexterday” (I did notice that someone else just commented about this word, but it really is one of my favorites, couldn’t think of another one…) He is starting kindergarten this year, and I am kinda sad about it getting corrected there.

  • Mandi Smith - My two year old recently learned the phrase, “I can’t” and it usually is said at the worst times…I’m carrying my 10 month old trhough the store and he decides that he “can’t walk” anymore…I hate that phrase πŸ™‚

  • Laura L - I just recently found out the history behind the saying “Mind your p’s and q’s” so I think it is kinda neat now. Turns out back in the old English pubs the drink sizes were pints and quarts so the bartenders would remind their patrons to ‘Mind their pints and quarts’ which was then shortened to p’s and q’s!

  • Jeni - I love to hate That’s what she said. My husband explained it to my parents as “it’s the new ‘your mom’, ” Oh brother…

  • Erin Elizabeth - “Joy comes in the morning” I love that phrase, I love the verses it comes from. And I more often than not I need to be reminded to seek that joy as I struggle to get up and go to work most days!

  • Carol - “Eveybody jus talm down!” My 4 year old nephew said this while on a ride at Disneyland. Everyone else with him was screaming and he was as calm as can be. We quote him all the time!

  • Sara - My 5 year old is always saying “You’ve got to be kidding me!” and thunking himself on the head. It cracks me up every time.

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love this craft! So cute. An expression, well really a word, that I’ve always LOVED is “Wicked.” No, not the musical (which was awesome by the way!!!) But using wicked as an indicator of something or someone’s coolness. It seems like such a rural north east expression. It immediately identifies someone as being like me (farm girl raised in the rural recesses of VT). I like it.

  • Sarah - Love this!!
    I hate the expression “your mom”.

  • Nikki - on the tv show The Big Bang Theory; Sheldon says, “Bazzinga”, every time he tricks someone. Me & my boyfriend say it all the time now

  • Stefanie - My two year old son calls Grandma “Nana”, Aunt Trisha “Yaya” and his sister Monica “Ti-ter”. It’s simple and, anyway, he refuses to try any other way. We all love it – including Nana, Yaya and Ti-ter.

  • Candy Foster - My daughter always has boosegumps!

  • Mary - When my oldest daughter was 2 she was in a public bathroom and needed some privacy. So she looked up at me and said, “turn your face around.” The whole bathroom erupted with laughter.

  • Julie B. - I love hearing my two year old call her baby sister Baby Memma instead of Emma… it’s so cute!

  • Jodie Cowan - I’m a little tired of hearing “That’s how I roll” because really it just seems like another excuse from me.

  • Allison - so my 4 year old aske dme today what does “what’s up” mean. Loved it.

  • Alisa - I love when my kids get the hiccups… they say hicabups.. Love it.

    And who can ever get sick of hearing “I lub you mumma” from a two year old.

  • Tammy Kay - My daughter used to say “I want to kuggle Mama.” Meaning she wanted to color. It was precious. Love all the little sayings that littles say!

  • Heather C. - My 8 year old still says “fruit cottontail” instead of fruit cocktail! She has been saying it since…well a long long time and I still love it! In fact I have to watch myself when I am out with friends sans children because I will often times find myself asking for fruit cottontail!

  • tami - I just found your blog and just love all the DIY projects!!!! Thanks for sharing!! My friend has 1 1/2 year old daughter that already asks “why?”. I cracks me up! Thanks for the chance! =)

  • Susan Holmberg - my daughter currently calls the dining room the ‘diamond room’ – adds a touch of class to meal times!!

  • AshleyAudrey - My DH and I use the phrase Penny Gigs when we are talking about our Guinea Pigs. It makes us laugh every time. We often switch first letters of short phrases to make each other laugh. Try it out! πŸ˜€

  • Janica - My 5-yr-old’s newest: “I have a hypofithis (hypothesis)!” He randomly throws out this new slang whenever he gets an idea:)

  • Carly - My kid can’t talk yet, but she does this high pitch scream when she is really really happy. I kinda love it…until my ears start to hurt that is.

  • Maggie - My little cousin always calls me Mamacita. It just cracks me up!

  • Jessica H. - I work with the youth at my church and this past week many things went wrong on our way home from camp. Our bus broke down and made our trip from Durango to Houston really long. One of my favorite expressions is “typical.” I use it when things go wrong and instead of getting upset or frustrated, I just laugh. On the way home from camp I think I had almost all of the students saying “typical” too!

  • amber - my husband says “oh stink” a lot when he messes something up or forgets something. now our 3 year old says it all the time. something about a little minnie mouse voice saying something you’re used to a grown man saying….i giggle to myself every time i hear it.
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Michelle - I was 3 1/2 year old twins. I always bring over surprise crafts and projects for them. While I’m getting them prepared, they always ask in these soft baby voices ‘Chell, what are you doing, Chell?’ over and over. It’s the cutest thing ever.

  • Jolie - Oh I love the chalkboard…I wonder if chalkboard vinyl is available here yet or if I need a little etsy trip….hmmm, Ashley you are such an enabler! πŸ™‚

    I have twins who just turned 4, and I adore it when my kids tell me (out of nowhere) *I love you mama*, or *I love you more than sausages!* (no idea where that comes from!) Of course, my son’s comment in the pre dawn darkness the other morning was pretty cute too – he’d come in for a snuggle before we got up, and just as I thought he’d fallen back asleep, he pipes up with *I wish I were a magic pony!* …umm yeah, okay dude! lol

  • Becca - Our 10 month old is just beginning to talk. Our favorite expression of hers is “WHOA!!” She says it all the time when she is surprised by something or discovers something new (thunderstorms, fireworks, something amazing on TV, etc). It’s a wonderfully cute reminder to me to not take anything for granted. What fun to see life from her perspective!! πŸ˜‰

  • jessibee08 - My daughter says “hold you” instead of hold me…I know one day soon she will understand and change it to the correct way! For now I enjoy her saying “hold you mommy” for as long as I can!

  • Breeana - I love it when Daddy gets home and my boys say, “Let’s wrestle!!!!” It’s their thing with Dad and it’s special for the 3 of them!

  • Deanna - my daughter always said “Can I have a bathtub” or “I need a bathtub” instead of “a bath”.

  • Kim - My 3 year old has been saying “Come on mom this is ridiculous”. I have no idea where he got it from. I love when I say something like “they have cookies here” and He says “Nooooooo way!” It is especailly funny when he says it in public because he is bound to get a smile out of a stranger.

  • Haley - My best friend’s almost three year old son calls me Hadey. It’s so endearing. I could listen to him talk for days!

  • anne c - “oh tay” makes me think of a girl I work with..she is probably 25?? she says it at least 10 times a day. haha guess some things you don’t grow out of πŸ™‚

  • Kimberly - My 15 month old daughter says “Uh mmmm” instead of “Uh oh” – I love it! πŸ™‚

  • Jenny Lynn - My 2 year old niece always says “whatcha doDin?”.
    It is precious πŸ™‚

    I am going to have to get me some of this vinyl. I think I’m going to be addicted πŸ™‚

  • Christy - “Hi honey, I’m home!” Sounds so sweet when he’s out on the farm until 11pm. I drop everything I’m doing, run and jump on him.

    I can’t wait to play with Vinyl!

  • Heather King - I like when I tell my 2 year old that I love him and he goes “i lub you too momma”

  • Sarah - “Its such a magilla!” haha just cracks me up every time!

  • susan - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and would love to make this project and add spice to the fridge.

  • Emily - “What you said?” That’s what my almost 4 year old says instead of, “What did you say?” For a grammar stickler like me it should bother me, but instead it makes me laugh every time.

  • Heather - Hate the saying “shut your pie hole.” However, I LOVE what you did with the shirt and hope I win or I will have to buy it myself πŸ™‚

  • Jentre - When my nephew is about to get in trouble, he says “I be good, I be good!” It cracks us up.

  • Anne Thompson - I LOVE it when my daughter says MAZAGINE instead of magazine, she always wonders why we are laughing cuz she truly believes she’s saying it the right way! It’ll be a sad day when she says it the right way!! : ) Anne

  • Kristie - Since this expression just occured this week I had to share it..since I have two very active little boys shaving my legs daily is at the bottom of my to do list, but when my 3 year old sat on my lap and said “mom, your legs have horns (referring to thorns)” I was horrified yet humored to say the least.

  • emmylou - If my son can’t remember how to say a word he says the closest thing to it. He calls his forehead “forkhead.” He’s almost 6 & we still haven’t corrected him. I guess since he’s my youngest boy I don’t want him to grow up!

  • Amanda - I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the new Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. πŸ™‚ My hope is to share many of the fabulous projects I see everyday with the vast CG audience. I hope you will not only stop by and subscribe to CG, but will tell your friends about the new category! Hope you see some traffic from it!

    Your feature will appear in the main Craft Gossip RSS feed, on the main home page and can be found directly here

  • Jill A. J. - My 5 year old still sometimes says “That’s gisdusting!” I just don’t have the heart to correct him every time. πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Z - My dad has used so many phrases that I never hear anyone else say and I find myself using all the time. Here’s a few: Shucks, Go Figure, Shake a Leg, and Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?

    **BTW: The chalkboard vinyl is incredible!!

  • chris cornwell - My daughter Cat(8) has psychic powers. The other day she looked at me shocked and said ?mommy do you have a baby in there?’. She knew of the last one too (age 5) before anyone told her and me ?confirming’ it at the doctor.

  • kelli - “it is what it is”

    i have a love/hate relationship with it πŸ™‚


  • Kelsey - I love the song my two year old nephew will park all of his wheeled toys in a “garage” and back them in. So cute!

  • Vinyl Chalkboard · Home and Garden @ CraftGossip - […] Stop over to Ashley Ann Photography to get the tutorial on this awesome vinyl chalkboard. […]

  • Tina B - My 3 year old is a little lawyer, with the ability to find a loophole in EVERYTHING. One of his best arguments so far was when I told him that we don’t throw balls in the house. “I was rolling it, and it fell.” This kid is something else!!

  • Heather Young - “Live each day like it’s your last” is what I remind my husband whenever he gets in a rut.
    Cutest phrase: “You coming my love?” From my two year old, copying what me and the hubs say to each other πŸ™‚

  • Holly - I love when my nephew leaves me voicemails like this, “Hey Aunt Holly, um, I was just gunna ask you if someday you were comin’ home. Just give me a call.”

  • Dana Laymon - whoopsie daisy! i love that phrase!

  • MGF - Very Cool. I would really like to try it for T-shirts

  • Katy - “Oooh, honey, no!” as said by the 2-year-old little boy I watch. He says this (as he’s shaking his head and waving his hands) to me, the other kids, my husband, and even our dog. It’s my absolute favorite.

  • Ashley - “Peace out!” I worked in a preschool for 3 years, and it is fun to teach little kids silly phrases. I loved getting the kids to say peace out when the left… I usually got ‘Peace Tout Aswee!’ Too cute.

  • Melissa - Everyone at the office says “FYI” – it’s so overused!

  • Callie B - I love to hear my 6 year old say ” Mommy, you’re my girly-pearly”!

  • Jill - An expression that I love is “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” πŸ™‚

  • Brooke - We have a three year old little girl, last year (when she was two) she started saying “I will miss you for five hours…I slept for five hours…” Everything was five hours. We did not know where she picked this up, until one day I was reading a version of peter rabbit and in the story a cat sat on a basket with peter underneath “for five hours”! What little sponges toddlers are. Ever since then, without fail she stands on the front porch when Daddy leaves for work and yells ” I will see you in five hours!” πŸ™‚ I’m sure we wake up the entire neighborhood. — Love the blog by the way. πŸ™‚

  • Kelly - eat-meal: it is the only word he mispronounces so I never correct him

  • Jemma - This is an awesome idea! I really like how you created the bottom of the chalkboard. It takes up the WOW factor significantly!!

  • Martina - “No offense, but…” I hate that expression because it means someone is about to say something offensive.

  • Christine - It really makes me crazy when people say “It is what it is.” Ugg. Stop saying that!

  • becky - Normally I hate it when my kids tell me no, but my 1 1/2 yr old says “mo” very matter-of-factly. It just sounds so cute it’s like she’s not saying no!

  • Jess - My latest favorite expression is when my daughter accomplishes something and gets the biggest smile on her face and says, “I did it, I did it!” It makes my heart smile.

  • paige rodriguez - i would love to win this! My 2 year old was running around the house this morning with Buzz Lightyear in his hand, screaming “TO INFIBITY and BEYOND!” Love it.

  • Sarah - “A watched pot never boils” – I mean, I get what this expression is trying to teach people, but really? There is scientific evidence to the contrary. And by that I mean I LIKE to watch the water in my pot until it boils. Does that make me weird? Probably.

  • Yolanda - Right now my three-year-old says, β€œI want to to do something that I wanna do.” It cracks me up. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Beth I - My daughter is 3 and her favorite thing to say is “actually”. Whatever I tell her, “the sky is blue” …girly high pitched “actually mommy the sky is blue and white”. Sorry my puncuation and sppelling is horrid. My sister just had her 1st daughter yesterday and I am in love with all that you craft. I can see lots of baby gifts for this new little one.

  • Amanda - I’ve taught my 11 month old daughter to put her hand up to her head, shake her head and say “Aye aye aye…” It’s so stinkin’ cute!

  • Kendall - My brother is seven now, but when he was about two, he used to say “Poomin'” when you asked him what he was up to. He would say, “Oh, I’m just Poomin’!” I think it meant hanging out or something, but it was so cute.

  • Taylor - “sweet nothings” It’s corny but my husband and I like to whisper it to each other. It makes us laugh!

  • Samantha - my niece use to say “Thats a bad worm” instead of “Thats a bad word.” I love it!

  • Kimber - my 2 year old niece says “no! annalee do it!” when she wants to do something but it always comes out sounding mad and frustrated! so adorable!

  • Crystal F. - “Fascinating!” I like to hear Sheldon on The Big Band Theory say this…..makes me laugh everytime!

  • Ang - My two-year-old will often tell me, “Not quite yet” when asked if he’s ready to move on to whatever it is we’re doing next. If I could just get him to say it with a British accent!

  • Carmen - When we were planning our wedding everyone laughed at us because my husband and I, in an effort to be accommodating kept saying “We could do that.”

  • Zoryana - I never understood the saying “easy as pie.” Um, pies are not easy to make, easy to eat, yes, but not easy to make.

  • Julie - At two, my little girlie, Evelyn, loved to swim. You know what we’d swim in? Our BACON suits, of course! Well, she’s four now, but I don’t think I’m ever giving that one up! πŸ˜€

  • barbara - My daughter’s first word was “meow”. We were very surprised that instead of mama or dada she said meow first:) I guess she loved kittens more than her parents:)

  • Liz R. - My 3 1/2 year old is getting so grown up that she hardly has any of those cute mix ups in her words anymore… so when she asks for a “popskittle” {popsicle} or a “ban-dan” {band-aid} my husband and I never correct her!

  • Becca - Love this idea for vinyl!

    We nearing the end of potty-training our son and after he goes potty in the potty usually my phrase to him is, “Good job buddy! I’m so proud of you!” Well, now, after a few weeks he comes running out of the bathroom saying in his giddy tone of voice, “Mommy, I went potty in the potty! I’m so proud of you mommy!” Guess that is my reward for cleaning up all his accidents! πŸ˜‰

  • Mandy Jones - I am a full time preschool teacher and just starting to dabble in photography. I am always looking for some new and excited craft ideas to try with my 4 year old students as well as inspiration and advice in the photography world. Your blog is so inspiring. This makes me want to get out there as well and encourage my students to get even more crafy and messy than we ever have before and take tons of pictures of them in the process. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.

  • Lauren - I always hear people say “at the end of the day” at work…as in..does your concept/issue matter in the overall drives me NUTS!!!

  • tangie - when my middle guy was about 3 (he is now 8 1/2), he used to say, “what’s the deal??!” all the time. it made me smile everytime — but almost anything in that cute little voice made me smile :-).

  • Amy W - My little girl lately has come up to me and asked, “How do you do Mommy?” It is so cute and makes me smile.

  • Jen- - I hate the saying “what-ev” …as if there’s such little respect that you can’t even bother finishing the word.

    I LOVE the saying that my son used to say. We taught him manners at a VERY early age, and he always said thank you as “Dan Dum”. My newly adopted son said it as “Deet Do”…lol…precious babies. I love them..even though they won’t stop growing up. πŸ™‚

  • rani - I have this thing about saying like and love because I feel liking someone is just as important as loving them; so my youngest has now adopted by saying every night before we go to bed…”I love you and I like you!” I love that!

  • Kristin E - My 4 year old son always says “well, well, well, what do we have here?!?” everytime he sees me making something! he’s so funny lol

  • Kaylene - when my son was smaller, he used to call diarrhea “ballerina”. He never understood why little girls enjoyed dancing so much.

  • Sara - When my husband and I have a decision to make and the outcome really doesn’t matter either way, he often uses the expression, “six of one, half dozen the other”…and I always always mess this up when i try to repeat it. “half of six, one dozen…half dozen, six of another…it drives me nuts.

  • Sara - “six of one, half dozen the other”…my husband frequently uses this expression and it drive me nuts because i always mess it up when I try to repeat it.

  • Tara - Oh man I love that chalkboard one!! I have a stainless steel fridge and nothing sticks to it! That would rock to be able to have something on the fridge! πŸ™‚

  • Sheri - My family and I were all out to eat the other night, and my almost two year old little girl heard a baby crying really loudly. So, she stood up on the bench, and screamed even louder “Hush Baby!!” over and over. It was so funny, everyone was looking and laughing-which she loved!

  • Susan - I ordered and covered my refrigerator door! Thanks for such a CUTE idea! I ended up using a needle and put a teeny tiny hole in a couple of bubbles and they came right out. :0) Love it!

  • Betsy R. - When my daughter was 3 she and she wanted an sandwich she would say “Mommy me want “samwich”. How cute is that.

  • DIY vynil chalkboard « Twisted Photo Blog - […] And here is her version of it. I know -much better. You can find the tutorial to this DIY here. […]

  • Angela - “Dude!?!?” I say it all the time when my students are acting crazy. It can be a question, an exclamation, or just a what’s up?

  • Rrachel - What size did you order for the Chalboard on the fridge? Is it the sheet of 6″ X “12?

  • Mixed up Monday » Penny Pickles - […] – we’ll I’m screwed on the documenting part. So anyway. I saw this on a wonderful DIY blog and immediately figured out how to make it work for me. It’s cheap as can be (SO inexpensive- […]

  • Natalie - Yay!! Just finished applying this to my pantry door. (I even copied the leaf cut-outs). Looks great! Thanks!

  • My Over-Ambitious 2011 Goals List « Tatum Family - […] I want to do some sort of chalkboard something in the kitchen, whether that’s find a frame & paint chalkboard on it; buy a vinyl chalkboard frame decal; or make my own {like this or this}. […]

  • Rachel - It look pretty, but I’ll stick to chalkboard paint since vinyl is really full of some very nasty carcinogens. However, you could always do a similar cutout in wood or strong fabric and chalkboard paint that instead, to make a more temporary surface if you did not want to commit to the paint on your walls.

  • Keara - “Un, atsooley” This is how my daughter Eleanor says “Um, actually” She’s 2 and a 1/2.

  • elizabeth primo - it;s official. i adore your creativity.

  • love this stuff - Beautifully done !!

  • Jody - My son’s favorite sayings when he was two and a half: “I dood it, I dood it meself. I break it, I fik it!” Priceless!!!

  • Leslie - Very cool idea! My four yr old told me in a very sweet, loving voice that I was impossible and beautiful! I think she heard the word impossible from the cartoon “Olivia”. She thought she was giving me a compliment and I didn’t have the heart to tell her what that word meant.

  • Marissa - I love it when my 2 year-old needs to get past me and in her tiny little voice and the cutest inflection says, “Excuse me.” Or when she’s looking for her pacifier and calls, “Bink Bink where are you?” as she looks around the room. Makes me smile every time. I also love it that my 5 year-old still calls chicken nuggets, “chicken nuts.” We’ve tried correcting him even breaking it down and spelling it out for him. He says, “I know they are called chicken nuggets, Mom. But it’s more fun to say chicken nuts!” Makes me laugh everytime.

  • Jessica - My nephew is 3 and has now learned how to argue. My new favorite thing he says is “Actually Aunt Jess…” which is usually followed by a reason as to why he is right and I am wrong. *sigh*

  • Renee - love it! we just got a new refrigerator and i think we need a vinyl chalkboard!

  • Cheryl Ann Tooley - My almost year old son Asher: “What the heck of it?”

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  • Dorria embroidery design - fantastic idea ….. really great idea ….. thanks alot

  • Jade - My gram’s favorite four letter word: Fiddle Sticks! or if she’s really mad…Fiddle Sticks Foodle Doo! and then there is usually oreos for all πŸ™‚

  • Root Beer and Blood Orange « With Love, Quizas - […] I finally made his magnetic chalkboard.Β  Idea from here.Β  The vinyl arrived from US about a week back (yes, I had to actually import the vinyl because I […]

  • KERRI HILDRETH - Hi, I just discovered this wonderful idea on your site! I love it! I have been trying to find just the perfect spot in our kitchen for a chalkboard for a while now, and this is the perfect solution! I am curious though, how easy is the adhesive to remove from the fridge, when we are ready for a change?

  • More than 100 homemade gift ideas that don’t suck - […] not nuts about the vinyl here, but I do think this DIY chalkboard memo board is a cool idea. Maybe there’s an eco-way to do […]

  • Nina - This is really beautiful! I like the design you cut into it.

  • Deanna - I love the neighbor asking “can is see the bunny wabbit?!” So cute, love the vinyl idea, really want to try it out. Tomorrow is my birthday, “pick me” lol!

  • 14 Great Chalkboard Vinyl Ideas & Uses - The Crafted Sparrow - […] Chalkboard Fridge Memo Board Chalkboard Labeled Herb Garden Chalkboard Door Hanger Chalkboard Toy Organization Chalkboard Paneled Door Chalkboard Pantry Organization Chalkboard Framed Art Chalkboard Embroidery Hoop Signs Chalkboard Calendar Chalboard Labeled Snack Pouches Chalkboard Lunchbox […]

  • Gina - I have a cricut and still have not used it to its potential. Lol. I love love love this idea and did not even need to own a machine to do anything. Thanks for the amazing idea.

  • Shannon - My daughter (almost 3) has asked me several times to ‘take her foot off’ drives me nuts because she gets so upset and just keeps repeating herself when I can tell her she can’t take her foot off! Lol