an attempt at ‘posed’ one year shots

It is borderline impossible to get uninterrupted time to do ‘posed’ pictures of any of my kids. I attempted a few of FireCracker in the front yard…because we couldn’t make it to some cool location.

Here she is with her daddy in the front yard…a couple of weeks old.

The front yard session wasn’t working so well, so I thought I’d sneak away one evening to go to a park…alone with my girl.

Those pictures might seem like going to the park made things easier in regards to posed pictures, but here is the real story:

“Sweet girl. Hey baby, look this way. Moo. Ruff ruff. Achoo. B where’s mommy?”

“No, no. Those ducks will bite your little finger off. Trust me baby girl. Quack Quack. Where’s mommy? Quack Quack…look this way.”

“What does Mommy have? Do you see your brothers? Where’s daddy? Moooooooo Moooooooooo Mooooooooo. Okay lets find somewhere without ducks.”

(brothers & daddy were not there…and my animal noises weren’t working.)

“Baby girl, I promise you do not want to chase those ducks. They are not friendly. Look! AAAAA CHOOOO. Do you want mommy’s sunglasses? “

Fake sneezing not working. It always works with toddlers that don’t belong to me. Bummer…she doesn’t go for my photo tricks, but she did start coming for my sunglasses. Sorry for the fake out little girl.

“Baby girl those ducks are not your friends. Yes, they are loud and act like they want you to come play. Yes, you and the ducks have the same waddle walk, but they will just mistake your cute fingers for bread crumbs.”

“I know you don’t understand what those are, but most kids your age actually wear shoes. Crazy. I know.

Let’s put them on and pretend I am a mom doesn’t let her daughter walk around a public park barefoot.”

“Can you look at mommy’s camera one time and smile perfectly instead of trying to climb into the pond to be with the ducks? Please. I’ll make more animal noises if you want.”

“Sorry didn’t know that request would offend you. The Oklahoma humidity sure makes your curls cute. Good thing I have 100 pictures of the back of your head now.”

“Can you show me your STOMP routine? Nice.”

“It may be annoyingly hard to take pictures of you now, but I guess this is a pretty good documentation of you at one year. Maybe one day you will sit still and pose for a picture, but right now you are too excited about the freedom that comes with walking…and those crazy ducks. Let’s go home…it’s hot.”

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