a weekend off

For the first time in a while we had a weekend without any plans. Those are usually my favorite weekends. I kicked off the party with the best lunch…the kind that I didn’t make, didn’t share and enjoyed completely alone on my front porch. I ate my cookie before my sandwich and didn’t go in the house and face the other 5 family members until my to-go box was clean. This is a rare event, one worth documenting to remember it actually did take place.

We visited the Habitat for Humanity ReStore…it is a 30 minute drive, which in my book is borderline ‘roadtrip’. Well I am now the proud owner of a Griffin PowerJolt Reserve…so had Chris’ iPhone batteries died again – I would have been set.

The ReStore was awesome….however going with 4 kids was not so awesome. FireCracker was in a carrier strapped to me, which made it difficult to rummage through all that stuff. Next time I’m going alone. Guess I won’t be back there for several years.

There were lots of toilets.

This picture makes me laugh. So very 6 year old boy.

Fake throwing up.

I really love being a mom to boys.

…I will be needing some of these…

She is getting curls. She’ll never have bangs…check out that hairline.

Her hair grows STRAIGHT BACK. It is crazy. The back grows forward, the front grows backwards…they meet in the middle. I have lots of pictures related to her turning one that I want to share this week, so for those of you that always ask for warnings before I do a bunch of baby posts. Here is your warning…this week will be a lot of baby pictures.

It was asked in the comment section if I ‘revealed’ the playroom. Nope. Just beginning to work on it. I had about an hour that all 4 kids were sleeping…I built a shelf, painted a hamper, and painted 3 pots while Chris was at Lowe’s. I am sure I am breaking all kinds of safety codes in these pictures – no need to point them out to me! At least I remembered the safety glasses in my race against naps. I also managed to eat a pint of ice cream by myself in that hour.

After I loaded these pictures on the computer I thought, “I am so odd. Why do I take pictures of myself while doing these kinds of things?” As odd as it is, I am glad I take them. I think my kids will like looking back at them. No doubt they will have plenty of memories of their mom covered in paint and making stuff. I think pictures like these will remind them of their childhood as much as pictures of them fake throwing up in random piles of toilets will.

It was hot outside. I didn’t want any to go to waste due to melting. You would have ate the whole pint too.

We had some crazy rain clouds over the weekend. I love HEAVY rain. It always amazes me how one area of the sky can be clear and blue and right next to it can be dark and pouring rain. You can’t really see the blue area, but on the other side of the car it was a blue, sunny summer day.

All that rain means the ditch in front of our house gets full of water.

Hot glue + Popsicle Sticks = Pirate Ships to float down the raging river

The ships did have sails, but they were destroyed in the waterfall that leads to the raging river.

While crossing the massive raging river his foot slipped on the treacherously steep banks. He was carrying FireCracker. He checked on the iPhone first…they were both fine.

Cleaning off all that raging river rainwater.

Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was great.

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