diy {turquoise, red & white party}

So I went to visit the Domestic Ease post and was SHOCKED at all the comments. That was crazy…then I realized you all were leaving comments in hopes of winning the $500.00 Pottery Barn gift certificate…ya I’d like to win that too!

As promised, here are few tidbits on how I made some of our party decor. I probably spent less than $10.00 on all the decor. I basically bought a bit of scrapbooking paper and tissue paper…and took advantage of things I already had on hand. You don’t have to spend a ton to create a beautiful party.

First, her headband.

Basically I covered a plastic headband with ribbon & hot glue. You could do this in a much more professional way, but I was limited on time. For the rest of the headband I just gathered random items and hot glued them all together. At the end I made a base out of brown felt and glued the felt to the headband. I wouldn’t let her have this without an adult around – since it is just glued together she could chew it apart. If I had more time I would have stitched it. I ended up using ribbon, lace, feathers, silk flowers and ribbon flowers.

Circle Garland

I used a 1 1/2 inch circle punch. For paper I used notebook paper & scrapbooking paper…then just stitched it together. Easy Peasy.

Random banner (don’t know what to call it!)

For this I used Treat boxes from Walmart. They come as a pack of 8 for $1.50. I decorated the outside and glued stuff to the inside of each with tissue paper and some of the circle garland. I then used masking tape to connect it to a string.

Cherry Blossom branches

I already had the branches decorated with pink tissue paper (left over from my son’s kindergarten classroom). I just added some red tissue to make it match the party better. To make the blossoms I cut tissue paper in squares and folded them in half twice. Then I used hot glue to wrap it around small branch stubs.

Table Cloth &  holder

It was windy on the 4th, so decorating the table was hard. I used an old white sheet for the base. The blue fabric is actually a sheet that was sewn into curtains in Biggest Brother’s nursery years ago. To keep them in place I used a circle of scrapbooking paper pinned down with a tack.

Table Decor

The napkins were wrapped in scrapbooking paper. I filled several mason jars with sand and “firecrackers”. The firecrackers are just kabob sticks with tissue paper taped to the top. I had several sitting on the table and the wind knocked them over. I scooped up all the sand and put it in the big jar…and wrapped some circle garland around it to make it cuter. I got the sand and firework idea from Martha Stewart.


Our highchair is getting gross…guess that happens after 4 kids. I didn’t want to drag it outside, so I made a little cupcake stand for FireCracker to stand by while she ate her first cupcake. The chair was orange, I spray painted it the day before the party to make it match. The cupcake toppers are just tissue paper cut and taped around toothpicks.



Someone always asks how I do stuff with 4 kids. Well this time I decided to buy them their very own Tilt-A-Whirl for the playroom to keep them busy while I crafted away. They spun and spun and spun….and went to bed complaining their tummies hurt. I figure if they spin long enough they will throw up enough times on the carpet that Chris will give in and put painted wood floors upstairs.

I’m a genius with a master plan.




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  • amanda torres - Great thinking on the spinning!

  • Kari - Happy Birthday lil’ Firecracker!!

  • anne c - you are so crafty! I am in love the tissue paper branch for some reason! Happy Birthday little firecracker!

  • amy - love all your simple creative ideas ashley!
    but most of all, LOVE your master plan! : D

  • Melissa W - Her party was beautiful! It’s so nice to see another Mom who believes in throwing parties and focusing on the fun, the memories, the guests, and the birthday girl – not just spending money on over priced decorations! This is one of the best decorated and fun parties I’ve seen and cheap! 🙂 Gotta love it! 🙂

  • christina larsen - So creative.

  • Kara P - Yay!! I am so glad you finally got your hanging chair!! Where did you find it?

  • Katie H. - I never thought about sewing paper….hmmmm the things I am going to create now!!

  • CharlaL - you are amazing. I LOVED everything for the party. I still have my circle punch I bought to make the magnets from christmas. I will be grabbing it to make decorations for the next birthday!!!
    p.s. over the weekend we made the bubble soulution! They were epic bubbles!

  • shelly@familyblt - Love it all! the garland/treat box set-up is awesomesauce! Actually it all is 🙂

  • Anna Joy - you are so stinkin’ creative! i love this DIY and im bookmarking it to steal some ideas for my son’s bday in a couple of months!!!

  • Shannon - Super cute ideas, love that dotted garland! It’s funny that people ask how you find time, either their kids are crazy or they don’t have any (i kid, I kid) 😉 because I can always find time! I think if you want to do something enough you will find time to do it! 🙂 Now that my kids are older they play longer together without fights. Of course I have to be prepared to stop what I am doing to fetch water/snack/such and such toy from the closet. I also craft a lot after they are in bed!

  • ashlee - oh i love love the chair! my parents had several of those in the house when i was younger, i would love to score one of those!

  • Crystal - Absolutely LOVE all your DIY projects!! You are so crafty!
    I plan to incorporate many of these ideas in the very near future!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Heather - I popped over here from my life in grace. Your party looks so festive; I admire that you took the time to create a special feel for your event. The blog is lovely and I am looking forward to exploring more.

  • Maike - Thanks for telling! Already looking forward to my daughters second birthday in march next year. I can decorate the inside of our house too then. lovely ideas!

  • giozi - Fabulous.
    Thank you Ashley for the tips and share them with us. Last year I made a garland similar like your, but I used cicle sticker 🙂
    This year, my daughter party is going to be too in red, black and white, it will be the subject of Minnie.
    I just bought the punch.
    I think I’m gonna keep more of your tips.
    Thanks again.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ah ha! I was wondering how you did the circle garland! Very, very cute!

  • Heather - so fantastic!! i just love the aqua blue w/red.

  • Kristy - I love your blog! Your pictures are so beautiful, adorable family. Would love to know where you got your hanging chair….fun!

  • mandi - HOLY COW!!! This party was beautiful! Way to go, Mama!

    I also have to add- I am bananas over your couch. It’s so cozy looking, and then bam, the wooden sleigh arms. I just made that up, I don’t know what arms like that are called, but it’s simply lovely!

  • Haylee - I would love to have all of this on hand too so I could only spend $10 in making a beautiful party too but I am really really inept when it comes to organizing it all so I prefer to not have it in my house period. It’s sad really, there is so much fun stuff out there that I would buy just to look at and touch every once in a while, even if I don’t craft all that often. Anyway….. to cut to the chase LOL… I would love to see how you organize all of your fun stuff. Maybe I can get some inspiration and start collecting myself. thanks much Ashley!

  • the inadvertent farmer - We have one of those chairs…my oldest son’s best friend ate too many cherries out of our orchard and then played in the chair. He proceeded to throw up red cherries in a big circle all around the chair. So you plan for painted wood floors just may work! Kim

  • Yanet - Have I told you lately you’re amazing?!
    Ooh, a little sneak peak into the playroom!

  • Emily Lusk - These are some really fun and VERY cute decorations!! You could sell these!! I know I would buy them! I know that I will be looking back on this post when it is time for me to plan the next birthday party!

  • Katie - i LOVE your blog – it’s the first thing i check when i come online in the morning and it often encourages me for the day to laugh and craft and photograph and spend the most quality of time with my family.
    i couldn’t resist commenting on this post because this is the colour scheme of my 4 month old daughters nursery and i’m definitely going to put some of these decorations into practice in there – thanks for your fantastic ideas!

  • lifeologia - I love the decorations and LOVE the genius plan with the swing.
    Where did you get it?

  • Ana - Great b-day decor- I love using paper to craft.
    Did I miss the playroom unveiling? 🙂

  • Lesley - Happy Birthday Breese!!!

  • Kristin - Such a pretty party. I love what paper can do – especially in the hands of a fun genius! The headband is beautiful, too. You’ve inspired me to make lots of flower clips for my little girls, and take lots of pictures to go with. Love them. Thanks!

  • tasha roe - stunning! amazingly stunning!!

  • Sarah M - such awesome ideas. every single one of them. your parties always look so dang cute *
    Sarah M

  • Jolie - lol I am guilty of developing the same type of master plans (but am yet to get a hanging chair – I want I want!)…I call it the long term strategy play!lol

  • Kelly Beane - Genius… and so pretty! I love every little detail and look forward to putting some of these awesome ideas to use myself for next year’s birthdays.

  • Chelsea McAuley - Thank you so much for this idea! I’m having my 18th birthday party in one week, so I decided to make the garland for my party! I turned out SO cute. 🙂 I don’t sew, but this was incredibly easy to make. I took some pictures of making mine, you can see them at 🙂 Thank for the inspiration!

  • michelle Monk - Okay. I’ve lurked here for a while now and I LOVE everything you post! 🙂 This was especially awesome! I went to WalMart looking for the treat boxes for my daughter’s bday party this Saturday, but I couldn’t find them. Do you mind telling me what section of WalMart you found them in?? Thank you so much!!!

  • giozi - Me again.
    I’m here for inspiration. I bought a black bottle and I would like to do (I hope) some paper blossom. I don’t know how to do cupcake, I’m very sad about it. I bought some cupcakes red polka dot liners, but I think that I don’t going to use them 🙁
    At the end I think that I have to buy some cupcake 🙁
    I’ve bought some red polka dot doodles too and some white bags to use as wrapper favors. I did some headband, at least 🙂 for the girls and I have a little notebook and mickey pencil for boys.
    I have many little things but I don’t know very well how to decor, and specially will be a shame if my pictures go wrong. Please if you can share some tips to take photos at home in the afternoon. 🙂
    I must to use camera flash.

  • Tania - great colours, love all the small detail!

  • Bal Cesitleri - Sitemiz de bal çe?itleri’nin tamam? ve kestane bal?’n?n en kalitelisi mevcuttur. Her türlü hastal??a ?ifa niyetin de tüketebilece?iniz kestane bal? hakk?n da detayl? bilgi için u ziyaret edin.

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