Amy Butler {what constitutes addiction?}

UPDATE: Contest is now over, the last counting comment is Tessa’s…winner to be announced.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the names of any of the fabrics on this post. Some are new, some are several years old. I suggest browsing Amy Butler’s website to find the names of the fabric you are looking for. You can find fabric sellers on etsy and various online stores. If you are local, Sew Flakes on Main St. in Broken Arrow carries some Amy Butler fabric.

I like Amy Butler fabric. I do. I remember the first time I saw her fabric. It was 7 years ago and I was in a quilting store with my mom and grandma. Chris and I had just moved back after a year of volunteer work and we were scraping by…with a baby on the way. I was looking for something cheap to add to the sheets I was using for living room curtains….then I saw the Amy Butler section. My heart skipped a beat. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t afford much at $8.00 a yard, so I got 1 yard of my favorite and 1/2 a yard of another. My favorite was a red floral print…it is still in my living room. I still smile at it.

Amy and I have come a long way since that fateful introduction in the quilting store. I still don’t buy much more than a yard at a time, but I sure make those one yard buys go a long way.

Newborn FireCracker on a quilt by her Great Grandma (Amy Butler fabric) and nearly a year old FireCracker in a dress made by my friend Lauren.

I introduced her to crafting at a young age…she was a hardcore crafter in my baby wrap.

Of course basically her whole room is covered in Amy Butler.

More Amy in my house…the stacking toy was made by my mom.

Some old pictures of past projects Amy helped me with.

I can even decorate myself in Amy Butler now…

So why the random Amy Butler post…well my ring is from one of my reader’s etsy stores! Not only does she make rings using Amy Butler designs, but  also makes modern baby mobiles with it too!

I’m doing a giveaway today (yep 2 in one week, crazy…) Today’s giveaway is from the etsy store Hart’s Desire

Giveaway details

Prize is a $30 credit store credit to Hart’s Desire

Winner chosen at random

One entry per person

Contest ends Monday, July 5th 9:00pm US Central

To enter: Leave a comment on this post

If you can’t wait to find out if you win, she is offering a 15% discount to my readers. To get the discount mention “Under the Sycamore” in the ‘Notes to Seller’ when you checkout. The difference will be refunded via PayPal.

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  • Michelle Z. - Did you sew all those pillows? I need to get my groove on and do some sewing. I love the ruffled one.

  • Erin - I’m a sucker for ruffle bottom pants on babies. They are so cute!

  • Shannon - Mmmm…I love all the pops of Amy Butler in your house. Her polka dot stuff is my fave! And my current purse is made out of the blue flowery one on your baby wrap. Love!

    You have such talented readers, I love Hart’s Desire’s etsy shop, such fun little treasures in there! The baby mobiles are so cool!

  • Elissa - yes please! count me in! i adore those rings.

  • keely - Right off the bat, I love the apron, but I look forward to looking around and spending my cash wisely! 🙂

  • Jodi - I so love her too! She has that girly, charming, country, shabby, flare about her. Love her! I always smile too when I see your posts with her fabric throughout. Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  • Jill R - Love Amy Butler! Love the ring!

  • Cathy - I also have an addiction to Amy Butler fabrics and prints. i just can’t explain it! What a lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Gevay - I love her stuff too! In a house full of men/boys I haven’t yet figure out how to incorporate it. Any suggestions?

  • Corey Moortgat - oh, some nice stuff in her shop! I’d love to win!

  • danielle - i love amy butler too. and i must admit i totally stole your idea of the orange curtains in firecracker’s room for my own daughter…she loves the color orange and i love amy butler so it suited both of us…fell in love w/ them in your post 🙂

  • Alisa - Love Amy Butler! That ring is gorgeous!

  • Megan - I heart the ring you are wearing in the last photos. beautiful!

  • Ana - Love what you have created!

  • Mara - oh i am loving the modern mobiles for my baby’s nursery! thanks for sharing such a great shop!

  • Brooke - I love Amy Butler! Her fabric is just wonderful!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - Love the stuff! So cute, such great ideas. 🙂

  • rosie - love that stacking toy!!

  • Pam - I am in love with this entire post. I was just browsing Amy’s website lastnight for the first time! I adore that ring.

  • irene - oh amy butler….i just love her….and i love this giveaway!!

  • amanda torres - That is some seriously cute stuff!

  • Kristen - Oh Amy Butler. What would we do without her?

  • Sarah - I use Amy Butler scrapbook paper for EVERYTHING, that woman is genius. Now I just need to get my hands on some of her fabric.

  • Elizabeth - Love the Bamboo sticks necklace and I love the Amy Butler material dress on little firecracker!

  • kribss - me like amy butler too!

  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - The mobiles! I LOVE the mobiles! Baby Girl NEEDS a mobile! Enter me.

  • Katie L. - What can’t you do with Amy Butler fabric?? It’s all good, all the time! I have a little one on the way and believe me, HIS room will be splashed with Amy! Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous prize!

  • Jenny W - I too love amy butler!!! What a great ring!!!

  • Emily Lusk - Isn’t fun to have a girl where you can put all of those cute fabrics on her, in her room, or on her toys!!! Love the dress on your little girl!! So cute!

  • Anna Marie - I love Amy’s designs too! So pretty and with a vintage vibe 😉

  • elizabeth - Amy Butler is wonderful. Happy fabrics. She lives very close to me in ohio.

  • Haley - Love the ring! Her fabrics are so beautiful.

  • Cristina - I’m fairly new to sewing and fabrics….but when I saw Amy Butler fabrics, it was love at first sight!!!

  • SarahH - My sewing skills stop with fixing buttons, which gives me even greater respect for all you crafty ladies out there. LOVE the ring and will mark her as a Fav on my Etsy page.

  • Kim - Love, Love, LOVE the ring!!

  • Karla - I actually don’t have any Amy Butler fabric, but I’ve admired it from afar! And I love these rings this seller has made!

  • Danielle - I sure do wish I had some of your talent…AMAZING!

  • Jenn - LOVE the ring too! I discovered Amy about 3 years ago. Do you have her Jam/Jelly cook book— GOOD STUFF! I think you would like it!

  • Katy O - I love, love, love Amy Butler’s fabrics! I just did a project where I covered the back of a bulletin board with some of her stuff.

  • Sandy - My “baby” is going to college this fall. I recently discovered Amy Butler and love, love, love her designs as well!! We’ve been looking at bedding but can’t decide if the cost of her fabulous bedding is “right” for a college dorm room! What do you think??

  • Mary Craig - LOVE her stuff! The middle ring on Firecracker’s stacking ring is what my baby’s bumper is made out of!

  • Breena - I love your website! And I just fell in love with these fabrics!! I can’t wait to find out if I can buy them in Colorado!

  • Lindsay McDaniel - If only I were 1/2 as creative as you 🙂 LOVE the fabrics!!

  • Kate - This would be a perfect addition to our nursery!!

  • Mariah - Fun baby mobiles!

  • Adele Chalker - I love this mini Amy Butler tribute – I adore the pillow – the colours together are just beautiful

  • Rebecca - I love the ring, and I love Amy Butler fabric. I have been making baby blankets and burb cloths for my friends out of it!

  • Susan - I love, love, love the ring. (And your house!)

  • Jessica - What fun stuff! Yes, please!

  • Deanna - Beautiful!! Ruffles on baby bumms doesnt get any better!!

  • Deanna - After I saw “firecracker’s” quilt on your blog last year, I went directly to the Amy Butler website and started looking for the nearest store…..a three hour drive away. Sadly, when you drive that far for something, you tend to buy too much. ha, ha. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ryan - I’m not entering – so don’t count this!

    I just wanted to say that I love my Amy Butler scrapbook paper! I’ve used it for all of my pages that cover my niece’s birth and growth. Her stuff is awesome! 🙂

  • Liz Hurst - You have introduced me to so many new things that I just love…Amy Butler is now on my favorites list~

  • Melissa - I made the ruffle butt onesie after seeing it on your blog a while back. I used some old baby quilt scraps and it came out great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • christina larsen - love her fabric, will have to check out sew flakes.

  • Analia - I love this post. I think Amy Butler’s Fabric is SO PRETTY!

  • amy - Oh, I think you have every RIGHT to be addicted to all of that adorable AB stuff….swoon…love the baby bum, the ring, the pillows…all of it!
    Now AB just needs to pay you for advertising…for real. : D

  • Colette Amey - I heard about Amy Butler from a friend of mine who likes to sew. Now it seems she is everywhere! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Elizabeth - Love anything Amy Butler!

  • Michelle - I love Amy and just bought her Midwest Modern book at Borders two nights ago. I couldn’t stop thumbing through the pages… 🙂

  • K - Amy Butler was my gateway drug into the world of designer fabric! My wallet would be fatter but my world much less cheerful without her! 🙂

  • Charity - Would die for that ring! I also share your love of Amy Butler! I may actually be addicted to her Full Moon Dot Fabric!!

  • Stevie - I love the ring!

  • Taylor Roberts - I love that ring! I have an Amy Butler addiction too!

  • Rachel J - Love all the prints!

  • Erin D - Please oh please! I love the explosion of creativity in combining Amy Butler’s fabrics with Hart’s Desire and her designs.

  • Lisa - That ring is AWESOME!!! I Love AB’s fabrics, too.

  • mindy t - I’m right with you on this obsession.

  • Carrie - I heart Amy Butler fabric and wish I was crafty enough to do all the things you have with it! The rocker in our nursery is covered in the orange dot fabric from your pillow thanks to my mother in law and it is my favorite part of our daughters room = )

  • andy - what fun stuff
    i love love love the ring too
    have a great 4th

  • Dana - That ring is Awesome!!!

  • Megan - That ring is absolutely adorable! Love, Love, LOVE!! All of her fabric is pretty much amazing 🙂

  • andy - not sure if my comment saves of not
    love the ring
    have a great 4th

  • Christine - You are so talented…I wish I knew how to sew 🙂

  • Jamie - I, too, have been a fan for about 7 years. I still have 2 yards of the red floral that you mentioned; I’ve never been able to find a project deserving of it so I have yet to cut it! Fun post!

  • tessa - Love that ring. And all things Amy Butler! Thanks for yet again another great giveaway on your awesome blog!

  • Vicki - amy….how do I love thee…let me count the ways….your all over my daughter’s room, the couch pillows, art in the bathroom, wrapped around my waist as I cook dinner. won’t you come and live on my finger too…. sincerely, vicki

    Thanks for the fun giveaway ladies…very generous…way to make a little lady’s day!

  • Megan H - You have great taste Ashley! I love the little dress that your friend Lauren made and I love your ring too!

  • Beth - I love AB fabric, too! What a fun post, showing how many ways you’ve used small amounts!

  • Kara P - Love it all!!

  • Amy - This post makes me want to get in my sewing and make something right this very second. And I even have some Amy Butler fabric in there…

  • Robin - since I’m the uncraftiest person I know, I love seeing and buying crafty things others make! 🙂

  • ashlee - i too remember the first time i saw amy butler fabric…ans i still use every last scrap! its like gold:)

  • Stephanie - Be still my heart.
    The first time I saw Amy was about a year ago. I still don’t own any. Because I can’t sew. But I love her.

  • Amber - I too love Amy Butler fabric. Too bad I don’t have a sewing bone in my body 🙂 What a cute etsy store. I love it all.

  • annie - I *heart* Amy Butler fabric!!! I’ve done a few jumpers for my daughter and a few friends and clients – I used that fabric you had on your wrap for a top -so sweet! Love it love it love it!

  • Julie - I love her stuff too. I hope I win 🙂

  • Sarah - OMG I love that ring! Everything is so fab, thanks for sharing!

  • Julie - That ring is too cute! Love it!

  • Heidi - So cute. Love her stuff!

  • Liz - I love all your crafty ideas… they inspire me!

  • Tracie - Oh so pretty! I need to learn how to sew NOW!

  • Chelsea - I love that ring! And every time I see Firecracker’s room, I swoon!

  • Nicole W. - I would love something from hart’s desire!

  • Shanalea - I have become a fan too. I bought the paper to do some projects with and it looks so good. BTW I really liked your post yesterday. It is a matter of choosing how to see each situation.

  • Ellen - My desire to sew and quilt came from my first sight of Amy Butler fabric, love at first sight. Her brilliant freshness in fabric turns sewing in a modern skill

  • robyn - Wow! I love jewelry. I love fabric. And, I love beautiful designs! All of these things are wonderful!!! Will have to check out the etsy store and Sew Flakes. Thanks for sharing.

  • julie - Love all the fabric! Can your Mom give a tutorial on that stacking ring? 🙂

  • Anna Joy - I love Amy Butler!!! I want to wear that ring too!

  • Beth - Wow! Super cute stuff!

  • Lisa P. - I love Amy Butler too! I think I could cover my whole house in her!

  • Priscilla - Ooooo! I love all those accessories 🙂 I’m also loving the way you incorporated amy butler’s florals & patterns into your beautiful home!

  • shelly@familyblt - Love that Amy Butler! Swoon over all your fabulous stuff 🙂

  • Sara - OK, your home is A.MAZ.ING!! I adore the fabric and it makes me wish I knew how to sew that much more because I really would like to make one of those ruffle pillows. Yep, I would. I hope I win because a ring would be nice. 🙂

  • Jenn - cool ring-cute stuff!

  • Valerie - I wonder if AB’s house is as covered in her fabric as yours is. 🙂 So pretty!

  • summer - 1) your home is amazingly beautiful…when can I move in? 2) i am teensy-bit obsessed with amy butler, we used little scraps of her fabric under the centerpieces at our wedding and they will soon be our wedding quilt 3) i love those amazing rings!!!

  • Becky - I read your blog everyday, but I’ve never posted. I absolutely love Amy Butler fabric. I have a little one on the way now and I’d love to use Amy Butler fabric for the nursery, but I find it so hard to find her fabric. My local stores don’t carry her line. 🙁 Thank you for your everyday inspiring posts!

  • Sarah K - I also lust after Amy’s gorgeous designs. They just make me happy!!

  • Kirra Sue - Soo fun! I love her fabric. Now if I could just learn how to work my sewing machine….

  • Leah B - What a unique way of using the awesome Amy Butler designs.
    Love the Rings!

  • patti - oh wow…i’m in love with that ring. seriously. so cute! i have been in love with amy butler fabrics for a long time too…in fact i still have a stash saved to make my girls some quilts. now if i could just find the time…

  • Misty - LOVE Amy Butler!

  • Mollie - I love that ring!

  • Callie B - Ooooo, I love that ring!!! Fantastic!!!!

  • natalie - Love Amy Butler and all of the great things you’ve done with her fabric.

  • Pat - Love the fabric! And love the ring!!

  • Faith - Oh! How stinkin’ cute. The ring, the baby, the pillows, all of it!

  • Lindsay - Everything Amy Butler is fabulous! Thanks for showing us hartsdesire on etsy, love finding new stores! 🙂

  • tami - Love the ring!

  • Liene - I love the fabrics by amy butler as well, just like the fabrics by anna maria horner!

  • Shauna - Your ring is gorgeous!!!! Im new to Amy Butler, but everything I see of hers is amazing!!!

  • Roxane - Beautiful projects and home!

  • Cory - I love Amy Butler as well! I discovered her stuff while I was designing my son’s nursery bedding. Oh man, would I be in trouble if I had a little girl!

  • Jamie - I love Amy Butler & I LOVE that ring!

  • Samantha - I heart Amy Butler too. Mine and Ellie’s Easter clothes were made from some of my FAVORITE Amy Butler fabric from the Lotus line! 🙂

  • Sara - The only fabric stores close to me are Joanns and Hancock fabrics which both carry much of the same stuff, none of Amy Butler’s (as far as I have seen at least). So I love that you can order Amy Butler fabric on and other websites like that! I am going to use some to make the decorative squares on a couple baby wraps I’m doing for friends!

  • the inadvertent farmer - I adore Amy Butler too…I have a whole walk in closet full of fabrics and many (or most) are her’s! Amy you rock…Kim

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - Very cool use of Amy Butler fabric!

  • ashley white - i love everything- and i’m sure you’ve gotten tons of people addicted to it as well! thanks for sharing!

  • Becky - I love her fabric! Thanks for holding the contest!

  • Ashley Joy - I love Love LOVE Amy Butler fabric. It is fun and elegant at the same time! You can never go wrong wtih Amy Butler!

  • SamiRose - LOVE the fabric! AND the shop!!!!

  • Chelsea - i love her fabrics and love the ring too!

  • Moriah - I am always so inspired by your little girls room. And I Hart that Amy Butler ring!!

  • alina - so inspired by your creativity.
    the pillow is absolutely gorgeous and little firecracker is adorable as always :))

  • Lisa - I love Amy Butler! Great post and very inspiring.

  • Crystal - Love the fabric & all the projects! It’s ok to have an addiction!

  • Arielle - I’m a huge Amy Butler fan, and I’m feeling so inspired after seeing all of the beautiful ways you’ve incorportated your fabric into your home! LOVE the ring- thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  • Michelle Gray - wow, all of her stuff is so incredible…and you do such a good job using it in creative ways. oh, i hope i win!!!

  • Savannah - I love all the different patterns!

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - I love Amy Butler too! Great giveaway!

  • Christian T - Rings AND mobiles! OH MY!!!!

  • Callie - Oh, I love Amy Butler too and this shop looks fabulous!

  • Jaimie - Wow! Lots of Amy Butler! I love how homemade, but still beautiful your home is.

  • paige rodriguez - I love that little pillow on Firecracker’s nursery chair every time I see it!!

  • Mary - I love Amy Butler and that ring is beautiful!

  • sarah - i ? amy butler.

  • Jentre - fun stuff! love the ring.

  • Jessica G - Love the fabric! I have a baby on the way and I would love to incorporate her fabric and your ideas for the nursery!

  • Rachel - I too am an Amy Butler addict…Her fabrics are sprinkled throughout my house and I have an obsession over her quilts too…I love your ring!!!

  • Jen - SWOON!

  • Jen - I love the orange ruffled pillow!

  • Katie - Amy Butler does do a nice job, doesn’t she? I love the shell pendant and the earrings over at Hart’s Desire – it’s so fun to find new, cute, Etsy shops.

  • Kacey - Wow!! Love love love your ring. 🙂

  • lacey - love amy butler – so fun to dress my girls in her prints!

  • Ali - I LOVE Amy Butler too! I had an infant carseat cover made in her fabric for my baby girl and every time I am out and about, I get stopped for compliments. Yay for Amy!!!

  • Sara - Oh yay! Who doesnt love Amy Butler!!

  • Jackie - All these Amy Butler fabrics and projects really make me want to learn to sew for real!

  • Amy - Beautiful things…we create because we are created! Thanks be to our wonderful Creator!

  • Yanet - You’ve introduced me to Amy Butler and I’m so thankful. I didn’t think I was much of a flowery person until I saw them. Her fabircs are so happy and girly. I just love them.

    BTW, can’t wait to see what you put togehter for FireCracker’s birthday!!

  • Urska - This is so pretty. How to choose.

  • Sara - I am such a amy buttler fan and would LOVE LOVE a ring!!! How fun. Something to add to my collection!

  • MB - I love all of Amy Butler’s prints, they definitely inspire me to do something with such pretty patterns!

  • Sara - I am not trying to win by commenting twice. I just wanted to also say that I have been so completely inspired by most of you amy buttler projects in your home. From th:)e quilt, the your little ladies bedding!!! Thanks again for the amazing inspiration. I think you should write a book Ashley I am sure you would have a million copies sold quickly and everything you write is helpful and inspiring. 🙂

  • Katherine - You’ve made so many adorable things with Amy Butler fabric! I love the ruffle pillow so much!

  • Lauren - Love Amy.
    Need Ring!

  • gina f. - I have a fabric addiction and Amy Butler is a part of it. You have made some great projects, hard to pick a favorite. I think the shower invites you showed the other week are high on the list. Although Firecracker’s pillowcase dress is pretty cute!

  • Nhu - Such lovely designs! I’m like you too, I buy a yard here or there for inspirations.

  • Kari - You are so crafty!

  • Ashley - Yippee another giveaway! Love the mobiles on Hart’s Desire! I saw the ‘Green Rings and Wood Necklace’ and thought that looks like the necklace from Anthropologie and then I saw the description – great job love it!

  • Kat - I love that ring!
    And of course all the other Amy Butler prints hiding in your gorgeous house!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, the apron is LOVELY! The pink and green mobile is beautiful, too. I can’t wait to do some Saturday morning coffee browsing!

  • Audrey - Amy Butler fabric is the reason I want to learn how to sew!! She is amazing!!!

  • shaina - i adore amy butler too!! but really, who doesn’t, right? 😉
    great giveaway!! thanks for the chance to enter. <3

  • rachel marini - i am nowhere near as talented as you, but i’d love to learn. thanks for the chance!

  • Rachael - I am obessessed with her fabrics as well. My friend makes adorable aprons with her towels. See MRS on etsy! rachael

  • BriBedell - Those rings are beautiful! I have really small fingers, hope she can make them in a really small size! I also heart Amy Butler!!

  • Stacey - i love amy butler fabrics. the patterns she puts out are pretty amazing as well!

  • Joanie - love your ring! It’s seriously groovy, and it makes me think that I could be hip and cool if I had one like it. Not that I’m ever hip or cool, but I COULD be….. 🙂

  • amy j. - Awesome! She has so much great color! Love her stuff!

  • Candice Forfte - Love that Amy Butler stuff!

  • Crystal - Who doesn’t love Amy Butler fabric???? Love the ring too!!

  • Tanya B - Oh .. I love all the Amy Butler! I’m a big fan as well. 🙂

  • Natalie - I want one! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Ernie Treu - Love Amy Butler! Such amazing cuteness!

  • Tabitha - I love Amy Butler too! Only, I lean more towed her scrapbook line since I’m not a talented seamstress. 🙂

  • Verlan Day - I have recently discovered Amy Butler Fabrics and love all that I have seen. My maiden name is Butler, so I feel a “kindred spirit” there. Ha!

  • Dana - Amy Butler is amazing! I’m was hoping to find the perfect fabric of hers for a padded liner I made to turn an old purse into a camera bag, but ended up with something less expensive. Yes, the bag is for my new Canon DSLR. Yes, I’m thrilled to death with it and can’t wait to learn more. Yes, I’m anxiously waiting for your next SnapShop announcment. No, I don’t check my email ten times a day for your newsletter. Ok that’s a lie. I really do.

  • Danielle - Stunning! That’s all I can say!!!

  • Crystal - I was hoping that my 9 month old baby girl’s first words would be “AyyMee-BUTtttLuRrr” but she had to go main stream with “Dada”. LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabric & your ring!

  • Bethany - What a fun etsy shop… you have to love Amy Butler with all those beautiful colors!

  • Lois Victoria - What an adorable store! I’m torn between a ring for myself and a baby mobile for the little one we’re expecting…

  • Jaclyn - Love the fabric! I especially love the fabric on “firecracker’s” dress-too cute!

  • Margie - I have an addiction to Amy Bulter fabric too! Her designs are just so bright and fun! Love the ring…very stylish indeed!

  • Michele V. - I love her fabrics. If I didn’t live with two boys I would
    probably have more of it in my home. Thanks for introducing me
    to Hart’s Desire’s etsy shop.

  • Gretchen - Ohhhh!!! I adore the ring. Amy Butler Rocks!Enjoying your site. Thanks for inspiring.

  • erin c. - Love Amy Butler! Awesome ring!

  • Natalie - I just started reading your blog. It helps brighten the work day! I love your photos/craft ideas and your kids are so beautiful!

  • erin c. - Love Amy Butler and that ring is amazing!

  • Sarah C - Man, I LOVE Amy Butler!

  • meg - i love amy butler fabrics too…so gorgeous!

  • Beth - I love all of Firecracker’s clothes. Amy Butler fabric is so lovely.

  • Alyse Bennett - Everything in her store is adorable!

  • Kellie Ann - Really nice post; not random at all. Gorgeous pictures, as usual.

  • Meredith - Her jewelry is lovely!

  • jessibee - i too am OBSESSED~or ADDICTED….which ever you prefer. Why oh why is everything; yes everything, so darn adorable??!!! My daughters entire room is in amy butler and I know slowly she is taking over my house…

  • margaret - Amy Butler’s fabrics are gorgeous – absolutely adore the baby mobiles!

  • Rena Frey - Fun! I love all of her prints! The colors make my heart skip a beat! 🙂

  • Angie - Adoring all the Amy in your house. It’s ALWAYS a fun day when Amy’s around!

  • Heidi - i love amy butler stuff.
    love it.
    as it, i am addicted.

  • jody - Jewelry w Amy Butler designs?? oh my!

    Love all your photos. I wanna live in your home. Such a lovely, oh so happy place!!

  • Donna - Amy Butler fabric is my favorite!

  • colleen - DROOLING at the moment!I just discovered amy butler a few months ago and am totally whooped! that ring is beautiful.

  • Jennifer J. - Love all the fabrics & LOVED the ruffle bottom pants!:)

  • Tricia - Oh, how I would love to win this~ I just checked out her shop, and her work is just beautiful!

  • Heather - i love me some amy butler!!

  • Allison - I really wish I could sew! Oh wait, you have to have the time to sew…..and it
    helps if you have a cute little girl to sew things for! Boys in Amy butler fabric, just isn’t the same! 😉

  • Elisa B - I love your blog and firecracker’s room is sooo lovely. Your post yesterday was very inspiring and a great pick me up on these long summer days.

  • Melissa K - Oh how I love Amy! I too have a healthy obsession, and limited budget. It’s amazing how one can stretch precious bits of that fabric into many different projects!

  • Jill - LOVE Amy Butler, too!!

  • AshleyDawn - You’re one of my favorite people ever, and an inspiration. This is my first contest, hope i win!

  • Jill B. - HUGE Amy Butler fanatic!!

  • kelly greer - your creativity + her fabric is simply stunning!

  • Amber - I have no clever or creatvie comment at this time. My brain is in post-vacation blah mode. It was fun to catch up on your blog after being gone, though.

  • Brianne Pitts - love, love your site!

  • Sarah V. - amy butler was my first fabric love as well 🙂

  • amy - I too love Amy Butler (& I too can’t afford as much of it as I’d like)!

  • joy - fingers crossed. too cute!

  • Heidi C. - I have recently discovered Amy Butler, so beautiful. And I was so enticed by all of your projects you have done with her fabric! It inspires me to sew again…

  • Kelsey - I love all of the fabrics & I love everything you do! Your stuff is amazing.

  • Angela - love this post, and I really loved the guest post you did the other day. I just love this blog really.. am I starting to get creepy?

  • Rachel Copple - your pictures are GORGEOUS. as always!
    love the newborn shot. i have my 2nd daughter
    coming in October and can’t wait to get some
    newborn pictures of her on my new, good camera 🙂

  • Jill - LOVE the ring that you are wearing! Great shop!

  • Emily S. - I LOVE AMY BUTLER!! Thanks for this post – everything you’ve made is so darn cute!!!

  • Joy Andrews - Ok, I am feeling a little like a loser after rading this blog 🙂 Where do you find time to sew, decorate fabulously, take super funky and fun pics, and be a superdeeduper blogger? God has sooo gifted you! KUDOS!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Stefanie O - Love the necklaces!

  • Susan Holmberg - I love amy butler too!

  • Trisha - LOVE your blog….I found your blog when you guest blogged on Blessed Little Nest 🙂

  • Megan - I love Amy Butler fabric too! I have some picked out to make some new pillows.

  • Jen - I love fabric and I love Amy Butler! and that ring is fabulous!

  • joanne - i love your blog and that wire basket pendant light is AWESOME!!

  • KerriHD - I SEW love your stuff 🙂

  • Whitney - you are so incredibly talented….it literally blows my mind!!

  • Lynette - I want a ring like that! I love those ruffled pillows!

  • Amanda - Beautiful fabric. Just looking at it has inspired me to learn how to sew!

  • vina sanchez - i hope i win. i hope i win. love your posts and all the many ways to use amy butler’s fabric!!! simply wonderful.

  • Meredith - I could decorate MYSELF in amy butler. I was just looking for fabric to do wall hangings with, I will have to save up for some of her fabric!

  • Cara L - i love amy butler too…like you, just wish i could afford more! all the ideas are great!

  • Heather king - Love me some amu butler… Makes me want to learn to sew fer sure!

  • Meaghan D. - LOVE that ring!
    Love all your pillows and things you’ve made with AB fabric, too.
    I’ve just gotten into her fabric (“where have I been?” you ask? I’m kind of a new sewer ;-). Just bought some to recover my living room pillows!

  • Cath - I’ve been seeing projects made with Amy Butler for quite some time and I just wish I could find it where I live. Someday…
    Seriously your blog posts make my day better, so inspiring!

  • Sarah M - ooooh, good giveaway. I, too, LOVE Amy Butler. (Isn’t she a household name, now? Like Martha, or Julia? 🙂
    Sarah M

  • kara - I could use a new ring! 😀

  • Ranee - love the fabric! I’m going to make a pillow this week!!

  • Jamie Herring - Ooo! Amy Butler has some great designs! I would love a ring like that!

  • Beth H - I love Amy! She has some of the best fabrics out there!

  • Erin - I’ve got to get my hands on some Amy Butler material and some sweet stuff from this shop 🙂

  • betsy - love the giveaway! So, if I wanted to learn how to sew… where would one start>??? 😮

  • Emily F - Ashley- I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and want to finally tell you how much I love it. I’m a student right now, and don’t have a family of my own YET, but get super excited to have one someday when I read your blog. I try to absorb as much of it as possible!
    Praise the Lord for creative people like you!

  • Allison - thoroughly enjoyed yet another beautiful post!

  • Madaline - i loveeee your blog! you have inspired me to be soo crafty since i moved into my new house! and your photography inspires me!

  • Kristin - You are so talented! I love what you have created with all the different cute fabrics!

  • Jen - I love Amy Butler too! I only discovered her early this year but I can’t get enough!

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  • Elle - I love the ring!

  • Tysha - looks like a lot of people like Amy! 🙂 I got my first sewing machine for Christmas this past year, and shortly thereafter have also fallen in love with Amy’s inspiring designs. Crossing my fingers here!

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  • Jana - Wow…love that store!!! Amazing stuff 😀

  • Lauren Roberts - I’m so happy to see her in her dress! She is so beautiful 🙂

  • Erin Kirby - i love me some amy butler. i have the heather bailey pattern to make that stacking toy for my twins due in december! i hope it only looks half as cute as yours! 🙂

  • Dana Summers - Love Amy…and love all your ruffles!

  • Becca R. - i also adore amy butler fabric and paper…have a ton of it too!

  • Hailey - i love your house + everything amy butler that’s in it!!

  • Lacey - Love that daybed!!!!! 🙂 Enjoyed this post!

  • Chloe - i just bought a sewing machine on sunday! super excited! now i need to find some amy fabric..pronto! love your style. and i adore the ring!

  • jaime scott - cute stuff!

  • krista - I am new to sewing and have fallen HARD for Amy Butler!!!!

  • Donna Treiber - Oh, how I wish I knew how to sew! I {heart} her fabric. Your house is beautiful, by the way 🙂

  • Kenna - Love, love, love Amy Butler! Pick me!

  • Kendall - Amy Butler fabric is so lovely! I am working on a quilt with her fabric right now.

  • Rachel - What a cute giveaway! Amy Butler is fantastic and so is your ring!

  • Trudy - You definitely know how to put it all together. If Amy doesn’t know about you – she should.

  • Emily F - Wow..what adorable rings!

  • Callie - What a cute little handmade shop!

  • Hannah - I love every single project you have in this post!!! And I love all the fabric. I’m going to have to check it out for sure!

  • karen davis - I as well have a LOVE for Amy Butler… she is gradually creeping into every room of my house, started with the living room (lots of fun pillows EVERYWHERE) and I use her a lot for things in my shop on etsy as well! What a treat it would be to win this!! Have a great weekend.

  • Kacy M. - I’m loving that pink and orange ring! It reminds me of a bouquet of flowers. 🙂

  • Kimberlee J. - For the love of Amy Butler, pick me!

  • kristi - that shop is so cute!
    -and your house too!

  • Emily - I can’t pick which of your projects with Amy Butler stuff I love the best. You are so talented!

  • Liz R. - This is my first time commenting, and just wanted to say I adore your blog… and am a huge fan of Amy Butler too!

  • Vita - The fabrics are mouth watering. Crafted things are so too.

  • Wendy @ Almota Roses - How lovely! I too love Amy Butler….. a lot!

  • Lorena Mair - gee, so many entries already but I still want to have these gorgeous items and it won’t hinder me! Love it! Thanks for that beautiful giveaway!

  • Janene - Wow these are all so beautiful! I love all the projects you make, God really has given you a great talent 🙂

  • Janine Ng - meeee pleaseeee! I love rings:) Pretty rings:)

  • Tanya - I love her fabric too, but have you ever bought any Anna Maria Horner? Her stuff is more artsy and the colors are gorgeous!

  • Casey - I love everything Amy Butler! Great giveaway!

  • tara - all gorgeous…
    love, love, love…
    how can you not be happy looking at some Amy Butler.

  • Lisa Keen - Love what you did with all the fabrics! Very creative!

  • Jackie McCobb - Oh!! I hope I win!!

  • Jackie McCobb - I hope I win!

  • Comeca Jones - I adore your blog I just discovered it! Hearts desire seems like a fun store I will be back!

  • Julie - I’m addicted to Amy Butler fabrics also. Love your photos!

  • Carly - I too am a sucker for Amy Butler! I sadly haven’t been able to afford a yard of my very own yet, but I eyeball it every time I go to the fabric store. I am making a crib bumper for my own “firecracker” and have had my eye on one of her grey flower motifs for some time now….Oh, how I would love to win this giveaway!!!!

  • Julie - Love Amy Butler fabrics!

  • Christy - Die hard Amy Butler fan here loving those rings!! I like the mobiles too.

  • Holly - Ah, I too love amy butler. I recently discovered 6 yards, got that? 6 YARDS for 5.00$ at my local Savers! Amazing. It was as if it was there just for me. Happy Sigh.

  • Cindy - Thanks for introducing me to Amy B… Her stuff is amazing! Gret pics. It’s fun to see how many different ways you can creatively use beautiful fabric!!!

  • laura - oh man! i. want. to. win!

  • Karen - love your ring. And that adorable baby bottom with ruffles. Your projects make me want to roll my chair over to the sewing machine!

  • Holly - I just scheduled my first sewing lesson and I’ve been looking for some great fabric for my first project (pillow covers). I think I found it – Amy Butler’s designs are awesome. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Kristina - I love Amy Butler…and her store….I want to win :P!!

  • Danielle D - I love Amy Butler fabrics! Having a baby girl makes me want to drape my entire home with Amy Butler! I figure girls now outnumber boys here, so I should be able to 😉

  • Candy Foster - Nice stuff!

  • Jennie Frake - Ahhhhhhh, I love Amy Butler. I used her stuff for Molly’s baby room.

  • jenny - what a fun store!!! I would love to win!

  • casey - I just stumbled upon your site and LOVE it.

  • JoLynn - Oh, I love those rings! And Amy Butler! And your pictures! {Just found your site} Thanks for the giveaway!

  • AloraineS - I dont know either the Etsy store or the fabric, but I sure do now! I am a college student over here at Stillwater land of the COWBOYS and I am working on a new project that I am inspired by weekly! Maybe this next weeks will be an Amy Butler Pillow or count buying something off the Etsy store as my weekly project 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  • Jenna - I LOVE your ring!!! Must have. must have.

    PS: Love your site too!

  • Juice - Love her fabrics!

  • Olivia - i love that ruffle pillow!!! if you made that you are officially a genius.


  • Jane - The fabrics are beautiful! And you make such wonderful creations from them!

  • Danielle Albini - I just love Amy’s style. I need to get a sewing machine so I can start this amazing craftiness!

  • Stacy - Amy Butler is my favorite too!!! What a fun etsy shop!

  • Rachael - So many wonderful things! I would be hard to choose 🙂

  • Teresa - Your ring…beautiful. I want one 😉

  • Ashlee - Just leave a comment? That’s it? No rig-a-ma-role? Bless you! I found your site for the first time today and I’m in love. What a beautiful life!

  • Sara W - What a fabulous shop! How will I ever chooose…

  • Brittany - I’m throwing my girlfriend a vintage rock N roll baby shower for her little one Lincoln 🙂 I’d love to have one of those baby mobiles to put up somewhere!

  • becca - oo – i love love amy butler!

  • Suzanne D - That ring is fabulous! Happy 4th!

  • emily - great ring!

  • Keri Duckett - Love this post!!

  • LesleyM - Just found your site and LOVE inspire me with your photography and DIY. Love it all

  • Mary Beth - Amy Butler’s fabric definitely played a role in my learning to sew last fall! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! 🙂

  • Aimee - I love the ring.. I love to sew and I never do.. I really need to get back into it and when I read your blog it always makes me want to but when I go to sew I have no clue what to sew.. lol..

  • amanda - i LOVE amy butler too! my husband and i lived in ohio for a while (where she is from) and i do hair. amy used to come to our salon and i would literally freak out! i have never been star struck (we live in nyc now) but for amy, i totally was!

  • Angela - Oh, those mobiles are cute!

  • Kelli - I too LOVE Amy Butler and think its grrrreat you dedicated an entire blog post to her crafty goodness!

  • Heather - I love me some Amy Butler and love your ring. Hope I win!

  • jlyn - well i’m glad to know i’m not alone. except i don’t have a house yet (soon, we hope!). so i can’t admit to buying & decorating IT in amy butler (yet). but i can dream….right? {and that wouldn’t be creepy, right?}

  • Jessie - I, too, am in love with Amy Butler’s fabrics. If they weren’t so expensive I could see myself decked out in dresses, headbands, purses, etc covered with her lovely designs. I definitely can’t afford more than a yard at a time right now and have yet to find any place that sells it locally.

    Your work is beautiful, as always 🙂

  • Brooke - I LOVE LOVE Amy Butler. I discovered her about a year ago and I love her. She is so cute, I want to be her friend. Do you know who else I want to be friends with? YOUR MOM! She should start a business making stacking toys made of Amy Butler fabric. I don’t have a baby yet, but I would pay for that now, just to have because it’s so cute!!

    Also, love what little brother said to your neighbor. That is our kind of boy!!

  • Susan W - Love your blog and love Amy Butler too.

  • jessica - I love how Amy Butler’s fabrics are so classic looking with just a dash of contemporary and a speckle of funky! 🙂

  • Ashley - I love Amy Butler!!! And that ring… so cute!

  • Holly T - I want that ring!

  • Stacy - Gorgeous!! Can’t get enough Amy Butler!

  • robyn - i too love amy butler. so much fun to sew with her beautiful fabrics!

  • Joy Fisher - The sinner in me has coveted that quilt newborn Firecracker is laying on since I first saw it in your post. (The angel in me has also coveted it, but she’ll never tell.)

  • Ana Gamez - I love how your pictures and ideas inspire me to do my own crafting! Fabulous! 🙂

  • giozi - I’ve just “met” Amy, thanks “Ravenhill Designs”, a girl in FLickr who do gorgeous russian dolls.
    I love Heather Baileys too and Alexander Henry 🙂
    I love your cushion covers and all your DIY. I love your blog too 😀

    Regards (little guitarman’s mom)

  • Raechel - that peacock plume ring is marvelous!

  • Jen - Seriously, you rock!

  • Angela - I think I need to learn to sew! This post is full of eye candy!

  • Macy English - You have just now introduced me to Amy Butler. Now I can’t wait to incorporate her designs in my home!

  • Laura Durrer - So many projects that inspire me!

  • Tracy - I love amy butler too! Great giveaway!!!

  • Amanda - As always, love your photos and your creativity! You have inspired me to take on some of my own! Thanks

  • anh t - oh my gosh, those gray and white pillows with the ruffles? I’m dying from the cuteness. I’m adding that to my ever expanding list of craft projects to get done this year!!!

  • Monique - I just found your blog a week or two ago and I am absolutely inspired! The Amy Butler fabrics are gorgeous!!! Thanks for taking the time to post – I am also a stay at home mom, former Junior High Teacher, part time photographer and columnist and I have no idea how you have time to blog and do such great DIY’!!!!

  • Rachael B - I love Amy Butler! My room is covered in her fabrics as well, love it 😀

  • Chiara Mancuso - I love the paper decorations that hang in your living room (?) 🙂
    also love the cushion on the Eames chair! Those chairs are so beautiful, I have four of them in my kitchen (metal feet) and a black one in my room (wooden feet) 😀
    Hope you have a wonderful sunday!

  • Nicole - I adore Amy Butler; I didn’t realize all the “stuff” they have. I usually only use her for scrapbooking products. I love your pillows and the room!

  • Jenn - Love the rings!

  • Cassie - Ohh…I love Amy Butler!

  • Elisa B. - I am planning a “staycation” with my four sisters this month and we are planning on crafting for a good deal of the time. Perhaps I’ll be able to work in some Amy Butler while I’m at it!

  • Melissa - mmmmm, lovin all of Amy Butler, and your blog!

  • Tracy - Oh i love amy butler too!! Great giveaway!!

  • lifeologia - WOW this shop is just my style. I love these designs.

  • Link Time! | - […] Cup poster is a must have! – AT:SFAshley Ann owns up to an Amy Butler addiction. – Under the SycamoreSome crazies in Burgundy are building a new castle using medieval techniques. – […]

  • Andrea Jett - Oh no. A post FULL of all the things I have wanted to try, making me feel guilty for my procrastination! Instead I sit here eating cereal and being lazy. Thanks so much! 😉 Love everything Ashley!

  • Paige - I love all things Amy too! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Sarah - I adore Amy Butler and this shop is amazing! It’s also amazing what you manage to do with a yard!

  • Celeste - Yep. I, too, am a die-hard Amy B. fan — love, love, love!

  • LaurenS - love the ring, happy 4th!!!!

  • Amanda - I hope I win the giveaway 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all your projects using Amy Butler fabric! Inspirational goodness!!

  • Tonia - I’m not a huge jewelry person but I LOVE that ring and all her fabric!

  • Victoria - My sister introduced me to your blog today sending me a link to your pallet bed for the nursery. After that I had to start at the top and read your blog!

    I love Amy Butler and esp the ring you are wearing!

  • Elaine - The cutest! Hope I win!

  • Karen DeMamiel - I love Amy butler too, I did my daughter nursery using some of her fabric!!

  • michelle - love love amy butler. really want one of the mobiles!

  • Kristin - Amy Butler fabric is amazing. Love your pillow with orange ruffles.

  • Erin - This entire post is fabulous! I love Amy Butler.

  • Melissa W - CUTE! I’d love to do an Amy quilt! 🙂

  • Jennifer Campo - Love the ring Ashley!

  • Angela Huse - Oh my, BEAUTIFUL items! I am also an Amy Butler junkie!

  • Ang - The rings are my favorite!

  • Kristin S - Oh, that ring is amazing!

  • Dawn - I LOVE the mobiles. My son’s room has to have one!

  • Fran - Baby Mobiles! How cute!

  • Mandy - I’ve been in love with Amy Butler for a while – – she was my first introduction to designer fabrics – still love it!!

  • Paige - Hi. I absolutely LOVE your blog. You are so creative and you are an excellent photographer. (:

  • Julie A - Who doesn’t fall in love with Amy Butler at first site!! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Amber - That ring is too cute!

  • Carmen - Your blog totally makes my day. Thank you.

  • Samantha Lawrence - Love that ring!!

  • Leah - that ring is fab.u.lous!!

  • Ann - That ring is so cute! Off to check out that shop!

  • Jolie - oooh pretty ring! Another Amy Butler fan checking in…I have a (not so little anymore!) stash of her fabrics to make a quilt for our bed, but keep putting off cutting in to it!

  • Tracie Koenig - Love, love her fabric 🙂

  • alissa - i LOVE amy butler!
    your home looks like a dream. 🙂

  • Renee - I love Amy Butler fabrics and papers! Found your site today and am so inspired by how you’ve used and reused them. Your daughter’s room is amazing!

  • Becky - Inspiring pictures! Must go sew.

  • Tessa - What cool stuff! Love it!

  • kate george - I did my nursery with Amy Butler fabric. It’s my absolute favorite!

  • Brenda Hillhouse - Love it all, especially the ring!

  • Sara - SOOOO CUTE!

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  • Vanessa - I love that baby wrap! We’re adopting a newborn and they suggested we use one for bonding…do you mind sharing the pattern or how you did it? (Did you just cover an already made wrap?) Would love to make one!! Thanks!