diy {plexi glass frame}

Contest winners are: Lauren -” if you pick me as the winner, i’ll be you a big ol’ kiss and squeezy!”….thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass πŸ™‚

amanda torres – “I just got a little squeezy from my teeny weeny.”

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Julie A. has the last counting comment.

I recently acquired the Graffiti art from Design Aglow…you’ll be seeing it pop up a lot on my pictures now…just so much fun.

Here’s a picture Shannon took of Chris & I…with a little graffiti.

I have an old French frame I’ve been wanting to use in the house and didn’t want to add glass to it. I also have a super cute poster that reminds me of my son’s kindergarten teacher – who I adore. I thought I’d hang the poster and frame next to the door to the boy’s room, but I also knew I needed to protect the poster from flying balls and LEGO men. Thus was born my custom plexi-glass frame using my Graffiti Art….

Step 1: Decide how you want the design of your frame to look. I wanted mine bigger than the actual poster. I drew mine up on Photoshop, but this isn’t necessary…just know in your head what you want. You can use any type of design….

Step 2: Your supplies – 2 sheets of “plastic glazing” (thin plexi glass), your poster, sharpie marker, paint, small paint brush, easy tack adhesive, scrapbooking paper (if you want)

Step 3: Print out the design you want on your frame. If you want the paint on the inside of the glass you will need to ‘flip’ the printout before painting it. Trace the design onto the plexi glass using a fine point sharpie.

Step 4: Paint over the marker lines with craft paint and a small brush. You can leave the painted side facing out (but be aware the paint could get scratched off) or you could use it facing the inside (which is what I did….this also makes the paint look shiny).

Step 5: Use Easy-Tack (or another adhesive) to adhere the poster to the back piece of glass. I also wanted to add some scrapbooking paper to make the poster stand out since it was going on a wall with yellow paint. I used the Easy-Tack (acid free) to stick the poster to the scrapbooking paper, then the scrapbooking paper to the glass. I also used just a small sliver of double sided tape on the bottom to keep the two pieces of plexi-glass together (it is hidden under paint).

My finished product!

To get you started…how about a poster giveaway?! My poster is from Sew Saucy Stitches. She’d like to give away your choice of an 8×10 poster to TWO readers!

Giveaway Details:

2 winners chosen at random

One entry per person

Prize is 1 8×10 poster each of the winner’s choice from Sew Saucy Stitches

Contest ends Monday, June 28th 9:00pm US Central

To enter: Leave a comment on today’s post using one of these words “easy”, “peasy”, “lemon”, “squeezy”.

….(For example: “Pretty peasy, give me a bite of that brownie.” “I’d rather have a lemon than a lime.”, “Thanks for an easy diy tutorial.”)

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  • Abbey Sparks - You make craft projects look so easy! =)

  • Jennifer - A comment using easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy? Now THAT’s hard. Wait….I just did it!

  • Amy - Pretty peasy let me win! πŸ™‚

  • Jodi - I love giveaways! Especially ones that are “Easy, peasy, puddin’pie”. Haha, that was as creative as I could get. πŸ™‚ Love the tutorial.

  • Allison - Would love to win!! I am posting this as I sit with my oldest:…..he is so sqeez!!!!

  • Candy Foster - Ezra is so squeezy.
    Lovin’ him is easy.

    Written by Mommy & Sissy

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - Entering this giveaway is as “easy” as pie!!

  • Shannon - Oh my! Well, darn…I have to buy that poster! My kids say EVERYTHING is easy peast, lemon squeezy! I have no idea where it comes from, but they say it!

    And I LOVE the look of the plexiglass frame. I have also seen it done and then hung with ribbons from a short bar (possibly a curtain rod?)…I love the floating picture effect it makes! Smart with the frame Ashley!

  • Christine - When life hands you a lemon make lemonade πŸ™‚

  • Jeannette Swan - Loved the post – adding it to my to do list! Now off to give my 2 1/2 year old a squeezy – my favorite thing to do when he wakes up. The other kids don’t like it quite as much as he does.

  • lifeologia - Your diy looks like an easy project to frame a wedding photo for our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Tomorrow we’re celebrating our 5th and to share that I have featured all my DIY’s for the wedding on my blog.

  • SeaminglySarah - You make crafting look “easy peasy”

  • keely - It won’t be quite so easy to pick out which poster I want! πŸ™‚

  • Ranee - I officially love your blog now…I’m a new reader but I’m hooked! Your projects look easy AND fantastic! Can’t wait to try this

  • vina sanchez - well this was EASY! hahahah..te he…ahem. sorry!

  • Jess - Great idea! You make crafting look so easy…especially knowing you have four kiddos at your feet when you are doing all of your projects. Love the posters!

  • Shea - I like lemons more than peasies. It’s not easy being this cheesy.

  • maggi - i just squeezed some lemons last night…this dyi project looks so easy & pretty peasy i hope to win!!!

  • Sarah - You make all your diy projects looks so easy peasy; All that’s left is to sit back with your lemon squeezy and enjoy!

  • amanda torres - I just got a little squeezy from my teeny weeny.

  • Tracie - What a fun and “easy” project to decorate a kitchen (or any other room in your house)! I might be able to make lemonade out of “lemons” with this one!

  • Emily - Easy choice to enter this giveaway!

  • Christina - You make that project look easy!

  • karen davis - this is too easy… maybe I should say, “Pretty pretty peasy?”

  • Mindy - You make crafting look so easy!

  • danielle - Yay!! another diy project…you make it look so easy!!

  • Jessica - Love how it turned out! You always have such great “easy” ideas!

  • Ellen - It is easy to love this giveaway. Sew Saucy Stiches has some squeezy designs

  • Maran - “Ring around the rosy, pockets full of ‘PEASY’, ashes ashes, we all fall down!” Pretty pretty peasy, please pick me! πŸ™‚

  • Mandy - Winning this poster is going be so easy peasy, right????
    mandybeez at gmail

  • Lucy - Oh my, it’s easy for me to choose my favorite poster. The bushel and a peck one is perfect! I sing that song to my girls all the time.

  • Heidi - i am loving this project… you are pretty much my idol, the only problem is you make everything seem so easy peasy, and when it comes down to it i am not as crafty as you, but i still try!

  • kribss - interesting how easy peasy lemon squeezy got started. [just googled it]

  • Angela Carter - reading your blog is like a fresh glass of lemon.aide on a hot summer day.

  • Stephanie - I can’t wait to give my kids a squeezy this morning!

  • Julie - My hubby and I are two peasys in a pod! πŸ™‚

  • Karla - I think I’ll be making some lemon squares after reading that post! Thanks for the DIY!

  • beth - life would be easy peasy if i could spend all day given my little ones a squeezy.

  • Sara - Life is easy peasy when you walk with the Lord.

  • Andrea - My son’s hair has a tint of “lemon” color. Super cute and easy DIY! Thanks for sharing. Love those posters!

  • Shannon Phillips - I need to squeezy in some craft time of my own. I absolutely love this project Ash. Can’t wait to see the whole play room! P.S. Thanks for the link. πŸ˜‰

  • Sophie - I bought a pretty new red pillow today. It’s really squeezy!

    >.< Wow, I fail at this.

  • Beth Phillips - lemon is my new favorite color.

  • kristi - so easy! (and so cute!)

  • Jamie - i’ve been so enamored with your blog recently. all the beautiful photographs and the adorable (EASY) DIY projects. I feel like I need to re-do my entire home! Thanks for turning a (LEMON) into lemonade πŸ™‚

  • Chandra - Thanks for making the giveaways so easy! Such a fun idea.

  • jody - Love to kiss my oh so easy squeezy boys!!

  • Lindsay - That project is squeezy-peasy cute!

  • LaurenS - i don’t like lemon in my tea. πŸ™‚

  • Audrey - If I ever meet you, I will give you a big SQUEEZY for making crafting look so fun!

  • hillary - love how easy you make things look! can’t wait till i have little ones to squeazy!

  • Melissa Davis - I found a recipe yesterday with lemon peel and raspberries. I’m going to make them this weekend. Thanks for the easy tutorial. It’s cute!

  • Audrey - I thought it would be EASY to post a comment but maybe the second time will be the charm…

  • Dena - You make it so easy to enter this contest. And this craft idea was great.

  • anne c - looking foward to an easy peasy weekend! which may include a craft or two πŸ™‚

  • Morgan - I am wearing a shirt with a lemon slice on it. I love lemons in/on everything!

  • Kristin Eldridge - Peasy..I want to win!!!

  • Ashley - Did you know that mosquitos don’t like the smell of a lemon?
    I read it in a magazine recently!
    Love all the pics!

  • Brooke - Cheesy peasy what a great tutorial!

  • Becca G - Adorable! I love that “You Make me Happy” print as well as your graffiti. Seeing all of your crafts makes me appreciate more of our Creator God and what He’s created for us to enjoy. Now, He makes it look Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. What a God!!

  • Kara P - OOOO, I’d love one! That was easy!

  • Anna Joy - Hope I win this squeezy peasy prize!!! Thanks for the tutorial…you make everything look so easy!

  • Natalie - My baby girls cheeks are oh so squeezy!

  • Mendi D. - I’m a fairly new reader to your blog too. Love, love, love your diy ideas. I won’t say they would be “easy” for me to do but you sure make them look that way!

    “peasy, peasy” let me win πŸ™‚

  • Mendi D. - I’m a fairly new reader to your blog too. Love, love, love your diy ideas. I won’t say they would be “easy” for me to do but you sure make them look that way!

    “peasy, peasy” let me win πŸ™‚

  • Wendy @ Almota Roses - A tall glass of cool lemon water soothes on a hot day. I’d love it if I won some of your crafty goodness!

  • Sarah - Lemon sherbet is my favorite, but I can’t ever find it anywhere! πŸ˜‰

  • Jessibee08 - i love this idea!!!! especially the “glazing” as a thin plexi glass!!! This makes everything an easy peasy possibility for art!!!

  • Savannah - When life hands you lemons squeezy them and make lemonade!

  • Kristi - You always make your projects look so easy and peasy but mine final product would be lemon squeezy!!

  • Melissa - Peasy let me get my hands on that adorable Vintage Camera print!

  • Shanalea - Raising children is not easy, but they do give good squesys.

  • Kelly W. - What an easy way to win! Thanks!

  • ESBlondie - I love ice cold water with lemon!

  • Kelly K. - I’m hoping to squeezy in a little craft-time this weekend to make your cake stands. We are having a pie table at our wedding and the easy DIY project would be perfect for displaying our delicious baked goods.

  • Erica Buchanan - It’s not so easy, peasy, to squezzy a lemon πŸ™‚
    Love your ideas and your picture tips. Thanks for taking time from your busy day to share.

  • tessa - This tutorial really is easy peasy! I hope I can get my squeezy hands on one of those awesome posters!

  • shelley c - I will want to give someone a big squeezy if I win this give-away!

  • Kaylene - i looked at her etsy shop, ugh, that was not easy to see all those pretty prints and want them all. love the keep calm and carry on versions she has. especially the keep calm and worship one!!!

  • Shannon - If I won I’d give everyone a big squeezy!!!

  • Sarah - After a week like this I need a Lemon Squeezy and to win a super cool giveaway! πŸ˜‰

  • Anna Marie - My mother’s maiden name is Lemon :o)

  • Megan H - Love the Lemon poster – I love lemons…wanting to bake something yummy lemon in it.

  • annie - So I’ve become slightly addicted to posters – so this isn’t helping – I’m sure I’ve got a few more inches in my kitchen… ;o)

  • tas - Easy squeezy lemon ade.. YUM! πŸ™‚

  • meg duerksen - it’s easy to squeezy lemons.

  • patti - la la la la lemon…la la la la lollipop!

  • Stacey - I just had a fabulous lemon cake last night!! It was delightful and easy (Easy because I didn’t make it).

  • Sarah - Is peasy a word? πŸ™‚

  • Stacey - I%20just%20had%20a%20fabulous%20lemon%20cake%20last%20night!!%20%20It%20was%20delightful%20and%20easy%20(Easy%20because%20I%20didn’t%20make%20it).%20%20

  • Gillian - My easy to please(y) husband would give me an extra squeezy if I gave him the “bushel and a peck” print… it’s a song he knows well from childhood!

  • Heather - that is one of our favorite sayings! love all the posters in her shop. my son is sitting here saying “pretty peasy give my mom one”

  • christina larsen - I make a lemon cake that is to die for!

  • Katie @ explanation required - Picking just one print from her shop isn’t going to be easy, but I’ll somehow find a way if I win!!

  • Cindy - I love your easy peasy project… it looks awesome!

  • amy jupin - my son said my arms are squeezy. i’m not exactly sure that’s what i want them to be! πŸ™‚

  • Liene - Beautiful picture of the both of you. And cute little diy project!

  • Yolanda - Pretty peasy with lemon on top pick me!

  • Tracey - Raising kids is hard. Reading your blog is easy! πŸ™‚

  • Rachel Ridd - Pick me … it’s that easy peasy!

  • jennifer cole - Last night’s supper was chicken with yellow peppers and lemons. So easy and lemony and yummy!

  • MelissaM - It’s so easy to be cheesy-just say “pretty peasy with a lemon on top” will sure earn you a big squeezy!”

  • summer - you made that look oh so easy, unfortuantely, I’m not sure I have the same artistic prowess. easy peasy has made its way into my vocabulary, working at an elementary school last year it was fine, now in a highschool english class, not so much, hrmph.

  • Kendyl Sisk - Oh my! Sooo cute… I hope I win this ;o)

  • Ashley C. - in love with LEMON colors right now.. lemonade, lemon meringue, lemon cooler cookies. ahhh.. need to go get lemons now.

  • julie - I like to squeezy some lemon in my tea!

  • lindsey - you make this project look “easy as pie” πŸ™‚

  • Allison - love your projects. You make them seem easy peasy. πŸ™‚

  • katie - I love giving my sons a “squeezy!” πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie - Take it easy and enjoy!

  • Suzanne G - You make your DIY projects look way too easy!! Thank you!!

  • Elisa B. - You make these projects look to easy!

  • bopha - I can make this easy, pick me! Baby girl needs one of these cute prints in her room.

  • Karen - I need to get on the craft bandwagon and squeezy in some easy projects like you have shown us today! Thanks for another great diy project!

  • BriBedell - It’s easy peasy to love your blog, now excuse me while I go make some lemon squeezy for my little ones!!!

  • Kim - Love the posters, love the diy plexi glass frame!! Crafts aren’t so easy for me, but I really enjoy doing them!

  • summer - agh, so sorry don’t know what happened with my comment: you made that look oh so easy, unfortunately I’m not sure I have the same artistic prowess. Easy peasy has made its way into my vocabulary, working at an elementary school last year it was fine, now in a highschool english class not so much, hrmph.

  • Elizabeth - Like a lemon, life is sometimes sour,
    But then you squeeze a little sugar in,
    And mix it all around and give it a little squeezy,
    and then everything seems easy…..!

  • kyla hailstone - ” When life gives you lemons; start a lemonade stand” Super exciting giveaway!

  • susie whyte - my 4 yr old daughter always sings “i love you a bushel and a peck”. it’s so precious. it makes me forget the lemon of a day that i’m having.

  • Christy - Your tutorial makes the project seem easy peasy, Right up my alley. Must make some lemon squeezy to enjoy while I read the rest of your tutorials & projects πŸ™‚

  • Kori - If life gives you a lemon squeeze it and drink it. πŸ™‚

  • kyla hailstone - “when life gives you a lemon; start a lemonade stand” super eciting giveaway. thanks

  • Kara - Its easy peasy to find tons of posters that I want !!!

  • Tracy - When life gives you lemon(s) enter to win a print from sew saucy stitches! Great giveaway and project idea!

  • Ryan - I have decided that you must NEVER sleep…that’s the only way you can do all of this stuff. πŸ™‚

  • Christian T - Pretty peasy pick me! πŸ™‚

  • Lauren - After seeing the word “Lemon” I cant stop thinking of making my easy peasy lemon bars for dessert tonight!!

  • Lindsey Jo - it would be EASY for me to find a place to hang my poster!

  • Shauna - My son is so squeezy!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  • Shauna - My so is so squeezy!

  • Kat - If I win, picking one of those posters will not be easy! They are all so wonderful.

  • Julie - Pick me! Pick me! I love your easy crafts πŸ™‚

  • Amanda S - Peasy please, let me win!

  • Mara - I wish you lots of love and “squeezies” today.

  • Lindsay - I would love a sweet print, pretty, pretty peasy!

  • Sara W - I could go for some lemon”ade” right about now!

  • Jenn Warnick - Easy, peasy, beautiful poster, girl!

  • Nadine - I love Lemon(ade)!!

  • Denise - My sister-in-law MaryAnn makes the best lemon bars! Yum!

  • Maggie - I might eat some lemon meringue while I think about this easy diy. Pretty peasy pick me!!!

  • Leah Zion - mmmm….lemons πŸ™‚

  • Carmen - Jeezy, like a lemon loves to be squeezy, this blog easy peasys me.

  • Courtney Connelly - I love iced tea with lots of lemon on these hot summer days!

  • Samantha - That frame looks pretty easy.

  • Stacy - I Love these prints! My two year old ate a lemon yesterday like it was an orange. I think one of these prints would look great in my kitchen.

  • Lori Danelle - Hahaha!! Lovin’ it!

    It’s pretty easy to see what a small world this is!! Found out last night that an old childhood friend of mine, is a friend of yours. πŸ™‚

  • Alison - Lemon juice made it easy for me to love cauliflower. True story.

  • meredith - Have you ever made “billy bob” teeth from lemon rinds? Oh yeah. Whole family out to eat…forget table manners! It’s a classic! (And easy peasy!)

  • Moriah - I love your DIY projcets because they are always so easy peasy…:-)

  • andy - my husband has a lemon tree growing in our front yard. can’t wait till we have lemons to squeezy and make lemonaid

  • Danielle Albini - Commenting is easy, wish winning was easy peasy!

  • Ashley - I’m lovin’ the lemon yellow “Please and Thank you” poster!

  • Chelsea - that clip looks like a pretty easy way to hang a picture – love it!

  • Urska - I want to go home and squeezy my daughter’s cheeks. 4 months is adorable, easy age.

  • Angie - There’s nothing I like more in then a fresh squeezy lemon-ade! An easy peasy, summer pleasure! πŸ˜‰

  • Carina - It would be so easy for me to pick a poster I like!

  • Ali - Easy, Peasy, Lemon, Squeezy! Cheesy! Ha ha, I added my own!

  • Ali - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy….Cheesy! Ha ha, I added another one!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laugha - I’ll give ya a squeezy if I win! πŸ™‚

  • lorae - “Easy does it” I really don’t know where that saying comes from but I think it has something to do with horses?! I know EXACTLY which print I want and will wait to place an order just in case I’m the winner.

  • Lise C. - Today my son put on his full spiderman gear, including his head piece, and went out in the 98 degree Houston heat and had a LEMONaid stand. Only he calls it NINJAaid because it gives you “Ninja” powers. Some poor lady spilled her cup, and my wonderful little spiderman charged her again. Rude.

  • Amber - I always want to try one of your easy crafts, but time is not always on my side.

  • Rachel C - I could really use a lemon-berry slush right about now….is it 2:00 yet?

  • Katherine - I love lemon(ade) water ice in the summer!

  • sheridan - I love the feels like home poster. I want to frame it next to my easy going main man and I. I have always felt so at home w/ him especially when he gives me a squeezy.

  • Jessica - It’s not easy bein’ cheesy πŸ™‚

  • Donna - We love the “easy peasy….” saying around my house!

  • Nicole - My little “squeezy” one would love the “bushel and a peck” poster. She sings that song with her nana, and it’s music to my ears!

  • Holly T - When I saw my niece and nephews on yesterdays blog post, it made me want to give them a big squeezy! I really miss them way up here in Michigan πŸ™

  • amy - mmm . . . a lemon slush sounds good on this hot, humid day!

  • Kelly - This looks easy. I will try it this weekend and hope the end result is just as beautiful.

  • Natalie - would you pretty- pl-easy choose measy-? I cannot tell you how much I love to squeezy fresh lemon-ade on a hot summer day and force my toddler to eat her peasy-ies.

  • Whitney - I really really love this idea. I’m headed to Hobby Lobby….

  • Amy - Easy decision if I win…loving the “Please and Thank You” poster. Our house often needs reminders of using those words…what a gentle reminder this would be!

  • laura - lemon sqeezy lemonade on the front porch sounds good right. about. now.

  • Sarah - I’d love a new poster, peasy peasy!

  • Lauren - All of your tutorials make everything look so easy!

  • Cath - I just wish exams will be easy πŸ˜›

  • Crystal - I have a slight lemon addiction! I love lemon cake & cookies, & in the last two days I bought 6 bottles of lemon vanilla lotion, 2 tubes of lemon & pomegranate lip gloss & 1 tube of lemon lip gloss from Bath & Body Works! I think I need therapy!!!

    p.s. The lemon lip gloss will make you crave lemon cake from Starbucks!!

  • Alice H - Don’t squeezy me too hard!

  • Ingrid - well i just had the cutest baby boy on monday so i am going to say that he has cheeks that are so cute & squeezy!

  • lauren b. - oooh, two prints?! how sweet to have one to keep and one to share!

  • Meryl - I need to make s’more preserved lemons this evening–luckily it’s easy!

  • lauren - if you pick me as the winner, i’ll be you a big ol’ kiss and squeezy!

  • Cristina - My boy is so squeezy today!

  • Cristina - It’s so easy peasy to enter this giveaway….I hope I win a lemon sqeezy poster!!!

  • kristiina - remembering to read our blog is as easy as pie!


  • Mary Craig - You are so funny! I “squeezy-d” some “lemons” to make fresh lemonade this weekend for my baby girl’s 1st birthday party!

  • Christen - I am craving a lemon pie!!

  • Jaimie - Lemons smell really great! : )

  • Amanda A. - Lemon-ade sounds so good right now!

  • Amy - Oh I LOVE Easy Peasy… we say that all the time!

  • Elissa - this tutorial makes me want to squeezy you!
    no, really. it’s a very cool idea, thanks!

  • Madaline - I would love to squeezy one of those cute posters in my new house!

  • Gayle Washburn - Exsqueezy me, but may I have 2 of those fantastic posters to hang in my wee little bungalow? I promise to do them justice.

  • Janica - Ooh! I love my squeezy baby girl:)

  • Kirsten - the favorite phrase at our house is “easy, schmeasy!”

  • Lynette - Just did some sqeezy on some lemons for some fresh lemonade.

  • Esther Nelson - wow that turned out awesome and looks super easy peasy!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Give your lemon a squeezy and you’ll have lemonade it that’s easy! Well I would suggest adding a little sugar…Kim

  • Christie - Easy peasy on the squeezy, I just ate! πŸ˜‰

  • kassondra - i want to squeezy my little girl in to peasies

  • Jessica - I usually don’t enter your giveaways, I just like to come and look at what fun DIY projects you have, but I had to enter this one. I love the “Feels Like Home to Me” poster. So, I entered…there, that was easy:)

  • Kristie - Man, the things I would do to get an “easy peasy lemon squeezy”~

  • ellen - I heart squeezies. And things that are easy peasy.

  • Brianne Pitts - Love your blog. And all your cute tutorials. You make everything look so easy and so cute. I especially love the pics of your house. Thanks

  • Susan Holmberg - Loving your lemon poster and such a fun easy diy! Thanks for the tutorial and chance to win!

  • Jenn - it’s easy to get great ideas from you! Thanks for sharing all of the time!! Now off to make some lemon bars:)

  • Jenn - it’s so easy to make lemon bars this summer- have you tried lately?

  • Donna Treiber - “Mommy, can we have a lemonade stand today?”

  • Devon - Oh! You just make this look so EASY! Thanks for all of the sharing you do… I am in awe of your talent!

  • Michelle W - What is the origin of Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy? Hmmm…

  • Jessica - I’ll give you a squeezy for making this so easy!! :o)

  • Nicole - Awesome project, it looks “easy” enough for me to try…:) I am a new follower of your blog and I absolutely love your tutorials as well as your photography!

  • Olivia - you have the best giveaways!! They are so easy to enter.

  • Marci Moe - Measy would like to win the easy peasy contest pleasy.

  • Vicki - My, my this is a “squeezy” nice thing of you to do….thanks!!

  • Joy Fisher - Here’s my new favorite summer drink from Gweneth Paltrow’s website GOOP!

    Agave*-Sweetened Lemonade

    Agave syrup is the sweet nectar of the Agave plant. It is full of minerals and has a low glycemic index, making it far healthier than white sugar. Serve up a tall, cool glass of this lemonade and enjoy without the downward spiral sugar crash afterwards.

    SERVES: 4
    TIME: 5 minutes

    1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
    1/2 cup light agave syrup*
    1 quart of water
    a few lemon slices for garnish, if you like
    Mix everything together, adding a bit more of any ingredient, if necessary, so it’s just the right mix of sweet and tart for your taste.

    (*I’ve substituted honey in a pinch!)

  • shelby - I love the bushel and a peck poster! My mom says that to my girls everytime she gives them a “squeezy”

  • Kim - Pretty peasy send this prize my way!

  • margaret - I love to squeezy lemons in my water! It’s so very easy and so very pleasy!

  • Laura - This tutorial was amazing! I can’t wait to do this for all my little random things hanging on the wall. You always have the best most “easy peasy” instructions around!

  • Erin - another easy project i can’t wait to try!

  • Misty - you make all the awesomeness you make look so easy peasy πŸ™‚

  • rachel - how in the world do you make crafting look so EASY all the time?!

  • kaki - summertime fun instead of shoveling three feet of snow? easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  • Donna - Love the poster and your display of it is wonderful! Sending you a squeezy!

  • Valerie - This looks cute and super easy…for sheezy! πŸ™‚

  • Suzanne D - You make such cute crafts, and you make it look so easy! But now I want some lemonade!

  • Genevieve - Ashley, you make everything look so fresh and “easy!”. Thanks for the DIY and the cute poster giveaway, I’d give you a squeezy (hug) if I could!

  • Meg - mmmmmmm…lemon sorbet!

  • karen brown - bought pvc for a “waterpark” today… hope hole drilling tomorrow is easy! thanks for all the inspiration. you totally rock!

  • Monica - It’s so “easy” to fall in love with your work! I smile big when I see it, it makes me smile like I just finished eating a “lemon” pie.

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    I love your style!

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    Thanks for showing us some easy DIY projects.

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    p.s. peasy, lemon, squeezy πŸ™‚

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    thank you for the fabulous idea.

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    Sarah M

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    quote from my 6 year old when he had to pee.

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