diy {note jar…and other tidbits from a baby shower}

UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed. Lifeogolia is the last counting comment.

Well as promised, I am going to share a few things about my sister’s shower.

The first I will touch on is one of the games we played & the garland hanging behind the chairs (a few of you asked about this):

Game: I printed up about 30 cards with different phrases on them. The guests were asked to finish the thought/sentence/phrase. Once they were all completed I read the entire card and Lesley had to guess who wrote it. Some of the things on the cards included: “When it comes to her daddy….”, “When she is a teenager…”, “Her favorite thing to do as a little girl…”, “Her first word…”, “When it comes to pink….”, “The first time she smiles…” – you get the idea!

Garland: I’ve been working on the banner for a while. I really wanted to get a What Not Banner from Dottie Angel, but they sell out the minute she makes them! So I have been storing away vintage linens and random fabric for a while. My garland made an appearance at the shower, but it’s real home will be in the playroom.


The next is the banner with her name:

This was made using scrapbooking paper, the letters printed using the graphic from the invitation, and Starbucks coffee sleeves (never throw those things away!)


And the tableware:

Plates: I already had a few, but then my sweet friend April at Southern Hospitality hooked me up with a great deal on the rest. Now I have a great collection for parties….odds are Firecracker won’t be too girly, but if she is we could have some fabulous girl parties one day!

Napkins & Forks: Nothing fancy, just a little scrapbooking paper and twine…in a vintage fruit basket


And finally, I know so many of you love super quick crafts. I wanted to gather little notes of advice from all those that attended…and wanted them to be cute of course.

My supplies:

Unfinished wood jar from Hobby Lobby ($1.00 when it is 50% off)

Basic white tags from Hobby Lobby

Ribbon & Scrapbooking Paper from Hobby Lobby

Paper doily from my friend Marty (who was going to throw an old package of paper doilies away then thought of me!)

Japanese masking tape (you can find it all over etsy, just search for Japanese Masking tape)

Mod Podge

Spray Adhesive

Step 1: Cut ribbon to tie to top holes of tags

Step 2: Embellish with masking tape

Step 3: Cut strip of paper doily

Step 4: Glue doily to jar using Mod Podge

Step 5: Cut scrapbooking paper to fit around jar, decorative cut edge

Step 6: Use spray adhesive to glue scrapbooking paper on top of doily, add a cute sticker, wrap with baker’s twine

Other Ideas for this jar:

Little love notes

Date Night ideas

Special activities to do with kids (like a reward jar)

‘Coupon’ jar (babysitting for 2 hours; 1 back rub; 2 hours of alone time)

The sticker I used on Lesley’s jar came with a set of cards I got from Absolutely Delightful on etsy. This is the card set….I think this design is just perfect. When someone sends me a handwritten note, it communicates “you are loved” to me….goodness I am a fan of Amy’s designs!

Here are some of her other items:

And – you guessed it –Β  I am hosting a giveaway today from Absolutely Delightful!

Giveaway details:

Prize is a $15.00 credit to Absolutely Delightful

Contest ends Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 9:00pm US Central

One entry per person

Winner chosen at random

To enter: Tell me in the comment section something that says to you “You are loved.”

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  • Katie - When my husband takes care of something that is usually my responsibility without me asking him…that says, “You are loved”.

  • Sara Torbett - Sloppy wet kisses from my nephew, and extra long phone calls from my niece (she’s 4) tell me I am loved :)/

  • laura - the cross of Christ!

  • Candy Foster - a full tank of gas πŸ™‚

  • jody - Kisses & hugs from my kiddos. A quick grab & kiss from my hub when I’m running around frantic after all the kiddos!!

  • Kathy T - Every morning when my son refuses to get on the school bus until I’ve given him a hug and kiss. I’m going to miss that when he gets older!

  • jenn - When you bake something special for someone!

  • katie - When a friend does something nice for me out of the blue!

  • Ruthy T. - Bear hugs from my 2 yr old out of the blue! Just ’cause she wants to.

  • Jenna - a beautiful sunset!

  • cassie - a date night my husband planned without my knowing.

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - When my son comes and gives me a hug and a kiss out of the blue.

  • Mandy - those sideways glances….mandybeez at gmail

  • mrs doodle - when my daughter says I love you mommy out of the blue:)

  • Shannon - What a surprise! I was getting ready to comment on how amazing everything is, LOVE that banner, and then a giveaway too!

    I know I am loved when my 4 yr old boy asks to snuggle with me. He sure loves his Mama!

    I adore Amy’s shop, bookmarked it already and can’t wait for an excuse to shop!

  • Christy - a smile,hug,call from a loved one.

    I love her shop! Crazy cuteness

  • Dena - when someone remembers to call or send a card on your birthday.

  • Rebecca - My baby looking at me makes me feel loved, she is not old enough to smile yet, but just her watching me makes me feel loved!

  • Lindsey - a big hug!

  • LaurenS - My Savior Jesus!

  • Sara - When I come home from work and I get one of those pick me up and spin me around kind of hugs from the hubby. I love those….

  • Nicole - I know I am loved when my four year old throws her arms around my neck and says “I want mommy hugs!” P.S. What a nice giveaway!

  • vina sanchez - Feeling loved: the Lord keeping me, and protecting me, then saving me, even when I was lost and was mocking His existence…oh the day when He saved me and gave me the revelation of how He loved me through it all…

  • Callie B - …when Hubs does the dishes and laundry…that’s true love!

  • Melissa - …when I stop by my parents’ house and my mom loads me up with groceries…even though I’m 32!

  • Heidi - unsolicited foot massages.

  • Verlan Day - When the phone rings and it’s one of my girls calling to chat.

  • sheridan - loved the shower! Simple random things-hugs for no reason at all from my boys, sweet texts from my husband in the middle of the day, a clean kitchen done by my husband, a surprise DP from sonic from a friend, new pair of cute socks/undies, so many things I LOVE random acts of kindness!!!

  • Sarah M - I know that I am loved when my husband offers to take us out to dinner…it doesn’t happen very often (he’s quite frugal) but I LOVE when it does!
    Sarah M

  • Sarah M - I think I feel the most loved when my husband offers to take us all out for dinner…which means no cooking!
    Sarah M

  • mandi - When my 3 year old gives me big ol’ zerberts on my belly or cheek! And when my husband makes the bed. And…well, this seems obvious, but my 6 year old tells me she loves me about 865 times a day- just out of the blue. In the car she’ll say, “do you know what I’m going to say mom? I love you.”

  • Shauna - When I come home from work to a clean house that was done by hubby!

  • Ashley H. - When my husband (who is not a morning person)has to get up early and quietly shuts the door to our room and keeps the kids out so I can sleep!

  • Jess - The big smile Levi gives me when I walk into his room in the morning…love it!

  • Julie - When my sweet little boy Reed reaches up to crawl into my arms.

  • roxane - A kiss on the cheek from my daughter.

  • jessica - Heartfelt quality time spent with a friend or family member says “You are loved,” to me. Also, God’s beautiful creation says “You are GREATLY loved,” to me.

  • stacey B - when somebody really listens to my heart πŸ™‚

  • Jill R - When my 2 year old gives me a hug and says “I you too,” which to him means “I love you.” So sweet.

  • Andrea Jett - When my husband prays with me each morning.

  • Kelly K. - When my mom passes on a book to me that she read and knows I’ll like too. When my dad changes my oil whenever my car needs it. When my dog lays by my side when I don’t feel well. When my fiance calls me “Princess” when I’m being difficult – he doesn’t say it with sarcasm – he says it with love because he knows it will make me feel sheepish and smile.

  • kristi - when my 12 year old son gives me a big hug!

  • Madaline - i love when my husband sends me a text message out of the blue that says “i love you”

    or when he sneaks up to my work to put a note on my windshield. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah S - My left ring finger! I have “Je suis aimee” tattooed there (French for “I am loved”). It was a celebration of our fifth wedding anniversary and also reminds me of God’s perfect love for me.

  • nichole - My hubby & daughter make dinner together and are waiting for me at the the dinner table on the nights when I work late… That really makes me feel loved! AND he does the dishes. Not bad, huh.

  • Jennifer Cole - When my husband turns the bed down for me/us every night. When my husband gets the paper out of the yard every morning even though he never reads it (I do!). There are tons of things he does.

  • Katie @ explanation required - When my husband lets me sleep in on Saturday morning and takes care of our daughter’s breakfast on his own!

  • ae - Getting covered up with a blanket when I accidentally fall asleep on the couch

  • Anna Marie - When my husband does something for me that is normally “my chore” or “my responsibility”. My love language is definitely “acts of service”.

  • Allison Waken - A little picture taped to my wall when I wake up.

  • Stephanie - Long, lingering hugs from my daughter who is too busy to sit down!

  • kim h. - I feel loved when I feel appreciated. My husband will rave over a dinner I cooked or something I’ve done to our house. When he goes overboard with excitement, I feel loved.

  • BriBedell - When my husband was looking to get a job promotion that would move me 3 hours away from my family & they all were so sad that it might happen! That let’s me know I am Loved for sure πŸ™‚

  • Jessica - I feel loved when I know I’m remembered in people’s prayers.

  • Jen - intentional time with someone makes me feel loved!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Mud cakes from my kids! Kim

  • Jocelyn - I know I am loved when…the other day I got up to go to work exhausted and my hubby had breakfast made for me! He never gets up that early.

  • Meredith - When my husband reaches over to touch my arm, shoulder, hair for no particular reason other than to just touch.

  • Megan - When my little ones grab my hand to hold it even if only for a brief moment…I feel loved.

  • chelsea - i feel loved when someone does something out of the ordinary, even something as simple as a quick tidy up around the house or an encouraging word

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - My sweet Savior.

  • karen davis - I feel “loved” every time my husband does the dishes without asking… Okay, I feel “loved” when he does ANY Household chore without me asking!

    What beautiful things “Absolutely Delightful” makes!

  • Heather - her shop is full of such cute stuff!

    when my i catch my little one making breakfast for me as a surprise

  • paige rodriguez - When my husband shows up in the morning with my favorite Panera coffee in hand! It starts my day out just right.

  • Tracy - When my husband does little projects for me…like helping me make a raised garden!!

  • Seamingly Sarah - Before I got married my now husband and I learned about love languages. My love language (how I give and prefer to receive love) is service. If you want to tell me you love me, do the dishes. So when I come home to a house of clean bathrooms, I know my husband loves me! He however requires a back rub (touching is his love language).

  • Shea - A loving soft touch from my Mister or when my little one squeezes my neck.

  • Raye - Random unsolicited hugs!

  • Faith - My 3 year old…
    Me: “I love you.”
    Him: “Too!”

    No words makes me feel as loved as that one!

  • MelissaM - My sweet hubby taking care of my 2 yr old while my newborn baby & I take a much needed nap together. πŸ™‚

  • Danielle Albini - Surprise visits from friends and my husband at work. It is such a nice distraction and makes the day go by much faster!

  • amy - When my hubby does the dishes, or laundry, or cooks, or cleans. Love him.

  • Alison - When my kids wake up in the middle of the night and call for me. Yes, it can be tiring, but their little voices calling out “mommy” means they need me. They love me. They know that whatever is wrong, I can fix it. Ahhh, the love!

  • Holly R. - When my husband remembers one of my obnoxious quirks, like that I hate pickles on sandwiches or burgers EXCEPT at Chikfila, where I like them on my sandwich so a pickle little juice gets on the bun, but then I like for him to eat the actual pickles. When he remembers weird crap like THAT, then I know I am loved.

    Also, is there any way I could persuade you to post a list of the questions from the cards where your sister guessed the authors? My own baby shower is next week and I would LOVE to do this!!

  • Jaimie - something that tells me I am loved is doing the dishes after lunch or dinner when he knows i am in a really crappy mood.

  • Andrea - When my husband brings me chocolate after I’ve had a rough day πŸ™‚

  • Urska - A full tank of gas. I always drive with the gas light on and my husband puts gas in it as I despise doing it. This morning the car was even turned around so I was able to drive out without turning it first.

  • amy - when my little girl won’t go to sleep ’cause she just wants to lay snuggled up with me.

  • Ranee - “Love-a mama” and a big kiss from my little guy.

  • Christian T - When my son says I’m the best Mommy ever!!

  • Gevay - When my husband rubs my back at the end of a long day, even though he just wants to go to sleep.

  • Amanda - When my 10-month-old daughter smiles at me. She can’t say the words “I love you” but she shows me in so many different ways.

  • sarah - i know i’m loved when someone (like my husband who rocks at this) gives me a bouquet of flowers! i just LOVE flowers!

  • amber - When my husband actually picks up after himself and I don’t have to remind him…THAT says you are loved to me!

  • amanda torres - When the daily chores get done without asking anyone.

  • kassondra - every time i drive up my drive way i see my dog sitting in the window sill waiting for me and when i get out of the car he races me to the front door and greets me with kisses! i can never come in my house mad when i get greeted like that!

  • Lisa - When I look at my two beautiful girls!

  • Jess - When I find a sweet little note in my camera bag or on my speedometer from the hubs. πŸ™‚

  • chantelle - kids that behave eceptionally great when I least expect it tell me “I’m loved”

  • Mendi D. - An unexpected hug and kiss from my almost 12 year old son just because

  • amy - what a lucky sister you have! that was one fabulous baby shower, all those little details make it just perfect!

    * doing something special or unexpected for someone you love just because you really want to.

  • colleen - Eyelash kisses, quiet moments in the bed at night with my daughter and when my boy says “mom, i need to give you a hug”. Most of all, the moments in worship when i am allowed to “feel” the presence of the creator. WOW

  • Knitty Bitties (Andrea) - Each day my husband works all day long so I can be home raising our son. Nothing tells me I’m loved more than that! Thanks for the sweet giveaway … my sister introduced me to your beautiful, fun, creative blog … lucky me! πŸ™‚

    Happy Day!

  • Megan - When my three year old spontaniously (sp?) kisses whatever part of me that he can reach at that moment and declares that I needed extra kisses! Love that boy!

  • niki - I know I am loved every morning when the alarm clock goes off at 2:30 am and he kisses me good bye, and gets home just in time for dinner and to read the bible to our children and tucks them in.

  • Monica McMinimy - When my 6 year old son writes me little love letters and hides them for me to find. I usually find them several days later.

  • Stephanie - Forgiveness!

  • Becca - A handpicked flower!

  • Anh T - There are so many!!! But when my boyfriend saves me the best bite of his dish…i feel pretty loved.

  • Jenn W - My daughter’s random and sweet kisses!

  • Jessica G - When my husband does the laundry and dishes!

  • Amber - something unexpected in the mail. hubby doing the dishes. carefully chosen words written or spoken to me about who I am to the person sharing them.

  • shelly - my kiddos make me loved even though they are such.early.risers! Seeing their faces as I roll over at 5a, (almost) makes it worth it! Thank God for coffee πŸ™‚

  • Christin - Getting a note in the mail.

  • Heather King - When my 2 year old says “love you momma” out of the blue… or when my husband does housework without being asked so that instead of me doing it we can spend time together… Love those guys!

  • Ang - I always feel loved when a friend flies across the country to visit me!

  • Miranda - When I’m catching up on blogs and my 19 month old son comes up and kisses me on the knee under the table and goes back to his own thing!

  • K - hugs

  • Suzanne D - When my hubby gets up early to make me coffee so it’s ready for me when I leave for work….then he goes back to bed until “a normal time.”

  • Rachel - Jesus died for me! I am loved!

  • Joy Fisher - The pictures my 4 year old takes of me constantly throughout the day with the old digital camera I let her have to play with so she could “take pictures like mommy.” It’s really interesting to download them together in the evenings and see her view of a day in our life.

  • Donna - I know I am loved when my kids come running out in the garage before I’ve pulled all the way in, to give me hugs after a day at work. One of the best parts of my day πŸ™‚

  • MJ - My husband staying up WAY too late so he can video chat with us. (He’s leading a mission trip in Ukraine for a few weeks and there is an 8 hour time difference.)

  • Sandy H - First off, the shower was amazing and everything that you did for Lesley, as they saying goes, “Priceless”. Still think you need your own crafting/design show on HGTV.
    Along the same lines as the shower, I know I am loved when someone does something special for me, like giving me my very own chair next to the fan. Thanks

  • kara - quality time!

  • Abigail - At night, just when I think she’s asleep with her head resting on my shoulder, she sits up and plants a big wet one on my cheek, then lays her head back down to sleep.

  • Shanalea - I feel loved when someone spends time with me or takes time to care for me.

  • Maran - The way my baby girl smiles at me when I get her from her crib first thing in the morning πŸ™‚

  • Kristin - When my friends call just to check in on my day!

  • Stacey - when my daughter gives me a random full out mouth open wet 12 month old kiss on the cheek or mouth. sometimes she does that unprompted and it’s the most amazing feeling. <3

  • Danielle - When my husband calls me from work just ’cause. He is a pretty sweet guy (I got lucky!)

  • Kristi - Waking up to my 2 year olds beautiful face EVERY MORNING!

  • Sharla - when my husband washes a sink full of dishes. when my daughter says “I sure do love you, mom.” when my baby smiles with her whole face just at the sight of me.

  • Rachel - kisses from my sweet daughter…

  • Katie - I’m sensing a theme here, and I fall right in line – when someone performs an act of service specifically for the sake of making my life sweeter, I feel loved. Dishes, laundry, taking the kids on a walk, grocery shopping, the making of hot or iced drinks, whatever . . . What a great post! I’m super psyched about some of the ideas.

  • ashlee - when my kids hug me for no particular reason at all:)

  • Rachel - when someone calls me just because they were thinking of me…

  • Erica Buchanan - When my husband calls to check into see how my day is going.

  • sarah m. - definitely a random “i wuv you mama” from my daughter or a fresh pot of coffee already brewing before i get in the kitchen…

  • Cristina - I know I am loved when I tell my Boyfriend amazing news, like getting a new job, and he screams at the top of his lungs in excitement, in a high pitched voice I’ve never heard before!

  • traci - When my daughter gives me that smile once she spots me coming around the corner to get her in the mornings! PRICELESS!

  • Laura - My one year old son grabbing my face and giving me an open mouth kiss.

  • Ashleigh Williams - Sometimes its not anyones actions or words – its this feeling I get (even when things aren’t going perfectly.)The feeling that I am loved (I know its form God!) and perhaps also its the feeling that I am blessed. Just comes out of the blue, usually when its very much needed!

  • Emilie F. - when someone confides in me, trusting me enough to share their joy, pain, etc.

  • Cath - A kiss when I’m sleeping from my brother before he goes to school =)

  • Rebecca - When I am greeted with smiles and laughs.

  • Michelle - When my 19 month old son wakes up at 4 am and says “snuggle me mama.”

  • Amy J. - My Savior Jesus! My awesome hubby! My beatiful children!

  • Noelle - my husband’s attempts at making me breakfast.

  • keely - Big, BIG, BIG smiles and hugs from my boys when I come home from Bible Study on Wednesdays. I’m only gone for 2 hours, but you would think it had been days, with the greetings I get.

  • Rachel - When my son says “You are my favorite girl!” or when my daughter (3 mos old) smiles at me!

  • Kristin - Thank you for the giveaway! I know I am loved when I go into my daughter’s room and the morning and get a BIG smile. Nothing better!

  • Nicole - A letter in the mail from a long distance friend!

  • Cassie - When I wake up my 8 week old son in the morning and he gives me a big ol’ toothless grin! πŸ™‚

  • Amy W - Kisses from my hubby as he leaves for work!

  • tessa - Sweet kisses and hugs from my baby girl…and when my husband changes her stinky diapers. πŸ˜‰

  • Kelly W. - When my nieces and nephews run to hug me as soon as they see me!

  • Genevieve - My husband tells me “you are loved”, when he does something for me without me having to ask, like the dishes. Not romantic by any means, but it’s real.

  • Julie - time spent together when there doesn’t ever seem to be time!

  • Andrea - buttons from helzberg…cause they really do say that. πŸ˜‰
    or when my husband does things around the house…it means a lot!

  • Carol - My granddaughter Chloe who will join our family any day now.

  • Dawn S - When my husband drove 3 hours to the airport to pick me up when returning from 2 weeks in India so I would not have to ride the group bus back to our hometown I felt very loved. The new iphone he had waiting for me in the car didn’t hurt either! πŸ™‚

  • Jaclyn - When my kids or my husband give me a hug for no reason or when someone does something nice just out of the blue.

  • Kellie Ann - My husband making the bed and trying to do a good job.
    My dogs’ big eyes looking up at me.

  • Beth - When my husband cooks for me!

  • Kim B - When my doggies “wag” like CrAzY when I come home!!

  • Jesse - When my kids tell me they miss me and we’ve been together all day. Talk about make this mama cry tears of joy! =)

  • christine - when i was a little girl, my sister & i waved from the front window whenever my parents drove away… to the grocery store, to a church meeting, on a date. now we are the ones driving away, & they stand at the window & wave at us as we leave. as long as you can still see the window, you can see them waving. & i’ve started this tradition with my own son, too.

  • Carly - Little things make me feel loved…a hug, someone else washing my dishes, surprise ice cream.

    I want someone I know to have a baby quick, this shower was one of the cutest parties I have ever seen!

  • Megan - Gerber Daisies from Whole Foods

  • Karla - A box of my favorite brownie mix from my husband when I really, really need brownies!

  • nori - omgosh!!! i loved your whole post about all of the details of the baby shower and i totally lit up when i saw my baker’s twine in one of your pictures!! how fun!

  • Whitney Benson - When my hubby notices something new about me…haircut, new shirt, or just the fact that I took time to put on makeup…and he tells me I look pretty. πŸ™‚

  • margaret - When my husband gives me “that look” or my almost 3-yr old wants snuggles at bedtime and when my 9-month old gives me that toothy huge smile when I greet him in the crib! So blessed!

  • Kate - Waking up to a yum, yum donut (a local specialty) on my nightstand.

  • Lauar - I know that I’m loved when my husband wakes up early to make me coffee.

  • Kaylene - When my boy comes back from an outing and excitingly empties out his pockets, saying ” mom i thought of you when i saw this……” Sometimes it’s a rock ( goes in “my boy rocks jar”) or something else. one time it was a plastic knife and a bend tack, those go into my “sweet nothings” jar. both are on the kitchen bar for all to marvel at.

  • Aimee - When I haven’t seen my little brother in days and he just gets the biggest smile and runs and gives me the biggest hug ever and goes I love you sissy!!!! That gives me the biggest smile ever..

  • Trese - When my 3 year old comes up and says “I need a big hug mommy.”

  • Karen - when my husband gives the kids a bath and puts them to bed after a long day.

  • Megan - A sweet hug from my husband or little girls. Or, even them wanting to hold my hand.

  • Rachel C - At the end of a long day, when my husband says “you really are a trophy wife.” πŸ™‚

  • TianaMarie - One thing that always ALWAYS says ‘you are loved’ to me is flowers. But not the cheesy store bought bouquets… one of my very favorite things is when somebody handpicks flowers. I just screams love to me:)

  • Elise - When my husband helps clean the kitchen. That shows his love.

  • Heather - When my husband helps with the kids, without being asked and because he wants to and is happy to.

  • Trinity - When my 8 yr. old plays with my hair while I doze off for a nap!

  • Megan - when my 16 year old son says “what can i do to help you, mom” all without me even hinting!

  • Lindsay - When my 2 yr. old wants to kiss mommy’s ouchies.

  • Melissa W. - I agree with the handwritten note! In today’s world with all the texting, emailing, instant messaging, real mail is disappearing. Receiving packages and letters in the mail is such a day-saver. It turns your whole day around! When someone takes the time to write something out by hand, seal it in an envelope, address it, postmark it and then patiently wait for you to receive it – it’s a special treat and you certainly know you ARE loved. πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Joy - when my mom sets aside a day to spend with me. we usually end up doing some sort of girly activity, but it’s the quality time that I love so much.

  • Sarah Frenzel - Great question! When I go to brush my teeth in the morning and my toohbrush is out on the counter with toothpaste on it. My hubby has been doing this every day since we got married over 6 years ago. It’s in the simple and thoughtful gestures that his love really shines through.

  • J - that even in her sleep, my fiancee looks for me to give me hugs!

  • Melinda - Coffee in bed, everyday…

  • Jessina - my mother’s embrace.

  • Christine - My daughter always saying “I love you Mommy”

  • Sarah - I love it when my 15 month old just walks up to me and gives me a big kiss on my leg for no reason. it’s the best!

  • Kimberly - the ear to ear grin on my one year old’s face when he sees me after waking from a nap!

  • Jenny - When I leave the house to run an errand without kiddos (rare that they aren’t with me)my son will say “Mama, where is my hug and a kiss”

  • KerriHD - I know I’m loved because my husband sometimes stops on the way home to pick me wild flowers.

  • Melissa - Spending time with me. That means more than any gift to me.

  • Mandy B - The look on my youngest’s face when I have left her for a while (even if only for 10 min.), as she runs to me and yells, “MOMMMY!!!” Ahhhh, makes my heart sing.

  • Michele V. - When my seven-year-old son, Joshua, says out of the blue,
    Mommy, I love you……

  • julie - I feel loved when my husband puts his arm around my shoulders in church. He works two jobs, we have 2 small children, and after a long busy week it feels nice to sit next to him and know he is proud to be my husband because I am proud to be his wife.

  • Kristin Eldridge - Affirmation!!!

  • kristie - All the sweet kisses and hugs from my kids (even my 12 year old girl) that I get every day and all the time. We are a lovey, touchy family and let each other know how much we care!

  • Holly T - Sweet random text messages through out the day from my husband.

  • Colleen C - What makes me feel loved is that my husband lets me steal the covers every. single. night.

  • Mariah - The sweet way my two year old sings a song of his own composition that goes, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy… Mommy Mommy Mommy…” He sings it to himself sometimes when he’s eating a snack or playing. So sweet!!!

  • Heidi - surprise lunch at work brought by my dear sweet husband!

  • Mary Craig - My husband delivers a hot cup of coffee to me EVERY morning to wake me up, made just how I like it; with 1 splenda and a splash of buttercream creamer. Love waking up to hot coffee on the nightstand and an “Good Morning! I love you!” in my ear!

  • klott07 - When my son gives me “eskimo” kisses. Even though I know he hates them! πŸ˜‰

  • Kara K. - when my 5 yr old reaches out to hold my hand …

  • Crystal - When my 8-year old nephew tells me he loves me…it doesn’t end with I love you, too…..we go 8 more times (I love you times infinity +1…I’ll love you ’til I’m an angel…etc). It makes me feel special, and I love that it gets the attention of people around us.

  • annie - I collect magnets for the side of my fridge – it’s covered! When friends and family bring me back or send me a random magnet that reminded them of me – it makes me feel loved. They thought of me and they remembered. It feels really good.

  • Dawn - A cute note stuck to the mirror from my husband…or a little drawing from my 3-year old. These little things remind how loved and lucky I am.

  • Summer - A big bear hug =)

  • Sharee - Romans 5:1-5, sticky kisses from my kids, a homemade gift from a dear friend, a snuggle from my hubby:)

  • Amy - When I come home to my favorite dinner cooked! And its not even a special occasion!

  • Holly Bazan - Homemade chocolate chip cookies!

    Mom sent’em in college…and years later, she still sends them. πŸ™‚

  • rachel p - When my 22 month old son runs over to give me a big wet kiss and says “cuddle?”

  • Nicole - a text message from mom!

  • Valerie - Gorgeous shower and an awesome give away! I feel loved when I go into get my daughter in the morning and she smiles so wide it looks like her face will break and she reaches for me with those little baby arms. Melts my heart every time…even when it is WAY to early to be up! πŸ™‚

  • andy - that my mother in law is helping me so much with my 2 year old as i am now 3 weeks out from having my daughter and have been having lots of problems.

  • Becky - When my granddaughter looks at me with arms reaching for nana

  • Stephanie - When someone asks how you’re REALLY doing

  • Monica - I feel loved when my kiddos let me sleep in!

  • shelby - what tells me that I am loved is the fact that my husband calls me every night on his way home from work just to chat because goodness knows there wont be much time for chatting once he gets home and our girls pounce on him πŸ™‚

  • lifeologia - ohhh. I didn’t see this giveaway before.
    Does my comment still count? I hope so πŸ˜‰

  • Amy Jo - I always feel a huge rush of love when my hubby and little girls are around the supper table laughing and just enjoying each others company. That time is so precious to me!
    I think your shower was divine, and I loved the note that said “Dont ever spank my granddaughter!” I just laughed and laughed!

  • anne - when i feel my sweet little baby kick (due aug 23) πŸ™‚

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  • Lindsay O'Donnell - When my boyfriend or best friend stop by my work when I’m having an especially busy day to deliver a vanilla coke or coffee! πŸ™‚

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  • Carrie - Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post was placed on Carrie’s Cooking, Crafts & More on, 10/03/2011. Thanks, Carrie

  • trish smith - When I hold hands with my adult boys (21 and 25) and they squeeze my hand three times. When they were little it was our code for “I love you”.

  • Backyard Baby Shower β€” Celebrations at Home - […] for the guest of honor’s chair, and fantastic advice cards & holder. You can read her DIY tutorials and tips on her blog if you’d like to try some of these your self.Β  In the meantime, I’ll be […]

  • Brandi Mason - when she calls me mom.

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