welcome home

Remember this post….their family is together at home now!

Complete family pictures to come….once we get together to take them!

Congratulations Jeremy & Melanie –  a family of 8 looks good on you.

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  • Shannon Phillips - Goosebumps and tears as I view these photos. I do not know this family but I am overjoyed for them and the life they will be giving their new children. Thanks for posting these photos. Prayers going out to Jeremy and Melanie and all of their children in this transition time.

  • Stephanie - Oh. Love these so much. So neat to see God come through BIG TIME as always. Love Love Love that they are home. THANKS for sharing Ash!

  • emily anderson - oh my gosh!!!! you know how much i love these photos 🙂 so excited for this family that i don’t even know!

  • Christina Larsen - Beautiful. We are coming home from Korea on Wednesday at 10:43 pm. FYI.

  • Liz - The picture are wonderful… I love the look on Melanie’s face… such sheer joy!

  • Stefunkc - So glad you were able to take picture for the family like me that couldn’t be there!

  • Kimberly - You made this cousin’s day!! I was at a workshop all day and was so sad to miss this amazing moment! Abby and I loved these pictures. Thank you so much for capturing this special reunion!! Tears of joy are flowing.

  • Ang - I can’t hold back the tears

  • Patsy - You truly captured the spirit and love of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Watching you at work that morning, I knew this
    precious time was going to be beautifully recorded through
    your eyes. Thank you so much!

  • Amanda - Thanks so much for capturing this moment so beautifully for our dear sweet friends! I am once again reduced to tears! So happy for them!

  • Os Tartarouchos - What a special moment!