diy {enduring layovers with a baby}

This is part two of yesterday’s post

So we had a 3 hour layover to busy ourselves with. Since she hadn’t slept a wink on the plane I thought I’d find somewhere quiet and attempt to get her to crash. She is extremely social, so I had to find a place that was basically empty of people before she’d even consider closing her eyes. Thank you DFW for your SkyBridge!

It took about 10 minutes of riding the SkyWalk over and over and over again….and then she was out.

I was not about to risk changing locations and waking her up. So stuck on the SkyBridge was I.

What is a mom, exhausted from traveling with a squirming baby to do?

Well…the SkyBridge did have AMAZING natural light flooding in all those windows and very few people around. So out came the camera to distract me.

That took about 10 minutes. I thought about the security guards watching me on all the cameras…figured they must see stranger than a mom taking random photos of herself with a sleeping baby in a stroller. Then again, maybe they haven’t. While I was taking the picture below Chris called to tell me my place was delayed for additional 2 hours.

I hung up the phone and she woke up. 10 minutes all day. 10 minutes is all she gave me. What baby goes 14 hours with only 10 minutes of sleep?

Baby Sister will now be known as Firecracker on this blog.

After eating dinner and showing off her wrinkled nose smile to other travelers we headed back to the SkyBridge for more photo entertainment.

She liked the SkyBridge. I liked the natural light.

After enjoying a little soy milk she thought it would be fun to throw the bottle and watch it roll.

I thought it would be fun to see how long I could balance it on her head. We were bored. So very bored.

So, so, so very bored.

I showed Chris these pictures and told him I wondered what the security guards thought watching me on those cameras. I got lots of ‘crazy lady’ stares from other travelers, but did I mention she slept 10 minutes over 12 hours at that point….I was beyond caring what anyone thought. Chris said it reminded him of something, but it took him a few minutes to remember….then he did.

Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Yeah, I’m feeling it too Tom.

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