Big Brother knows how to have a good time

He was laughing hard.

Really hard.

What could cause such belly laughs?

His older brother with underwear on his head. I just don’t get it.

He thought I was getting pictures of his brother, Super Underwear Man…while he was chewing on his foot. Another thing I don’t get.

Then he realized I was taking a picture of him.

He solved that problem.

In the past 6 years as a mom to little brothers I have learned lots of things. One is on the subject of underwear.

Underwear – whether you say the word, put it on your head or throw it at each other – it is funny to boys.

I’ve also learned I am pretty much never going to ‘get’ some of the things that bring them the most enjoyment.


For those that wondered…I was not thrilled about the LOST finale. I really liked all the resolution in regards to the relationships on the show, but the end left me frustrated. I want more of an explanation. I want to know why Farady didn’t go with them. Why did Eliose not want Desmond to ‘awaken’ them? What is the point? I need some quiet time to really think through it all. Maybe then it will make more sense. It was good to see Boone, Charlie and Shannon again. I like Sawyer. I am going to miss his one liners and sarcasm.

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  • amanda torres - Little boys in my class were always so funny! Total disregard for anything dainty, and magnets for the disgusting. I actually really loved them for it!

  • Catherine - My boys are 16 and 11 and they still find humor in the silliest things. Now they love to wrestle like they are in MMA. This is also funny because they soooo don’t know what they are doing. 6 yo baby sister finds some of this amusing, but mostly boys are “dumb”. Enjoy them!

  • miss r - I just belly-laughed at the “He solved that problem” picture! Your stories remind me of my four brothers and I growing up. One of ’em used to sit in the middle of the living room biting his toenails. I was both amazed and disgusted at the same time!

  • Andy - a friend of mine posted this link on his facebook page and the second video down is about 8 min and i like some of the questions answered about lost. there is one about faraday too if that helps. sawyer is one of my fave too. our son’s name is sawyer (not named from the show though, named from tom sawyer)

  • Esther - sorry I can’t help myself, I’m a huge Lost fan! It wasn’t time for faraday and that crew to cross over yet. Christian said that you choose the people you want to be with in the afterlife and that it’s with people you do the most important thing in your life with. Faraday probably had his own group that he would cross over with. Eliose knew that the flash sideways life was not real she was happy having daniel there and didn’t want him to cross over yet. there is no sense of time in the flashsideways since they are all dead and the island was real so I think Kate and Claire really did get off the island and probably lived a full life. I think the whole point was less about a crazy island with polar bears and more about the importance of the people you spend your life with….now what to obsess over next!

  • Carol Corbett - Boys and underwear? What about sisters throwing underwear at ceiling fans to see where it will land!! I’m sure you remember that.

  • Jesse - I LOVE boys! They are so much fun!

  • Shannon - Another thing about having boys…at least my boy..they HATE to have their picture taken, especially when they are being goofy!

    And yes, LOST ended ok for me, but there were lots of unanswered questions that arose. I am hoping the DVD set will have LOTS of comentary.

    Good comment by Esther, that makes a lot of sense. *sigh* I just love it all!

  • Jaime - Hi! Love the website. You’re so talented! Had to ask, what is that moss wreath in the background with the butterflies? funny post because I have 4 girls and I love to hear about lil’ bro’s.

  • ashlee - i LOVE being a mom to boys. They make me laugh every day and I too will never understand their crazy dirty ways but i love them so much…those are fantastic pictures of your boy:)

  • robyn - glad im not the only one whose boys think underwear… or any potty subject is hilarious. and that i also don’t get it!

    i guess we just have to embrace it instead of fighting it… right?!?!
    my little guy gets mad when i am taking his picture… we call it “crooked face”.

  • Erin - Carol, I would like to hear more about the underwear being thrown at ceiling fans…this has got to be a good story

  • Tracie - I wasn’t crazy about Lost either. I loved it all the way through and just felt like too much was unanswered at the end. About boys….I grew up with 2 brothers and underwear was hilarious to them too. I have a son and daughter and they love all things potty related. Sometimes I just shake my head and laugh with them!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Boys… adorable! Also, the word “poop”. Laughter. Lots of laughter!

  • megan - I love those photos of your boys. And I completely agree with you about Lost. There’s an interesting review of the episode on the AV Club. I’m confused by it all.

    Also, I came to your blog via ohdeedoh and I blogged about your awesome boys room on my blog (phew). I completely love it!!! I’m a sucker for both orange and airplanes (funny, no?). I used your photo (credited of course) – let me know if that’s a problem!


  • MelissaM - I can’t wait for my little boy to arrive! I’m sure I will have many bewildered moments trying to understand the “boy world.” 🙂

  • the inadvertent farmer - I have about as much chance of understanding my four sons as I do of understanding Lost…not much in either case!

    What is it with boys and underwear? Kim

  • bambooska - My goodness, that is one handsome little man you have there! Now, about LOST, I had my desire accomplised: Kate died. But not exactly like I had in mine. 🙁

  • lifeologia - Did a little link love today with your blog:

    I only watched the first season on Lost – then the baby got in the way and it was hard to follow – but you just reminded me of Sawyer and I LOVED HIM.

  • Stephanie - I’m with you on the Lost finale…but this guy’s recap really helped me think through some of my issues with it. It might help you! (Sorry if it’s a repeat for you!)

  • Katie - I discovered your blog awhile ago and love to stop in and read all that you and your family are up to. On the subject of underwear…you must check out the book “Underwear”. Your boys will get a kick out of it 🙂

  • Amy - Ashley,
    This is my first comment on your blog. Gotta say, I adore you and your kids. My son is almost two and after having two girls I’m amazed at the differences between them. I can’t wait to “not get it” with him!
    And yes, with the LOST finale, my husband said it right. It’s an embodyment of what is wrong with postmodernism. (Not everything is wrong with it, but this is the ONE way that it is frustrating for sure!) …There are no absolutes and the “resolusion” is different for everyone, believe what you want to believe about it…
    I was dissapointed to say the least!
    Take care!

  • Elisabeth - Ashley, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and wanted to tell you how much it encourages me! You’ve helped me to see the joy of raising little boys even on the hardest days–and to remember that every moment of it is a blessing. And you’ve also been part of giving me the courage to explore my own creative side a little more…I recently started a blog! Thanks for being a blessing to me!

  • candace - My husband just said “spiderman” when he looked over and saw the underwear picture. Apparently, that is a known underwear trick (amongst the boys)! That silly laughter looks like the contagious kind. 🙂

  • Amber - Can you show us that cute wreath in the background? Can you come to SD and do a personal Snapshop? J/K, kinda. 🙂 I’ve been intentionally trying to capture better pictures of my kids lately. I don’t feel as frustrated by the compostition of the shot, but I don’t seem to be able to get the foreground, background and lighting to be what I want. How do you avoid overexposure in bright sunlight? Like the photos of you and little brother on the tramp? And how do you manually adjust all your settings quickly enough to still capture the shots, the moments? See, clearly I need some help! Sorry, this is a long comment. Thanks for all the fun and inspiration you add to our days.

  • karen davis - Thank you for my daily chuckle!! LOVED the underwear shot… made me laugh!

  • ajira - I got what Esther got from the finale. It was about being here now, and loving wholeheartedly. Life = Love = Now.

    Love the last shot. So funny!

  • emily anderson - classic.