my kind of happy hour

I’m sure you already know, but just in case….Starbucks is having a Happy Hour (3-5pm) until May 16th. All Frappuccinos are 50% off….

That means when I buy one, I can get another one for Baby Sister. Do you think 10 months is too early to start drinking sugar coffee?

In case you are curious…that beautiful patch of flowers is actually a patch of weeds between our driveway and our neighbors. Sometimes I think people spend so much time searching for the ‘perfect’ location, when really it isn’t as complicated as we make it…but it does help to have a couple acres not in a neighborhood.

Baby Sister is a great sleeper. Oddly enough after downing an entire Extra Coffee Caramel Frappuccino my daughter had an all night party.

Go get 2 frappuccinos…one for you and one to surprise a friend…or your 10 month old.

For those of you that take life and this blog too seriously…no I did not give my daughter a frappuccino!
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  • ashlee - cute pictures and hilarious post! I cannot keep my 2 year old out of my frappacino’s! I think i will surprise a friend with one today:)

  • Alba - sorry, but i did thought so for a couple of minutes. She doesn’t need more sugar, she is naturally sweet πŸ˜‰

  • Yuliana - she is a beautiful baby!

  • Shannon - Mmmm…my weakness is the double chocolate chip frap. No coffee, and so so good! And Baby Sister is so dang cute slurping on that straw.

    Cute bib too πŸ˜‰

  • Cate O'Malley - Can totally relate! As soon as I walk in the door after a trip to Starbucks, my 2-year-old daughter is clamoring for my Frappuccino. I need it way more than she does!

  • Tess S. - half off?!? YAY!

    and… i’m in love with the bib. amazingly adorable!

  • Katie - While the Frappucino might have been a bit much, I bet she’d have loved to have a bit of the whipped cream on top. She’s probably happy with just the cup and straw though!

  • Simply Create - Maybe you should’ve given her a 30 oz. diet coke from Wendy’s instead??????

  • christina larsen - Thanks for the tip on the happy hour. YUMMY! I had no idea, but I know what I’m doing today or tomorrow.

  • Susanne - As long as you order hers half caf I think it’s fine πŸ™‚

  • grace - half-priced Starbucks???? may 16th just became a really happy day for me.

  • the inadvertent farmer - ROFL…that is funny that you posted that little disclaimer at the end. Yes some people are that serious!

    Wonderful photos…some of my favorites of my kids are out in our field with nothing but weeds! Kim

  • jeny - it’s okay if you do … my kiddo’s love their ‘virgin’ frapp’s (ages 6 and 2)

  • Mary Craig - You are funny! The frappucino happy hour has been such a treat the last few days. I love seeing pics of Baby Girl-she reminds me of my baby girl (who will be 11 months on Monday) and today she shocked me by putting away some Chick-fil-a nuggets! Also-their names are similar- 6 letters-starts with a B- 1 syllable! My baby’s name is Blythe.
    Oh-and I made the bubble solution the other night! Thanks for the recipe. Definitely the best bubbles ever. πŸ™‚

  • katherinemarie - I love your WEEDS and your sweet little coffee lover! I was so surprised to hit starbucks on mamas day and get half off— what a treat. AND I can’t believe they just mowed all weeds from our neighborhood park, because I agree with you EVEN weeds are pretty if you capture them with a cutie.

  • mindy t - Just saw your boy’s room on ohdeedoh. So cute!

  • robyn - such great pics…. so true that the best pictures come when your least trying or planning! whenever i plan… its a bust!

  • meg duerksen - what a totally inconvenient time for a happy hour for someone who lives thirty minutes from a starbucks.
    oh well.
    i had one today anyway full price and let annie try it again.
    because it looks yummy and she used to always drink my coffee.
    but she got that awful taste look on her face and said “oh gross mom!”
    thank goodness she didn’t like it.
    i have no idea why i would offer that? “here…enjoy a five dollar drink! maybe you will like it and want me to get you one every time we come here!” what is the matter with me?!

  • julie - So, my little trick totally backfired. I let my big girls try my iced coffee (no sugar, just really, really strong coffee and almond milk) when they were babies because they were DESPERATE for whatever I was drinking. They both spit it out and cried big dramatic tears. So, obviously, I let the baby try it. Because she was attacking me like a rabid animal anytime I was drinking it. Which is all of the time. But guess what… she stinking loved it. Is obsessed with it. I have resorted to hiding in the pantry to drink my coffee. Not okay.

  • stacy - thanks for reminding me! I’ll surprise my sis with one tomorrow. I love baby sister’s bib!

  • Mollie - Adorable pictures! I wish I had a field of weeds by my house:o) Baby Sister would probably love what my kiddies get…a Caramel Cream ‘Crappuccino’. I couldn’t handle four kids hyped up on coffee; they’d probably drive me slightly crazier than I already am:o)