Rebekah {senior 2010}


Yes, I am no longer doing portrait sessions…I have ‘quit’ that side of photography for the time being.

Yes, if you want to finance a large in-ground pool in my backyard, I will be happy to do whatever session you want.

Yes, you will be seeing a few portrait sessions on the blog in the coming weeks….but none of them are financing my dream of a pool.

Yes, this post is a portrait session.

Yes, I wish there was an easy way for me to trade hair with her. Jealous.

Yes, I LOVED shooting Rebekah’s senior pictures. It was fun to be ‘back in the game’ for an evening. It was wonderful not to be chasing a moving subject.  She is a talented photographer – which made me nervous! Rebekah wanted a field that still had high grass. I thought, “we haven’t mowed in a year a while.” So we did the session around our house and our neighbors. It was a perfect evening. This is a LONG post. I am so used to my doing pictures of kids that I had a terribly hard time narrowing down my favorite pictures to share here…and there are still so many more!

Thank you Rebekah for spending the evening with me. It was my honor. You are stunning.

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