orange. airplanes. not girly {shared boy’s bedroom}

I am finally done with the boy’s room. I’d say it was a labor of love, but really it was just more labor…not much fun. The boys had their strong opinions and I wasn’t crazy with most of them. All and all it is their room, so we worked together to do something we all liked. The boys (ages 2, 4, & 6) all share one room for sleeping, clothes and books. A playroom is in the works in another room. Growing up my parents let my sister and I do whatever we wanted in our rooms. Lesley painted her walls black and hot glued all kinds of things all over them. My room was a hodge podge of Waverly fabric.

I wanted the boys to have a room they liked. They wanted an orange room with airplanes. I’m not huge on transportation, but they aren’t huge on doilies so they won that one. We compromised and used orange as an accent instead of painting the walls orange. They were very clear that they did not want it to look ‘girly’.

Planes. Orange. Not Girly. Their room.

The painting was a family portrait by Biggest Brother…two years ago. The wood portrait of Biggest Brother was done by my grandpa on his scroll saw, 4 years ago. The climbing guy was one of my 9th grade art projects. It is a paper mache. My mom gave it to the boys and they wanted it displayed. Bummer. He is really wonky.


The curtains are hiding two dressers that don’t match and are missing knobs!

Big Brother (4 years old) gets to pick the pictures that go on his clipboards. I love that he wanted one of his baby sister.

Biggest Brother wanted to tape Lego Star Wars characters on the wall. We compromised by making a little paper banner with his cutouts.For those that are wondering:

Beds: IKEA

Polka Dot Sheets: Target, discontinued

Orange blankets: Pottery Barn kids

Curtain: Made from IKEA fabric, white shower curtain, ‘newsprint’ fabric

Shades: Roller shades from Lowes, Happy Tape on the bottom

Paper Airplane Decals: Uppercase Living (thanks Carrie…I finally finished!)

Custom “Retrospective” Artwork: Simply Create

Pendant Lamp: IKEA

3 Piece Airplane painting: I made this with a paint pen. I don’t really like it, but there are other things I want to do before messing with it again.


I am SO EXCITED to start on the playroom. The boys don’t care it if is ‘girly’ or not since Baby Sister will be playing in there too. That means free creative license for me. I have fought the urge to work on it and forced myself to finish the boys room before I could begin the playroom. YEAH….no more orange airplanes!!!!

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