she smiles a lot

UPDATE: I do not have a tutorial on the table…I didn’t make it. You could hound Tim and Kara on her blog asking for one though!



This is a two part post…

Part One: My new kitchen table! We used the old base and Tim built a new concrete top for it. I LOVE IT. It cleans so easily, there are no longer little places for food & playdoh to get stuck in. It is shiny and pretty. It is just perfect for us! Thanks Tim & Kara!

While I was taking pictures of the top of the table this is what was happening underneath it.

Part Two: He smiles a lot.

You know how every now and then you can get a song or commercial stuck in your head. It has been several months since I first saw this commercial, but I think about it daily. Watch it here:

I know this is just a commercial and not a true story, but man it haunts me. It haunts me in a good way. How I dream that my kids would describe me that way….”My mom. She smiles a lot.” I think about it when I say, “just a minute, let me finish this email.” instead of saying, “I’d love to play legos with you.” I think about it when I’m worn out and easily frustrated by my kids. I think about when I am just trying to get everything checked off my ‘to do’ list instead of engaging my kids. When they grow up and look back at their years with me…I want them to remember I smiled and laughed a lot.

After all, I have more than enough to be smiling about.

My friend Jeanette took the pic of us when we were on a Zoo field trip. Thanks Jeaneatte!

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  • Melanie - Love the new tabletop!

  • Shannon - Oh dear, that picture of you and your baby boy. It’s just too much. His face is priceless, you said he was four? I have a four yr old boy too, and they are just the life of the party!

    And as always, little sister is the most adorable thing ever!

    A very good message to share too, it’s so hard to remember to smile through our “pain” but it is so worth it for the kiddos!

  • Rachel Ridd - It looks like the table turned out really well. I love how practical you’re with your home, but also how unique it is!

  • anne c - love the tabletop! hope there will be a tutorial of some sort in the future! I would love to do that to our table..its very similar to yours. Have a great day full of smiles! 🙂

  • Jeannette Swan - Ohhh, I love the table – it is so great!!! Cute pic at the end!!

  • Alba - every single day I try my best, but very few days I go to bed thinking I have been a good mum (too many things to do and few hours). I’ll keep in mind because they are my sunshine of my life.

  • BriBedell - That table it to die for. I want my girls to say I was always there for them. Not just the fact that I am home. But that I was there to answer, hug, hold, kiss, play and snuggle with whenever they needed it! I am young and I get a lot of the “oh you didn’t finish college, what a shame” type looks. But for me school will always be there, but my ladies will not always be this little!! I love your blog, I want to take pictures, but I am sticking with my sewing for now. (Those cameras are expensive!)

  • Jodi - That table is amazing and your baby girl just puts a smile on everyone’s faces!

  • Stephanie - Love that table
    LOVE those tulips even more!

  • ashlee - first your tabletop is amazing! you should have them do a d.i.y! second, smiling and laughing is something i am really working on. it sounds silly but i know i dont do it enough. i feel it on the inside but i dont always show it on the outside:)

  • Krystina - I haven’t seen that commercial before, but now that I have it shall haunt me too. Thanks! LOL

  • Lisa Johnson - That table! I love it! What could be better for a busy house? I love finding ways to blend practicality and style. Great idea!
    That video is exactly what I needed to see today. Some days I’m afraid that all my kids will remember is my constant instructions and griping. My prayer is that they will know how much I love them and that I will take the time to enjoy them. I’m going to start by smiling!

  • Kristen - The table looks awesome! And I like that commercial too! In other news…I was floating around the blogosphere and found a blog that was featuring YOUR baby girl’s room! She found it on apartment therapy I guess… I told her it was yours and to check out your sweet blog! Anywhere, here is your feature that you didn’t even know about I don’t think…

  • patti - love the table! i’m a sucker for concrete surfaces. we just got concrete counter tops last fall in our kitchen and i adore them! enjoy your day!

  • Sarah - my little man makes me laugh everyday..i know there will be days in the near future where it won’t always be like this but as a full time working mom i try VERY hard to give him my all when we’re together. and YES! DIY PLEASE…

  • Helena - Gorgeous! and what a family you have!! beautiful

  • Trina - Oh oh – the video has been removed! What is the commercial for – I”ll see if I can find it elsewhere.

    Good sentiments, by the way. We all have to stop and remind ourselves during the craziness of the day!

  • chantelle - what a great reminder! I know there will be a day when my little boy would rather play with his friends than Mommy-that what makes me stop and play legos! ( I am 34 and my Dad still drops everything to hit s few garage sales or thrift stores with me! :)!)

  • Jill - love, love, LOVE the table!!!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’ve got more than enough to smile about as well. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Emily - I am dying at his cutest face in that picture.

    Love the table top and the cute face underneath it!

  • Kara - this is a great reminder! It is so easy to say “just a minute” when I really need to be putting down what I am doing and playing w my son! Thanks! And I LoVE the table!

  • Jaimie - cool tabletop. i like that coaster and my son has that star wars shirt, though i think he has outgrown it. inspirational post.

  • sarah - Love how it turned out! BTW…did you know your flatbed idea is on just thought you’d like to know you’re goodness is spreading all over!

  • Ang - Great post. I like your bag in the zoo picture. I have the same one! =)

  • Yanet - Gorgeous table!

  • elizabeth c. - wow…i really didn’t think that a concrete table would look good…this looks great! and i love the ‘under’ photo 🙂 what was the commercial? i tried to find it but can’t

  • maegan - The tabletop looks great. I love concrete for tabletops and countertops. I’ve also seriously considered a stainless steel tabletop for the same practical reasons. Maybe later. Too many projects right now.

  • Cara - I just stumbled across your blog and love it!
    Can I ask where you got your orange dining room chairs from? I love them