she smiles a lot

UPDATE: I do not have a tutorial on the table…I didn’t make it. You could hound Tim and Kara on her blog asking for one though!



This is a two part post…

Part One: My new kitchen table! We used the old base and Tim built a new concrete top for it. I LOVE IT. It cleans so easily, there are no longer little places for food & playdoh to get stuck in. It is shiny and pretty. It is just perfect for us! Thanks Tim & Kara!

While I was taking pictures of the top of the table this is what was happening underneath it.

Part Two: He smiles a lot.

You know how every now and then you can get a song or commercial stuck in your head. It has been several months since I first saw this commercial, but I think about it daily. Watch it here:

I know this is just a commercial and not a true story, but man it haunts me. It haunts me in a good way. How I dream that my kids would describe me that way….”My mom. She smiles a lot.” I think about it when I say, “just a minute, let me finish this email.” instead of saying, “I’d love to play legos with you.” I think about it when I’m worn out and easily frustrated by my kids. I think about when I am just trying to get everything checked off my ‘to do’ list instead of engaging my kids. When they grow up and look back at their years with me…I want them to remember I smiled and laughed a lot.

After all, I have more than enough to be smiling about.

My friend Jeanette took the pic of us when we were on a Zoo field trip. Thanks Jeaneatte!

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