diy {bib onesie v1.0}

While picking up a few groceries, I noticed Walmart had some basic onesies for $3.00. As is they were pretty simple and cute. I picked up a yellow one and decided I’d play with it a bit and try to make something a bit more unique.

My supplies:

DISCLAIMER: I do not know the ‘right’ way to sew. So this tutorial won’t be all that easy to follow…basically I just wing it and hope it doesn’t come apart.

Step 1: Make the base ruffle. I cut a strip of fabric (from this skirt) about 3 inches wide and 14 inches long. Next I folded it over and sewed the edges together. Next I put in a gathering stitch (the longest stitch your machine will make) and gathered the fabric into a ruffle.

Step 2: Sew the top of the ruffle to the top of the onesie.

Step 3: Sew the rest of the ruffle down. I actually took a pencil and drew where I wanted the ruffle to go, then sewed it down.

Step 4: Originally I was going to sew a piece of a vintage sheet on top, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I changed plans.

Step 5: Cut an old t-shirt into small circles. Mine were about an inch in diameter. Fold the circles in half two times, stitch onto the onesie.  I did mine in groups of about 5.

Step 6: Add more circles and buttons to the middle. I piled 5 circles off-centered on top of eachother, then added a button. I sewed all three down, starting with the middle one.

I liked it hanging up.

On Baby Sister I can’t decide if I like it or not. For a $3.00 Walmart onesie it is fun. However, I am not super crazy about it. It kind of reminds me of a clown or funny lion.

When it was finished I sat down with Oreos & milk and thought about what to change on it next time.

So this is my first attempt. I am headed back to Walmart and will try v2.0….changing the following:

1. Make the whole bib part MUCH smaller. It looks too big on her now.

2. Use my mom’s serger to make the base ruffle

3. Use colors that don’t resemble an animal

4. Something different in the very middle…the buttons and circles just aren’t quite right



Well, maybe that will give some of you some ideas for dressing up a plain onesie….

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  • Jill R - Cool post. I love that you shared your thought process. I also love the oreos and milk in a cup and saucer. The model is adorable as always, showing us her signature “face” in her first photo. So funny!

  • Elissa - hi! just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that i’ve just discovered your site yesterday and i can’t take my eyes off it! lion or no… you could make ANYTHING look good with your pictures. SO INSPIRING… all of it! blessings to you! i will be back for sure!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love that you tried something new and just winged it (I had to think for a minute if I should write winged or wung?) It makes me feel empowered to go try something new as well! Thank you!

  • Jo - I agree. Your the mom that could wear the most horrible thing/ or your kids and they make it look super cute. I AGREE!!! Sister’s signature face is the best! 🙂 i like the onsie!

  • Margie - I love to dress up plain onesies and make them unique, your tutorial is giving me some new ideas! Whether you like the onesie or not, one thing is for sure….your baby girl looks adorable in it :0)

  • Rachel Ridd - her little face is adorable.

  • Ange - Please share when you make the new one!

  • anne c - lol! I love that look she makes in the first pic! I think the onesie is cute! Kate would be trying to pull all of the ruffles off, but I might try it anyway.

  • Jeannette Swan - Are you kidding me! I have to get a sewing machine – I want to try so many things like this! Again – you are amazing – and baby girl is adorable!

  • Kari - I love the picture of Breese on the bed with that outfit!!! TOO CUTE for words! That expression is priceless!

  • Allison - Her expression is just super cute! I love it!!!

  • Robyn Farmer - Girl, you crack me up! I love the face she is making in the pic with the pillows. She looks like her mommy.

  • rachel denbow - I bought that onesie in brown to do a project! HOpefully next week. I loved your idea here, though, and know what you mean about needing a 2.0 version. My latest peter pan collar bib was kind of a hot mess.

  • amanda torres - I’m not sure what’s cuter…’that’ face or the cankles in tights. I could just squeeze her up tight!

  • Kara - I dont think ur daughter could look anything but ADORABLE!!!

  • robyn - Hi Ashley,
    Love your onsie idea! I come from a long line of seamstresses and had to speak up. Give this a try for your ruffle: sew 2 rows of gathering stitches and pull the bottom threads when you gather. You can distribute your gathers easily and if a thread breaks, you still have one to work with. (Then you don’t have to borrow your mom’s serger and can jump right on the 2nd try) Love seeing your creativity evolving! This idea could go on a Mommy t-shirt too, with flowers and pearls and….. Have fun!!

  • ashlee - cute idea! Im thinking about doing something similar on an actual bib…they are so boring!

  • Amanda Weber - I wish I were half as creative as you! I would have the hardest time making anything that resembled that. Little sister is too cute… love her signature face!

  • Cate O'Malley - Love the shots when she crinkles up her nose – too cute for words!

  • meg duerksen - so unique.
    i think your mind must just go go go.
    never turns off.

    i just talked to the barn sale man. hope he’s able to handle us crazy women. ha!

  • Abby - oh this is awesome!! you have given me a bunch of inspiration….. now back to wishing for a walmart in OZ 🙂

  • paige - I just cracked up at “use colors that don’t resemble an animal.” ha! seriously, you’re way good to even come up with and create v1.0! adorable! i can’t wait for v2.0.

  • Ruth - I think it’s super cute. Perhaps if you bring the first round in more elongated than semicircle, it would seem more tuxedo with all the ruffles. For more “bib,” maybe just less ruffly in the middle? I don’t know….haven’t made one myself, but have daydreamed bout it! 🙂

  • Rachel C - That’s funny. She does sort of resemble a lion. 🙂 I wanted to comment about 2 things in your “My Lovelies” section. #1 — I love those glitter labels. Those would look cute as decorations somewhere — very colorful! Also, that 911 call was hilarious! “We’re in our jammies.” So cute.

  • Casey - freaking adorable!

  • BriBedell - I do love it although it is a big large for the scale of your little one! I would cut up the onesie and sew it onto a shirt for yourself!

  • Kate - So sweet! You rock!

  • Anna Joy - this is a very cute idea! i had thought of a different ways of changing it when i saw it on baby sister and they were exactly what you had suggested. can’t wait to see 2.0 version!

  • Alison R - Great idea! I just love the look on her face in the first picture. Does the wrinkled nose mean she didn’t like it? So cute!

  • Holly Lesue - Really, really cute shirt.

    And the baby ain’t too shabby either!

  • Joye - This is seriously cute, cute, cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - Looks like baby sister is a little undecided too! I personally think it’s fabulous!

  • chrissy - it’s easy to critic our own work but, you did a great job… very cute! 🙂 thanks for the idea!

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  • shelby - wow! I wish I could make something like that! I have a sewing machine, but no sewing talent!

  • Becca - She is sooo beautiful!!! Love the onesie! I’ll have to try it soon! Where did you get her leggings? I’m having a hard time finding cute ones for my little girl.

  • Rachel - Aww, this is beautiful! I love it! And I’ll be linking.

  • Rachel - This is beautiful! I love the ruffles so much. Thanks for the how-to, I’ll be linking.

  • Holly - Amazing. Very creative.

  • Larissa - Even before all your planned changes, it is stinking cute!!!!

  • Brooke - I love this!!! Can you email me a picture so that I can link back to you and share this will everyone. Great job.

  • sarah - this. is. darling.

  • sisters4saymoreismore - I D-I-E for this!!!!!! i think you are genious!!!!!


  • Kim - I think it’s darling and I love the colors that you used. I may have to try this!!

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  • angie - What a cute project and beautiful photos too! I’ve linked to this tutorial from the Homemade Baby Gifts page on my baby gifts site and would love permission to use a photo as well- with attribution of course.

  • Theresa Eldridge - Ok, the onesie is cute but that baby is crazy adorable! Love it thank you for sharing!!! <3

  • Jess - I absolutely love this tutorial. Also love the changes you’re going to make for v2.0. 🙂 So cute.

  • ~amy~ - This is absolutely a-dorable!

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