baby’s got a new blanket {LeytonSmiles}

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comment is Allison’s.

Baby Sister loved to be swaddled.

I saw this ADORABLE swaddle blanket and thought we’d give it a try again. The blanket was just so soft and cute.

She didn’t like it. Good thing it’s not for her. It’s for her SisterCousin. What you ask is a SisterCousin? It is a sister you get to grow up with but doesn’t live in your house so you don’t have to worry about her messing with your stuff. In other words…MY LITTLE SISTER IS HAVING A BABY!




I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am. I am giddy. I can’t wait. I am beaming as I type this. I hope I get to babysit all the time. I wonder if my mom will babysit my kids so I can watch my niece. Probably not. I just can’t wait….I am seriously beyond gone with anticipation and excitement. I’ve been told that “Aunt Ashley” is too hard to say. So right now I am leaning towards, “Most Beautiful Princess of Awesomeness”. I think it will roll off her tongue quite nicely.

Since it is always fun to give something away too…the etsy seller, LeytonSmiles, that made my neice’s blanket is giving one away to you too!

Contest Details:

Prize: 1 swaddle blanket from Leyton Smiles

Contest ends Saturday, March 6th, 2010 9:30pm US Central

Winner chosen at random

Enter by: Tell me something fun you did with your aunt growing up, something you do as an aunt now or offer a suggestion for what my niece could call me….or just leave a general comment.

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  • raychel - Growing up, my dad’s sister would take each neice and each nephew in groups of girls and boys and take us on special day trips. Cananda’s Wonderland, the Drive in Theatre, the pool, camping etc. etc. Such amazing memories I will never forget!
    As an aunt now I spoil my neices and nephews by buying them cute stuff off etsy (those beanie hats from zjohnson??!! ADORABLE!), and when they get a bit older I plan to do what my aunt did. Take them out for great childhood memories!!

  • Christy - Cute blankets!
    My aunt was so cool. She took me to see a New Kids on the block concert when I was little. It was awesome!
    Your niece called call you Aunt Ashy πŸ™‚

  • Liz - I have a super special place in my heart for my auntie. She is just the best and is the most wonderful person on this earth. She, only having boys chose me to be “her daughter”. She spoiled me and did all the wonderful mommy and daughter she would otherwise. This was not at the expense of her sons, because she is just that awesome! I was one of 3 girls, so my mom “shared” me.

    To this day my aunt and I have an amazing bond!

    So congrats on being an auntie to a niece! How amazing! You’ll be a good one. Look at what a good mommy you are!

  • MelissaM - My aunt was the coolest! She didn’t have kids when I was little so she did all the fun things with me-took me roller skating, to Disney movies at the theatre (I don’t remember my parents ever taking me-Oh wait! Except for the opening night of Empire Strikes Back with my dad!), swimming, and most importantly, always gave me LOTS OF CANDY!!!! I LOVED spending time with my Aunt Becky! She also took me on walks in a wagon (which was quite an adventure for me) and would let me dance around to her aerobics videos while she exercised. πŸ™‚ Oh yea, and we would rock out to “Celebrate” in the car running errands. Good times. πŸ™‚

  • chrissy - we moved 1,000 miles to be near my husband’s brother and his wife and 3 kids ages 4, 3, and 2~ we love it and so do our kiddo’s. every friday night the kids either stay at our house or theirs so the parents can have a date night… and so we can enjoy our nieces and nephews. it’s so fun and the highlight of the kids week πŸ™‚

  • Alba - Congratulations! I also want to be called “tieta Alba” (aunt Alba), but no chance at the moment.
    In regard on your comment, not my aunt, but yes my oncle, he teached me how to swim, and to snorkel and to dive. He always had a moment for us, and he still has it. And now he is the best babysitter in the world when my kids are sick and have to stay at home. Gràcies per tot el què ens has donat, tiet Gervasi!

  • Mandy - the best thing about my aunts – the kids that came with them – gotta love cousins!!

  • Tammy Kay - My lovely very mean aunt who I have a ton of respect for now but she scared me to death when I was a little one used to say, “I’m gonna jerk a knot in your tail!” anytime someone did something wrong! I was scared of that woman and to this day I still make sure I have good posture when I am around her and all my children are on their best behavior. Because if they weren’t on their best behavior I would jerk a knot in their tails! Just goes to show you…never say never!
    I would love the baby blanket. My little girl is due in June!

  • Allison - My aunt sold Mary Kay products, so she would make me over in Mary Kay. It was so much fun. I am also an aunt. And for my niece, it’s too hard for her to say Aunt so she calls us TeTe. I think its going to stick! I love being an aunt, it is so fun to spoil and play with them! Can’t wait for it to be my turn to be a mom though.

  • Rachel C - Congratulations Lesley!! I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl! I love the term sistercousin. Very sweet.

  • Kirsten - My aunt, who passed away a few years ago, was by far the coolest aunt for a little girl. She was the aunt that let me paint my nails electric blue and wear makeup on sleepover at her house when my mom said NO nail polish or glitter lipstick, you’re still a baby (even if i wasnt). I am one of the first to be having a baby (this August)out of my circle of friends and I know Aunty Pooh (my best friend) will be the greatest aunty ever. She is, I think, more excited then I am, ha! πŸ˜›

  • Ashley Dougherty - We would go swimming at my aunt’s house a lot in the summer & I always remember how loving she was….always had the best drinks & snacks for us – after a long day of swimming we were always worn out! This blanket would be perfect for my baby girl due in July! πŸ™‚

  • Kate - My Aunt Jeanie was the funniest, craziest aunt. I loved her. We could be cooking a cake one minute and digging mud holes in her garden the next. She was always up for an adventure, never minded making a mess and loved on me like I was her own. I secretly hope that is what my nephew thinks about me now πŸ™‚

  • ashlee - oh my aunt is amazing! the was a kindergarten teacher for 30 years in B.A. and she does everything fun! making things, leaving her tree up for 6 months, signing birthday cards from her dog…I love her to pieces! p.s. those blankets are too cute!!

  • Andy - i have a nephew and a niece and they are so much fun. i love to read to my niece. she loves it too.

  • Shanalea - So I feel the exact same way, my sister in law is prego and I can hardly wait- she is having a boy (no worries the hat is finding a girl home) which makes me even more excited because my youngest and her oldest will be 9 months apart. I don’t know what to think about being an aunt though. It should be different. I am kind of like you. Will she watch my kids and I will take hers for the day?

  • Jessica - I absolutely LOVE being an aunt!!!! It is almost as wonderful as being a mother. My nieces and nephews are absolutely adorable,and wonderful; we have special “cousin” nights for each of them (5) where we choose a special day for them to come spend the night and we go all out on their favorite things: chuckee chesse is often requested, batting cages for my oldest nephew, all things princess, tea party, nails and hair with the girls!!! It is a BLAST and a special way for us to get one on one bonding with each one. πŸ™‚ My daughter also has a SISTERcousin and their relationship is just precious! They are 2 months apart to the day. You will have so much fun being an aunt!!! Congrats.

  • Courtney - I have many special aunts…but my mom’s sister has always been my extra special auntie. I can remember being a little girl coming to visit her in the big city, and she would have made a whole boat load of frilly dresses and headbands for me!

  • Kara - Finally something I know a little about! Just got to spend some lovely time with my beautiful niece. Biggest advice I can give is…remember nieces ALWAYS deserve presents.

  • Amanda Mc - Cute blankets!! And congrats on your niece! In Hindi there are different names for maternal and paternal aunts and uncles, and even for whether they are younger or older, gets confusing! Anyway… the name for mother’s sister is “Masi.” I’ve always liked that one.

  • janie - How about LeeLee from your name Ash(ley) My daughter had a hard time saying her brother’s name Caleb so she called him LaLa for the longest time. We still call him that sometimes!

  • Candy Foster - My dad came from a close-knit family of eight. I grew up surrounded my a host of aunts and uncles who loved me unconditionally & treated me just like their own kids or grandkids. Just recently, my aunt Katherine lost her battle with cancer. So this entry is in her honor. What she taught me was this: always stand for Jesus. <3

  • Jill - my aunt always got me the best birthday gifts but the funny part was it was always months late almost in time for the next holiday. either way i always cherished and loved her gifts no matter how many months late they were.

  • Samantha - OOhh! Congrats!!! I seriously cannot. wait. to be an aunt… but my sisters need to get married first. One of my aunts, we were very close with – she practically grew up with us! Once she got married, she lived a couple of blocks down the street from us, so we saw her often. We stayed the night with her {especially when her husband was at the fire station, to keep her company} and when we got older, we raided her closet. She is only about 13 years older than me… and even now, we’re close! And, we actually treat her daughter {about to turn 16!oh my!} like she did us… like a sister!

  • katie - oooh congrats to your sis – so exciting! I am an aunt of 5 little girls, ages 2-6, with none of my own yet, and I always make a point to wear lots of “fancy” stuff when I see them. They all love to check out my tall boots, high heels, sparkly buttons, dangly earrings, curly hair, and bangle bracelets that their moms are usually too busy to put on!

  • Karla - My daughter was just talking about my sister – her aunt – this morning. She’s a teacher and every year before she starts school, she takes my daughter for a day to her school to help her get her room organized. My daughter loves this time with her and was saying this morning how she just can’t wait until August so she can go with Anna to her school again!

  • Cristina C - I love your blog Ashley! I dont have any kids yet, and i’m not an aunt yet, but I admire your beautiful family! My Dad’s side had 7 children, so I grew up around lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. My Dad’s youngest sister just lost her 10 year battle with Breast Cancer a year ago this March. She was very special to me. I have 2 cousins that are due in a couple months, I would love to share one of those lovely blankets with them! You should have your niece call you Auntie A. πŸ™‚

  • Trinity - First of all this post made me laugh so hard because sister cousin has a whole different meaning in our house!!! I am super close with all of my aunts, and I am super close to my nephew. I LOVE being an aunt. So, I think you can try to get the baby to call you whatever you want, but the truth is, whatever comes out of their cute little mouth will be the sweetest thing EVER! My nephew calls me TT. Hopefully when he asks for his TT people won’t think he needs to go to the bathroom! Oh well…it is the sweetest thing when he wants his TT!

  • Cara L - how exciting! my sister is just as ecstatic to be an aunt to my baby in september! one of my favorite memories with my aunt was getting to spend a week with her at her beach house in california. i felt so grown up and loved every second!

  • jen - When my sister’s twins were little I started singing them a song that goes, ‘baby shark doo doo doo doo da doo, baby shark.’ I was an instant hit. As they began to string sounds together one of the first things they said was doo doo doo begging for me to sing this song with them. i couldn’t have been prouder until eventually we all began to realize that they were calling ME doo doo. At 5 years old, doo doo is still what they call me. Unfortunate, verrrry unfortunate.

  • Karen - My daddy had two sisters-one older, one younger-that never married. Every year on our birthdays they would take us to Memphis, TN –about an hour away–as our present. We would get a gift and get to eat where ever we wanted. We also got to take one of the other cousins with us. We spent the whole day there. I love that memory. It was such a big deal to get to go to Memphis. That memory always makes me smile!
    Congratulations on the niece. My little brother and his wife just found out that they were expecting their first. We are so happy!!!!

  • Michele V. - My mom and sisters take off for a girls’ weekend at least once a year with my favorite aunt and a few cousins. We always find a neat little town to antique shop, eat, and just enjoy each other. There is always lots of great stories and lots of laughing.

  • Bethany - Hi! So I am coming out of the shadows to enter this giveaway! I only just started following along after Christmas. I was home for the holidays (KS) and saw your link bookmarked on my mom’s computer and clicked over! So glad I did!

    I love the realness of your blog. Your projects. Your photos. Your words! It is such a happy, happy place!!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Happy Friday!

  • mrs doodle - Those pictures are so funny! And congrats on becoming an aunt… I don’t think my brother or BIL will ever have kids so I can be an aunt:( So yea for you!

    I had one aunt that has always been single and we always got to spend a lot of time with her. She always lived at cool places too! We went to the beach a lot and to yummy restaurants!

  • Jill - My aunts gave me lots and lots of cousins to play with! Yay!

  • Erin - How fortunate is SisterCousin that she has an Aunt that lives so close!

  • Emily Lusk - Congratulations to you and your sister!! I am sure the girls will love growing up together! I am sure you are going to be a great Aunt! You should get the blanket monogrammed with “I Love My Aunt” on it!! Jason’s mom has a monogramming shop (Yvonne’s Monograms) at 131st and Elm and will give you a great price! πŸ™‚

    My Aunt Karen was a very special person in my life! She would do all kinds of stuff with us when we visited. She would make the BEST no bake cookies!! They are still my favorite cookies to this day! When me and my sister were in college she would always send us care packages and as you know getting a package in college just makes your day! I always loved opening them and seeing what special treasures she put in there!! Sadly my Aunt lost her battle with Cancer and passed away in 2002. My sister and I learned a great deal from her and learned how to be great Aunts to our nieces and nephews just like she was to us!

    I am excited that this Wed I get to go and welcome my 5th niece or nephew into the world!! (they don’t know what they are having)
    Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!!

  • Bree - My aunt used to come visit and take us to Celebration Station, its was always so fun. I remember one time I was in the batting cages for the first time and the ball hit my finger and broke it. My aunt went nuts, she was worried my parents wouldnt let her take us anymore. I am about to be a AuntCousin, my cousin is having a baby boy and since were so close it will be like my nephew (since my brother isnt having kids). I’m so happy, i cant wait to meet him and play with him.

  • AllieH - My aunt and I did everything together, she is the coolest lady ever! Now that mu husband and I are finishing up a family of our own, my next desire is to be an aunt. I have 2 beautiful sisters-in-love that will hopefully fulfill my wish VERY soon!

  • Ryan - I seriously laughed out loud at the part about you asking your Mom to watch your kids so you ca babysit the new baby. You crack me up! πŸ™‚

    I’m very excited for you! What a blessing.

  • Anna Joy - My favorite thing to do with Aunt now is play Scrabble. We play every time we see each other and even when we can’t see each other, we have to play online! I love it!

    Congrats on the sistercousin! I love sister cousins πŸ™‚ . I am not an aunt but my best friend is my “sister from another mister” so for fun we made thought we would have my son call her DeeDee even though her name is Lee. Why don’t you make a completely different name just for your niece to call you? My aunt has my son call her Nanny. Very traditional but she loves it.

  • Sherry - One of my many aunts on my dad’s side used to always go to flea markets and buy stuff that she collected like old blue glass and jewelry. I was probably about 6 or 7 when I would go to her house and we would load up in the car and head to the flea market. I think that’s where I get my love for flea markets and antique stores, also from my parents who have always love those as well.

    Oh, and I call my only nephew my monkey πŸ™‚

  • Carol - Since I’m the Nana, I get to babysit first but I can watch your kids and my new little granddaughter at the same time. The more the merrier!!! I had a special aunt that I thought was cool because she always wore pants and not old lady dresses. I was named after her and so were you.

  • Sarah - Congratulations! Another girl! you all are going to have so much fun!!! I only had uncles growing up but my son is lucky enough to have his auntie ‘lisa around.

  • Mindy S. - Aw, those pics are adorable!! I love the, “Aaagh! I’m trapped!” look. Growing up, my fondest memory of my aunt was when I first turned 16 and she let me drive her stick-shift. She didn’t even freak out even when I stalled it, ummm, 37 times!

  • Abby - My aunt is one of the most beautiful women I know…so I obviously like to take beauty/fashion advice from her. She always said that if you are going to wear sandals, your toenails MUST be painted! Alas, I don’t always hold strong to that rule!

  • Karen - I didn’t have an aunt growing up. My daughter’s aunt is only 10 (my husband’s little sister was adopted and they are 20 years apart!)There is only an 8 year age difference between them and they think it is so fun. She loves her aunt and I know as she grows up she will want to do everything her aunt does.

  • laura - my aunt helped me make a sewn-project christmas gift for my mom! she gave me my first experience with crafting a project like that:).

  • LaurenS - I love my aunt Diane! She would take 2 weeks each September and come stay with my sister and I while my parents were on their Mary Kay trip that my mom won each year. Too bad kids couldn’t go! But my aunt would come and stay with us and it was so much fun!

  • Lois Victoria - Oh baby girls! How fun! Although we’re technically cousins, the age makes me feel like an Aunt, so I take my “niece” to do uber-girly things when we’re together! We get our nails done, get Starbucks (chocolate milk for her!) and wear head-to-toe pink! She has brothers in the house so it’s our time to be 100% GIRLY! Love it πŸ™‚

  • Taylor - In about 2 months I’ll have a niece. I’m so excited!
    I plan on spoiling her when I can. Hopefully she’ll think of me as a fun aunt.

  • Sophie - I’m not surprised that she was none too pleased to be swaddled.

    Small babies love the feeling of being restricted. It’s only when we get older that we develop the desire to be free.

    Congratulations to your sister on her little girl. (:

  • Teresa J - We would go over to my Aunt Deb’s house. They had a grape vine and we would make homemade jelly, YUM!

  • Cricket - Congratulations! I LOVE being an aunt!

    How about Auntie A? Easy and cute.

  • kassondra - my aunt introduced my to Celine Dion when i was younger and knowing we were horrible singers we would blast our Celine Dion cd’s and sing every word to every song anyways. that’s always been one of my favorite memories of my aunt TC (Teresa)

  • Courtney Connelly - Being an aunt so fun! Congrats again L and E, can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

  • Jessica - I have a 17yo sister and she’s excited to be an aunt to my little girl. She got my daughter an outfit for Christmas that declares “I love my Auntie.”

  • kimberly minyard - Hi. Well I have a bunch of aunts. My Aunt Donna is the one I am close to now. She is like a second mother. My daughter calls her Nonna (which all her grandkids call her too). She takes care of my Nanny and does hair and makes amazing Flower arrangements and wreaths. We talk and hang out or she does my hair or whatever. Its nice to have someone like a mom who is not a your mom. I hope that makes sense. As for what your neice can call you.. I have no idea. Whatever she does call you it will be with love.

  • Meredith - She should call you Auntie! My 2.5 year old daughter calls all of my best friends Auntie (Auntie Mandy, Auntie Haylie) it’s really cute!

  • Carrie - I used to call my Aunt when something happened that I didn’t want my Mom to know about πŸ™‚ (my aunt was the wild child in her family and my mom was the straight laced one) like when I blew the tire on my car and wanted to get it fixed before I went home and had to explain that I ran over the curb πŸ™‚ So always let your new niece know that you are there to tell stuff to – that she wouldn’t even tell her Mom and that you will keep it a secret πŸ™‚

  • Megan H - Growing up my aunt and I would sneak into my grandma’s dining room at the Holidays and sneak fudge. Now we do it at my mom’s during the holidays. : )

  • allison - my aunt used to take me to this awesome park where she lived. they had a kiddie train that we would ride for hours. i loved it!

  • Melanie - My cute sister and her hubby live 3 hours away from me with there 3 adorable children. Since I don’t get to see them as often as I wish. I send them “Memories” in a package for every holiday, birthday or just because.
    I explain it to my hubby by telling him “We are creating fun childhood memories for them.” I love, LoVe, LOVE your blog! Thanks for the smiles!!!

  • amanda torres - I wipe my nephew’s stinky booty at least 4 times a day, 5 days a week. That’s love. Especially if you have seen his ‘presents’. Seriously though, I’m so blessed that my kids and I get to spend time with my nephew everyday. He is wonderful, and they are growing up more like brothers and sister than cousins. You’ll love being and aunt to your sister’s baby because…Aunt’s are like Mom’s, only cooler!

  • Miranda - My mom has 6 sisters, and my dad has 3 sisters so I grew up with a lot of aunts, and that’s not counting my mom’s 2 brothers wives or my dad’s 4 brother’s wives.
    The first memory that came to my mind about one of my aunt’s is that my Aunt Sharon used to paint my nails when I was little.
    I just became an aunt for the first time 3 months ago. I love having my own kids, I’m sure there are advantages to either being an aunt before you have your own children and not. I sometimes wish I could’ve been an aunt first, so that I could spoil my niece better. But I have definitely befitted from having the only grand kids too.

  • Jill R - When I was growing up I stayed a few days every summer with my Aunt Billie. We would go shopping and go to movies in what I thought at the time was “the big city”. πŸ˜‰ That visit was my favorite thing about every summer!

  • Danielle - my aunt, who is single – never married and no kids, and i have a wonderful relationship and now i cherish watching her with my boys. she did so many fun things with my sisters and i growing up. i just threw her a surprise50th birthday party in december to let her know how loved she is! congrats on your sweet niece on the way!

  • lisa - I was about 5 years old and I remember my Aunt taking me to a department store and telling me to pick out a dress, I had the enite store to choose from, although I don’t remember what dress I picked or if I even picked one. But after wards we went back to her house and put the dress on and played with her make up. Such fun to have a girly day. Congrat’s on becoming an Aunt!

  • Amanda Weber - I grew up with aunts around all the time. We always did so much stuff together as an extended family! It is great having an aunt only 7 years older than me. She always took us to stuff our parents wouldn’t. I too just found out I am going to be an aunt… not sure if it will be a neice or nephew yet, but I look forward to it! I think your neice should call you “Aunt Corbie”, although with C around it might be kind of strange!

  • Ashley - My aunt was an elementary teacher. Each year at the end of the summer she would take me and my cousin, Elaine, to help her setup. We would get to spend the night at her house and stay up watching movies. Then the next morning, we would all eat breakfast together and head to her classroom to set up and decorate. It is one of my fondest childhood memories.
    I know you will make some amazing memories with your neice too. Congrats to your sister (and to you)!

  • Mandi Smith - I have the best aunt ever! She never had any kids of her own so she tends to spoil me and my siblings πŸ™‚ One of my favorite memories was going to get ice cream. On the way we would crank up the music and sing “The Locomotion” into the tire gauge that we pretended was a microphone.

  • danielle - My mom has 7 sisters…so I grew up with a lot of Aunts! They are the best! I also am now an Aunt to 4 nephews and just got my very first niece this past December!! I can’t wait to spoil her – she’s my Goddaughter too! It’s funny because my dauther calls her her sister too – she gets into arguments with kids at daycare when they say you don’t have a sister you have a brother and she tells I have a sister too, her name is Molly!! (she’s 2.5yo)

  • Mara - CONGRATULATIONS – we are so excited for you. I am love with my two nieces and my favorite things to do for them now (since they are both two and under and live far away) is make handmade gifts and send them fun packages and cards.

  • Courtney H - Well my sister already posted a comment about what my daughter calls her. It’s “TeTe” which is derived from Auntie. And the same aunt that sold her Mary Kay stuff also used to take me to Sonic for a drink every time we hung out. Just me and her would go and no one else. It was a time we could just talk about life!

  • jody - To be an aunt is so fun. They confide in you (when they can’t confide to their parents)…As an aunt I always have gum (like Monica on Friends) or Smarties!

  • Jodie - I am not an aunt yet, but my sister is to my son. He calls her Tel-tee because he can’t say Kellie πŸ™‚

  • Kirsten - My aunt is a prayer warrior…she is currently praying me (us) through our son’s autism spectrum diagnosis and our LONG wait for a phone call from the adoption agency telling us our second child is on the way. She is such a wonderful role model…as I’m sure you will be!! So excited for you!

  • Kim Cawley - I love being an aunt so I’m going to post something fun I’ve started doing with my nieces and nephews. For their birthdays, my kids and I “kidnap” them for breakfast. My kids and I get up early and drive over to the birthday “boy or girls” home and get them for a surprise breakfast, usually donuts. We all live close by so this is easy for us to do.
    I just found your blog yesterday, so I hope it’s ok I’m posting this πŸ™‚

  • Kristin S - My Aunt Linda was the safest and most fun person in the world for me. She was a year older than my mom and could never have children so she really was a second mom to me. She let me do all the things my mom would not. I could tell her things I’d never share with my mom (whom I basically told everything).
    My Aunt Linda passed away when I was 15 and it was like losing a parent.
    Just be the fun Aunt who kidnaps for a date at Chick-fil-A or the park for an hour.

  • Deanna - I am STILL close to my aunts. One aunt made me Barbie doll clothes (even knitted them sweaters), another taught me to play the piano and love music, and another one taught me that some people are just plum crazy and that’s ok too.

    I just became an “aunt” for the first time a year ago, so I’m still learning the ropes. I have learned that my niece and nephew just want to play, do things they can’t do at home, and getting something fun in the mailbox is pretty cool too. Congratulations…I’m so exited for you!

  • Faith - When my first boyfriend broke up with me, my aunt was consoling me in the driveway. “You’ll be alright, honey, you’ll see. There are lots of other boys…..what about that one?” …as this cute guy named Britton drove by in his Jeep. “Yeah right”, I said.

    Married him.

    One of my favorite memories ever.

  • Ali Richardson - Your niece can simply call you “auntie.” It’s the term always save for the closest auntie in the family. I have a twin sister named Lisa. She’s isn’t called Auntie Lisa or aunt Lisa, nope. She’s called “Auntie”…as if she has no other name…..needs no other name. Other aunts go by other names, but auntie is saved for “the one!”
    Congrats on becoming “auntie.”

  • Jodi - I love this one! That blanket is beautiful and baby sister is cracking me up…she is like “get me out of this thing!”.

    I am the last of 6 siblings to have any children. The gap between the last one born and mine is like 10 years so I always have been considered the “cool auntie”. You know the one with no kids…who always does fun things with them. I DOTED and splurged on them all the time. Now that I have 2 young ones of my own, I LOVE the gap, my nieces make fabulous babysitters. I live on the East Coast and they are on the West Coast, so it’s cool for them to come out here. They end up staying for long periods, like a month at a time! I miss them so much!

    Being a mom is amazing but being an Auntie is sooo much fun! Congrats!………you are so the “Auntie Ash”!!!

  • Lindy - My fabulous aunt Janelle taught me about fashion. She would play dress up with me and do my make-up. I can remember when she taught me how to paint my nails. I have been doing the same thing with my niece…she is turning into a fantastic girly girl!

  • Mary - I am excited to be aunt again coming this July. My sister is having here second baby (this time around a boy!) This contest made me laugh becuse with their first sweet baby they swaddled her until she was 15months old (she is currently 16mo)!!! It got to a point were they would lay the swaddle on the ground and she would crawl over lay down and put her arms down to her side and look at you like OK swaddle away!!! Now thats a girl who likes to cuddle.

  • lorae - I am lucky to have two Aunts who I remain extremely close to. My mother was a young single mother and we all lived together when I was little. When the aunties moved out I would often stay with them on weekends. They took me everywhere! Dates, concerts, movies and of course shopping. I remember to this day going on a date with one of them with their future husband. I sat in his lap and told him he would make a good uncle. My aunt was a little embarrassed but I was right! I don’t have any bothers or sisters nor does my husband but we are Aunt and Uncle to many of our friends children and that feeling is way cool. It warms my heart to hear the kiddos say how much they enjoy being with us. As for your name…it will come. It is more fun to see/hear what the little ones come up with. Congrats to you, your sister and the rest of your family.

  • Ellen - As an Aunt to one and later a Mother to one, I became a better, more aware Aunt after the birth of my own child. His sweetness became even more heartwarming when he became excited to be a cousin to my child.

  • Heather King - I just try to shower them with love and give pretty pink and purple presents… and plan all you want for what she’s going to call you, she’ll choose on her own… I like the princess of Awesomness, but be careful it might come out Awfulness πŸ™‚

  • Rachel - My aunt was soo much fun growing up! My favorite memory with her is when she would let me sit on her lap while driving on their long driveway and steer the wheel. I was probably 8 or so. I thought it was the coolest!

  • Heather - I was just drooling over her blankets on etsy the other day! I have fond memories of family trips taken with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Growing up we always went to a hotel in the big city on Valentine’s weekend. As families we have begun doing it again.
    Congrats on the baby girl… slightly jealous πŸ˜‰

  • Laura - My aunt owned a condo on a lake so I have many memories of her taking us on the boat and riding jet ski’s with my cousins. We had so much fun!

  • Danielle Berg - I wasn’t close to my aunts growing up… sooo sad…

  • Kim B. - My Great Aunt (she is my maternal grandmothers sister) is my most FAVORITE Aunt. Growing up we called her “Sissy”, now the we are older my Sister and I just call her Sis.

    My Sis is pushing 90 years old, still active and and the glue that holds our extended family together. I have two awesome Nephews ages 7 and 13, and they call ME “Sissy”, I Love it πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Gray - I remember when I was little I would go stay w/ my cousins & my aunt would take us to the pool. So much fun as a kid in the summertime!

  • Katie M. - Oh my goodness! How exciting!!! I am about to be a first Aunt to a little boy in about 4 weeks from today:) I did soo very many fun things with my Aunties growing up…too many to list! You should definitely go by Auntie Ash…lol

  • Angela - I am excited to be an aunt for the very first time in June! My brother in law is having a baby girl, and she will be 5 months younger than my new baby boy. My son is going to have his own SisterCousin very soon. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah Marie Long - I remember my aunt would always take my sister and I to the mall. When we were there we would go window shopping and end our adventure with cookie dough frozen yogurt! Good memories.

  • Julia - My 8 year old niece is coming to stay with us for 8 days over spring break! We are definitely planning a trip to the zoo and at least one park a day to enjoy this lovely weather!

  • Julie - My aunt would have me over to bake all sorts of things from pot roast to cookies. She also taught me how to really deep clean a house and then she would pay me to do hers. She also taught me how to whoop everyone at Monopoly-this one has really come in handy! My nieces and nephew are pretty close to my age so they just call me by my name. Although someday I will have a God-child and Julie always comes out sounding more like oowee, we are in the same boat!

  • Rachel - I thought I would never ever get to be an aunt as I am an only child..but my husband has both a brother and a sister…and finally, last July after years of waiting, I became an auntie to my niece Emma who is now 6 months old. I got to be a part of the entire birthing process which was so amazing in itself. So…my favorite thing to do is cuddle with her and remember how amazing it was to welcome her into this world and think about the bond that we will always have with each other.

  • Britney B - my aunt always took me horseback riding! we called her auntie, and even though i have many other aunts, she was my only auntie!

  • Martina - I remember my aunt painting my face on Halloween the year I was a clown. She had 3 boys and I think she loved getting to spend time me my sister and me.

  • Amy - I LOVE being an Aunt! My niece calls me Mamie since she couldn’t say Amy when she was itty bitty. I take my niece out on monthly “us’ time. The first Saturday of the month is ours and no one can interrupt it. We go to the park, movies,library,shopping,out to eat or just hang out at the house. Now that I have a little one of my own, my mom watches her while I hang with my niece for a few hours. πŸ™‚ Did I mention that I LOVE being an aunt!

    My aunt- who we call Auntie- is awesome. She’s my mom’s twin sister and all use cousins are a year apart. We all grew up like sisters and brothers with two moms and dads. My cousin is like a Sistercousin: my daughter even ‘calls’ my cousin Auntie Sara.

  • Sarah - Adorable blankets!! I’m sure her SisterCousin will love it alittle more than she does πŸ™‚

  • Lesley - Yay!! I’m so excited about the blanket! Thanks, Ash. And, I’m super pumped about my little girl having a sister-cousin! Aunt Ashley is hard to say but Beautiful Princess of Awesomeness will be perfect!

  • heidi - i have learned that the tricks to being the favorite aunt are pink and blue cupcakes, scooby doo movies, princess paper dolls, remote control cars, tickel wars, water fights, losing bets, and bribery.

  • Beth - My aunt had all boys, so she really enjoyed doing “girly” things with us when we would visit.

    Congrats on being an aunt!

  • Julie - Oh how I wish my sister had kids! I’m blessed with several sweet aunts and I love how I have a different type relationship with them. Aunt Sissy was SO.MUCH.FUN! We couldn’t wait for her to come visit because we were spoiled rotten. Aunt Nell let us have coke with our breakfast, and Aunt Jo is a such an encouragement and a strong prayer warrior! And I can’t wait for my sister to be an aunt to my some-day children. Aunts are special people! πŸ™‚

  • Cassie - My mom and aunt are total opposites–my mom dressed in classy, neutral outfits and my aunt had, well, flashier taste. I would always sit with my aunt at church, and the highlight of my week was counting how many rhinestones she was wearing. I think she’s secretly disappointed I’m having a boy…she wanted to pass on some of those crazy rhinestones! πŸ™‚

  • Kristina H. - I adore my Aunt Sue…..she took me to get my ears pierced as a child, something my mother didn’t want to happen; she was like a second mother to me and it was refreshing to be able to talk to her about anything!! Savor the precious moments of your new, soon-to-be-born niece!!

  • Sara W - She could call you Auntie A.

    My aunt only had boys so she would always take us girls shopping.

  • Melanie - My aunt was a bit nutty. I remember her always promising that my birthday gift was in the mail……it never made it. I still check. πŸ™‚ I cherish being an aunt so much! Especially, since it’s been so hard for my husband and I to have our own. I love that my neice named me Auntie Mel. I also thought Aunt Melanie was a bit long. πŸ™‚ I think you should try Auntie A. It always melts my heart hearing them call me by that name. Even now, that they are 13 and 10.

  • Naomi - I remember my aunt used to pick me up after school when I was four or five years old, and we’d go back to her house where she’d let me eat jelly (that’s jello to you, I think!) from the packet and spell our family’s names using the magnetic letters on her fridge. Very happy memories πŸ™‚

  • Suzanne Green - One year I took 2 of my nephews to the State Fair and bought them anything they wanted to eat! They had turkey legs, lemonaid, and chocolate covered anything! It was such a great time!!

  • Colette Amey - Those two girls are going to have so much fun growing up together! My daughter is lucky enough to have two girl cousins born within a year of her… one is only 3 months older. Whenever anyone is coming to visit us, if I ask her to guess, her eyes light up and she always guesses her cousin. I wish we all lived closer πŸ™ but I smile as I think of all the fun memories they will make in the years to come!

  • Kristi - Congrats auntie! My best friend is really close with her cousin. They call each other sisco..short for sistercousin! Thats so neat to be close. I have a cousin who is a month older than me and we used to be really close and she even lives 7 hours away. Once we got older it got harder and harder! But its still nice to have family close in age!

  • Natalie - I discovered your blog a couple of months ago while searching for new content for my RSS reader. Your pictures inspire me to take better pictures and your kids are so cute! I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to say thank you for your daily posts. They make me smile and I look forward to a new one each morning.

    Congrats on becoming an auntie. My daughter (almost 17 months) has 2 sistercousins that are 2 and 5 months younger than her. I can’t wait for them to grow up together!!!

  • Kate - My aunt used to make us pancakes and strawberry milk for breakfast! A very rare and special treat!

    As an aunt now, I let my nephew play cars on my face πŸ™‚ Long story.

  • Esther N - Watching my sister-in-law feed my son all kinds of horrible things a one-year-old shouldn’t eat, I told her “you just wait”. now that she has a little one of her own, I sneak that baby all sorts of goodies. wa-ha-ha-ha. (that was supposed to be an evil laugh)

  • Liz - Those blankets are Adorable!!!!

    I always loved holiday meal prep with my aunts… they were sweet and cool and fun to hang around.

  • Georgia Davis - So excited for your sister. Send her my congrats!

  • Shannon - I have a great relationship with my aunt but I specifically remember one Christmas growing up when she spent forever helping me set up and play with my Barbie Ice Cream Shop. She was/is always there for me when I need any help. πŸ™‚

  • candace - When my neices were younger, my name was not exempt from the long list of things pronounced in “kidtalk”. Candace became /Kin/-/iss/ and has stuck for nearly 12 years. I love hearing those sweet kiddos say my name aunt name. It is WAY better than being called “Aunt Candace” any day!

    One aunt and I share a birthday (tomorrow actually) and her card is one I always look for first in tha mail. She is my favorite aunt and became a great source of womanly wisdom and a listening ear after my mother passed away.

    Being an aunt is the MOST fun! (of course, we do not have children) πŸ™‚

  • Jane - I hope I’m a cool aunt to my nieces and nephew. Last year my husband and I took all of them and our kids to Great Wolfe Lodge (in Ontario, Canada) and had a great time!

  • Tia - my aunt would always let me help her bake. she was also great at making up awesome bedtime stories.

  • Robyn Farmer - Today I went to my sisters house and my niece who is now 14 was going to a slumber party. She was doing her hair and let me curl it. She always parts it straight down the middle and I asked if I could part it to the side…she let me and it changed her whole look. She went from looking like my baby niece to a young lady. When she saw her friends they told her how beautiful she looked. It made me feel like a real Aunt for the first time.

  • Valerie - Those pictures crack me up! My kiddo would totally make that face if I swaddled him again now. He barely tolerated it when he was little. He’s a wiggler. The blanket is so stinkin cute, though. I do have a friend I need a gift for!

  • liz elayne - oh my those photos are so cute! with my own little girl twirling inside me right now (set to arrive in may), i love adding another favorite etsy link to my list as we want to buy as much as possible handmade for her.

    a favorite memory with one of my aunts is when she picked me up at the airport with flowers when i came to visit during a difficult time in my family (my parents were divorcing). those happy flowers and her hug invited me to feel safe for the first time in weeks. it was a gift i will always treasure.

  • Trina - Congrats! I like Auntie LeeLee. My sister-in-law’s name is Jackie & we call her Auntie KiKi (for the last half of her name). Auntie LeeLee is fun, easy to say & Cute!

  • Amy - I did not get to see any of my aunts very often growing up, so seeing them on holidays or vacation was always a treat. Each special in their own ways. One had cable and we didn’t, one had a house at the beach, one always bought the best gifts(pretty shallow now but big deal as a kid),one loved us as her own disciplining us and everything(her boys were our brother cousins) and the other one was, well the black sheep. Had great times with all.

    As for a name, I have heard a lot of the older generations refer to their aunts as auntie.Thought it sounds appropriate since you are into taking vintage and making it like new πŸ™‚

  • Nicole - I vote to let her make up her own name for you! My (then toddler, now 15 year old) niece called me “Nack” when she couldn’t pronounce “Nicole”. Melted my heart every time I heard it!

    Congratulations on becoming an auntie!

  • ae - I think the most “fun” thing my nephew would say I’ve done is convince his parents to come on a trip to Disney World with us! That is, if he could remember it. He was too young at the time, but whether he knows it or not, that probably beat the playing we do around the house.

  • Savannah - I was the only niece my aunt had so for a long time I was spoiled rotten and spent many weekends learning the ways of the world with my aunt!

  • Rachel - My aunts lived far away as I was growing up, but when the UPS man would show up at our door we would go nuts! I have one aunt who would send a package (usually early summer) that would include Christmas stickers, Valentine’s day crafts, and Easter candy. She would always apologize that she hadn’t sent the things as she bought them, but as a kid it was like getting to relive all the holidays at once!

  • Catie - Congratulations! I absolutely love being an aunt!!! I have two nephews a niece and another on the way! I would say something I do as an aunt is play this exciting game of batman/robin/cat women. Its one of their favorite things to do and its great exercise for me too!

  • Lilly - my aunt would have me over for sleepovers and we would make lemon poppyseed muffins and other yummy things since my own mom was not much of a baker. to this day, lemon poppyseed is one of my favorite flavors. congrats!

  • Lindsey - When I was young, My aunt started the tradition of taking me out on my birthday to shop for one complete outfit. Im talking shirt,pants, socks, new shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, etc!We always had the best time, and I looked forward to it every year. Now that my brother is having his first baby, I cant wait to be an aunt and have that special relationship with my new nephew.

  • Autumn - Being an aunt is sooo much fun!!! Growing up we never lived very close to our aunts, but we were still very close to them and my cousins. We always looked forward to visiting them at their house and always had a blast (still do).

  • paige - I have an Aunt who lived in Haiti growing up (and still does), and I thought she was a fashion GODDESS. When we would visit her in Miami, she always had THE best clothes and jewelry and her nails were always painted so perfectly. It’s so vivid in my mind. I wanted to be just like her! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Robyn Lee - My aunt let me go to cheerleading camp when I was younger. She even made me act like my cousin was my brother so the camp would let me in. My parents were 6 hours away and they needed a parent’s signature…. so my aunt was my “mom” for a week. lol!

  • Hallie - I have to tell you two:

    I just thought of this last night! My sister and I would stay with our Aunt Ann for a week or two every summer. She and a friend had a job cleaning an office and while they cleaned we got to play secretary. We would pretend to take calls, picking up the phone and saying, “Conestoga Wood Production, may I help you?” That is one of those proofs that it is not WHAT you do, but just being together as you go about, that is special.

    Every time I hear the song “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” I think of my mother’s other sister, Aunt Jenny. She was sixteen with a new license and a Chevy Malibu and she was allowed to take us to the store or something. I remember the hot sun, the windows down, and the song coming on the radio. Good times…good times!

    Hooray for you and your new niece!

  • ashley - My name is Ashley as well and my one year old niece calls me Sash! I LOVE IT and it will be so cute when she says Aunt Sash!!!

    LOVED how you wanted her to call you Most Beautiful Princess of Awesomeness. My best friend who recently had a little boy calls herself “Pretty Mommy” when she talks to her son so that he will think her name is “Pretty Mommy” instead of Mom! It’s caught on with everyone and now I call her “Pretty Mommy” as well!!!

    BTW, was recently introduced to your blog and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

  • Kara - I have some of the best memories ever with my aunt. She is single so we got to spend lots of girls nights together. The movies, game nights all sorts of stuff. Now that I am an aunt I LOVE to take my nephews to fun things that mom doesn’t always have time for. My son and one of my nephews are 5 months apart and they are BEST friends. They are 2 and it is so fun to watch them!!!! CONGRATS!!! Auntie Ann!!!

  • Sarah K - My Aunt never had kids, so when I was little, she spoiled us rotten! I always enjoyed our shopping excursions…what a treat!

  • Lindsey P - My aunt is the best bargain shopper. I loved going shopping with her just the two of us πŸ™‚

  • Katie - I remember my aunt always turning up really cool music when we were with her. She always seemed so much easier to talk to than my mom.

  • Callie B - cute blankets! As an aunt, we live apart from all of my little niece and nephews so it’s fun to make up little care packages with inexpensives little items. my kids color pictures and write notes to include, and we mail it off. They in turn, do the same. It’s a fun way for the cousins (and Aunts) and keeps in touch and connect!

  • Donita - Hi! My name is Donita, nickname Nita and my niece grew up in New Jersey and we would see her at Christmas and for two weeks every summer. Where i’m from, we call our aunts – “Aunty” so growing up she always called me Aunty Nita or so i thought. She though my name was “Tenita” and she called me Aunt Tenita…she’s 19 and I’m Aunt Donita now…

    Blessings for your upcoming addition…I have lots of sister cousins and we are a pretty tight group!

  • Heather - How about “Aunt Leelee” (pronounced “lee-lee”), from “Ashley”? It seems like basic, repeating sounds are easy names to say, and the tricky “sh” gets left out that way!
    I have yet to come up with a toddler-friendly way to pronounce my own name- Heather. The “H” plus the “th” in the middle makes it come out mangled every time. My little Sunday school kiddies can never manage it. πŸ™‚

  • Dick - I have a wonderful Aunt Ginny. She is in her eighties and whenever my wife takes the grandchildren on a walk around the block, aunt Ginny meets them at the end of her driveway with a treat. Sometimes the kids want to stop for a treat, even when she is not out there. They know Aunt Ginny loves them.

  • Deb - My Aunt Lil used to get my brother and me out of school at least once a year when she would come to visit. One time she took us to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. I didn’t care much for baseball, but it was fun being there with her and my uncle Andy. I saw a side of her I never saw before. She knew all the players names and positions and many other boring things about baseball, but I did think it was pretty neat that she knew this much about baseball, because she always seemed so ,”Prissy.”

  • Heidi - I think I may be getting in under the end-of-the-contest wire!

    Now that my sisters and cousins are all adults, we have a semi-regular game night with all of our aunts and it is SUCH a blast. We laugh, eat and, sometimes, really do end up playing games.

    Congratulations on your sister’s baby girl news!

  • Erin Aitkens - My dad is an only child and my mother has only one brother, married but no children. This means that, growing up I didn’t have any cousins… Sad story! However, I am excited as my sister-in-law just found out last week that she is pregnant! This means that at least my son will know the joy of growing up with cousins!

  • Meg - I live in Chicago and my sister lives a state away in the suburbs so my niece and nephew love coming to spend time in “the city”. My nephew (a huge Cubs fan) especially loves that we can walk to Wrigley Field. My dad always comments about how it’s these trips staying in my tiny place that they’ll remember and love when they’re older.

  • Laura Beth - I loved going to the zoo with my aunt when I was little! I had 2 brothers so I really enjoyed (and still do) time with my girl cousins!

  • amy - My favorite aunt growing up is now my kids’ favorite great-aunt! They took us all to the Kiddie Park in their hometown in OK this summer. My kids LOVED it!

  • Ashley Cangelosi - My babies have all loved to be swaddled…so for a gidt to give…the blue and red circles and diamonds would rock!

  • HeatherR - Congrats, Ashley! I stalk your blog regularly, and I can tell you are going to be an AWESOME auntie. I am an aunt to 5 amazing nieces and 1 great niece, AND another great niece and nephew to arrive later this summer! Being an aunt is SO.MUCH.FUN. Fun stuff – any project you come up with, they are going to LOVE, so I would say, just be YOU girl, and just as your kids are blessed, so will this special little girl. Oh, and in the words of Monica Gellar from “Friends”. . .you should always have gum. πŸ˜‰ Congrats again!

  • Christina S - I think “Aunt AA” would be a good name for your niece to call you. πŸ™‚

  • Allison - I had one aunt that was a big part of my life. Even though she had leukemia and was in and out of the hospital and lived in a different state, she always made sure she was present at all of the major milestones in my life! She hated breakfast but loved chocolate! When we would stay with her, we made these things called gobs that were a soft chocolate cookies with icing in the middle. When those were gone, there were always oreos!!! We also always had potaoto chips and French onion dip as a bedtime snack! Things we never got when we were at home! She is now my sons godmother and is a big part of his life too! We are so blessed that she has lived this long and that she can know her great nephews and they too can see what an amazing woman she is! Congrats on being an aunt ashley!!!!! I too can’t wait to become one… day!

  • michelle - My aunt and I would have tea parties and picnics in her backyard… sooo much fun!

    My niece calls me TT. I personally think it’s adorable. She had a hard time saying auntie

  • valerie - Congratulations! I have awarded you a Beautiful Bloggger Award! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  • kelly g - My aunt was a farmer, I learned so much from her. She took me to a rodeo and I rode in a sheep rodeo…yes, the sheep bucked and I fell off!! I’ve never told anyone!

  • Mandy - Oh YAY! Congrats L & E! I’m thrilled for you guys! I was thinking maybe she could call Ashley “Auntie Annie” or something along those lines… kind of rolls off the tongue, I think. πŸ™‚

  • Chelsea - What a cute blanket! I spent lots of time with my aunt at the beach with her family going up. So fun!

  • Crystal Allen - my aunt and i are very close. when i was younger, she would take me, my sister and our 2 cousins to visit our grandparents over the 4th of July weekend every year. she’s even the one that i turned to when i was in my early 20’s and really need help. thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  • Mandy - I am usually a lurker and I know the contest is closed but I just wanted to comment about your sister being pregnant! My youngest daughter and my sister’s youngest daughter are 5 days apart. We live 600 miles away from one another and they have probably seen eachother a whole 25 times in their whole lives but they are the best of friends and they pick up right where they leave off each time they see eachother and cry like the dickens when we pull them apart to leave. I had many close close cousins growing up. There is nothing quite like a sistercousin!

  • Dee Fuller - Oh my goodness I love those!!!!!!!!