DIY {card book}

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Charity’s comment is the last counting one.

In the course ofΒ  500 posts, I have learned a few things from blogging. Here’s a few:

1. You truly can meet incredible people online. I now have a circle friends that I feel like I know, despite I’ve never met them in person. I know their voice, just haven’t heard it audibly. My life is more full as a result of their influence and growing friendships.

2. Everyone likes an easy craft….so I’ll share one today.

When we opened presents as a family at Christmas we talked to the kids about what gifts God had given them in 2009….then we talked about what kinds of gifts we could give God in 2010. In case you are curious, Big Brother wants to give God lots of Legos in 2010. I wrote down what everyone said and knew I wanted to make a small little notebook to record what was said this year and in the years to come. I also knew I wanted it left out so we could read what was said (I knew I’d forget mine!). It is February and I finally got around to making my book. I had a stash of 5×7 cards that didn’t have envelopes, so I used those to make the book….this is a cute idea with envelopes too (store things in the ‘pages’).

I worked on my book while Big Brother worked on his letters…the whole project took about 15 minutes.

Step 1: I cut one card in half to make a front and end sheet (not necessary)

Step 2: Use tape (I used pretty masking tape) to tape the cards together

Picture 3: All my ‘pages’ taped together2.10cardbook-3

Step 3: Cut paper for the cover. I used double sided cardstock scrapbooking paper. Amy Butler collection (thanks sis)

Step 4: Punch holes in the front and back sides of the cover…on the far left and far right (not top and bottom)

Step 5: Embellish your cover. I used more paper and masking tape.2.10cardbook-6

Step 6: Attach your cover to the pages to using masking tape again

Step 7: Run a ribbon through the holes to tie the book shut

Step 8: I taped tags on each ‘card’ to designate whose page it is…remember I am using my to record things over the course of years.2.10cardbook-92.10cardbook-122.10cardbook-14

3. Another thing I have learned is that there is some unreal creative talent and inspiration out there. A while back I came across the cutest little bags/wallets and have been anxiously waiting for the fabric combination that screams “This bag was made for you Ashley!”

Well while I wait….Gussy is giving one away to you!

Visit the Gussy store HERE and the Gussy blog HERE

Contest Details

One Entry per person

Contest ends on Thursday, February 11th at 7:00pm US Central

Prize is a $25.00 store credit to Gussy

In the comment section tell me 4 things (besides your wallet) you will carry in your Gussy if you win.

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  • Mandy - keys, rescue snacks, wipes, lip gloss – – covers all the bases

  • amanda torres - keys, coupons (love to coupon), phone, miscellaneous items that can be crammed in there that would benefit the kids and my sanity.

  • anne c - carmex, altoids, Lift me up/Calm me down book, ipod πŸ™‚

  • Heather King - Keys, Diaper/Wipes, Snacks, Coupons πŸ™‚

  • Sarah@Clover Lane - A diaper, wipes, goldfish crackers, and a Matchbox car.
    For emergencies…everyday.

  • Jeannette Swan - keys, to-do list, lip balm, lotion. Did you just post that pic of Breese in front of her pic – I didn’t see it when I looked yesterday!

  • Amy - point and shoot camera, wipes, lip gloss, iphone

  • Rachel Ridd - I would carry …

    my cell phone
    lip gloss
    to do list


  • Allison - Can’t live without my cell phone, chapstick (its so dry out), lotion and keys!

  • Katie - diapers, wipes, lip gloss and cell phone

  • Sara - Business Cards, Peppermints, keys, and scheduling book (aka brain) πŸ™‚

  • Lisa - keys, phone, burt’s bees chapstick, and a few strawberry shortcake band-aids for all the boo-boos that are in need of love.

  • Jenna - chap stick, phone, keys and ipod πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie - Keys, phone, baggie of bunny crackers, iPod

  • Jo - keys, camera, cell phone, lip gloss!

  • Cath - I’m loving these giveaways πŸ˜€ In your daughter’s picture it looks like she’s doing push ups πŸ™‚ It’s so cute!
    About the items it’d be lip balm, my phone, keys and some dried fruit πŸ™‚

  • Jessica - Chapstick, my Canon P&S camera (I always have it with me), keys, and small sketchbook with a pen πŸ™‚

  • Kathy - Hmmm my cell phone, keys, chap stick, and acorns (my son “collects” them and I always end up carrying them around).

  • Beth - my iphone, my keys, probably 2 or 3 dollars and whatever kind of thing i come across. Can’t really predict what will end up in my purse. One day it’s cheerios the next a pacifier or hair bow.

  • Kristin Eldridge - coupons, keys, phone, pacifier

  • raychel - phone, keys, chapstick, ipod

  • ashlee - i LOVE Gussy!! I would carry my phone, burts bees chapstick, keys, and a granola bar:) Then the gussy would go in my diaper bag because there is no way 2 different sized diapers & wipes would fit in one. It would have to be a HUGE Gussy:) like her (in)courage laptop bags…that would work:)

  • sarah - I’d carry my wallet, Burt’s Bees, mini Moleskine (I love those little guys), and pencil.

  • Meredith - phone, camera, sippy cup and diaper/wipes

  • annie - lip balm
    pictures of my kids
    credit card

    that’s all folks…

  • Trinity - I am thinking phone, little money, little “incase we have extra time and the girls get restless” toys, and whatever else happens to find it’s way in there!

  • Melissa - Starbucks gift card, lip gloss, antibacterial gel, & phone

  • Sarah - 1) Chapstick!!!
    2) ID
    3) Change, not bills (I never seem to have bills)
    4) cell phone – cant live without it.

  • Kari - My cell phone so I can always FIND it! lol!

  • Jill R - I would carry my Burt’s Bees chapstick, the Starbucks card that I hope I get for Valentine’s Day from my hubby (hint, hint), my grocery list and all of my coupons / discount cards for the week. Love the giveaways – these are really fun!

  • Julie B. - Keys, cell phone, a few types of lip gloss, wallet

  • Jessica - Definitely keys(always losing at bottom of bag), lipgloss, cell, and an emergency snack for my 2 year old. You never know when you will need some of Annie’s Cheddar bunnies for grocery store meltdowns!

  • Melissa Davis - 1) Chapstick
    2) my phone which is the best tool at keeping me organized
    3) a pen, always in need of one
    4) spray hand sanitizer

  • Allison - Chapstick, phone, keys, and extra toy and teething ring for the boys!

  • Jaclyn - wipes, cell phone, cheerios, lip gloss

  • Evie - Cute bags! I’d carry my phone, coupons, my change purse my sister gave me for being a bridesmaid in her wedding, and probably some earings would be stuffed down in the bottome at some point as well. I’m always finding a random pair in the bottome of my purse these days.

  • Kim B. - Burt’s Bees lip shimmer, iPod Touch, hand sanitizer and reading glasses !

  • Martina - lip gloss, keys, phone, little bottle of moisturizer (can’t live without it this time of year!)

  • kelly - Ok so I just switched bags last night…I found a chewed bite of hamburger, a dog biscuit, extra wheels for the Automoblox and 4 crayons. What I would like to carry is my lipstick, my cellphone, my coupon book and gum. Only.

  • Jamie - I would carry my phone, my keys, my coupons, some lip balm. I’m so glad you “introduced” me to Gussy; so cute!

  • Linda - LOVE Gussy’s style!
    I would carry lipgloss, lotion, cell phone, and lipgloss…yes, I am that addicted to lipgloss!:)

  • Debbie S - cell (of course!), coupons, lip gloss, and gum

  • Teresa J - Besides my wallet, I would carry my chapstick, make compact, nail file and a little bit of lotion. Everything a girl needs to stay pretty on the go deserves something pretty to go in πŸ™‚

  • Laura - if i won a gussy, it’d hold my Nivea moisture chapstick, my travel mirror, dental floss & my tide to-go stick :]

  • Melissa - oooo! cute! Keys, Starbucks money, lip gloss, camera…

  • Rachel - After the wallet, I’ve always gotta have 1) lip gloss 2) my cell phone 3) keys and 4) a matchbox car for my boy. Great give away!

  • Paula - I had the thrill of MEETING Gussy at BlissDom last weekend. LOVE HER! I had already been drooling over her bags. I would definitely carry my iPhone, a little idea notebook, lip gloss, and maybe a spare pair of underwear for my kids. πŸ™‚ Gotta be practical!

  • Jaimie - my gussy would hold chapstick, snacks, a photo of my little and my iphone. i too have been waiting patiently for the right fabric combo!

  • Lesley - Super cute!! This is a fun week!! Mine would hold lipgloss, gift cards, keys and if my camera would fit, that too.

  • jill tracy - phone, lip gloss, debit card, lotion! Those are so stinkin cute by the way!!!

  • Suzanne - So cute! I would carry my keys, phone, Burts Bees, and crayons (for my girls).

  • Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} - Burt’s Bees lip balm, keys, a little cash and gum. Always with me. πŸ™‚

  • Kara P - To-Do list, cell phone, Make-up, and Business cards!

  • Kara - Keys, picture of my hubs & baby girl, chapstick and eye drops.

  • Cherish Stockdale - Cherry chapstick (my fave)
    cell phone

  • Elizabeth - I usually keep my wallet at home…so I will carry my bank card, phone, water bottle for little one and probably a snack for little one!!! (and maybe a lollipop for emergencies!…I know that is four..but hey, it’s my purse!!)

  • Jill J - Ok, I’ll play… Um, Bert’s Beeswax lip balm (I notice I’m not the only one; seriously addictive), hand sanitizer, cover up, nail clippers. These Gussy bags are so cute! I wish I had that kind of talent!

  • Kristi - I would carry my phone, snacks, diaper, and wipes!

  • Jackie - I’d like to think it will carry the perfect shade of lipstick, tickets to a great concert and a credit card with a billing address other than mine…but it will likely hold extra hair bows for my daughter, a matchbox for my son, band-aids, hand sanitizer and babywipes!!

  • Tess S. - cute! CUTE!

    chapstick, memory cards, postage stamps, and cash!

  • jody - vaseline, keys, chocolate & library card

  • Shelby A - lip gloss, gum, “be good for a few more minutes” treats, camera

  • Robyn Farmer - Phone,keys,toy,and burts bees lip balm.

  • Margie - Great little craft book! I often write down prayers that my four year old makes up because they are so sweet and I am sure they would be forgotten if not inked somewhere!
    What would I carry…mmmm….chapstick for sure, cell phone, burp cloth (my baby spits up A LOT) and some random things that little hands drop in there without my knowledge!

  • Sarah T - I’d put my Planner, my bible, cell phone and most likely a plethora of notes cards… oh the joys of being a college student πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Johnson - notebook and pen for doodling, keys, and phone

  • Jodi - Lip gloss, keys, gum and pictures of my adorable son!

  • Donna - Powershot Canon

  • Tracy - keys,ipod,phone, and chapstick! another great project!!

  • Celeste - sunglasses, keys, chapstick, and gum (:

  • stacey B - easy smeasy…car key, lip gloss, phone and oil absorbing sheets! HA!

  • Michele V. - I just found out I’m going to be a grandma.
    So I would put a diaper, baby wipes, pacifier,
    and burp rag for when I’m babysitting and on
    the go.

  • Kelly - Love this idea Ashley, you have really given me the itch to do more crafting!

    4 things I would carry; keys, itouch, annoyingly old flip phone, and burts bees tinted chap stick.

  • Lindsay - Gussy’s stuff is SO cute! I’d carry my favorite B&BW Brown Sugar lip gloss, my daughter’s “lips” aka ChapStick, daughter’s fruit snacks & my BlackBerry. πŸ™‚

  • Liz E - Just gorgeous,

    I would carry

    hand sanitizer
    mentha-lip (delish)
    sunglasses (so important even in winter in OHIO!)
    board book or 2! (my 3 and 1.5 year love reading/chewing on them)

    Cool giveaway!

    Liz πŸ™‚


  • LAB - Chapstick, cell phone, gum, pen

  • Ivana - a pair of earrings, coins for laundry, lip gloss and my student ID πŸ™‚

    by the way, why doesn’t google reader pick up your rss feed? πŸ™

  • allison waken - I was just looking at these the other day! They are adorable. I would have lego guys, fingerboards (tiny skateboards), 3 flavors of chapstick, and 2 flavors of gum. All must haves in my bag!

  • Miranda - So cute!!

    Keys, debit card, chapstick and phone!

  • Karla - Cell phone, chapstick, small journal, keys.


  • Ali Richardson - 4 things:
    Hair thing (a back-up to the one I always wear on my wrist….you never know when you need a quick pony tail)
    Spare pacifier for baby sister.
    Stamps (I never have one on hand when I need one).
    And, gum.

  • Jenny - Only 4?!
    I would for sure have chapstick, my cell phone, keys and admittedly a bunch of receipts that I haven’t gotten around to recycling yet. πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much for your lovely blog, Ashley.

  • TianaMarie - hmm id say.. my stack of notes i write to myself (i need to thin out my collection.. its taking over!), my keys, my cell phone, and some change thrown at the bottom because i love it when it jingles:)

  • AMS - only 4 things??? ok, ok… gloss, gum, Tylenol and iphone.

  • Megan H - keys, cell phone, lip gloss, pics of my kiddos.

  • becky - keys, phone, chapstick, wallet with no money πŸ™‚

  • Britney B - keys, iPod, cell phone, granola bar!

  • Selena Cate - First would be my iphone of course, 2nd would be my PDA, 3rd would be my lippy and 4th would be my business cards. Would just love to win.

  • Meg - Keys, ID, public transit pass, ipod.

  • Kirsten - gum, chapstick, motrin and a pen

  • Ingrid - i would carry cellphone, lipgloss, keys and the cafe receipt from a morning date with my little girl πŸ™‚

  • Kaley - lip balm, drivers license, cell phone and money. Who needs a wallet?

  • Dana - So cute! I would carry my cell phone, keys, my favorite Neutrogena lip treatment, and my ear buds that do double duty as headphones and a hands-free headset. They’re always with me so I’m never tempted to drive with one hand occupied by a cell phone!

  • Mara - keys, iPhone, lip gloss and a snack for my toddler.

  • Shanalea - cell phone, Mary Kay tinted lip balm (love it), Bible (small diaper bag size), keys

  • Sherry - Mine would hold keys, credit cards, chapstick, and mirror.

  • Andy - phone, chapstick, credit card, pics

  • Kelley - Well, it is hard to narrow it down to four, but I would carry a matchbox car, polly pocket, notebook and pen. I could keep my kids busy for quite a while with those few items!

  • Lacey McKay - Oooh! Perfect timing! I am planning to make a photo book for my mom today! This is perfect!

    Hmmm, for the Gussy, I guess I’d tuck in my driver’s license, a little cashola, lip gloss, and my cell phone, if I were going out on a date with my hubby! If my camera would fit, I’d put that in it too!

  • Hayley - Love your blog! I’d carry a pony tail holder, my cell phone, some cash, & my to do list.

  • Megan - Keys, ipod, chapstick, and my thinline bible

  • Christin - lip gloss, phone, point and shoot camera, keys

  • Kate - So my ideal purse is the one the Mom had in the movie One Fine Day…she had something for everything. But if I am chosing my survival kit it would include cellphone, sunglasses, lipgloss and pocket calendar.

  • Heather - Wish I could take photos like you…beautiful! I would carry my phone, money, lip stuff and coupons, and I am sure anything my husband asks me to carry (ie sunglasses). I love her bags and have been eyeing them forever.


  • Mindy - Yay, I love Gussy! I would carry chapstick, gum, my cell phone, and pencils!

  • Faith - chapstick, diaper/wipes, lightning mcqueen (the backup), cell

  • Stephanie - Those are really great!

    The things I always have with me (other than my wallet) are:
    hand sanitizer

  • Teresa - 1.Keys
    3.Compact Mirror
    4. Lip Gloss

  • Taryn - Keys, cell phone, lip balm, and hand lotion. Those are the necessities, I think.

  • Andrea - cell phone, lip gloss, pacifier, hershey kisses

  • Jodi - Chapstick, cash, keys, and phone!

  • Lindy - I would carry, keys, cell phone, chapstick, and business cards.

  • Denette - Cute, cute! Lipstick, cell phone, gum & hand sanitizer! =)

  • Jess - keys, phone, chapstick, diapers/wipes

  • Kizzy - keys, phone, chapstick, $20 cash (or debit card)

  • Callie B - Ooooo, 4 things…..lip gloss, keys, cell phone, pictures of my 4 beautiful kiddos!

  • Lildudesmama - 1. My Epi Pen (boo)
    2. cell phone
    3. Wipes
    4. Victoria’s Secret Lipgloss, in Candy Apple

  • Nicole - Crayons
    Index Cards
    Glitter glue tube

    (Can you tell I have kids??)

  • Chrissy - chapstick, phone, keys, pen. πŸ™‚

  • Christian T - lip gloss
    antibacterial wipes

  • sarah - lipgloss, keys, wallet, & tidepen of course!

  • Samantha P. - camera

  • samantha - camera
    hand sanitizer

  • Maggie - I would carry my Cell Phone, Chapstick, Ipod Touch, and some Hair Clip/Hair Ties!

  • Diana - Ooo only four…blackberry, pen, lipstick, keys!

  • Christina - I would carry my iphone, keys, debit card, and DL

  • Olivia - chapstick
    hand sanitizer
    my to-do-list

  • Jesse - Chapstick and roll on parfum!

  • Jami Schoettler - These are too cute. I would carry my lip gloss, cell phone, gum, and a binky for the baby.

  • Sarah M - hmm, keys, cards, chapstick, and of course for my stage of life…graham crackers πŸ™‚
    Sarah M

  • christina larsen - keys, phone, chapstick, lotion

  • dena - hand sanitizer, snacks for kids, lip balm and cellphone.. I found her blog last week and loved it!

  • chantelle - Here is what I would put in my GUSSY wallet!
    legos, pictures and treats!
    The simple joys in a Mom’s life!

  • Amber - lip gloss, small toy car (or airplane), keys, gum

  • Lauren Roberts - keys, chapstick, hairclip for Peach, and mints.

  • mandi - where do you find such lovely tape?

    ok- 4 things i’d pack in my gussy-
    dr. bronner’s chapstick
    a vintage hankie
    3 bandaids
    and a tube of arnica

  • meredith - lipgloss, iphone, keys and my Burt’s Bees hand salve

  • Kim - keys, phone, money, diapers.

  • Katheirine - really, only 4 things? lol Okay, well…..

    1) Keys(which have super cute owls on them)
    2) Lip Gloss (must have, I’m addicted)
    3) Credit Card (who needs a wallet?)
    4) Fabric/Craft store coupons πŸ™‚

  • carrie - I would carry my phone, keys, cash & i.d. I <3 Gussy!

  • Kristina - chapstick, phone, hand sanitizer, gum

  • Kristi - i loooove gussy! i would carry: lip gloss, keys, iphone,& $$
    thank you so much for the opportunity to win a gussy. blessings!

  • kat - Cellphone, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (the best!), some sort of minty chewing gum (this one is absolutely necessary. I might possibly be addicted. uh oh!), and a pen (it is funny how often this is needed). Those Gussy’s are gorgeous!

  • Melanie Schall - Those bags are adorable! Never seen them before. Thanks!
    What would go in my purse would be my phone (it’s the handheld lifesaver), vasaline lotion (great for soft hands), sunglasses, and some cash.

  • Brooke - lip gloss, ipod touch, something chocolate and of course, some sort of crazy hair accessory for any hair emergency. πŸ™‚
    Gussy rules!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I’m starting to see your love for ruffles. I would carry my burt’s bees chapstick, a headband or a hair clip (I just cut my hair super short and am trying to use new hair accessories as much as possible), my keys, and quite frankly a nuk for my daughter would end up in there too!

  • Jenny - soft lips chapstick, celly, keys and miniature airplanes, not because I want to but because we never leave home with small miniature model airplanes!

  • Bernice - iPhone, pack of gum, lip balm and whatever toy car my son decides he wants to bring out that day.

  • Kristina H. - I would carry my phone, money, keys, and lip balm!!

  • robyn - as my son calls it “pink berry” (blackberry), boogie wipes- grape scented- because they smell divine! lip gloss, and gum.

  • Ang - Diapers, Wipes, Cell Phone, Camera

  • Ruthy T. - Pen, mascara, mirror, pez! Thx Gussy!

  • Savannah - I would carry my chapstick, cell phone, rubber band and a snack for when I get hungry!

  • Kaitlyn - I would keep my phone, keys, chapstick, and gum in mine… I ALWAYS have to have chapstick and gum with me πŸ™‚

  • Caitlin - *lip balm
    *wet wipes

  • Julie - chapstick, gum, credit card, phone…so creative! πŸ™‚

  • Jenn McQuate - lip gloss! keys! phone! hand sanitizer!

  • Alison R - Such pretty little bags! I would have to pack:

    baby wipes
    lip balm (burts bees and kiehls are my favorites)
    extra change

  • Danielle - lists, phone, chapstick and picture of my boys πŸ™‚

  • Brooke - memory cards, fine point sharpie, mini striped planner, fiber one bar.
    I have been so mad, both of the past two nights I have checked about 15 minutes too late to enter. So I made it tonight πŸ™‚

  • Stacy - I’d probably carry chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, and oils in it! Awesome give away! Thanks!

  • Stephanie - phone, pictures, lip gloss, gift cards from Christmas I need to spend πŸ™‚

  • Kara - wipes, army men (or pow-pows as my 2 year old likes to call them), chapstick, and mascara.

  • Courtney - flash drive~lip balm~hair ties~hand lotion

  • KTMerl - chapstick, lotion, eye-drops, & matches !!!!!

  • Amanda Mc - cell phone, teethers/toys for baby girl, diaper and wipes, rupees!

  • maegan - So cute! I’m loving the giveaways- it’s such fun!
    My four things would be
    -lip gloss
    -hand lotion

  • diane - lipgloss, phone, notepad and pen…I love these bags.

  • jessica hilliker - I would feel so cute carrying my little digital camera (so I never miss a thing the boys are up to!), my lipshine, my keys, and a baggie of chocolate covered raisins πŸ™‚ ~Jessica.H

  • Sara W - Oh, how cute are those ruffles!
    cell phone

  • Rachel - Lip gloss, picture of my kiddos, my never-ending to do list, i-pod shuffle…

  • Sarah - Keys, cellphone, $$ , and can’t forget photos of my kids!

    I just love your blog. Very addicting! Can not seem to end my day without checking your new updates and everyday adventures. πŸ™‚ I told my husband tonight that you are my best online friend! He thinks I am weird!… πŸ™‚

  • Jana - Oh I love their stuff! I would carry my cell phone, camera, lip gloss and my old fashioned planner because my brain doesn’t function without it πŸ˜€

  • Brittany - I would put gum, my iPod, my student ID, and the bible verse I carry everywhere with me.

  • Erin Kirby - 1. candy
    2. cell phone
    3. keys
    4. jewelry

    all in order of the most important! πŸ™‚

  • Kate - Ipod!
    Blessings journal!
    Pics of my beautiful children!
    Carmex πŸ™‚

  • Alex - In no particular order…
    1. A picture of my warm, happy place (because I live in Michigan)
    2. 3 dollars (5 is too many and 2 isn’t enough)
    3. A piece of heaven (in the form of Dove chocolate)
    4. Love.

  • Amber - chapstick, phone, ipod, keys

  • rachel denbow - Life has been way too fast this week and I just now got a chance to catch up on your blog since the weekend and was so happy to see all these pretty posts and exciting new photos! AND THAT RUFFLE PILLOW! I want an excuse to make one. hmmm….let’s think of one.

    Making it through this week? And I know I shouldn’t complain because I only have two littles to contend with and at least Brett is home long enough for a quick kiss before he hits the hay. Glad Chris is finally home!

  • jade - iphone, lip balm, pacifier, kid snack

  • Shannon Brooke - Phone, lip gloss, change for the parking meters, keys.

  • Julie - keys, phone, money and chapstick

  • Anna H - hmm… let’s see. I would carry my phone, chap stick, gum, and a pen (and paper). Thanks!

  • Ashley - a diaper and a couple wipes in a sandwich ziplock, chapstick, license, debit card, military ID, cellphone, and my ongoing crocery list πŸ™‚

  • shelly - phone, fruit snacks, diaper, lip gloss

  • Ashley - haha oh wait that’s way more than four. and way more than would fit hehe…:D

  • Ruth - iphone, gummy snacks (emergency for the kids), lipstick, pocket bible.

  • Julie - keys

  • Michelle - ah, i’ve had my eye out for the perfect fabric combo on Gussy too!
    in mine, i’d have my keys, cell phone, lip gloss, and my iPod

  • tara f - cell, lipgloss, keys, quote journal(cute things my son says)

  • Aimee - I have band aids.. my ipod.. my meds.. chapstick.. tissues…

  • Sarah Marie Long - I would carry my keys, itouch, phone and credit card. So cute!

  • lauren b. - cell phone, rosebud salve, keys, roll of stamps (which is always crucial to have on hand–or else letters and thank you notes will never be sent) … i also wouldn’t stop at 4 things, probably, because i tend to cram as in there as possible (or necessary, i like to think). if there’s space, i might also have on hand sunglasses, gum, retractable pen and a sweet picture of my family. xo

  • Cassie - i would probably carry lots of the little things that normally get lost in my blackhole of a purse! a wallet-size photo from our wedding, extra guitar picks, my favorite mac lipgloss, & a little card with the scripture-i-need-the-most-this-week on it.

  • Alicia - keys, chapstick, ponytail holder, and lotion

  • Amanda - chapstick, keys, phone, and….another chapstick. πŸ™‚ A girl’s gotta have variety!

  • haley - lotion..lip gloss….face wipes and an extra tiny bare of 2t underware for my lovely

  • Kinzie Sue - I’d carry my keys, cherry chapstick, a diaper, and some goldfish… lifes essentials to a mom of two! Love these cute bags!

  • Rachel - phone, lip gloss, pacifier, anti-frizz serum

  • Sarah C - My cell phone, my keys (always lost somewhere in the bottom), lip gloss, and an extra diaper for my son. You just never know when you’ll desperately need one…….

  • Ashley Cangelosi - ipod, id, lipgloss, tictacs πŸ™‚

  • Carol - Starbucks gift card, Gap card, pictures, keys.

  • Ashley SP - LUSH lip balm, LUSH lemony flutter cuticle cream, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and safety pins. Because you never know when you might need those!

  • Amanda L. - I would carry my camera, my cell phone, chapstick, and hand sanitizer!

  • ae - 1) Point and shoot camera, 2) to-do list, 3) tissues

  • Mandi - Super lovely wallets. I would carry lip gloss, cell phone, keys and gum.

  • Cindy - GI JOE action figures, cell phone, gum!

  • amber - keys, money, pics, gum, candy, : ) those are so cute!

  • kristen - oh adorable! cell phone, chapstick, mini hand sanitizer and keys.

  • Crystal - Cell phone/keys/$$$/notebook

  • Jen - check card {i never have cash}, my phone, chapstick & my keys.

    those are darling!

  • rachel - starbucks card, grocery list, cell phone, debit card =)

  • Dorothy - fish crackers, diaper, ipod and Hershey bar!

  • Sharee Ann - I would carry chapstick, change, calculator and emergency kid underwear:)

  • Karen - Awesome wallets! I would carry my phone, chapstick, keys and my to do list :O).

  • Charity - cell phone, keys, list of somesort, and emergency snack for child

  • lindsey b. - ooh ooh, is it too late to enter? i’ve been looking for a little pouch to carry my crochet hooks, a tiny pair of scissors, and a tiny project with me… for crafting on-the-go.

  • fly update + a share. » Angie Warren - […] i wanted to share a pivotal part of taking flight – the fly guides. handmade by yours truly, with delicious organic papers and lots of love. for my flying friends – these come as apart of your pre-flight swag along with amazing goodies, discounts, and of course the gorgeous one of a kind piece from the vintage pearl.Β  i can’t give away any further details – but they are turning out just so stinkin cute! (inspired by the amazingly talented ashleyann.) […]