my first TtV attempts

I don’t know about you, but sometimes there are just too many creative things I want to try. I’ve wanted to try TtV photography for a long time, but just never got around to it. Mainly I would see it online somewhere, love it…then I’d forget about it. Well this week Rachel posted her first experience and it was just the little shove I needed. There are lots of great online tutorials, Rachel shared this one on Hula Seventy. If you don’t have an old camera to use, you can fake TtV using Photoshop. Just Google instructions and there are tons out there.  Looking at other sites, I am obviously doing something wrong because everyone else’s does not have the square corners in their shots…just perfect little black trim on the edges.  I also didn’t clean my old camera AT ALL – so I am going to do that too. Finally I noticed the little strap on top of my Brownie Hawkeye kept getting in my shots – one more thing to remedy. I’ll have to figure all that out and post more next week. Feel free to give me pointers if you are experienced with TtV! Until then, here is my very first attempts at TtV…it was fun!

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