DIY {‘vintage’ cateye glasses onesie}

Baby Sister got a new onesie….Chris says she looks like an old school librarian in it. According to this picture, a shocked old school librarian.


Oh my word, she is so cute. Her big eyes…love them.


She has a crazy hairline…the front grows back and the top grows forward. Then they meet in the middle beneath that old Georgia pine (sorry a little country music snuck in on that. Sometimes I can’t help myself)


A friend saw Baby Sister in this onesie and asked if I bought it on etsy….”Nope, I made it.” And I put together a little tutorial for you all. Not that I picture crowds running out to make this funny little onesie, but I know some of you will like it. The best crafts are the ones you laugh while making them…I was laughing making this. I found an image online just looking in Google images for cat eye glasses.



Onesie or T-shirt

1. Print out of the glasses you like (sized the size you want…mine were about 5 inches wide)

2. Shiny black material

3. Iron on crystals or black fabric paint

4. Heat-n-Bond no sew iron on adhesive


Step 1: Print your image the size you want it on the shirt. Mine was about 5 inches wide. Cut the image out.

Step 2: Iron the No-Sew Adhesive to the shiny black material

Step 3: Trace your glasses

Step 4: Cut the black material (that is already adhered to the adhesive) following your traced lines

Step 5: Remove the paper lining on the adhesive1.10glasses-09

Step 6: Iron on the glasses to the onesie. I put a thin fabric between my glasses and the iron because I was afraid the heat would melt the shiny aspect of the black fabric.

Step 7: Arrange your iron-on crystals onto the onesie OR use fabric paint to make the “beads”

Step 8: Iron on the crystals following the package directions1.10glasses-12

So funny story about this onesie. I went to Hobby Lobby to get shiny black fabric. While I was waiting in line for it to be cut the woman in front of me had a pile of fabric too. Her fabric choices included Thomas the Train, Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, ABC blocks and little lambs. Here’s the conversation that took place:

Hobby Lobby lady to other woman: “What are you making?”

Other Woman: “Oh some burp cloths and other items for babies. I’ve never seen the Raggedy Ann before. It is so great!”

Hobby Lobby Lady: “How cute! I just love all the sweet fabric we have for baby items.”

Hobby Lobby lady turns to me: “And what are you making with that shiny black lycra?”

Me: “A baby oneise.”

Hobby Lobby lady and Other woman in unison: “Oh.” as they looked at each other in disapproval.

I was a bit embarassed. I figured telling them I was going to cut out cateye glasses and crystals would only make them more bewildered. So I sheepishly grinned, got my fabric cut and quickly left.

On a totally separate note, when I was taking pics of this onesie Baby Sister got Littlest Brother pinned to the wall….kicking his little rear.

He was quite shocked and confused. It was pretty funny.1.10glasses-14


After lots of wearing and washing, the iron on adhesive started peeling off. I ended up taking it completely off. I then used the same stencil on Freezer paper and used fabric paint. You can find all kinds of tutorials online for Freezer Paper stenciling. This will last much longer, but ultimately I preferred the look of the shiny fabric over the fabric paint for the glasses. Your call on what you prefer.

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  • amanda torres - I LOVE IT! And Little Miss will definitely be able to hold her own with her brothers. I am a firm believer that the high pitch scream little girls give out is their #1 defense.

  • Jo - Ashley!! She is so stinkin’ cute. I love all her rolls, her hair line, her big blue eyes….she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute!!!!

  • Alba - Already learning. Well, being the fourth after three boys sure teaches you some skills 😉 I really like the onesie, but this is one craft no make for me. The best, after the pic of little lady, the conversation and I can imagine their faces.

  • Lauren Roberts - She’s so adorable. I love her retro garbs.

  • christina larsen - My grandma totally had glasses like that. Love them on a onesie.

  • the inadvertent farmer - You know you’re a crafter when you iron on your kitchen table, lol! Just darling…the onesie’s cute too! Kim

  • ashlee - you are so clever!! i dont know how you come up with this stuff!

  • Martina - I LOVE this! So cute. I’m keeping this project in my inspiration archive. Are the crystals pretty secure? I’d be concerned they might pop off and be a choking hazard. Then again, they’re so small they probably aren’t a choking hazard anyway!

  • Beth - Oh dear! This is a adorable, my baby just outgrew onesies. Maybe a t-shirt. I have similar run-ins every time someone at Hobby Lobby asks me what my plan is. I’m beginning to think when they see me they think, ‘there’s the lady with the strange ideas.’

  • Lesley - LOVE IT! She’s the absolute cutest!!! Super cute onesie.

  • Missu - You have the cutest baby sister and you take such great photos of her. Keep up the great work. That onesie is too cute. 🙂

  • Casey - I love the onesie! It is freaking adorable 🙂 If I can find all the supplies I think I’ll make a t-shirt like this for my daughter

  • Sophie - This is SO adorable, and your daughter is absolutely beautiful.
    I know Annie, one of the daughters of Karen Russell over at Snapshots Of A Good Life, would LOVE one of these. She went through a phase this year when she would were a pair of these whenever she could.

    And I think I might have to make myself a lady-sized one of these (:

  • dena - Adorable.. my husband is a librarian and I am so making this for a friend’s shower! HECK I may make on for my 2 year old to wear next time she go to visit her daddy at work!

  • Ashleigh - Okay, the shirt is adorable, but the baby, oh so cute. The picture at the beginning of the post is the cutest I’ve seen in a long time. You must enter that photo into some contests.

  • Sarah - Umm, I’m making myself a shirt. Tonight.

  • Jaimie - super cute! all these iron on projects around bloggy land lately are making me want to experiment! i love the story too- how funny.

  • tiny twig - this is genius!!

  • Kristin S - I might just have to make a batch of these. Genius Ashley!

  • Mama Holli - You photos are beyond fabulous!!! May I ask what kind of camera you use? The project is adorable but the baby is even MORE adorable!! Thank you for sharing! Made my day!

  • bopha - that is too cute. with those thighs, she could pin anybody down.

  • Danielle Townsend - I’m loving this! My mom had some foxy glasses like that growing up. And since I’m studying to be a librarian… it’d be like a nod to the past and future. PERFECT!

    Now all I need is a small child…

  • Jeannette Swan - Perfect! I wish I could have seen the Hobby Lobby ladies expressions! I can only imagine what they were making would have looked like – no where near as awesome as your creation!!!

  • rachel - hi! i’m a new reader of your blog and i have to say you are without a doubt the most creative, innovative, out-of-the-box crafter i’ve seen! i love all your ideas and creative crafts. i only have 3, one with medical complications, but there’s no way in heck i have even 1% of the creativity you have! i’m an aspiring photographer and i really like your photography eye and style. thanks so much for posting and sharing your life with us!

  • Sharon - You simply inspire and light up my mornings just by reading your posts!

  • Jodi - I can’t even get over how much I absolutely love your blog. Your pictures are really the best! So fresh and so pure! I can’t describe them properly. And your DIY projects and tutorials are the most original on the web! I look forward to reading everyday.

  • Lauren - adorable! now i only wish I knew a little girl so I could make this. so clever! I’d love to link up if you don’t mind.

  • valerie - I can not get over how stinkin’ cute this is– both your baby and your onesie. You have mad skills with a camera, too! I am filing this idea (’cause I have to make some for my girls!) at

    Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Lucy - Recently I was buying some monkey themed fabric and when I told the lady I was making pajamas (for my girls) she started making all kinds of weird jokes about monkey pajamas for me and “monkey business” with my husband. It was really awkward, especially because she had a loud voice and there were a lot of other people behind me. Anyway, now when they ask what I’m making I just say curtains. They don’t really care anyway. I think this is a fantastic idea and I may have to try it with a stethoscope shape. Oh, and your daughter is adorable, as you well know.

  • Jessica P. - I love this! And I especially love those first two pictures. You should hang one of those up for sure! The polka dots and those blue eyes…too cute. : )

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  • Jill R - This could be one of my favorites! I LOVE it! Did you see this idea somewhere or did you just come up with it in that creative little head of yours? Either way, great job!

  • AshleyAnn - Jill – I saw a picture of a woman wearing the actual glasses around her neck and thought “that would be cute on a baby”…I’m random.


  • Michele - Cutest onesie, ever! But I do have to say the baby is even cuter! Carry on with your crazy ideas. We’ll convert even the Hobby Lobby ladies!

  • tiffany - LOL…now all I can think about is how to make one for my 13 yr old. Luv it.

  • elizabeth - this is adorable!! thanks for sharing!!

  • CitricSugar - I love love love this!!! So cute – I’m going to pray for a niece immediately!!

  • becky - I LOVE your blog! I am so excited to have ran across it today, and I look forward to many more good reads on here 🙂

  • Yael - Wow! that is too cute!!!!
    off to look at the rest of your blog..

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  • Charissa - Ha ha! And you didn’t go back and buy up all the Raggedy Ann fabric?? 🙂 Thanks for a good laugh today.

  • Jordon - ADORABLE. I think I am going to have another baby girls so I can make this.

  • Angela Neil - Super cute!! Thanks for sharing the tute!

  • Jane - Help me find the pattern to print out for the cat glasses.

  • Anne - One of THE CUTEST embellished onesies I’ve seen. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Anna H - Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! I might do this for myself…

  • taylor - i’m making this for a friend who is having twins – a boy and a girl. the girl will clearly get the cat eye glasses… the boy, a tie, of course! i can’t wait to get home and get started!

  • Serena Lowe - I have got that same look here reciently when the Hobby Lobby cuter lady was cutting several pieces of fabric for me, she asked me that same thing….what are you making with all this fabric?…I told her it was backdrops for pictures….yup…the same look!!! Oh, well….if she only knew! 🙂

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  • Jael - I just found your blog after a friend sent me “your best online” friend Meg’s blog to me. I am a missionary in Borneo, Indonesia and almost none of this fun stuff can we get over here in the middle of the jungle! But you are so inspiring and this adorable onsie and the ones with ruffles may be easy to teach my tribal friends using fun Batik prints!!! Your pictures are so fun too. You have really inspired me to take better pictures and use different angles as there are so many interesting people, things and experiences over here!

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  • Natalie - I’ve just drawn out some little glasses to make this for my cousin’s new little girlie!

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  • Tysha - I remembered seeing this post a long time ago…and I was just brainstorming my baby girl’s Halloween Costume (I know I’m crazy ahead of schedule — too much fun!) which I planned on doing a poodle skirt. I was thinking what to do for the top, when all of a sudden I remember your tutorial! I will have to give it a try on a long-sleeved onesie (it’s cold here in Seattle by Halloween) as I think it will compliment her poodle skirt perfectly! thanks so much!

  • Emilia María González - Ashley: You are great!!!!!

  • Emily - Too Cute! I love cat eye glasses. I have my some that belonged to my great grandmother back in the day. Again… good call on the freezer paper stencil. Don’t you just love using freezer paper? I’m so addicted to stenciling that I have added a circuit machine to my Christmas wish list. I think it will really open up an endless list of freezer paper opportunities. ( = BTW- I’m been stalking your blog for almost a hour and I’m really enjoying all of your DIY projects. Keep up the great work! ( =

  • Tysha - okay…made the onesie! can’t wait to put the poodle skirt with it!

  • 12 Crafts of Christmas {Freezer Paper Stencils} | The Ivey League - […] originally saw this post and knew for sure that I wanted to make this shirt for both Lydia and the little Diva. And after reading the update at the end, I did a little […]

  • Jennifer - Just as a head’s up to anyone who wants to try this method with the iron-on adhesive (interfacing, webbing, whatever.) If you know how to sew, you can do a simple running stitch on the edges to keep everything in place. OR, if you’re really good with a machine, satin-stitch the edges tightly for a full-on applique!

  • {5 things I loved this week} - […] Cat eye onesie DIY as seen on Ashleyann Photography […]

  • Maeve - I think I would be afraid that the iron-on crystals would come off and end up in a Wee One’s mouth, so I think I would stick to a shiny fabric paint. Just a thought! 🙂

  • Val Early - I love cats!

  • hazel boykin - i told you the baby i like her new out fit talking about her new outfit she had on .

  • Angie - Ha Ha! I just found this thru pinterest. I thought, “This looks so much like FireCracker. I should send it to Ashley Ann.” I followed the link…. BAM, it is her. So funny. Ok maybe I am the only one laughing 😉

  • AshleyAnn - That is hilarious Angie!

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