Just had to say “thank you” for all your kind comments on the previous post. If I knew you all were going to leave me so many sweet comments (and flat out h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s) I would have shared that comment earlier! Gotta admit the one suggesting it was the same person that stole my daughter’s hat at Hobby Lobby probably made me laugh the hardest. On a serious note, I do appreciate your comments and sharing why you love this blog. I know everything I post or do in my home is not for everyone. It would be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same things and did the same things. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop. The temperature is dropping as I speak write and I know most of the nation is in artic weather right now. The weather guy is forecasting the coldest wind chill temps here in 14 years. You know that has me so excited to wake up in the morning (that is sarcasm)! In an effort not to dwell on the negative, I remind myself that once I get everyone bundled up I get to see this vision in pink. She’s just so snuggly in it…SO SNUGGLY!!! That makes me smile.


By the way, next time I have a rough day I am just going to fix a latte and read your comment over and over and over again…while the boys are playing the wii with the “mom discretionary minutes”!

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