DIY {Wii minutes board}

So I’ve mentioned recently that we now own a Wii. I fought it as long as I could and finally caved into the big boys and Chris. I am viewing it as our “winter sport”. It became obvious to me pretty quickly that the boys needed something visual to understand how much time they are allowed to play. So I made a Wii minute board. Really I was just looking for an excuse to use some of the Amy Butler paper my sister got me for Christmas.

I made each of the older boys “Wii minute” cards. I also made myself 4. Once the boys use up their minutes for the week, that is it until the next week. However, I have 4 cards to give out at my discretion for whatever reason I want (like a desperate need to be alone with coffee and the sewing machine). Chris asked if he got any minutes to pass out…nope. The whole point is to limit Wii time! To make the cards, I cut out strips of paper, rounded the edges, tied a ribbon to the top, and stamped the initials on the front.1.10wiiboard-02

Then I took a clipboard (that I had previously painted in chalkboard paint) and glued paper to it using Mod Podge.1.10wiiboard-03

Then I glued 3 envelopes to the clipboard. 1 for each boy and 1 that is “Mom’s” that the used minutes go in. The 4 discretionary minutes are clipped to the top. I also used chalk at the bottom to write the days of the week and check them off…there is no such thing as “wii rollover minutes”. Granted, this is quite girly looking, but the boys could care less. They are more concerned about how many little cards they have left than they are over what paper the cards are made of. I could have done some boyish paper – like balls or transportation – but I want to enjoy looking at it!1.10wiiboard-04

As I was making this project I thought of a comment that was recently left on this blog. I deleted it because it was very mean spirited and it is my blog, so I can delete comments if I want! The comment said, “You have GOT to be kidding. Next time you get these urges drink something alcoholic until they pass. That wire basket ceiling fixture is indescribably ugly, and the backsplash should effectively get you laughed off the web, which considering all the other ‘loving hands at home’ projects around, is no small feat. Please don’t ‘craft’ anymore, unless you want to see such comments as mine.”

So here’s to you – mean, grumpy man…another craft by Ashley Ann….next time you get the urge to visit my blog drink some prune juice and wait for the urge to pass.

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