My sunshine {playing in the crib}

You are my sunshine

My one of four sunshines

You make me happy when skies are grey (and its cold and snowy outside)

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away12.09bed-0112.09bed-0312.09bed-0412.09bed-0512.09bed-06

“Hey Chris, see if she’ll stand up and hold onto the side for a picture. Stay close in case she falls.”12.09bed-07

No that crib is not dirty…that is the remanants of her 3 older brothers chewing on the side.

Yes, for the past six years someone has been sleeping in this crib.

Yes, I know they make plastic covers to prevent that.

Yes, I never remembered to pick one up.12.09bed-08

On a random note, Chris and I thought it would be fun to go ice skating downtown. After a LONG ordeal of getting kids ready and dropped off I tried to hold my tongue and not be Debbie Downer about the weather. As you know, I hate the cold. On this particular day it was 22 degrees out. My mom lent me her ice skates, which was a bit embarrassing walking up to the rink. When you have your own skates people assume you know how to skate. Wrong. Well I just couldn’t bear the we took a pic by the rink, I jumped in the air pretending to have fun and we left. Ice skating in downtown under the Christmas tree sounded so good…but I am a cold weather wuss.


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