Dear Salar Kamangar {Vice President….Google Reader}


Dear Salar Kamangar,

I found your name and photograph doing a quick little Google Search. From your company’s site I gathered that you are one of the Vice Presidents over Product Management for Google. Under the description of your job I discovered you are over web applications, which include Google Reader. You see, Mr. Kamangar, I love your company. I love to say its name…”Google”. It reminds me of funny glasses from childhood. I love the ease of finding information quickly by “googling it”. I am grateful for your Google Maps. They kept my sister safe and on the right roads prior to her iPhone. Your Google Analytics help me guage who reads this funny little blog. However, in all my love for your company I find myself a bit frustrated. Many of my readers also love your company. They loved the quick access and updates your Google Reader provided them. Mr. Kamangar, a sad day has come. Many, many weeks ago Google Reader stopped reading my blog. I tried “googling” the problem and fixing it. I had no luck. I tried Google Help message boards, but no one seemed to want to help. So now I am attempting to reach you via the Great World Wide Web. I love your Google Alerts which let me know when someone posts something about me. So, I am hoping you are a Google Alerts user too and will find this post. Please help me and my readers find joy in Google Reader again. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore

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