Dear Salar Kamangar {Vice President….Google Reader}


Dear Salar Kamangar,

I found your name and photograph doing a quick little Google Search. From your company’s site I gathered that you are one of the Vice Presidents over Product Management for Google. Under the description of your job I discovered you are over web applications, which include Google Reader. You see, Mr. Kamangar, I love your company. I love to say its name…”Google”. It reminds me of funny glasses from childhood. I love the ease of finding information quickly by “googling it”. I am grateful for your Google Maps. They kept my sister safe and on the right roads prior to her iPhone. Your Google Analytics help me guage who reads this funny little blog. However, in all my love for your company I find myself a bit frustrated. Many of my readers also love your company. They loved the quick access and updates your Google Reader provided them. Mr. Kamangar, a sad day has come. Many, many weeks ago Google Reader stopped reading my blog. I tried “googling” the problem and fixing it. I had no luck. I tried Google Help message boards, but no one seemed to want to help. So now I am attempting to reach you via the Great World Wide Web. I love your Google Alerts which let me know when someone posts something about me. So, I am hoping you are a Google Alerts user too and will find this post. Please help me and my readers find joy in Google Reader again. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore

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  • Alba - If there is anything I could do to solve your google problems… like resend your letter to Mr. Kamangar, please, let me know (you have my email). I will be delighted to help you. It is a pleasure for me to read your blog daily.

  • Beth - This is hilarious beyond belief!

  • Christina - Eye Candy Under The Sycamore

  • Ashley - Come on Mr. Kamangar help Ashley and her readers out!!!

  • Cheree - I hope that Mr. Kamangar responds. I am sad to still not have access to your precious blog in my reader.

  • Charissa - Just a thought Ashley. Could it be a setting on your privacy preferences that needs to be changed? I hope you get it fixed soon too because I keep forgetting to come over and check here.

  • Lisa - I can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed yet! This post is hilarious by the way.

  • Deboleena - Hi Ashley, I have been following your blog regularly for the last couple of months… one, your photographs are beyond awesome… two, your kids make my day (i stay away from home and really miss my nephew and niece) ๐Ÿ™‚ , three, your free flow writing style is amazing, and four your outlook towards life impresses me no end :). I usually do not post comments on the internet with my real name… but somehow i felt the need to do it on your blog…i found this post especially hilarious since i am a product manager myself and know how important it is to get customer feedback ….I posted this link on my LinkedIn profile, hoping it would catch the eye of some of my connections working in/with Google :D. …. sorry for the long comment – it’s almost a letter ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great day.

  • Sarah - Hey! I just happened upon your blog somehow — one of those blog rabbit trails, you know — and I love it! I want to subscribe, but see you’re having trouble with Google Reader. One of my best friends works for Goggle in NYC, and I’ve emailed her the link to this post.

    She responded with this email this morning (12.28.09):

    “I’ll send her info to an internal alias when I’m back in the office tomorrow. We can for sure get some info for her. :)”

    So, hopefully, your problem will be solved very soon. I know I’ll be glad! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.


  • Amanda - It may have to do with the security settings you have on your blog so that no one can save your photos. Which is great if you don’t want people to save your photos to their computer but if your security settings are too high, google reader has issues with the blog. I had to lower the security settings on my blog so that google reader could pick me up and it looks like you need to do the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lacey McKay - This is too funny. But not for you I’m sure. I wish I could help! I would love for you to be back on Google Reader! I love your blog!