my girl and her Great Grandpa

I have incredible grandparents. This is my grandpa with my daughter. I don’t know too many Great Grandpas that get on the floor and kiss on baby toes. He and my grandma also read my blog (“Hi Grandpa & Grandma!”). I don’t know many grandparents that do that either. It’s pretty special. They are pretty special. These pictures are VERY SPECIAL.


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(if you know someone who works for Google, feel free to ask them to fix it!)

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  • Jaimie - Oh Ashley, that little girl of yours is giving me baby fever, not that I didn’t have it already! You are right though, those pictures are very special. One day she will cherish them so much.

  • Alba - not much! My grandpa is still alive and hardly recognises my children. This pics are really special, you know it. Keep in your memory everything that can not be captured with a camera.

  • Courtney Connelly - These pictures are precious and are memories to treasure forever! What I would give to have pictures of Elliot with my grandfather, so special.

  • Jesse - What a BLESSING!

  • Jamie - Baby toes just kill me! These pics are so great. What lens were you using on the close-ups of the hands such as pic #2 and 4? I’m having trouble getting the hang of close-ups, I don’t know if it’s the lens or just me. Probably me!

  • anne c - wow those pictures are wonderful! how do you get your photos so clear! I always feel like I am there it is so clear. Wish one day to be half as great as you!

  • amanda torres - Love all of these precious memories.

  • AshleyAnn - Jamie: I was using my 24-70mm lens with a bounce flash. Anne: correct exposure, good lens, good camera

  • Ashley - Oh wow, how special and how moving, the juxtaposition of your grandpa’s hands and your baby’s feet. So priceless!

  • Kara - I love it! Her leggings are adorable!

  • Christina - Priceless pics and memories. I am tearing just looking at them. I lost my Grandpa & Grandma several years ago and OH, how I wish they were still here.

  • maegan - So sweet. After losing my grandfather just a few weeks ago, I realize just how precious these are.

  • Ashley - How wonderful! I was blessed to know my great-grandmother. She was an amazing strong woman, but very proper. I have a picture of me(age 2) and her sitting on the floor together. I am now almost 30 and my family still talks about the time I “talked” my “Nini” into sitting on the floor with me. It’s amazing how precious that bond between greats and little ones can be.

  • Natasha Perryman - If I had the power I would tell the Google Reader people to get it together because I miss you just popping up on my daily check of GR! The kids did wonderful today during their Christmas performance. I saw you had lots of family there- so sweet. I adore the pictures! I love love love my grandparents as well and these moments with them and our children are invaluable! Have a beautiful Christmas break.

  • Heather - Hi there! I love your blog and have got it added to my Google Follower list, but it’s only showing me posts from a month back. Any suggestions on how I can fix that? I just copy and pasted your blog url into my list, should I have done something else?? I heart your blog and don’t want to miss a beat, so please help if you can.

  • patti - such sweet photos!

  • Jenny L. - What a lucky girl to have him! I really love her in that outfit – so cute.

  • Joyce - Oh those grandpa hands…this is so touching…I’m a local that follows your inspiring blog:)Thought you might like to know I went into Southern Hospitality and showed the owner your post from my phone:)

  • Cate O'Malley - Great way to start the waterworks! Gorgeous pictures! I don’t have any grandparents or great grandparents, and my kids are down to just two grandparents of their own. It definitely makes me sad for them, but they are wonderful grandparents. I just wish there were more of them!

  • tara pollard pakosta - Precious beyond words!
    what a sweet sweet great grampa!!!

  • Rae - I’m reading this post for the first time after seeing your post on his death. God bless him. xoxo