DIY {Scrap paper magnets}

Not sure about you, but I have TONS of little scraps of paper that is just too pretty to throw away. So what’s better than making a set of custom magnets instead of throwing all that cuteness away. I saw the idea here on Sei Lifestyle, her’s are super cute with sewing to boot.

I kept mine pretty fast and simple. Coffee sleeves provide the base.

Cut your coffee sleeves with a 1 1/2 inch circle punch. Do the same with various papers or stickers…use Mod Podge to glue them all together. Top it all off with a coat of Mod Podge then attach a magnet to the back.1109magnets-021109magnets-03

Add a bit of cute wrapping and you have yourself a fun stocking stuffer. I think this would be a great idea for girls to make for their friends…they would stick to lockers.


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  • Donna Rankin - Hey Ashley — after visiting ya’ll in OK, Katy was excited to show me your blog. It’s full of wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures of your kids. I used to do crafting when my kids were little too. Makes me want to get back into it. : ) Katy and I talked about trying the clothespins using recycled Christmas cards to hold next year’s cards. I’ll keep you posted on that…..

    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Aunt Donna

  • Tonia Darge - Love this!!! I told my husband I will start this craft by going to Starbucks every day for week in order to collect enough coffee sleeves. Makes sense, right?!!!

  • Kelli - Ashley, I’d like to try this craft as I have TONS of scrap paper and have been saving coffee sleeves. I don’t have a circle punch though and I’m wondering what you’d recommend. Are there brands that make one punch with multiple sized circles or would I have to buy a separate punch for each different size of circle I’d want. I’m not sure how you respond to peoples’ comments here, but I’d greatly appreciate a response via email if you don’t mind: Thanks, Kelli Blinn