DIY {custom cork trivets}

I love using cork for projects…and I decided to try out my woodburning tool on a cork trivet set I purchased from IKEA. I always need a trivet for hot items, but hate how they always look mismtached or just not too pretty. This is a fun project to keep your table looking cute while the food is still cooking. I wanted these to actually be used as trivets, so I burnt the image instead of painting. I just wasn’t sure how paint would endure with lots of heat. I only did one side of mine, but I’ll probably go back and do unique designs on the back of each so I can use one at a time if needed.

My materials: trivets, woodburning tool, print out of my design1009trivet-01

Step 1: Tape the design to the trivet

Step 2: Burn through the paper onto the cork

Step 3: Enjoy some ice cream cake1009trivet-02

Step 4: You’ll see the faint burn marks from burning through the paper.

Step 5: Darken the outline of the design

Step 6: Darken the interior of the design using the flat end tool1009trivet-03


Other uses for cork trivets can be mini corkboards to hang. I freehanded the design (inspired by a wallpaper that I can’t find now) on this one using the same steps as above (but freehanded instead of traced)1009trivet-04

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  • valarie - Have you found the cork trivets anywhere besides IKEA? and I am thinking of doing a serving tray with my kids handprints for my parents for Christmas. I had thought of doing it with tissue paper and Mod Podge, but now am considering using outlines and the wood burner. Any thoughts on how to make it cuter?

  • AshleyAnn - You can find cork at Walmart, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, Target. Sometimes it is in the form of trivets, but it also can be found in rolls, in blocks, in squares, etc. Look in the cooking areas, office supply areas and craft departments. If you don’t find the shape you want you can always cut it. Tissue paper is very thin and will become translucent with Mod Podge, just fyi

  • Allison - I LOVE this and want to make some as gifts, plus it gives me an excuse to go to Ikea.

  • Lisa Howe - Love this idea and all your ideas at the Christmas Gathering. I went right out and bought cork and a burner. However I am not sure where to find templates for the letters. Any suggestions?


  • Jenn Grigoryev - these are super cute projects. cork is so weird and fun and versatile, isn’t it?

    by the way, the wallpaper can be found here:–west/daydream-wallpaper—cream/

  • Flea - I absolutely ADORE the cork and woodburning. Definitely getting myself a woodburning tool tomorrow.

  • Rebecca - What a cute idea! A friend if mine shared your site with me and I’ve been loving your photographs as well as your project ideas. I went out and bought some cork at Micheal’s and a wood burning pen. I just completed a trivet set! Friends of mine just bought a house and I will give them to them as a house warming gift. It was easy and fun and they turned out great! Thank you!

  • nivs - hey .. i dont hv a woodburning tool but love this idea ans was thinking of making a door nameplate for my girls using this idea as a base … SO … is there any way of tracing other than using this wood-burner on cork ??
    btw .. super stuff overall 😉

  • Tati - Oh, my! When I saw this page I knew I had to try this project – it’s just so cool. So I went to Ikea right away and then got me a new woodburner tool! It tool a little bit to figure out the right font (I used Modern No. 20 on MS Word) but managed to accomplish the whole thing and I’m now in love with this! The trivets came out great and I’m so happy that I bought extras in case I screwed up because now I can have more fun! Thanks so much for introducing me to my new favorite craft project! I’m also going to try the wood serving tray one…

  • Caroline - We Have a restaurant and the walls are all made of all corks that my dad designed, Love to see if you have any ideas of some assecories that could be made to sdd to theses amazing walls ?