First Gift

Would you let your child drink this?

Neither would I. BUT…millions of moms and dads have no other option to offer their children.img_3363Her only option for her daughter WAS something like this:


And something like THAT leads to diahrea, infection, sickness…and for 4500 moms a day it means burying their son or daughter.

You can save a life…you can be a part of saving lives like these.


For $10.00 you can provide 10 years of clean water for one person. 10 YEARS!


That means for the price of:

2 Starbucks drinks

A shirt from Target

A movie ticket

A pizza

A cd on iTunes

An appetizer at a restaurant

We can save a life!!!

img_3102Today…November 12, 2009…bloggers around the globe are joining together to buy water and change lives. The campaign is titled First Gift…

Let the first gift you buy this Christmas be the gift of life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing what we could do if we all joined together to donate $10.00 (or more)…imagine the lives that would be changed…imagine the 4500 moms that would get to shed tears of laughter WITH their kids instead of tears of pain WITHOUT their kids. Join me today in letting our first gift be the gift of life. If all of the Under the Sycamore readers donated $10.00 we could buy a well for an entire village!

click here to be directed to the secure donation site of the highly recognized, non-profit
charity: water.

All donations are tax deductible.
100% of the profit goes directly to clean water solutions in west africa.


I also encourage you not to simply click and donate, but include your children in the process. For me, I served dirty water to my kids at dinner…and explained that is what millions of kids like them have to drink everyday. Together we went online to make the donation…together we prayed for those families….together we saved lives. So next time you do this:

1109water-021Think about them….


stacks_image_5_1And finally….I know you guys love etsy as much as I do….Water for Christmas has an etsy shop!

Check it out!

Here’s last year’s post on the same topic…with some gift ideas.

All photos from Africa are from Jody Landers.

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  • Faith Buss - I might should have asked you before I did this….. :O)

  • bopha - i love your caring heart, it’s contagious!

  • karen brown - I love the idea of donating water as a gift and then giving something like drinking glasses too! Any other “Advent Conspiracy”, diy gift ideas are so helpful. (I want to come to your church party and see what you have up your sleeve!) Are there any other “project” blogs that you visit that you would recommend for Christmas gift ideas?

  • Trina - my kids and I just donated. Thanks for telling us about this!

  • jody - just beautiful.
    thank you.
    loved the ideas on how to include the kids. awesome.

  • Amanda - Thank your for sharing this.. so beautiful and thought provoking. We don’t have a lot right now as my husband has been unemployed for over a year.. but I am going to do this with my kids.. they at least have a place to live.. clothes to wear.. toys to play with and most importantly.. safe food to eat and clean water to drink. Thank you for reminding me of all that we are so blessed to have.. it is so much more than what we don’t have. Thank you for your beautiful blog I have come to love reading so much and for sharing God, your heart, and your family.

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  • julie - I love how you so vividly illustrated this to your sweet children.
    Thank you Ashley for your gorgeous heart.

  • Grace - Hey…your posts stopped showing up on my Google Reader on November 3…and I’m totally at a loss as to what happened! I miss them!

  • Courtney Connelly - Blake, Elliot and I just donated a little to give clean water to others for years, so very humbling. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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