DIY {leaf alphabet}

I saw this photo a while back on One Pretty Thing and knew I wanted to make several for our house. You can find the tutorial here. I love how simple it is. So I had a great plan to take the boys to the park and use child labor to gather tons of acorns. I bribed them by saying we were going to go feed the ducks…which we did.acornwreath1009leaves-1

After feeding the ducks I handed them 2 pails and got them excited to fill them with as many acorns as we could find. Turns out the acorns were still hanging from the branches, so I came up with Plan B on the spot. We gathered leaves….1009leaves-2

Of course you can’t gather leaves without running and diving in them too…1009leaves-3

Or without flipping into them….1009leaves-4

Or without getting major grass stains on 1 of your 2 pairs of school pants…1009leaves-5

Later that night I set out the leaves, glue and a big sheet of paper to make our version of ABC cards I saw on Martha Stewart.1009leaves-6

Biggest Brother loves to read and write, so this was perfect for him.1009leaves-7

His dad won with the best design…a cricket. Biggest Brother took his paper to school the next day to show his teacher. He thought it was super fun…this is a great indoor activity to pass time in the horrible frigid below 60 weather….I still plan on making that wreath.1009leaves-8

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